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The unusual or moving stories that dominated the news in 2000:

Balson appears in Ipswich court on charge of naming Queensland MP facing 50 child-sex charges - 5th January 2000
Balson responds to Courier-Mail denial of being complainant in case against him - 6th January 2000
Wynnum branch deserts One Nation for City Country Alliance despite Hanson's presence - 10th January 2000
When Power Becomes Absolute - an expose on the cover up and abuse of office by various arms of Her Majesty's Queensland Government
- 14th January 2000 
The Tewantin/Noosa meeting - Hanson v Peterson - 15th January 2000
Ipswich branch of City Country Alliance formed - 16th January 2000
The Day Pauline Hanson lost the plot - 20th January 2000
Whiteside's open letter to Pauline Hanson - 24th January 2000
Balson takes on Beattie on Australia Day - 26th January 2000

The Courier-Mail and my upcoming court case - 26th February 2000
Knowledge in Action conference in Kuala Lumpur - 28th Feb to 3rd March 2000

Balson's day in Court - 8th March 2000
The Verdict - Balson acquitted - 20th March 2000
Pauline Hanson faces bankruptcy and One Nation Members Inc under threat of takeover - 25th March 2000

The background to the "Stolen Generations" - 4th April 2000
Balson's book "Enemy of the State" tabled in the Queensland Parliament - 13th April 2000

Why the @notd closed - 19th April 2000
Balson, Lee, Daily tour Queensland - 27th April to 12th May 2000
Australian League of Rights meeting in Toowoomba - 28th/29th May 2000

Dick Smith talks on foreign ownership and buying Australian in Brisbane - 6th June 2000

The unusual or moving stories that dominated the news in 1999:

Launch of "Murder by Media, Death of Democracy in Australia" - 22nd to 24th January 1999

Paff and the red light - 3rd February 1999
One Nation "split" - 6th February 1999
"Murder by Media" withdrawn by Dymocks bookstores - 13th February 1999
The ABC's The Australian Story on Pauline Hanson - 18th February 1999
One Nation 1999 AGM - 28th February 1999

Pauline Hanson in Penrith -
5th March 1999
Inverell 1999 - 15th March 1999

Fact, fantasy, fairy-floss and Murdoch - 16th April 1999
Meeting Australia First's Graeme Campbell - 29th April 1999

May 1999 meeting with the Australian Press Council - 13th May 1999
SBS Insight Program - "Cyber Hate"- 20th May 1999
Banned from breaky with Peter Costello - 21st May 1999
Media ethics under the spotlight at the University of Queensland - 24th May 1999
The Pauline Hanson Support Movement Story by Bruce Whiteside - 24th May 1999
The Courier-Mail twisting the truth - 24th May 1999
Breaking the mould - organising protests against further media concentration - 25th May 1999

Australian Press Council challenge The Courier-Mail - 2nd June 1999
The Sweetman/Omega debate on opinion v satire - 2nd June 1999
The "500 Club" has dinner with Pauline Hanson - 5th June 1999
The mainstream media - a "hate" site - 5th June 1999
When Pigs Fly - the Forde Inquiry debacle - 8th June 1999
A Black day for Queensland's democracy - a desperate day for a desperate Premier - Shreddergate - the Forde Inquiry debacle - 12th June 1999

Coverage of the World Association of Press Councils - 21st to 23rd June 1999
The High Court invalidate Heather Hill's election as a Senator - Britain a foreign power - 23rd June 1999
One Nation Wavell/Lillee Fund Raiser - 25th June 1999
Media Concentration protest outside The Courier-Mail - 27th June 1999
The Senate recount following the High Court decision - 30th June 1999

Migrants too costly - Bill Hayden former ALP leader and governor-general - 6th July 1999
Wynnum branch meeting - 11th July 1999
Raymond Hoser documents tabled in NSW Parliament - 12th July 1999
The Australian mainstream media declared "THE JOKE" - 19th July 1999

The truth behind privatisations - 8th August 1999
The de-registration of One Nation in Queensland - 20th August 1999
Sydney talk on Murder by Media - 20th August 1999

1999 One Nation Queensland State AGM - 4/5 September 1999
The Victorian State Elections - 18th September 1999
The Multilateral Farce - DFAT and WTO - 22nd September 1999
The Patriotic Movement forum - 26th September 1999
The National Young Writer's Festival - Newcastle - 30th September to 4th October

The Republic Debate - 10th October 1999

The Courier-Mail's lies - 1st November 1999
Is David Oldfield fair dinkum? - 3rd November 1999
THE 2D FACTOR - series of articles  - November/December 1999
Balson resigns as One Nation Web Master - 5th November 1999
Balson banned from One Nation meetings in New South Wales - 15th November 1999
Ettridge's Whiteant list and Whiteant Alan Esson speaks out - 20th November 1999
The meeting of Paff's members in Ipswich West - breaking news of the new party - 21st November 1999
The One Nation Appeal - 23rd November 1999
Whiteside calls for a Royal Commission into One Nation - 25th November 1999
Balson's trip to Sydney - 26th to 29th November 1999

News of the Day hacked - 3rd December 1999
Hill and Hocking sacked by Senator Harris - 14th December 1999
Ipswich and S Burnett branches support 5 MPs - 19th December 1999
Debate between David Syme College and Peter Myers over origin of One Nation structure - 23rd December 1999 

The unusual or moving stories that dominated this news in 1998.

