Censorship, the media and the ISPs

1st June 1999


The hypocritical Murdoch media portray "satire" as being quite acceptable. Under this banner anything can be said, anything can be done.  On the other hand the Murdoch media present "opinion" as being a platform for racists and bigots.

You be the judge what is the REAL difference between the two... do this in the interests of free speech.

Webster Dictionary definition of Satire: A composition, generally poetical, holding up vice or folly to reprobation; a keen or severe exposure of what in public or private morals deserves rebuke; an invective poem; as, the Satires of Juvenal.

Keeness and severity of remark; caustic exposure to reprobation; trenchant wit; sarcasm.

Syn: Lampoon; sarcasm; irony; ridicule; pasquinade; burlesque; wit; humor.

Is the example below "satire" or "opinion"... and if it is "satire" why is it "satire" and why is it not "racist"?

Example: cartoonist Bill Leake's version of the constitution (extract):
The Australian nation is a nation of blow-ins and we've got the lot here - bog Irish, reffos, dagos, wogs, slopes, you name it.

Webster Dictionary definition of Opinion: The judgment or sentiment which the mind forms of persons or things; estimation.

I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people. --Shak.

Friendship . . . gives a man a peculiar right and claim to the good opinion of his friend. --South.

However, I have no opinion of those things. --Bacon.

Example of opinion and the media's position on it covered below:

I have taken extracts from an email received by me yesterday, and I am asking you, the @notd readers to tell me what you think.... the writer includes a copy of the article written by Terry Sweetman which appeared in yesterday's Sunday Mail (Murdoch). I have added my comments and views on Sweetman, the issue and the whole issue of intimidation by selective reporting:

First of all, let it be said that I believe Terry Sweetman to be one of the most biased and morally corrupt journalists I have ever had the misfortune of coming across.

However, I would remind you that regardless of that, he does have a large readership and it is politically naive of you to allow yourself to be put in a position which can be easily portrayed by the media as the voice of racism or other "socially unacceptable" behaviour. That such claims are untrue is of little comfort when polling time arrives and the public is confronted with a flurry of snipits aimed at the assassination of One Nation. Your attempts to distance any activities which occur on @notd whilst technically correct cannot and will not hold water in the eyes of the general populace. You have undeniably risen to prominence on the shirt tales of One Nation and I believe you owe a debt of honour to ensure that you do not present the enemies of One Nation with an easy target by which to discredit the party.

The publication of the letter attributed to "Omega" serves as a demonstration of just the sort of thing which we accuse the major papers of doing. As the editor of a publication you have the duty to ensure that articles and comments contained in that publication serve a useful function to the community (which surely includes free speech), but also that the events portrayed in such articles are capable of being verified and/or refuted. This letter has presented *one side* of an altercation between two parties without even an attempt to portray the events which led up to the approach of the person in question. It should have been returned to the person who submitted it until such times as it could be displayed both in isolation and as part of a site recognised as being an extension of One Nation without appearing to be the blatant portrayal of the views of a single individual or group. That is not to say that some of the measures which this person spoke of are not in the community interest, but the delivery of the message and the reasons behind the delivery are areas that can easily be used against us.

Your site serves as a useful vehicle for dissemination of information that the general media will not distribute, however in the real world of politics it cannot become a liability. You have demonstrated an attempt to preserve neutrality by simple publishing all views which you receive, however that is not prudent in this instance. If these people want to portray a particular message, there are many public forums in which they can do so (USENET).

As someone who has had personal experience (on many occasions) with the way the media misrepresents many situations, I am fully aware that it is impossible to eliminate such occurances. What I learned, and what you must learn, is to stop making it easy for them.

Terry Sweetman's article in the Sunday Mail (small italicised text represents parts of the Omega letter left out of the Sweetman article):

Omega is living end

DECISIONS,decisions. I report the following with some doubts about whether such lunacy should net publicity, but here goes.

Scott Balson’s One Nation-friendly web site is properly bemoaning the idiocy of the Australian Government’s attempts to censor the Internet.

Who is driving global internet censorship and why? it asked last week. The who , it declared, is the global pariah B’nai B’rith (the Jewish anti-defamation organisation).


But when it comes to the why, you might have a taste of this letter from someone signing off as Omega ,that appeared on the site that day.

