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Released 7th September 1998


One Nation recognises the history the tradition and the enormous contribution that rural and regional Australians make to the economic, social and cultural well being of this country.

One Nation is committed to providing an environment conducive to vigorous, viable and sustainable primary and associated industries.

We recognise the need to encourage and support and "re-invent" Secondary and manufacturing industries in this country. One Nation believes that a thriving primary industry is the cornerstone of any sustainable secondary/manufacturing industry; the development of which will benefit all Australians.

One Nation recognises the history and the tradition of the family farm and its enormous contribution to our nation's economic, cultural and social well being.

One Nation supports the right to farm and will not consent to any legislation which may effect rural industry without full and open consultation with producers. One Nation will review and amend or repeal existing legislation that threatens that right.

One Nation recognises that water resources and storage is a matter of national priority and is committed to immediate and long term planning for adequate water resources and undertakes to establish a Ministry of Water; to establish a Federal Ministry of Interior Infrastructure and Regional Australia. One Nation opposes the cap by the Murray Darling Council and will replace it with a flexible management system in tune with the varying conditions of the local river system and the environment.

One Nation recognises that successive Labour and Coalition Governments have not given adequate forward planning for the provision of rural infrastructure. One Nation recognises the importance of adequate infrastructure to support the growth and development of rural and regional Australia and will give priority to funding programs to ensure these needs are addressed.

One Nation will provide strong support for marketing initiatives for both export and domestic product. One Nation believes that more research is needed into the identification of new "Niche" markets and product development to meet that demand

thereby increasing export earnings.

Import replacement programs will be encouraged and incentives provided to achieve same.

One Nation does not support the free trade policies adopted by both Labor and the Coalition parties and will support tariffs to protect Australian primary industries from subsidised, sub-standard and predatory priced imports where needed.

One Nation will oppose any multilateral trade agreements and treaties that are not in the best interests of Australians and Australia and which diminish Australian sovereignty. One Nation will never agree to international agreements like the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment).

One Nation will refocus the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS) with a greater emphasis on its primary role as an agency to protect Australia from the import of pestilence, disease and contamination (funded Federally).

One Nation will support joint ventures with foreign investors where the majority ownership and profits remain Australian.

One Nation will establish a government sponsored Australian national bank whose primary purpose will be low interest funding to primary and secondary industries.

One Nation supports sustainable land and water use practices and achievable measures to repair past environmental damage.

One Nation will retain the diesel fuel rebate and reduce the excise on diesel by $0.25 /litre to match the government's proposal. (One Nation's Tax Policy proposes to abolish a range of 9 major Taxes- Refer tax policy)

One Nation will legislate to ensure that all imported products must be clearly identified to the consumer. One Nation will develop a labelling system that will easily allow consumers to purchase Australian made and owned products.

One Nation supports the election of Industry Organisations by direct producer vote.

One Nation advocates a policy of decentralisation as opposed to the centralised policies of both Labor and the Coalition.

One Nation opposes the sale of public utilities such as water, power and communications

One Nation will seek agreement on uniform national registration of agricultural chemicals to allow farmers easy access to new and improved products.

One Nation is committed to developing Australia's first comprehensive national rural policy.

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