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Friday, 19th December 1997
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On-line research background to the book "Pauline, the Hanson Phenomenon" by Helen Dodd.


Danpork, bureaucracy and Paul Keating's millions or
exposing how Labor politicians "strike it big while still in office".

"When I first joined the Labor Party (in the 1940s), it was made up of the cream of the working class. When I left it (in the 1970s), it was made up of the scum of the middle class." - Kim Beazley senior.

It appears that Beazley could well be talking about Paul Keating who creamed the system to his own advantage in a manner which would have had Alan Bond looking on in awe.

In this article we will demonstrate how Keating was able to

Danport is now using (unnamed) lobbyists to get laws changed to stop Australian pig farms from objecting to their development plans. Pig farmers believe that 500 piggeries in Queensland will close because of the unfair advantage secured by Danport.

Here we have Paul Keating / Australian Labor Party at their very best, misusing the system, saving their own skin irrespective of the damage done to small business as a result.

Here is an extract from the article on Keating and the Commonwealth Bank loan:

How could Keating, with assets in the region of $150,000 obtain loans and credit sureties to the tune of $24 million? Could our farmers?

What sort of parallel could be drawn to Hewson minimising his taxes and the situation of one of Keating's companies making 4 million profit and 3 subsidiaries making losses of 3 million? Probably the best thing that could happen is Keating suing Senator Baume and causing the whole 'brew' to be brought out into the open. It will be interesting to see what the mainstream media report and how much gets glossed over could we have corruption at the highest levels?

Will the media be 'game' to do an honest reporting job of the case? It remains to be seen, but it would be worth taking bets on it.

The Weekly Canberra Column

This week on Media Censorship. Here is an extract:

"He had asked this very same question. The Sydney Morning Herald had promised him space on the topic, but when he sent along an article, they informed him that they had used up their quota of space on the topic. Sir David is pretty much reduced to writing Letters to the Editor nowadays, like any other person making a comment on public transport or the performance of a football team.

"In these days when we are facing a choice of remaining with our long-standing and stable constitutional arrangements, making a radical change to a republic or choosing a model in between, it is important that we are informed so that our eventual votes will have some meaning. Yet the media presents facile, often incorrect glosses from people who know very little and present their views as if they are selling hamburgers. We get a stream of catchy slogans but very few facts."

Native title and freehold update

A few days ago we covered the story of Kippa Ring where native title overruled freehold.


Here's the part of the Act that worries me:

6. This Act binds the Crown in right of the Commonwealth, of each of the States, of the Northern Territory and of Norfolk Island.

Jobs for the boys

Graham Richardson's appointment as "Mayor" of the Olympic Village cannot be overturned according to the chairman of the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG), John Coates, because it is protected by Swiss law.

"The new (Games Organising Committee) president doesn't have the power, even through legislation, to change these arrangements," said Mr Coates.

"Delegated functions it (SOCOG) received in the second half of 1996 were embodied in the general organisational plan which is part of the Host City contract, which is subject to Swiss law."

The Labor party run the state of New South Wales with SOCOG President and State MP Michael Knight making a blatantly obvious appointment under the category of "jobs for the boys".


Making the news"  -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


The High Court fiasco

About a year ago the High Court made a judgement 3-4 on Wik, allowing native title to co-exist with pastoral leases.

The High Court's decision was made on a single vote. The judges being dominated by thirteen years of Australian labor party thinking. Yesterday a major shift was foreshadowed with Brisbane based Queen's Council Ian Callinan being nominated to replace High Court judge John Toohey - a stalwart supporter of the Wik decision.

Callinan is believed to be against the Wik decision.

Yesterday Federal Opposition justice spokesman Nick Bolkus said, "It's a political appointment - Mr Callinan has made no bones of his political involvement of the past 15 years.

"Mr Howard wants a Conservative with a Big "C", he's got a Conservative with a Big "C" and in Gothic."

Bolkus said that if Callinan had been on the High Court bench when Wik and Mabo were decided the probability is that the decisions would have been reversed.

What a shame he wasn't on the bench at that time, what a shame.

email the editor

You Say:

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Dear Sir,

to quote you :

"I started by speaking to Val Doran. I introduced myself as Scott Balson from the media and that I represented the Australian National News of the Day. Neither Val nor Ken realised that I was involved with PHON in the initial phone call."

So basically you misrepresented yourself. You withheld the fact that you were essentially working for Pauline, and your didn't declare your bias. Good journalists are supposed to recognise their bias.

and then you go on to say:

"What we have is a classic example of the media being willing to run any story that is detrimental to Pauline Hanson. Stories that have absolutely no substance, no truth, that a five year-old amateur detective could have discredited during Sunday School."

You have proved yourself no better than the journalists you talk about. You set them up. Good for you, now you can join the ranks of A Current Affair.


When an individual or individuals set out to destroy a healthy democratically registered party by using lies and deception they need to be exposed.

This was done.

I note that Australia's One Nation haven't got the balls to challenge the content of the interview. If they do I will post it here but I won't be holding my breath.


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One of our more unusual email received.


Subject: Thalia Kalkipsakis

Dear Sir,

Where do we start with Thalia Kalkipsakis? Quite a contradiction is our Thalia. As I often write, "if you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem" and I just get the feeling that Thalia is a part of the problem. It never ceases to amaze me where these experts source their information.