"Sitting at an outdoor coffee lounge today with a few friends discussing boats, like Ratty Rat and Toad;  enjoying the sun, tranquility and the magnificent view all the stuff not made by nature being made by the hard work of us white ... .s when suddenly a local layabout b*** arrives on the scene accusing us of using the world ‘black’.

It would never occur to the Neanderthal that all kinds of things can be black.., nor would it occur to the Neanderthal that it was our money that bought his booze, house, car, education for his kids and so forth that he has not the brains to do for himself.

What a great life this clown must have, carrying around a chip on the shoulder big enough to build a house for himself. Methinks to make his load lighter, the dole should be cut off to Neanderthals, so they can continue on their road to self- extinction unaided. A bit of self-determination is all that is needed for them to self-destruct".

That’s what some people call free speech.

End of Sweetman article


Now the first comment that I would like to make is that, as the email writer comments, the @notd is quite clearly not associated with One Nation. It carries my views and I assess which letters to post on it - no-one else. The writer is correct in the point that the Murdoch press have presented, on more than one occasion this year, the view that the @notd is "One Nation friendly".... probably the sole reason that letters from this on-line paper make it in the Murdoch press.

It was Sweetman who wrote in the Courier-Mail on 15th September 1998 the following racist (by his own standards) remark: The king hit assailant was an Islander, one of those lads fed growth hormones with their mother's milk and allegedly a member of an infamous northside knuckle gang (Is that opinion or satire?)

Sweetman also fails, unsurprisingly, to touch on the issue raised in the @notd concerning newsgroups... these are, after all, part of the same net... Here is what I posted about newsgroups from Friday - Sunday last week (ie giving plenty of time to be included in his article):

Extract post headed "Jew spammer must die" on alt.revisionism (challenging the Holocaust) posted 28th May 1999:
Of course you were. But forgive my confusion (and you know that this isn't the first time I've found things you say confusing). The appparent (sic) implication of this philosophy that it is best not to respond when you find yourself to be the object of misrepresentation and smearing. Is this not somewhat inconsistent with the ideal to uphold the principle of "truth", which I had understood to motivate your participation in combatting Holocaust denial on the internet? Or do you only uphold the principles of truth and justice for others, but very nobly martyr yourself when victimised by those with agendas in which you an inconvenient obstacle?

Extract post "Sucking c**k is great" on alt.flame.f**king faggots posted 26th May 1999:

>one of life's little pleasures is riling up ignorant homophobes like YOU...

Guess again dude...

I'm gay too ;o)

And I agree that oral sex is great...

But i dont think its necesary to let the whole world know i do...

Extract post "Are you proud enough of your race?" on alt.politics.nationalism.black posted 28th May 1999:

I am a modern day American. I say that you left over whtie-like (sic) peoples are full of shit. You are not the real Egyptians, you are the real Italians and Greeks.

Extract post "Mathis resurfaces - interesting" on alt.politics.nationalism.white posted 27th May 1999:

Interesting that the pornographic Jew Andrew Mathis should suddenly resurface at about the same time the bogus "G. L. Rockwell Foundation" is being questioned as to its financial backing and its true agenda.

Apparently moderated web pages and private email are subject to censorship while vile posts in equally vile subject specific newsgroups are hosted and freely obtainable through Internet Service Providers.... somewhat hypocritical one would think.

A list of nasty hate based newsgroups can be seen at this link. I didn't have time to check OzEmail for all of them...

In today's Courier-Mail (1st June 1999) there is another classic example of invasion of privacy on page two of the paper... under the heading "Deeply Upset" family flees media attention.... the story is about Peter Wallace's parents (their son being convicted as a "spy" in Yugoslavia... a photograph dominates the article - it is titled "Peter Wallace's mother, Judy, leaves her home yesterday". The picture shows his mother putting bags in a four wheel drive and has been taken without her knowledge - foliage can be seen in the foreground - the picture obviously being taken over the fence.

To me an expression of an opinion (such as Omega's above) is just that... while the example cited in the above paragraph is far more offensive and deliberate in its intention and the hurt that it will cause a family already facing the trauma of a son jailed in a war-torn country. The example of Wallace's family is not "satire"... it is blatant invasion of privacy.

The dilemma:

Now here is the dilemma. Do we start exercising more censorship on readers views to present a politically correct point of view or do we allow the @notd to continue as it has in the past - a forum where readers can freely express their opinions? As the @notd is moderated (unlike newsgroups) I do not publish all email received... offensive email is simply trashed.

