Thursday 4th June 1998

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Update on Pauline Hanson's speech to parliament on Tuesday night

Let's start with some quotes:

John Howard on Radio National yesterday "Well I read the speech that she made last night and I've got to say that it is not only an inaccurate dishonest speech but it verges on the deranged in various places...

"What she said in this statement is appealing to irresponsible, racist sentiment in the community."

Gareth Evans, Labor deputy leader, "What we are hearing now from Mr Howard is a panicky reaction, a fear that One Nation is cutting into and dividing his own political base."

And last night Pauline Hanson was mauled after a biased and deceitful interview by Ray Martin on Channel 9's A Current Affair. The response by email has been overwhelming. All, but one, siding with Pauline Hanson - a sample is carried below under "You Say".

From where I stand may I say that the mood of the population is at boiling point. There is a clear understanding by most Australians that the mainstream media  have their own agenda to discredit Pauline Hanson and One Nation. Alan Jones has picked up on this in his comment on Channel 9's Today programme (see below for full transcript).

I spoke to Pauline Hanson shortly after the interview with Martin. She was furious. She said that she had not been given a "fair go" and that the Canadian High Commission letter sprung on her during the interview is questionable in its accuracy if it was not misquoted where it says Nunavut is not a race-based state... misquoting by Martin is not uncommon and the most probable scenario.

This Nunavut land claim agreement overview from the Nunavut Home Page reveals the lies behind this intellectual prostitute's questioning.

The comments about Peter Jull were taken out of context. Jull has, of course, denied that he is involved "with setting up race-based states in Australia".

"That isn't true. I've never written anything to that effect," Jull said yesterday.

"Everything she says is so slippery. She misrepresents everybody and everything."

Take what Jull, Hanson and others have said on the issue... You be the judge. Research for yourself without the editor's cutting and pasting.

and today we also have Alan Jones summing up the mood in Australia:

Here is an extract:

Well wherever you look it’s Pauline Hanson and instead of any kind of intelligent assessment of what she is seeing all you read is vilification and personal abuse, abuse of course is normally the language of the intellectual cripple.

New Hanson race row

Australian Age

One Nation leader Mrs Pauline Hanson launched a new attack on Aborigines in Parliament yesterday, reigniting the race issue in the lead-up to both the Queensland and federal election campaigns.

Her claim that native title was all about remuneration, not reconciliation, came just hours after the Prime Minister, Mr John Howard, admitted that One Nation attracted racists and promoted ideas that were "positively harmful to Australia".

Mrs Hanson's attack on the "Aboriginal industry", delivered in a carefully written speech to Parliament that clearly was focused on the Queensland election, stunned MPs.

A Liberal member tried to gag Mrs Hanson's speech, branding it an outrageous abuse of Parliament, but Queensland National Party member and deputy speaker of the main committee Ms Dee-Ann Kelly let Mrs Hanson proceed.

Mrs Hanson claimed people were identifying themselves as Aboriginal to win the "booty" of native title claims. "At both state and federal levels we will fight the opportunistic nonsense and dishonesty of native title and work to dismantle every form of discrimination including that which assists native title claims," she said. "The paralysing effect of native title and other issues will see Queenslanders deserting those who have deserted them."

She also described the United Nations draft declaration on the rights of indigenous people as a "treacherous selling out of the Australian people" that would result in the disintegration of the nation.

"Queenslanders will be the first Australians in living memory to have the chance to elect a real alternative to the multicultural and politically correct Labor and Coalition parties," she said.

A spokesman for the Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Senator John Herron, said the Minister was mystified by the outburst and Mrs Hanson was talking about a UN declaration that, if ever adopted, would never bind Australia.

In a perverse use of former British Prime Minister Mr Harold McMillan's "winds of change" speech urging racial tolerance in Africa, Mrs Hanson referred to "winds of change" growing stronger as Australia neared an election.

Earlier, Mr Howard had tried to calm fears among his backbenchers over a new poll showing that Mrs Hanson's One Nation Party had doubled its popularity nationwide in a fortnight.

Liberal Party desertion in Queensland state election

The Liberal candidate for Ipswich, Stephen Wilson, resigned from the Liberal party and has announced his intention to stand as an independent citing the placement of Pauline Hanson's One Nation above the Labor Party as the reason.

