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Wednesday 24th June 1998

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Today's Headlines
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Queensland State Coalition ready to deal with One Nation

Things are looking brighter for Queensland Premier Rob Borbidge after he announced a plan last night to allow minor parties to have more say in the development of policy in Parliament.

Today the two independent MPs Peter Wellington and Liz Cunningham will meet with both leaders to decide who they will support on the floor of Parliament.

The Coalition, under Borbidge's plan, makes most sense to the Independents because Labor Party politics would dominate all policy making if they ran with Beattie.

Under Borbidge's plan the Independents and One Nation will be able to test policies through resolutions or Private Member's Bills which would be debated instead of remaining on notice papers until they lapsed and Ministers would be under instruction to consult more.

The Independents are expected to meet with One Nation this weekend during the party's get together in Brisbane. It is unlikely that they will make a decision before this.  

In a time of continuing shake-up the new Liberal leader David Watson took up the reigns announcing that he would support the move to share power with Pauline Hanson's One Nation which holds eleven seats.

Labor leader Peter Beattie's lip hit the bottom of the deck when he heard about Borbidge's accountability plan. He churned out the same old accountability line saying, "Queensland Liberals have failed the ethics test by agreeing to form government with the help of One Nation."

A little birdie has told me that Beattie and his Labor mates will be on the ethical back foot when "Shreddergate" raises its ugly head on the floor...

What to expect now

Here is an extract from Graham Strachan's latest article:

To dismantle an independent nation and turn it into an interdependent member state of a global order is not an easy task, even with control of the media. To preside over the sell-off of a country’s economic assets and public utilities, and to convert it into a site on the world map open for global exploitation without the people objecting would require a far better statesman than John Howard, someone with the charisma of Bill Clinton perhaps. To understand why, it is instructive to review the whole globalisation programme.

Alan Jones about "printing money" on Channel 9

You might recall that a few days ago Federal Treasurer Peter Costello, backed up by the media had a cheap shot at the remark by One Nation's national director, David Ettridge, that the government could print money.

Well read on for a statement by Alan Jones on national television yesterday...

Here is an extract from the statement:

Let’s forget about Pauline Hanson. The cost of money is an enormous obstacle to beneficial and employment generating in this country. There is nothing wrong in theory with governments lending money at low cost or no cost to productive Australia.

The fact that it does not happen is bad enough. The fact that untruths are told about the idea in order to win some political points is absolutely reprehensible.

Labor more racist than One Nation

The Liberal West Australian state premier Richard Court yesterday called the Australian Labor Party more racist than One Nation saying that the party had caused huge problems for Aborigines.

The comment follows pressure for Court to put One Nation last on Liberal preferences.

The barbarians - at the gates... or inside them?

Here is an extract from the article in B A Santa Maria's News Weekly this week:

The reaction to Geoffrey Blainey’s speech criticising the immigration programme and multicultural policies in 1984 is a paradigm case. The demonisation of Blainey, the most mild-mannered of scholars, was a chilling precursor of the cultural and political malaise outlined in Sheehan’s book.

For daring to criticise immigration policy, Blainey was stigmatised as a racist. This was to be the pattern for future critics of immigration policy.

Second, would-be critics are treated as pariahs. they will be excluded from public and political discourse, may be denied jobs and subjected to relentless character assassination.

"Sugar" Ray Robinson under scrutiny

The face of what Sheehan talks about so clearly has popped up again. This time in the face of Aboriginal leader "Sugar" Ray Robinson who is under investigation.

The registrar of Aboriginal Corporations, Noureddine Bouhafs, wrote to the Goolburri Aboriginal Land Council headed by Robinson and cited complaints against the organisation, the sacking of staff, and audit irregularities.

An administrator is being sought to look into the affairs of Robinson who is ATSIC's deputy chairman.

Robinson said, "This is a personal attempt against me and last week the ATSIC Commission moved a resolution to wind up the office of the registrar. He is using his office against me.

"Last week we appointed a former ATSIC official, Tony Hanrahan, to run Goolburri, so there is no need for an administrator. These are just bookkeeping problems. We sacked the bookkeeper.

"There is no misappropriation of funds."

Several staff in Robinson's Goolburri office were sacked after they endorsed a staff petition requesting equity for the traditional landowners of the Goolburri region. This follows a conflict over traditional boundaries between Robinson's tribal group the Bidjara and those of the Goolburri - who the Goolburri Aboriginal Corporation Land Council were established to represent. 

