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Sunday, 18th January 1998
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One Nation birthday girl - Heidi Lewis turns 21.

Seeing it's a Sunday, a little bit of light relief.

Heidi, one of Pauline Hanson's staff had her 21st birthday today. The party  held at Barbara Hazelton's home on the Gold Coast started last night, and yes it has been a long day, thus the short (and late) news of the day!

The singer had a lot of help from the guests... Heidi and Vanessa with young friend in middle, Barbara Hazelton (right with her daughter Danielle), John Maxwell Jones (singer) and Pauline Hanson.

The dancers gave it all they got... with some quite astonishing performances...

Scott Balson with Pauline Hanson, Barbara Hazelton and Barbara's daughter Danielle.

At midnight the cake was cut... the deed was done...

Heidi with her sparkling cake and Pauline Hanson.

And even though some of the music was less than professional... it's fair to say a great time was had by all.

Finally, a very special Canberra friend... June Kinney - commonly known by the media as "that woman" - but that's another story! June hosts Pauline when she stays in the ACT.

China going bankrupt now as well?

Extract from the Washington Post.

BEIJING, Jan. 16—China unveiled new measures today to overhaul its insolvent banking system, including a $6 billion fund to write off delinquent loans and a reorganization of regional central bank offices modeled on the U.S. Federal Reserve system. Analysts said the bank reform package was the result of a wider effort by China to learn from the economic crisis that has gripped most of the rest of Asia and to prevent the financial virus from spreading to China.

"We will learn the lessons from Southeast Asia and adopt a more cautious approach," Dai Xianglong, governor of the People's Bank of China, said during a two-hour news conference today in which he sought to allay fears about a weakening of China's economy. Dai said Beijing would avoid setting a timetable for making China's currency freely convertible, keep a ceiling on overall bank loans to "prevent a bubble economy" and punish private companies that conceal foreign dollar-denominated loans from the central bank.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Clones

To the editor,
Dear Sir,

Recently,there has been much speculation regarding human clones in the media. I'm surprised! I already thought we had them on the boards of the large companies around Australia.

I picture them going from board to board earning their enormous fees by nodding and agreeing (like Dolly, the cloned sheep) to cuts and strategies which would yield as much profit as possible, without care or thought to the rippled effect it caused.

With one stroke of the pen they affect workers, families and entire towns. Until Citizens' Initiated referenda (CIR) is introduced at local, state and federal level, these people will have no say in the way their lives are controlled.

Pat Sturge

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

RE: Informed critics. Dear Sir

I read with some interest your editorial on Wayne Goss and his decision to walk away from politics. A bit mean spirited! Your comments on the knowledge of "informed critics" are somewhat uninformed.

As a survivor of major brain surgery I can assure you that it is not just like a visit to the dentist, and to come through the experience relatively unscathed has, in all probability, changed Wayne's out look on his sense of priorities and purpose and meaning of life.

To continue to attack him in the way you do after he has declared his hand serves no purpose other than to reflect the mean spirited style of politics practised and perpetuated by the mainstream political parties and all their nonsense.He is out of the game and we should wish him and his family well.

If we are to make true changes to this political system in Australia it must be with honour and dignity and not with cheap shots to the dead (politically speaking that is)!

Independant Candidate for the Federal Seat of Blair? mm!
Barry Sampson Searle

I would normally agree with your sentiments regarding "cheap shots" - but in this case the comments do not fall into this category. Goss presided over a Labor government which saw a legitimate "whistleblower", Kevin Lindeberg, being ridiculed, near-bankrupted (legal fees etc) and persecuted for no other reason than sticking up his hand when a wrong was committed.

So serious are these and related allegations facing Goss, a member of the legal fraternity who cannot claim ignorance, that Queensland's "Shreddergate" was cited by The Alliance for Public Accountability (APA) as a prime case of government corruption in a conference that they convened on the 4th October 1997 in Ottawa, Canada.

Goss' clean facade is just that and I would welcome someone proving me wrong.

You might recall how long it took for another Labor Premier Brian Burke to face the courts over decisions he made while Premier in the mid-1980s.

As far as brain surgery goes Santa Maria, the prominent political journalist, had exactly the same operation and it was only a few weeks ago that Wayne Goss was pictured on all TV channels during a photo opportunity saying that he was fighting fit.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Time for a nap, me thinks!

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