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Tuesday 29th September 1998

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Between the One Nation lines

The day Pauline Hanson defeated the politically correct lobby - take this link.

Here are some extracts.

"What the message is is that freedom of speech does not extend to allowing people the right to defame others and to tell lies," Pauline Hanson after the Supreme Court in Brisbane ruled that the song "I'm a backdoor man" is defamatory.

Pauline wept in court and at a One Nation luncheon yet later that night she was up and firing with the guts and determination which has made her the true blue Australian icon for battlers that she is.

Picture above Scott Balson with Pauline Hanson last night.

The man? at the centre of the controversy "Pauline Pantsdown" (a Sydney Arts lecturer by the name of Simon Hunt) said after the court decision, "I regret the grief she has caused to many thousands of (politically correct) Australian people who are divided by her views.

"It (the song) is a satire. If people are hurt by satire, then they should get out of the political game and leave it to people (career politicians) who can actually justify their actions (through support from their media masters) and their words and their policies (compiled by multinationals)."

How can Tim Fischer escape the "racist" tag Mr Media?

In the interests of fairness you would expect the mainstream media to report on the following comment by deputy prime minister and National leader Tim Fischer yesterday as racist, "They have become giant bureaucratic blood-sucking (Aboriginal) land councils which take away from smaller communities resources and flexible infrastructure and leadership. I am not satisfied with the structure of these councils."

Of course the media won't. The comment rates with anything that Pauline Hanson has said about ATSIC but is treated with a sense of objectivity which shows the chasm separating the way One Nation and the major parties are dealt with by the journalistic pawns of Murdoch and Packer.

If Pauline Hanson had said that the headline in today's Courier Mail would have, based on their track record, been something like "More racist taunts by Mrs Hanson"... but no,  instead it reads "Fischer blasts 'blood-sucking' black councils".

Fischer's comments got up the goat of ATSIC Chairman Gatjil Djerrkura who said, "Mr Howard can't talk about reconciliation one day and excuse this type of language from his deputy the next."

Last night John Howard said in response to Fischer's comments, "I haven't seen what Tim said, but he's right when he wants the resources available for indigenous people to go back to them rather than to bureaucracies."

Of course this is what Pauline Hanson has being saying for eighteen months - causing her to become the focus of unwanted attention by sickos like Pauline Pantsdown and being tagged racist and divisive for good measure.

When asked if Fischer was playing the "race" card, Howard said, "No, no, no". Somehow Hanson is when she raises the same concerns as Fischer.

In a world where the politicians are the performers the media is the conductor, producer and song writer.

Native title claim over pastoral lease approved

A little reported event in the Cairns Federal Court approved Australia's first native title claim over a pastoral lease. One wonders when claims over freehold property will successfully follow?

Douglas Drummond ruled, in a special sitting, in favour of the Aborigines over leaseholders Alan and Karen Pedersen. The agreement allows the Western Yalanji or "sunset" people access to Karma Waters a 25,000 hectare cattle property 100 km north west of Cairns.

The "sunset" people were also granted a perpetual lease over an area of 315 hectares. The Pedersen's were granted a "perpetual" lease over the property - a major upgrade from "occupational lease" in exchange for the compromise that they found themselves in. A perpetual lease is one down from freehold.

The farmers have been forced to outlay over Au$10,000 in legal expenses to defend themselves against the tax payer paid challenge by the "sunset" people over access to their property.

Welcome to the level playing field in Australia.

Polls have Democrats back holding balance

I can't wait to discredit this report after Saturday!

Here is an extract from the Australian financial review article:

The AFR Senate poll of polls – a weighted average of the latest three Upper House polls produced by Morgan, AC Nielsen and The Bulletin-Textor – shows the Democrats on 12.5 per cent of the Senate vote, One Nation 6.8 per cent and the Greens 3.28 per cent.