Pauline Hanson brings tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee to heel in Parliament.

Question time in the House of Representatives yesterday was an eerie affair. There was hardly an interjection worthy of the word and the whole show was over in record time.

This outbreak of sober, gentlepersonly behaviour was no accident. You can thank Pauline Hanson's One Nation for it.

Indeed, overshadowing the proceeding was Mrs Pauline Hanson, silent and contented on the back bench. It was the first question time since One Nation sent a bolt of electricity clear up the spines of politicians throughout the land.

One of the clear messages from the disillusioned folk of Queensland who fled the major parties for One Nation was that they were sick of professional politicians.

Those politicians who took their places in the House yesterday knew what that meant: grown men and women hollering at each other in the full gaze of television cameras.

So they buttoned their lips and got on with the job, nodding with great gravity into the cameras as if their careers depended on it, which happens to be precisely the case.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Tim Fischer, managed to twist this turn of events to his advantage.

When the Opposition Leader, Mr Kim Beazley, tried to embarrass him by demanding to know what he and his National Party colleagues would do about preferences for One Nation, Mr Fischer climbed on to his high horse.

There were many messages from the Queensland election, he said.

"Perhaps one of them is that the sort of nit-picking angst and mantras here at question time - nit-picking which drives people absolutely mad because they see the real issues being bypassed by the Labor Party - is part of those messages."

The Treasurer, Mr Peter Costello, though, couldn't let a question time go by without a flourish.

He got his chance when the Western Australian independent Mr Graeme Campbell pointed out that the late B. A. Santamaria had suggested setting up a bank offering loans at 2 per cent interest. Mr Costello had belittled just such an idea when it was proposed by One Nation, saying it was first proposed by the League of Rights.

"Does this make Bob Santamaria, in your mind, an agent for the League of Rights, or does it simply demonstrate that neither you nor the Prime Minister understand fractural reserve banking?" asked Mr Campbell, who has his own party, Australia First, which battles for the far-right vote with One Nation.

Mr Costello was much amused, declaring he had both disagreed and agreed with various Santamaria views, but "I must say I have never taken my economic guidance from Mr Santamaria".

Warming to the task, he said: "If you want to know whether the League of Rights has written One Nation's economic policies . . ."

"I don't," Mr Campbell shouted.

"Well, you don't because you think you have a monopoly on the League of Rights economic policy," Mr Costello replied, a neat reminder that Mr Campbell had been expelled from the Labor Party partly because he had attended a number of League of Rights meetings.

For a moment there, Mrs Hanson cracked a broad smile. But then, she was the only one who could afford a hint of levity.

The un-Australian "Australian"

Qantas has pressured Mr Kerry Packer's Nine Network to censor news stories about Ms Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party in the inflight news bulletin the network provides for the international airline.

Head of public affairs for Qantas, Mr Bernard Shirley, confirmed yesterday that a staff member of the airline's inflight entertainment office, Ms Susie McGlinn, had written to Channel 9's program manager, Mr Michael Healy, last Friday asking the network to eliminate any reference to Ms Hanson and One Nation in the bulletins.

Mr Shirley said the letter was written after a Qantas staffer returning to Australia from overseas complained about inflight news items he found "unacceptable".

Mr Shirley did not name the staffer, but other sources familiar with the incident said they believed it was a Qantas manager returning from Indonesia who felt news items about Ms Hanson were offensive to Indonesian passengers on the flight.

Mr Healy passed the written request on to Nine's news director, Mr Paul Fenn, who sent a strongly worded response to Qantas on Monday saying that if the ban on Ms Hanson were implemented, it would make it impossible for the network to provide any stories on Federal politics or the coming Federal election.

"I said with an election campaign coming up, we wouldn't be able to mention [Prime Minister] John Howard or [Opposition Leader] Kim Beazley or [National Party Leader] Tim Fischer, which makes it a little bit tough," Mr Fenn said.

His letter drew a quick response from Qantas's Mr Shirley, who wrote back yesterday to "clarify" what he described as "what seems to have been an overzealous internal interpretation of a request to delete any racially offensive material from the news Channel 9 prepares for Qantas".

"In the interests of providing a worthwhile news service, Qantas does not want you to exclude any valid political stories from the bulletins. However, we specifically do not want you to include reports which contain material that is offensive to any particular ethnic group.