January 1998 The "so-called" stolen generation.
January 1998 Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation 1998 Queensland State Election Campaign.
January 1998 The dirty, rotten "Australian" banks.
January 1998 The first One Nation fund raiser in Brisbane.
January 1998 Heidi turns 21....
January 1998 The MAI, FSIA and Soros - international economic blackmail.

February 1998 The Federal Government, the Australian Council for the Arts, Pauline Hanson, 'Loud' and pornography
February 1998 Murdoch - screwing Australia's tax system
February 1998 The Native Title fiasco examined by a Catholic priest
February 1998 The conspiracy of financial silence between big business and the major parties.
February 1998 Pauline Hanson by the Man who LIES (John Pasquarelli).
February 1998 The multinationals pay little or no tax in Australia.
February 1998 The Australian Council for the Arts apologise to Pauline Hanson
February 1998 The sick, sick Uniting Church of Australia lay a trap for one of their own
February 1998 The Ipswich Aboriginal Legal Service - a family affair

March 1998 Just who really owns "Australia's" Westpac"?
March 1998 The discredited "Bring them Home" report now on-line.
March 1998 Pauline Hanson and the miners.
March 1998 The Goss Cabinet taken to court by the "whistleblower" over the 1990 shredding scandal.
March 1998 Lateline report on the MAI - 80% of Australia's economic activity is controlled by multinationals.
March 1998 Comparison of Australia pre- and post- Hawke by B A Santa Maria
March 1998 Presentation on "the level playing field" that ain't
March 1998 Feature: How did the Hanson phenomenon start?
March 1998 Pauline Hanson tackles the MAI in Parliament while the media re-writes history
March 1998 One Nation, the First Year
March 1998 Queensland State Candidates meet the people
March 1998 The proposed privatisation of Telstra
March 1998 News Limited bucket opposition to the MAI.
March 1998 Pauline Hanson endorses 12 Queensland state candidates.
March 1998 The US Government's global "Cablesplice" project, fact or fantasy?
March 1998 Courier Mail's national affairs reporter Peter Charlton attacks MAI concerns
March 1998 UN agrees to make our fresh water a "global commodity".... beware farmers - your fresh water dam WILL cost you!
March 1998 The Hindmarsh Island Bridge farce revealed

April 1998 Hindmarsh Island Bridge case thrown out by High Court
April 1998 One Nation state and federal candidates meet in Toowoomba
April 1998 One Nation Birthday Party on Pauline Hanson's farm
April 1998 Just who is behind the dock war?
April 1998 Maritime Union of Australia win in the Federal Court
April 1998 Sultan of Brunei buys up big tracks of Australia - then negotiates Indonesian "settlements"
April 1998 Second One Nation protest surprises Bob McMullan
April 1998 Launch of Pauline Hanson's re-election campaign

May 1998 One Nation breakfast in Brisbane
May 1998 Just me and Pauline
May 1998 MIGA - son of MAI exposed
May 1998 Unethical trifecta expose Courier Mail's intellectual prostitutes
May 1998 Pauline Hanson meets the people of Blair
May 1998 Protest over closure of National Australia Bank branch in Ipswich
May 1998 Launch of One Nation's Queensland leadership.
May 1998 Taking on News Limited at the Australian Press Council in Sydney.
May 1998 Political Correctness and "racism" exposed.
May 1998 Queensland candidates gather in Gympie

June 1998 The backlash to Ray Martin's unethical behaviour during his interview with Pauline Hanson.
June 1998 Sixty Minutes break new barriers in unethical reporting
June 1998 Launch of One Nation state policies
June 1998 Beattie's preference lies exposed
June 1998 Live coverage of Queensland State Elections
June 1998 "Paul" (Big "K") Costello's lies
June 1998 QANTAS censor Pauline Hanson
June 1998 Pauline Hanson's One Nation Queensland State MPs meet in Parliament
June 1998 Pauline Hanson's One Nation Queensland State MPs meet in Parliament

July 1998 The Barbara Hazelton betrayal
July 1998 The One Nation mailing list published in the Australia/Israeli Review
July 1998 The Ipswich City Council re-institute a ban against Pauline Hanson
July 1998 Hawthorn - where the hooligans won
July 1998 The 60 Minutes debate/debacle - 26th July 1998
July 1998 Their first day in Parliament