"So few of us are actually Native Australians". Tell us Thalia, did you mean "black Native Australians or do you have some access to statistics that we don't. If seven generations of my family are not "actually Native Australians" then perhaps Thalia's Bureau of Mis-information could inform my family and the hundreds of thousands of others with the same credentials as to just what we are. The 1996 Census showed that 73.9% of the Australian population were born in Australia. If these people are not classed as Natives then just who were you referring to Thalia?

As for "murdering, crushing and trying to assimilate", again you leave me puzzled. History tells us that the Aboriginal population was estimated at the time of colonisation at around 160,000. The 1996 Census showed the Aboriginal population to be 352,970....more than doubled. Tell us Thalia, how you murder and crush a race of people for over 200 years and at the same time have their population more than double? The figures just don't stack up do they Thalia?

"try to control the existence of other races in an inherently foreign populated country". Again Thalia, tell us how a country with 73.9% of it's population can in any way be "inherently foreign populated"? What more does one have to do other than being born here to qualify in your version of Australia? Perhaps the ABS statistics are rubbery. Unless I have been missing something here Thalia, the only "try to control the existence of other races" that I have witnessed in my lifetime of 51 years has occurred since 1972 when a new industry was born, namely the Aboriginal Industry, which ably assisted by crooked politicians, crooked lawyers, white apologists and other assorted leaches, have split this Nation into little squabbling groups. Divide and Conquer (Sound familiar?) Now Thalia, I wonder if it just happened or was it by design?

It would appear that everyone other than Indigenous White Australians are petrified by the red-headed fish and chip shop lady from Ipswich who preaches this thing called equality. I wonder why Thalia? Equality must be a real scary thing to confront. If it were to become a reality, could it be that it would show up the fact that we live in a very unequal society and that a large number of the problems that we face today are as a result of that inequality.?

Let me say Thalia, that Australians, that is real Australians, don't mind red-heads, we are partial to fish and chips, we get on well with fish and chip shop proprietors but mostly we could handle a bit of EQUALITY.

Allan W. Doak.

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Dear Editor,

Thalia Kalkipsakis wrote:>(why is the native title debate costing money and wasting time if we have handled the issue correctly in the past?) <

There was no 'issue' to handle in the past, Thalia. The same sorts of land title were available to all Australians, black and white. The 'issue' was created only recently when the High Court invented a whole new sort of title based on race. If you want to preach to people, at least get your facts right to start with. Germany during the 1920s has nothing whatever to do with it. You should take a bit of your own advice and:> Stay thinking... don't let anyone else do that for you.<

Graham Strachan.

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Dear Sir,

To diverge momentarily on a lighter subject than most happenings these days - shortly after the Thredbo disaster you took a canoe trip, on which you rescued a dingo pup in distress from a mudbank. You named him Diver, after the Thredbo survivor of a multi-hour "burial" under that large block of concrete, then turned him over to farmer friends who love animals.

How about an update on Diver's current health and welfare?

john hamilton

Diver is now living on a farm and growing into a healthy happy little/big dingo.


Subject: Letter for Miss Pauline Hanson

Dear Miss Hanson

My name is Rhett Bartlett. I am fourteen years old and go to high school. Over the time you have been public, over the radio, news etc. I have seen the stories and over exaggeration of what you are trying to do. "A Racist" and other such terms are so disturbing to hear. I see what you are trying to do, trying to make all people equal and have equal opportunities. You have my full support, even though I am fourteen years old.

Kind Regards
Rhett Bartlett

Subject: Viral multiculturalism

Dear Editor,

This is from the Sydney Morning Herald online 17/12/97:>Hong Kong prepared for an epidemic of bird flu....controlling chicken imports from mainland a US virologist said the outbreak here was the beginning of a world epidemic.<

Now it's my understanding that as part of our enlightened policy of global trade, we are now importing chicken pieces from China. Does this mean we get their disease too? And what about this?

>The British Agriculture Minister....accused other EU member states yesterday of deliberately delaying the introduction of health controls aimed at curbing the spread of mad cow disease. Seems we're going to get more than just chicken and beef with our global trade. It's called interdependence: 'here, share my disease'. Viral multiculturalism. Welcome to the 21st century.

Graham Strachan.

Subject: peter reith

I've watched Peter Reith's form for quite awhile. This bloke's tactics worry me. If you're a white Aussie with a job and a member of a Union, then it's time to start wearing some personal body armour. (If you're also a wharfie then hire a body guard as well.)

When I see him on TV, I turn the volume down and point him out to my two small kids.

I say to them, "Never, ever accept candy from this man!"

S.E. Wagger

Subject: Pauline Hanson

Can I just say you are a very biased hypocritical person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You say that we should look at your viewpoint as well and yet you undermine this by only portraying your side of the story! You create connotations that Pauline Hanson is a the woman that will make us "One Nation" but you don't tell the other side. Like how she said about 50% of this nation by the year 2000 will be of Asian origin, when in fact this was conjured up by a disgruntled doctor in the Gold Goast. The Immigration department said that less than 10% will be of Asian origin! Maybe you should put that up! By the way I am of Asian origin, but I am a proud Aussie. At school my friends are from all different backgrounds (Greek, Australian, Italian, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Aboriginal, Russian, African) and because we are from different backgrounds, we learn to treat and love each other! Why does Pauline Hanson say multiculturalism won't work when in the next generation it already is? I respect your view but don't portray us as the bad ones when you are the ones that are supporting a person that is dividing a country.

Douglas Lim

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another beautiful day in paradise.

Have a great day.

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