"You will appreciate that in providing services to people from throughout the world, we try to ensure that we do not offend them through insensitivities in our inflight video programs."

While Mr Fenn was happy to accept Mr Shirley's clarification of the situation yesterday, Ms Hanson was angry about the incident.

Her adviser, Mr David Oldfield, said it was "disgraceful, un-Australian activity asking Channel 9 to be political censors on behalf of Qantas".

"Everything that is said publicly, people should have the right to judge for themselves whether something matters or doesn't," he said.

"But it certainly isn't up to any airline or anyone else to decide that legitimate public debate isn't to be viewed."

It is common for television networks, like Nine, to delete stories from their inflight news packages which the airlines do not wish to show to their passengers, such as footage of air crashes.

Some airlines also ask that news items involving rival airlines be deleted.

It is most unusual, however - in Australia at least - for a news network to be asked to make specific changes to political news stories.

Today the following email was sent to a number of people:

Subject: QANTAS discriminates against Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Dear One Nation supporter in Queensland,

Qantas has banned coverage of Pauline Hanson and One Nation from inflight news.

Qantas has effectively censored Channel 9's inflight coverage of Australian news and has, in effect, implied that there is something "distasteful" about Mrs Hanson and her political party.

The action allegedly follows a complaint by a QANTAS staff member about coverage of Mrs Hanson being offensive to Indonesian passengers on an international flight.

Pauline Hanson's political adviser, Mr David Oldfield, said it was "disgraceful, un-Australian activity asking Channel 9 to be political censors on behalf of Qantas.

"Everything that is said publicly, people should have the right to judge for themselves whether something matters or doesn't," he said.

"But it certainly isn't up to any airline or anyone else to decide that legitimate public debate isn't to be viewed."

If you feel rightfully outraged by this act of censorship by Qantas (the Australian Airline) please contact them by email:

I would encourage you to take a moment to express how you feel about this issue.

Finally, please note Ansett have not undertaken censorship of this sort.


Scott Balson

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Your excerpt from the article by Steve Howard convener of the Global Foundation and the Europe-Australia Dialogue, is another classic case of globalist lies and propaganda, with no foundation in fact. It is also instructive on a number of other points.

(1) If there was any doubt about who runs Australia how about this: “Simply put, globalisation (the increased integration of economies and people) is not optional. All we can choose is whether we manage the change properly and that was the World Bank’s message.” [‘Not optional’, says whom, and by what authority? Australians might ask themselves who ever voted for the World Bank?]

(2) How about this classic lesson in hypocrisy? “....Severino went further, suggesting Australia has much to teach its Asian neighbours, about efficient and transparent financial systems and corporate laws, and about the free flow of information and about tolerating alternative opinions instead of silencing them.” [Australians might ask themselves what a country that is itself $223 billion in debt could teach Asia, or anybody else for that matter, about anything financial. What’s more, after the disgusting Establishment reaction to Pauline Hanson and One Nation what would this country, with one of the most censored and controlled media in the world, know about the ‘free flow of information’, or about ‘tolerating alternative opinions instead of silencing them’? Is this man deliberately lying, or is he living in a world of make believe?]

(3) “[Severino] called on Australia to lead the stabilisation and rebuilding of Asia, in particular Indonesia....” [Sound good? Who pays for it? The Australian taxpayer, the slave, who has ‘no option but to be ‘integrated’ into the global economy, to work to pay for it all, and keep quiet.]

(4) “Sir Leon Brittan, the European Union’s most influential political figure....has been a strong proponent of the industrialised nations doing their share, through open markets especially, to spur growth in the developed world.” [Sound good? Sound like helping up the underdog? It’s a lie! The Third World is now so far in debt any ‘development’ there will be development by foreign investors and Transnationals, who will continue to plunder and exploit it for $ trillions in untaxed profits while children continue to die from starvation. Again, is Sir Leon Brittan lying, or has he no real appreciation of how much of the world is already owned, controlled and exploited by Transnationals and international investors?]

(5) Right now, there is a rare window of opportunity for Australia to play a pivotal role....” [For whom in Australia? International bankers based here? They are not ‘Australia’. As soon as some real Australians raise their heads and try to have a say they are vilified and lied about in a bid to suppress them.] “ is our challenge and our responsibility to improve the understanding and involvement of all Australians in moving into this new world.” [Oops! Nearly said ‘new world order’!]

