Saturday 9th May 1998

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It's a media trifecta in unethical reporting.

Over the last week I have been reproducing the trash produced by the intellectual prostitutes at News Limited's Courier Mail. Well today they hit the jackpot in manipulating the politics of this country.

It is a sad for Australia when a media monopoly run by the tyrannical media mogul Rupert Murdoch can claim blood on its hands for manipulating the voice of the people represented by so-called independence in reporting.

The trifecta of articles produced by News Limited over four days last week had one objective in mind. That was to get the Liberal leadership last night to reverse its decision to put One Nation ahead of the Labor Party on its "How to Vote" cards.

They succeeded.

Last night the Liberal Party released the following statement:

"Traditionally the Labor Party has been placed last on Liberal Party "How to Vote" cards.

"At this election, the distribution of preferences will be undertaken on a seat-by-seat basis when all candidates are known.

"This will be done in consultation with local campaign committees."

Come the day when Pauline Hanson's One Nation holds the balance of power this sort of unethical reporting will, no doubt, come home to roost in the muddied corridors of News Limited's power base.

For the record it will be if interest to our many readers that many of the so-called "reporters" at the Courier Mail are the failed traces of the Labor Party Goss Government's media division who are fighting to have their party re-instated so that they can return to their better-paid tax payer jobs churning out trash for the ALP.

Foreign owned "Australian" Banks continue to deceive the Australian people.

What should be of concern is an upcoming name change to the National Australia Bank in the week ahead. Next week the bank's hierarchy are meeting in Queensland to launch a new name for what was once a proud Australian institution.

The NAB now foreign owned through "globalisation" and the FSIA (signed by the ALP) is about to change its name to National Asia Pacific as the "more profitable" regions than Australia are reflected in the new look bank.

National Asia Pacific is expected to swallow up ANZ in the next few months and Westpac and Commonwealth Bank are currently negotiating a similar "super-bank" arrangement.

Of course our Australian banks are now owned by Rockefeller interest - with 86% of our banking industry now in foreign hands.

So it should come of no surprise when you hear that the Reserve Bank have revealed that more than one bank branch a day has closed in Australia during 1997. 386 branches in all. This figure was more than double the number of closures in the previous year and reflects the change in ownership of the industry and the powerful profit-based motives of globalisation.

Now let us remember that both the ALP and the Coalition have stated quite clearly that "globalisation" is good and unstoppable, yet in the same breath these masters of deception run around talking about how they will "fix" unemployment.

Today Australia has just over 6,000 bank branches. 3,500 or 57% are in city areas with the regional and rural areas serviced by just 2,622.

The Reserve Bank puts the culling of branches thus, "Branch rationalisation has been driven mainly by the desire of (foreign-owned) banks to reduce operating costs and substitute electronic access branches."

The Financial Services Union (FSU) - which is on the other end of the pendulum to the Maritime Union of Australia said that nearly 4,000 jobs were lost last year as a result of bank closures alone.

Of course the FSU has not taken into account the impending super-bank mergers which will see tens of thousands of bank staff becoming unemployed in the near future and, for the average Aussie, finding a bank about as easy as tracking down a brothel in a good neighbourhood. Of course the latter has more credibility than the American imports who today run the once proud symbols of Australia's financial standing in the world. 

Courier Mail lodge complaint against the ABC's Media Watch

Yes, the statement is true. The unethical News Limited puppet, The Courier Mail has lodged a complaint with the ABC's Independent Complaints Panel over a recent report on Media Watch.

The Courier Mail's article on April 18 "Inside the Networks" examined links between prominent Brisbane Catholic figures involved in the criminal justice system and Fr Dick Pascoe.

The reason for the complaint is given as follows "Queensland Newspapers. complaint refers to programme presenter Richard Ackland's failure to declare Mr Hailstone's 11 year employment at the ABC and Mr Ackland's "frivolous" treatment of concerns arising from the CJC's response to the police investigations."

Sounds like a perfectly frivolous complaint when compared to my unreported complaint against the Courier Mail which will be heard by the Australian Press Council on 22nd May 1998 after The Courier Mail delayed the hearing by using every trick in the book.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


Howard's lies

The new-class elite, the string-pullers of the Liberal Party were telling anybody who would listen yesterday, through master puppet Prime Minister John Howard, that Pauline Hanson was a bigot.

Today we hear that nearly 10,000 Queensland Commonwealth public servants have lost their jobs since 1996 when the Coalition gained power.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that by the end of November last year the workforce in this state had dropped from 45,700 to 35,800 - or a loss of jobs by over 20% of the staff.

The major loss was 4,100 in the Commonwealth Employment Service - now replaced by a hotch-potch of part time contracted "employment agencies".

However, Commonwealth public servant job losses were dwarfed by New South Wales with 32,000 losses and Victoria with 21,700 losses....

and the Coalition would have YOU believe that they are about creating jobs in Australia. Give me a break!

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Re Mother of the year

It will be a sad (and possibly pathetic) comment on our elected leaders when it comes to light that the Australian mother of the year holds a Vietnamese passport.

It's also a slap in the face for my mother who is Australian and lost a son in Vietnam.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Yersterday I joined One Nation state candidates at the Ipswich show stand. The Liberals/Nationals, who also had a stand, spent their time walking past the crowds gathering outside the One Nation stand with worried looks on their faces.

Pauline Hanson was a most welcome visitor. (Left to right: Colene Highes, Pauline Hanson and Jack Paff)

Have a good one.

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