Do we call the letters page "satire"?

My personal view is that I should ignore the biased commentary of Labor-leaning fanatics like Sweetman who have a political agenda justifying distortion and lies behind their reporting and intimidatory tactics by the Murdoch press.... but I will be guided by your feedback.

Please send me your views by email.

@notd readers respond (1st June 1999):

Terry Sweetman re: Omega - Omega re Sweetman

It was probably a favour that Sweetman did for me in omitting that bit about Ratty Rat and Toad as, I was given a mnemonic later in @notd by a reader that, in fact, it was Mole, not Toad, who accompanied Ratty on that day in question.

As for the word b***g, the Chardonnay-swilling-effete-self-perpetuating-layabout-pseudo-hunter-gatherer, Sweetman, can look this up in his dictionary, and he will find it is an Aboriginal word, that is used by them in a denigrating way when referring to their own whom they consider to be of the lower order of hominid; also, if he took the time to associate with Aboriginals (real ones) in the bush, he will hear them referring to each other as black bastards (or worse) and, invariably it will be a man abusing his woman verbally, as he is too drunk to catch her to bash her physically.

If Sweetman was sitting in a coffee lounge discussing boats; boats, not blacks, and some half-wit, half-crazed Neanderthal lurched up to his table and accused he and his friends in the same manner, I suppose the woos Sweetman would sit there and take it in feminine resignation.

Incidentally, the same Neanderthal accused another person in the shopping centre later that day, of not giving him a lift, because he was black (the white person does not have a car).

Sweetman needs to get off his fanny and spend some time in an country town - that will soon change his cloistered view of the world.


PS Good to see that Sweetman reads @notd, he may get a real education in the university of real life after all.

@notd letters debate


if @notd wont print peoples letters, who will?


@notd letters debate

I think ANOTD should continue to be friendly towards One Nation and should expose the media bias against One Nation

You could publish a brief summary of the hate mail received. Also, you must continue to offer the right of reply to all persons unfavorably mentioned.


@notd letters debate

I agree with your personal view Scott. Do NOT be "politically correct".Continue to publish a forum where differing views can freely be expressed. You asked for feedback, you have it.

Trevor Lima

@notd letters debate

Dear Scott,

Do as you have been doing and definately do not listen to sabre rattling idiots with a barrow to push.

Have a good day
Tom Stone

@notd letters debate

Hi Scott,

Thought for the Day:

"You don't have to be very offensive in order to offend the politically correct . . . They are haters because they hate free speech. What are we going to do? Discuss Mozart and the daisies in the spring?"
(Doug Collins)

Steve Milson

The French Paradox

I would like to submit to the attention of your readers a typical example of the media's willingness to believe and report what suits their interest and their reluctance to give any exposure when the story does not follow the desired course.

A while back, you may recall the story about red wine lowering the rate of heart attacks among the French population. A study had compared the diet of the French to the Anglo Saxon diet and found that both were equally high in fat but the number of French dying of heart disease was significantly slower. A great deal of speculation followed up to the point where some spin-doctor may have decided that the red wine was the miracle ingredient in the diet. Much mileage was made at the time (and still today) by the wine industry on the back of such news.

Well, another con job has now been exposed but despite that, the Australian media does not carry the story. The Anglo Saxons have been on a high fat diet for 50 years whereas the current French trends can only be traced to about 15 years ago. France, like every other country has succumbed to the take-away/junk food madness but unlike other countries, and presumably because of its prestigious culinary background, it has resisted the McDonalds colonization until about 15 years ago. The stats are therefore unreliable because you need more than 15 years for heart disease to emerge. The Australian media is run by big businesses and for big businesses. It is when stories like these come along that it becomes even more obvious. I raise my coca-cola to the health of our children.

This matter is serious because most scientific studies these days are owned directly or indirectly by Corporations. The richer they are, and the more studies they can buy until the right set of data comes along. It is then passed to the spin-doctors who use their friends in the media to mislead the consumers. The only common link to all these false stories is the fact that consumers are always the mugs. Is it not the purpose of a government to look after the interests of the people? If so, they will have to regulate this media mess and real quick. Do we want to continue trusting Packer or Murdoch with health news?