All three polls found the Democrats were odds-on to hold the balance of power in the Senate, with Morgan's latest Senate poll – conducted at the weekend – suggesting the Democrats could have won two new Senate seats with 12 per cent of the national vote.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


The latest Newspoll
Percentage Support for major parties
Party Sept
August 28-30 August 4-16 August 7-9 July 24-26 July 10-12 June 26-29 June 12-14 May 29-31 May 15-17
Coalition 43 42 42 41.5 40 44 39 35 37 34 37 43 46
ALP 42 43 44 41.5 40 39 39 41 40 45 40 40 39
One Nation 7 6 7 7.5 10 7 11 12 11 13 11 7 4
Democrats 4 4 3 5 3 4 3 3 2 2 3 3 3
Greens 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 2
Others 2 3 2 2.5 5 5 6 7 8 5 7 6 6

email the editor

You say:

Gays and Rights

Gay,lesbian and transgender people already enjoy full citizenship in Australia with all the rights that come with it. But they are claiming rights which do not belong to them, for instance the right to marry.

Whether gays accept it or not, it is irrefutable that marriage refers to the union of a man and a woman. In all cultures the prime purpose of marriage has been to provide an environment for the up-bringing of the children born to the marriage. For that reason a healthy society promotes and protects marriage.

Gays are perfectly free to seek some other legal recognition of their relationships, but they have no 'right' to marry nor to demand their relationships have the same status as marriage. It is provocative of them to seek such 'rights'. It will back-fire too, as community tolerance is tested. Homosexuality may be tolerated in Australia, but it does not meet with much approval outside certain enclaves.

Ultimately marriage is about children, not personal relationships. Sorry David Metters, marriage is for Adam and Eve, not for Adam and Steve.


Reply to David Metters

Dear David

Lets just look at 'groups' for a second. You mentioned Homosexuals and people who have had their sex changed. Fair enough but isn't it going a bit far when you start to categorize people into smaller and smaller minority groups?

Lets take homosexual men. In reality they are people who fit into the group we call men. Do you think they should receive special privileges that other men don't? If you say yes then please tell us why.

The only reason individuals, NOT GROUPS, should receive special privileges is to bring them up to the "fair playing field". In other words, only if they are disadvantaged. For example; If one man is a paraplegic and the other is not then the handicapped person should receive special help. This help would allow him to participate in life to the extent where he is not disadvantaged. Hence, the anti-discrimination laws. Unfortunately, these laws have now been bastardized by the God hating money lovers.

These laws now provide privileges that put groups, but not individuals, above the fair playing field. To belong to a group such as White Anglo/Saxon/Celtic men does not bring much monetary reward under these laws. BUT !!! If you are a homosexual of a religion other than Christianity, came here as a migrant and found out that you have a smidgen of aboriginal bloodline, then you are well on the way to prosperity.

Refute this with all the political correctness that you can muster. The point is that average battling Aussies have had a gutful of the pandering to minorities by the Laborals. Hey, we can't even say we agree with some of Hanson's statements and policies without these minorities and their lackeys screaming RACIST at us.

Terri Haydon


Dear sir,

Pleased to let you know that a huge portion of Australia is in full support of you. I myself a Plumber by trade, support your views. there a some things I don't agree with 100% but I admire Pauline's fearless stand as a woman who is not scared to speak her mind on the views that matter.... A stand that I believe the average Australian has been waiting for, someone to speak our minds.

What does get me upset is the fact our media, the news - paper or electronic are supposed to present an unbiased view to the people so as they can form their own views. Unfortunately in the One Nation corner it seams the media loves to beat the underdog, and there isn't an unbiased view in the house. this makes me sad to see that the Australian press are not doing their job. I dot think it matters if you support One Nation or not, but with the power that our media wields They should know better than to try and force their beliefs onto the public.

this is a letter of support, please keep up the good work.