August 1998 The Nicholas Street Rally - 4th August 1998
August 1998 Four Corners become "Flawed" Corners - 11th August 1998
August 1998 B'nai B'rith's discriminatory and un-Australian "Racewatch" - 18th August 1998
August 1998 One Nation Federal Fund Raiser - 21st August 1998

September 1998 One Nation "Media Adviser" shows true colours- 1st September 1998
September 1998 One Nation's Tax Policy- 4th September 1998
September 1998 One Nation's Primary Industry Policy- 7th September 1998
September 1998 A brief lunch time controntation with Jeff Kennett- 8th September 1998
September 1998 Where the politically correct hang out - 20th September 1998
September 1998 Fairfax on trial- 23rd September 1998
September 1998 Pauline Hanson defeats the politically correct lobby- 28th September 1998
September 1998 One Nation launch - the day the media snapped.- 29th September 1998

October 1998 The Federal Election - 3rd October 1998
October 1998 It's YOUR ABC? - 17th October 1998

October 1998 A day with Pauline - exclusive interview after the Federal Election - 22nd October 1998
October 1998 A time with Heather Hill - exclusive interview with One Nation's first Federal Representative - 25th October 1998

November 1998 Where Prize Turkeys Gather - 17th November 1998
November 1998 Dual Citizenship and politicians- 20th November 1998
November 1998 One Nation's Queensland State Conference - 27th to 29th November 1998

The unusual or moving stories that dominated the news in 1997.

January 1997 The Vendee Globe Solo Yacht Race abuses the goodwill of Australian tax payers.

February 1997 Murrandoo Yanner single handedly roles a Au$1billion mining project.

March 1997 Political correctness - a sign of a sick society and a travesty of justice in Australia.
March 1997 Papua New Guinea in revolt.
March 1997 Telstra's timed local calls.

April 1997 Kerry Packer and Four Corners.
April 1997 Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party.
April 1997 A staff member at the University of Melbourne illegally hacks into Pauline Hanson's One Nation web site and gets caught red-handed.
April 1997 What's wrong with Australian Superannuation laws.

May 1997 Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation.
May 1997 Howard's ten point plan for Native Title.
May 1997 "The world according to Hanson" - an interview with the Courier Mail's Tony Koch.
May 1997 Queensland Chinese Community Voice - takes over the "rally agaisnt racism".

June 1997 Source of "extremist pro-Hanson group" letter challenged by One Nation.

July 1997 Launch of One Nation on the Gold Coast
July 1997 5 "clicks to anarchy" courtesy of the Australian Labor Party.
July 1997 Pauline Hanson visits us for dinner and drinks.
July 1997 "Making the News" - an expose on the "mainstream media".
July 1997 Tongue in cheek look at Maiden Speech of Pauline Anti-Hanson.

August 1997 Ipswich branch launch of One Nation.
August 1997 One Nation confronts Brisbane Lord Mayor Jim Soorley.
August 1997 Channel Nine's A Current Affair report results in another suicide.
August 1997 "The Ghosts of Griffith" - just who is behind the Australian Mafia?

October 1997 Prosper Australia - Brisbane - One Nation rally
October 1997 One Nation - the Day of Reckoning.

November 1997 The 1997 Australian Financial Review/Telstra Internet awards.
November 1997 Book launch - "Pauline The Hanson Phenomenon" by Helen Dodd.

December 1997 The MAI - an indepth expose on the multilateral agreement on investment.
December 1997 Subversion Noel Pearson's "race war" - an insight into reports of Aboriginal "war mongering".
December 1997 Pauline Hanson's One Nation Christmas Party - Sunday 14th December 1997.
December 1997 Freehold title subject to native title (Kippa Ring) - - Wednesday 17th December 1997.
December 1997 Australia's One Nation tell porky pies - Thursday 18th December 1997.
December 1997 Danpork - and Paul Keating - Friday 19th December 1997.
December 1997 Wayne Goss and the shredding scandal - Thursday 25th December 1997.
December 1997 MAI links - Friday 5th December 1997.

The unusual or moving stories that dominated the news in 1996.

February 1996 The 1996 Federal Election.

March 1996 The Super League farce.

April 1996 Mick Young, the true Labor believer, passes away .
April 1996 Pauline Hanson's letter to the Queensland Times.
April 1996 Labor politician Paul Keating resigns after 26 years - his classic put-downs/insults.
April 1996 Tasmania's shocking mass killing by a deranged local.

May 1996 The Queensland floods of 1996.

June 1996 Tribute to the SAS troops who died in the Blackhawk helicopter disaster..

August 1996 Telstra chief pulls a furphy..

September 1996 Alex's Koala trouble wins a major national award.
September 1996 Pauline Hanson's address to the Federal Parliament..

November 1996 News Limited's submission to the media review board.
November 1996 Who the heck is Charles Mannington?.

The unusual or moving stories that made the news in 1995.

The Carmen Lawrence / Penny Easton Royal Commission and an update.
The Hindmarsh Bridge fiasco.
Andrew Olle ABC presenter passes away .

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