(6) “Otherwise, history will judge us very badly if, at the precise moment when we could have done so much to guarantee Australia’s future, we instead turn inwards.” [If it’s not the ‘international community’ Australia has to be paranoid about, it’s ‘history’. Again note the immature mind concerned with what others think. This kind of child mind purports to show mature Australians the way to the future. And again, if Australians don’t hand over the country to the globalist order, they ‘turn inwards’: another lie attributed to people who simply demand a say in their own future, and ownership of their own lives and country. Nobody is ‘turning inwards’ but Australians are certainly turning away from the lies and immaturity of globalists and their propagandist stooges like Steve Howard.]

Graham Strachan.

Subject: Just what do they mean.."Globalization is not optional"?

Dear Sir,

i was left feeling more than a little disturbed after reading the article on globalization by Steven Howard (any relation?) . You have done us an excellent service by publishing this information. It shows us that the warm and fuzzy exterior of the globalist push is starting to crack and that what is exposed by those cracks is something more like teeth and claws and foul breath.

The convenor of the Global Foundation ,Steven Howard , mildly berates the Australian public for having the temerity to vote for Pauline Hansons One Nation and then calmly links this "anti-globalization backlash" with us having a "vulnerable democracy".!

In other words the veiled threat is that the Globalists see our vote against their agenda as making our democracy "vulnerable" ........ Suddenly our democracy is "vulnerable".

Last week the PM was telling us we had a "robust and healthy democracy" while trying to explain the One Nation popularity.

Does the convenor of the Global Foundation know something that John doesn't?

Like ...we actually DO have a vulnerable democracy if we vote against Globalization?

Vulnerable to WHAT? and by WHOM would that be , Steven?

Does he mean.............that.....
.".THEY" will "change " the democratic nature of our country if we don't play their game?

A few lines later.
"globalization is not optional"

Are those teeth and claws that we can see glinting through the cracks?

Just WHO are these people who threaten our democracy and tell us we have NO OPTION to their agenda?

Im sure that the Millions of Australians who now support Pauline Hansons One Nation would interested to know that the Globalists think we HAVE NO INFLUENCE on the political direction of this country!

Steve Nichols

Subject: The Constitutional Heritage Protection Society

Our comment on the format may not have included one about the particular font that you used so we take this opportunity to encourage you to consider using Arial, Arial Narrow, Calisto MT, Century Gothic, Colonna MT, Courier, Courier New, Eurostile, Fixedsys, Footlight MT Light, Gill Sans MT Ext. Condensed, Goudy Old Style, Harrington, King MT, Lucinda Sans, Maiandra GD, Modern No.20, MS Sans Serif, MS Serif, SmallFonts, Terminal or Times New Roman. Thicker letters do not improve readability.

At least one of the essays appears to be more in the nature of a review of a book on the law as if there was a nexus between law as practiced in Australia and genuine justice and few indeed believe that today.

The non-parliamentary political party machine hierarchies, which hold the power of (political) life and death over their parliamentary marionettes, long ago resolved to edit the parliamentary dictionary by excising words the meanings of which had proven to be inconvenient. Included are 'treason", "sedition" "treachery" "morality" and "ethics".

Writings which are based on the premise that the average reader needs to be treated as totally ignorant, and has to be helped to grasp the first principles of justice, may be a correct approach but we doubt it. The incomes of the sales representatives of the Australasian Catholic Assurance Company were built with a reliance on the blind unquestioning belief of parishioners that their priest knew what was good for them and that they would not need to shop around for the best deal. The company has long since disappeared.

Hopefully your following "essays" will throw some light on the real world of today's Australia in which the Courts dispense LAW not JUSTICE and the parliaments enact laws that are frequently NOT even vaguely in the interests of the wider community.

Governments do not govern - they were long ago infiltrated by competent manipulators and delegated the relevant powers to unaccountable people. Disraeli was right.

Most of the justice aspect of our legal system was inherited from the ecclesiastic courts and has since been thoroughly corrupted by the establishment "system".

In the language that used to be taught in the schools here words like "honest" (and "truth") were absolutes - you write of "more honest" or "less honest" as if there are Clearly defined degrees of honesty.

Trite sayings like "Justice means equal rights" make good "copy" for authors but the reality in Australia is that there is plenty of evidence of failure of the system to deliver Justice after mouthing platitudes about equal rights (and what about equal responsibilities?)