JG Estiot
Media-Watch Interactive


This week in WA we have seen three stories break on the TV.

One concerns a man who allegedly went to Cambodia some two/ three years ago and photographed himself and an ' under-age' girl indulging in sex acts.These photo's he brought back to Aussie and slipped under the eyes of some mates. He and the album were picked up,the report hitting the tele around Tuesday and by Friday he was committed to 12 years jail. When did he pass these pictures around and to whom, and of what age ? Were these witnesses put in the witness box? Was he charged for handing around pornographic photo's. (Aren't there plenty in the newsagents wrapped in cellophane for the big boys? ) or was he charged with an offence committed in another country. If so why could not the judge from Sydney who was accused of all sorts of beastly acts on young underage boys in Australia , have been arrested in Switzerland and dealt with in their courts and imprisoned there for 12 or more years? Who testified to the age of the girl involved? Has our government censured the Cambodian government for the sale of said girl for this purpose. ( Asian countries are quick to censure us for every little failing of ours) Has the Cambodian authorities issued extradition orders for him to be returned to Cambodia to face charges for the offence?

I am in no way sympathetic to this creeps plight but I question the law on the charges. It is not one I have ever come across before and fear it may be a test case for them to be able to swoop on people and imprison them without a fair and just hearing.When the Birnies earned themselves just one third more time than this fellow they had a long and involved trial for the kidnapping, torturing and killing of several young girls, not the buying of them from the parents who were anxious for a few bob and didn't care what use was made of them.

Of course we must remember that all I have heard is what the media has chosen to print,

News item 2 was about the mum who was aghast when she got her phone bill and found her two baby sons had run up a $500 bill ringing several sex lines freely available on our own sanctimonious Government run Telstra.I have not heard one speak ( or squeak) from any Senator, about the urgent need to remove these lines..

Item 3 was the news that despite many phone calls faxes and emails from concerned citizens the Senate rushed through a bill on the censorship of the Internet in case our kids got onto some pornographic material.

It seems to me we have three sets of rules here.
One is that although pornographic material is freely available to adults in this country, we had better watch our p's and q's when we are away or we will get the book thrown at us when we get home.

The second rule is that we can have adult porn here but THE PARENTS are responsible for making certain their kids don't access pornography via TELSTRA .

The third is that a BODY SET UP BY THE GOVERNMENT are to decide what adults and children alike are permitted to see and hear on the INTERNET.

One World Government is here and active. Keep watch for the setting up of the Antichrist


I have included below email from two ISPs about their comments and views on the new Internet censorship laws...

The Australian Federal Government yesterday passed new censorship legislation targeted at Internet content.

Zip World will shortly make a web site available which will outline the implications of this legislation to Zip World and our clients. We will do so after we have received an official statement from the IIA (Internet Industry Association) which will inform service providers of their rights and obligations are under these new laws.

Pending that statement, it is also worth noting that the new laws give rise to obligations for Zip World as an ISP to:

1. Respond to requests by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) to remove Zip World hosted web sites until instructed otherwise by the ABA. Sites likely to fall under this category have been indicated by the Senate Committee as R, X and refused classification material.

2. Take measures, not yet detailed by the legislation, to prevent access to content anywhere on the Internet, on a site by site basis, as instructed by the ABA. These measures might include, but may not be limited to, installing access lists or filters which will deny Zip World clients access to ABA restricted sites.

Zip World has previously subscribed to a voluntary code of practice which responsibly deals with content, and other issues but advocates for content restriction to be the choice of the user. Zip World considers the IIA Code of Practice the right approach and we do not support the new legislation.

Existing laws such as the Child Protection Act, Communications Act and Firearms Act already make the hosting, distribution and publication of certain material using the Internet or any other medium punishable offenses under federal law. Zip World and other ISPs have already been subject to, and complied with these laws.

More information on the legislation can be found at:
Electronic Frontiers Australia

Hi all,

Yes, it's me.....How long has it been??!!!! No.... "Not long enough.." is *not* the correct answer :-)

How's this censorship issue?? What's going on? If I told you what I think, WebCentral would have to censor it :-) I won't harp on it. ... I assume you're all being spammed with links to this person's opinion, that person's opinion and that bloke who's worth a whole 24,000 Australian votes' opinion (that bundled with the GST). .

Sally-Anne, Powerup

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