This is one vote guaranteed



Just a short note to let you know I think you are doing a fabulous job. It is good to see that some people are actually able to do the job for the majority of Australians, as silent as what we usually are. The media is a good example of the corruption of Australian politics, we know that the major parties are puppets of the big multinationals and the few wealthy people in the media and large business circles. Lets show them where the real power is on election day!


Pauline pantsdown

After seeing the queer on TV I know now what kind of people won't vote for you. You wouldn't want their vote anyway.

Give them hell Pauline!!!



The media incited bigotry that is aimed at One Nation supporters will go down in history as the worst attack on democracy this country has ever seen. The elites and their sycophants in this country are threatened and they are desperate to hang on to the power, privilege and/or profit that comes withs their carefully orchestrated system. Elitism is the system that now rules Australia, not Democracy.

Phil M.


How many porkie pies does Kim Beazley have to tell?
In an English country garden.
Unemployment down to five per cent 'LIKE HELL'.
In an English country garden.
The waterfront will be much worse,
Pay wharfies far more than a nurse.
Ignore the ones who never strike,
Pay Coombes's men just what they like,
And let the nurses beg our pardon.

Gareth Evans sent Simon Crean some private faxes.
In an English country garden.
As soon as we're in, we'll raise all those ten taxes.
In an English country garden.
Sales tax we'll increase again,
Cause the old and poor more pain,
And those we miss will surely pardon.

Bill Kelty waits there hiding in the wings.
In an English country garden.
God, that man has said and done some stupid things.
In an English country garden.
He told the Japs 'Don't buy our coal'.
Now lots more miners on the dole.
Now he begs the nation's pardon.

Can we believe what Cheryl Kernot says?
In an English country garden.
The Party who promises her the most is where she stays.
In an English country garden.
Ros Kelly with her 'BIG WHITE BOARD'.
The 'KEEP THEM HONEST' calls ignored.
We do not grant Cheryl pardon.

Kim's team all knows the country needs a GST.
In an English country garden.
But if they admit to that, it's death, politically.
In an English country garden.
Say 'GST will cause you pain'.
We must get voted in again.
Imply the country's growth will slow.
Don't say 'ten other taxes go'.
Keep repeating, never stop.
'It's just another tax ON TOP'
Lets hope the voters all forget,
How much our party runs up debt.
The vast amounts last time we spent,
Pushed rates to seventeen per cent.
Mortgages were hard to pay,
Evictions often were the way.
Prosperity was surely stopped,
Inflation rose, the birthrate dropped.
Then we ruined 'private health',
Hammered anyone with wealth.
We took more money from the poor,
Sales tax was increased once more.
Bought the country to it's knees,
Forced our pilots overseas.
Let's try again with the same old policies,
And when they fail, we'll beg their pardon.


PC Principles - an oxymoron?

That old turfed-out Labor has-been, Joan Kirner recently berated the National candidate in the seat of New England for putting Labor last instead of One Nation. She said it would have been 'principled' to put the ALP before One Nation BECAUSE the ALP candidate is a woman of Aboriginal descent.

The woman in question may or may not be a good candidate - but should her sex and race really matter? This is an example of the political correctness which people detested and emphatically rejected in 1966. It looks like Labor has learned nothing.

While on things Labor, let's hope that Cheryl Kernot (cur, no?) loses her bid to enter the House of Reps. Wouldn't it be luverly.

Antonia Feitz

Aust-comm P/L. Tele Service

Hi Scott,

Are you aware that the above company is selling discount telephone calls in Telstra's name ? Apparently they are signing people up for these discount calls and allowing the person to think they are from Telstra. My daughter's mother-in- law signed up and when she told the daughter she rang the number on the form and was told that Telstra was selling time to them and they were in turn selling that time to the people . What I want to know is why cannot Telstra reduce the cost of calls themselves without going through another company? The address of this company is :
Aust-comm P/L. Tele Service, P.O. Box 107, Fortitude Valley 4006

Alan Esson

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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