Under the current and recent governments in Australia the banks have extensively plundered the bank accounts of the poor quite ruthlessly and the politicians have, it seems deliberately, turned the proverbial "blind eye" to this criminal activity.


Mortgages used to be for a fixed term and at a fixed rate of interest (and without authority for levying a multitude of account keeping fees in addition) but the politicians lack intestinal fortitude or have sold their souls to the international banking Mafia perhaps

Jon Axtens

Subject: Vic supporters dedicated

In answer to a telephone poll in the Herald-Sun (Melbourne) on 22 June, and despite a front page campaign against it, 80% of people have again supported ONP. The question was "Do One Nation's policies make sense?"

This contrasts somewhat with the 3%-only highlighted on the front page who are supposed to support ONP in Victoria in the survey. This figure seems at odds with general hear-say. However, it can be possibly be explained by the ghetto press whereby many who have been brainwashed to oppose ONP do not buy English speaking papers. One sees such papers in the newsagencies with Pauline's photo, but the captions are unreadable by me.

But there are two interesting features in this vote-line:
1. The consistency of Herald-Sun readers at 80% in favour of ONP. It goes quite contrary to the editorials and that survey.
2. What are the policies that are being supported? Does it not show that people trust Pauline above all other politicians when they will vote in principle for them without having read them in detail? Scott, I certainly hope tho, that you will educate us on the details of the policies in ON-NOW. However, the policies must not be "off the cuff" as we have seen recently, but be sound enough to allow for deductive application by all ONP representatives to present a consistent voice throughout the nation. Conversely, the development of these policies ought to use the very best inductive reasoning with due regard to recognised fallacies studied over thousands of years.


ON NOW goes "live" this Friday. It will be about six to seven A4 pages long.


Subject: congratulations

well done One Nation now the major partys are saying PLEASE EXPLAIN

keep up the sensible dialogue and never sink to their level..........

David Sweeney

Subject: Costello's stupid remark

Costello has said, "If we experiment with the policies offered by One Nation it will scare foreign investment out of Australia and destroy Australian jobs. We'll all be worse off."

Will destroy jobs? Get real, Costello! It's globalisation that has already exported tens of thousands of Australian jobs. And it's no secret that there are tens of thousands of more to go.

Perhaps scaring off foreign investment would be the best thing for this country. Then we'd have to rebuild Australia. Plenty of work there.


Subject: Kim Beasley on tonights 7:30 report

Hi Scott'

Just caught Mr. Beasley on the 7:30 report and BOY!!!!!!!!!! is he worried. He hasn't a clue where he went wrong but he's worried. Poor chap!! He said that what Australia really needs is STRONG leadership (meaning himself) so he will not change direction one iota but after he wins the election he will present the Australian people with a good set of policies that will gain a groundswell of support, ONCE THEY ARE EXPLAINED and understood by the people. Still hasn't got it has he? Well, no matter, we won't have to worry about his direction for much longer with a little bit of luck and a 1.5% swing. We had all better get some shades to wear so that Gareth's light won't blind us simple folk.


Subject: electoral funding

23rd June, 1998

Dear Editor,

When the Liberal and Labor parties at Federal and State/Territory levels enacted legislation to appropriate, compulsorily, consumer price indexed taxpayers funds to pay for their campaigns (and, incidentally, to make life as difficult as possible for electorate based candidates, but that is an issue for another time) they did not foresee that a group like "One Nation" might arrive to capitalise on it.

Was it a certain Tony Abbott MHR, Member for Warringah, who, in questioning the "ownership" and accounting processes of "One Nation", opened a "can of worms"?

Indeed it should be noted that at the last election the 1996 Electoral Pocket Book, published by the Australian Electoral Commission had a section on public funding for federal elections on page 59, worth some study.

The piece on public funding of election campaigns had mentioned that "a candidate, or Senate group, is eligible for election funding provided they win at least 4% of the formal first preference votes in the division contested in the House of Representatives, or in the State for the Senate. The amount to be paid is calculated by multiplying the number of votes won by the current funding rate. The rates are indexed every six months to increases in the Consumer Price Index". Currently this is about $1.62 per formal first preference vote ($3.24 per voter) and this could mean between $4.3 and $6.0 million diverted from the perhaps $39 million of taxpayers funds that would otherwise be delivered to the so called "major" parties.

