Friday 8th May 1998

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Bigoted John Howard shows his hypocricy.

The Liberal Party are now running scared. And it shows.

With the unethical News Limited media group trying to force the Liberals to change their minds on preferences through a continuing blast of anti-One Nation articles Howard has reverted to damage control.

Yesterday Pauline Hanson released a statement on the Liberals and their pitiful track record while Howard called One Nation's leader an "insubstantial bigot" and went further to claim that Opposition leader Kim Beazley was an even bigger bigot (well we all know about Beazley's chip, shape and bigotry). Howard is, of course, like Beazley a bigot while Hanson is the only political leader today who LISTENS to the Australian people.... thus Howard's hypocricy.

Yesterday Howard said this about One Nation supporters and their leader, "A lot of them are people who are feeling a bit aggrieved with life and they've been kicked around and they think that she's got some kind of magical answers which she hasn't. I think she is a very insubstantial, narrow-minded limited person..."

Of course Howard is somehow some terrific leader with all the answers even though he would sell his soul like the Labor Party Prime Ministers before him to the interests of multinationals who are raping and pillaging this country.

Meanwhile the National Party Queensland state leader, David Russell, gave a strong indication yesterday that they would allocate One Nation preferences ahead of Labor saying, "We start with the proposition that it is our job to make Rob Borbidge premier, not Peter Beattie. There is nothing in Labor's platform on issues like native title and waterfront reform to attract our supporters.

"You don't have to be an Einstein to work out what we're going to do.

"Obviously if there was a One Nation candidate that our local members believed was entirely unfit to serve in Parliament we'd put them last."

And today there is the third of a series of slanted comments in The Courier Mail about the preference issue, called "Strange Liberal Days".... a trifecta... now I suppose the intellectual prostitutes there will claim that they are giving Pauline Hanson a "fair go". 

Good listening for our Sydney radio readers

Word has it that the best show in town is on 2GB AM (87.3) - Brian Wiltshire - in the evenings.

Here is a man who can think for himself and not for those he serves... a rare breed in today's society. Good on ya Brian.

MIGA - son of MAI - already signed.

Extract from letter to the Queensland Times:

Dear sir,

When Pauline Hanson said in a recent press release that the ‘MAI was wounded but not dead’ how right she was. I have come cross the ‘son of the yet-to-be-born MAI’. It is called the ‘Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency Bill’ or ‘MIGA’. It has already been signed.

The more I research the issue of international treaties which have been allowed to progress totally unhindered by successive Labor and Coalition governments the more I realise that we have a situation in Australia which is totally out of control.

I will explain what I mean in the simplest of terms. When you go to the bank you cannot draw money until you have opened an account. That’s logical. To demonstrate to you how ‘structured’ the globalisation of Australia is by outside forces consider this fact.

Further reading: MIGA Australian parliament summary on the Parliamentary web pages.

Patenting Life

Extract from The Guardian:

The Guardian Thursday May 7, 1998

An American company has applied to patent one of the bacteria that causes meningitis. It could lead to royalties being paid on every treatment if a new vaccine against the illness is found.

The application is one of three filed with the European Patent Office by Human Genome Sciences (HGS), who are seeking to be the first to own the whole genetic sequence of bacteria. If the application is granted, as seems likely, it will open the door for commercial companies to patent any lifeform from which they think they can make money - including human gene sequences.

The prospect has appalled scientists in the field, who believe discoveries should be shared for the common good and that the scramble for patents for commercial gain will damage research.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Soft bombing

Soft bombing is a tactic I like and favour over other forms of cyberprotest such as site jamming or bringing down government communication systems via automatic email.

I like the idea of sending a photograph of something which is representative of the particular struggle in question. For the Zapatista struggle against neoliberalism for example it would be fun to send a photograph of Subcommander Marcos to the Mexican authorities with a little message of ones own such as:-

The people of New Zealand send their disapproval at your treatment of the indigenous people of Chiapas. We note with concern that you do not provide enough health care or education to these people; we also frowningly note that your brutal military regime is not consistent with the modern principles of democracy and freedom. We suggest that you forget all about foreign investment and begin to erect barriers of tariffs and protectionism instead of allowing transnationals to extract all the Chiapan wealth. Your own people, your local economy and your local eco system are much more important than your servile support of foreign overlords.


on behalf of J. Shipley
Prime Minister of New Zealand

We should sign on behalf of the Prime Ministers or Presidents of our individual countries, of course. We know our leaders would support our actions but we must presume they are otherwise engaged, or they would be doing this themselves.

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Dear Editor,

Peter Sereno is "especially interested in knowing what your opinion is on the following statement: How would a Malaysian company possibly make Wonderland operate any better than it already is?"

Let me answer that. What if it could, Peter? So what? Suppose the Chinese government could do a better job running Australia than the Howard government. Would that justify a takeover? Suppose I can satisfy your wife better than you can. Does that mean I should have her?

The question is irrelevant. The real question is: should Australia be for Australians or not? And that includes the soil and the businesses on it. Always question basic premises, Peter, and especially those of people trying to sell you economic rationalism. There's heaps more to life than 'economic efficiency'.

Graham Strachan.

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Dear Sir,

so little johnny coward now thinks he can woo back voters from One Nation by bleating that "we can do it better".!!! Has he lost all touch with reality?

Who's policies and who's monumental disregard for mainstream Australians does he think drove us from the traditional parties, in the first place?

Now , all of a sudden , they are miraculously going to "get it right"?

Much too late....and much too little respect for the intelligence of average Australians, tweedle dum!

Steve Nichols



Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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