Now the community at large has been alerted to the possibility of misapplication of funds by (non-parliamentary) political party machine hierarchs, will there be pressure to move all such organisations under the umbrella of the Australian Securities Commission?

"Everyone" knows that diversion of "shareholders" funds into the pockets, or for the benefit, of a select few can be very effectively achieved, with the tacit support of governments and "regulators", by corporations in Australia.

Publicly widely distributed copies of the annual reports, including, trading , profit and loss accounts and balance sheets, of the multitude of Liberal and Labor Party "branches" should prove interesting reading even if there is no effective way to check the validity of the expense items or for anyone to question the extent of generosity towards either the policymakers or the employees.


J O N M. A X T E N S





The Media’s Prayer

Oh eminent ones, pray hear the plea of your unworthy subjects, for there is insurrection within your domain. There are those within our midst who would not only dare to question your divine supremacy, but even challenge the infallibility of the holy trinity of Murdoch, Packer and Fairfax!

Have mercy on their simplistic souls, for they are guilty of crimes against the media, in both thought and speech. These pagans surely know not what they do, and are no doubt fully deserving of the bestowal of your most fearsome wrath. They have forgotten their place. The disobedient refuse to worship your duly ordained idols, and even have the audacity to seek their own alternate destiny, straying from the path that you have chosen for us all.

Take pity on us, for by definition we cannot all attain membership of your elite, and we lack your ability to be "just that little bit more superior". We do not share your exceptional intelligence; on the contrary, we are afflicted with mere common sense, which makes us vulnerable to the ideas of the heretic.

The elitist bible tells us that a policy cannot be any good if just anybody can understand it, true wisdom can only be uncovered by the creative interpretation of authorised elites. This explains many esoteric fundamentals in contemporary Orwellia, such as:

· High immigration decreases the supply of available work and increases the demand for government welfare, but the tremendous benefits to the national economy are so obvious that they need no explanation.

· The granting of special privileges to the chosen ones of the appropriate race is a cornerstone of true racial equality, and any suggestion to treat all races the same is undeniable evidence of the most abhorrent racism. After all, there can be no doubt that some of us are more equal than others.

· Assets are bad, debts are good. Orwellia can show the world how smart we are by offloading our assets onto foreigners, and gaining valuable debt leveraging opportunities in return.

Yet still the heretic attracts us with her siren song! Oh defenders of the elitist faith, we beseech you to deem us worthy, and impart thy wisdom unto us! Please explain why you preach the sanctity of tolerance and diversity, but do not tolerate any diversity of political opinion.

Please practise your wizardry, your media magic, your polished presentations, and help us celebrate the triumph of image over substance, according to the rites of contemporary journalism. You generously provide our opiate, so necessary to overcome our daily hallucinations of decline, despair and decay. Please take our realities away eminent ones, cure and comfort us, tell us again how good we have got it and how lucky we really are.

We fear that the communication links from your ivory tower are damaged beyond repair, for you speak in unintelligible tongues and your listening devices were discarded long ago. In more enlightened times this did not matter, as you could dismiss our concerns without spilling a drop of Chardonnay. But now your edict to "Just shut up and pay your taxes, we will tell you what to think" just doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to.

You promise to respond to the heresy and not continue to persecute the heretic, but we have waited in vain. The heretic speaks against foreign control, and you respond to foreign investment. The heretic talks of multiculturalism, yet you defend multiracialism. The heretic discusses Australian culture and a proud heritage, but you only hear "meat and two veg" and an inherited historical guilt. Despite your most almighty inquisitions, the heretic continues to confront you, and will not repent.

Our people are tasting the forbidden fruit of independent thought. They are not accepting their penance, and they now actually believe that their opinions matter. The daily two minute hate sessions against the heretic are not working. Instead of ridiculing the heretic as a populist (always pronounced with a sneer), the people are celebrating her as a representative with voices of relief. The sneers are now reserved for those few who are still heard to say: "It must be true, I read it in a newspaper".

The people don’t fear change as much as more of the same. And as someone once said, "It’s time".


Subject: Volunteers needed

I am very worried for Australia's resident pinko and self-styled 'intellectual'; Philip Adams of Late Night Live (an obscure but quaint program on Auntie's radio).

The poor old darling is showing alarming signs of paramnesia, and can not now even carry on a normal conversation, without his phobias and hob goblins of the night that spook his subconscious, becoming entangled with his conscious, causing his speech to be almost incoherent.

The THING is so burned into his memory, that he peppers his normal conversation with totally unconnected rambling sentences about One Nations, extreme right wingers, racists, the KKK, Hansonites and wot not, that reduce him to a blubbering shadow of his former self. I am afraid he might top himself unless we can get help.

His old flame, whatshername Kingston (some sort of scribbler with an Eastern States rag), was looking out for him at one stage, and went the same way for a while herself, but now seems to have recovered somewhat.

We need volunteers to sit with Phil the dill through the long dark nights of his illness, at least until after the elections, when he will probably just fade away anyhow. But for humanitarian reasons, he needs help in the interim.

I think his nurse should be homosexual, as he feels more at home with same-sex individuals, and as his condition is so precarious, we want to keep shocks to a minimum.


Subject: How to vote


you idea about putting the Labour party before One Nation party on how to vote card only supports my belief that you and the Liberal party do not have any principles.

Or is it only a pay back to the Labour party for keeping quiet about the MAI ?

What ever is the reason I will have to vote One Nation 1 as will do most people.

Martin Lebedinsky.

Subject: Re: Coalition.

Scott Balson.

Exciting times!!!

It would be acceptable to me, a One nation supporter and a former national supporter to see the Labor party given the baton in Queensland. I feel it would be better to have them than the stupid coalition of Liberals and pig headed Nationals that we looked like getting. There is nothing like a good shaking to make a person realistic. The Mc Donald Country Party Government in Victoria could be a model for a minority One Nation government in Queensland if some sort of accommodation could be reached with the two independents.

Parliament then works on a case by case basis and sometimes the ALP would be supportive and sometimes the others. It worked for two terms in Victoria sometime in the Thirties.

Give my regards to the Lady.


Peter Gargan.

Subject: academic crap

This crap from a scared academic was posted on the forum at work:

">The shape of policies and the slant of the political campaigns are being
>determined now. The parties are re-writing policies to stress the

>'mainstream interest', to emphasise that policies do not 'pander to

>minorities' etc.
>We must ring their offices, write to them, meet them, and say that all the
>evidence from surveys, opinion polls etc shows that Australians strongly
>support Aboriginal rights, multiculturalism, and a non-discrimminatory
>immigration program. We want policies in education that support
>multilingualism, ESL, literacy and so on based on cultural diversity ."

Obviously he's worried that One Nation is forcing political parties to re-assess their policies and start representing all Australians. So I suggest that we do the same - ring their offices, write to them etc and tell them that Australians detest multiculturalism, cultural diversity etc.

On second thought, perhaps we shouldn't. Just let he and his mates lobby. Let the out-of-touch elites listen. Let them dig their own graves by ignoring us. And then we'll give them an even bigger kick in the teeth next election.

What do people think is the better tactic?


Subject: Here comes Victoria!

Have a look at the latest Victorian poll in The Age!

One Nation support jumps 5% to 12%. That's strange, I seem to remember all these Age journalists "boasting" about the low level of support for One Nation in Vicoria!

Hence Jeff Kennett's recent "bravery".

Needless to say, this poll result was hidden away where they thought nobody would notice!

Subject: Good on you all... Keep it up...

I've been to Pauline Hanson's official home page... And the news one...


Please keep me informed of ALL the updates etc etc and anything related to Pauline Hanson... I've lived in Cardiff (Newcastle) for about 5 years now and before that I grew up 5 km out of the small VILLAGE of Gilgai (near Inverell) My father (Noel Kenny) has been watching all of "this" with much anticipation... So have I...

Keep it up Pauline and GOOD LUCK!!! You've got my vote and a lot of others so I see...

Keith Kenny... UK

Subject: Federal Website

I understand the symbolism of picture you used here, however I'm sure many would-be supporters may mistakenly see the picture as a symbol of Pauline on the right opposing the asians on the left. I suggest a picture of Pauline shaking hands with an Asian person.

I think it would be important to stress in words, Pauline Hanson's non-discriminatory policies ie. for all Australians to be treated equally regardless of background or culture. Maybe a short list of ideals that Pauline aspires to would help.

You had better get cracking on this because it looks like the Federal election could be very soon.

To the polls! keep up the good work

John Flynn - Perth WA

Pauline is looking across an Australia where all races live as one.

Guess we can all interpret it in different ways!


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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