The truth, however, is very different. Just days ago Wilson contacted Ken Hill, Heather Hill's husband and asked about exchanging preferences.

Heather Hill stands against Wilson in Ipswich. When Heather Hill refused Wilson did a street survey of his chances, quickly coming to the realisation that he would not have a chance.

In his statement yesterday Wilson said, "I've got to put the people of Ipswich ahead of my party and that choice is a very hard decision to make."

Yesterday Rob Borbidge said, "If there is anyone else who cannot hack the pressure they can go home now."

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Ray Martin's interview with Pauline Hanson (Wed 3/6/98)

I am appalled at Ray's rude and disgusting behaviour during this evening's interview with Pauline Hanson. Even blind Freddie could see that Ray was intent on doing a hatchet job on her.

Pauline kept her cool regardless. Ray had to show not only his hand but also his hidden deck of cards. He tried the old trick of bullshit baffling brains via the use of statistical information to discredit her. All this has done is to alienate the media further and give Pauline another 10,000 sympathy votes.

The electronic media are resorting to dirtier tactics than normal and are showing signs of desperation equal to that of the long established politicians.
Keep up the good work Pauline, we are 100% behind you.
Kind Regards,

Subject: One Nation Electronic News

Please add me to your electronic news service. I would like to receive some information.

By the way. Well done to Pauline during her interview with Ray Martin today. I understood her points very well, I think he was slightly biased due to where his pay comes from.

Well done One Nation.

Subject: Pauline Hanson

Dear Editor,

I am just an ordinary average Australian. I have written to you before, I usually check the Australian news of the day when I come online. Now I have just seen Pauline on A Current Affair, so I know what to expect tomorrow, the usual propaganda and how terrible it was for her to be asked such questions, etc. What I would like to say is simply this. Why oh why does her advisor continue to allow her to go on such programs when we all know perfectly well that they are simply going to attack her, and she isn't prepared with any good answers? What I see is a person who cannot seem to get words out of her mouth because she is either too angry and doesn't know how to control it, or she is looking for words that don't seem to come. Her speeches are fine, but every time I have seen her on television interviews she looks like an idiot. Now I don't support her one bit as you may well remember and I wont go into the reasons now. However this mail is not about my views and how I feel about her, and it is not an attack on her. I am simply wondering why she keeps making the same mistakes time and again when she surely should have learnt better by now! You know she isn't going to be invited on a current affair to be complimented! So why keep going back for more kicks in the teeth? The more times she is proven wrong the more idiotic she looks. The way it is now, she simply looks like she really has no idea what she is talking about, and those voters that see this side of her only would probably come to the same conclusion. Just some advice from a voter and an average Aussie. Speaking with a bit more political savvy, I would suggest her advisor is not doing a very good job and should be replaced. I would appreciate your comments.

Jennifer Widdop



Stick to your guns girl, They have got their tails between their legs and are running scared.

If you do get a strong say after the elections there will be disturbances because you will be (I trust) telling them what we think and already know about their various shenanigans.

How wicked of you to mention world control and the division of Australia (land rights and treaties etc) us mere mortals are not supposed to know those things.

Keep at them, keep honest, and make sure your speech writers and advisers are fully understanding and able to represent you correctly. I have been a National party voter and approve of some of their actions but more they rubbish you the more they prove you are hitting the nail on the head. If you don't get my preferences you will get my full vote.


Subject: The New Lord Haw Haw???

Well i saw what i expected to see , twisting, turning, smart alec comments, half truths and smokescreens. I guess Ray Martin on Current Affair missed his calling by about 50 odd years. Leading with baited questions , our good friend Ray tried to push the fact the Pauline Hanson was a bit light on facts , well Ray and the Canadian government can call an apple as an orange or in Australia's case , white as black.

saying that Nunavat is not an aboriginal homeland is bending what is obvious and a play on terminology. A territory , 85 % occupied by Inuit Indians, with special land, sea and mineral privileges. the remaining 15% have no similar rights. There is a ton of info on the net about this , and if Ray Martin/Current Affair can honestly defend their argument then I'm Nanook of the North. ..........................................................................Quote::........"Earlier this year, Canada's parliament ratified the huge land claim of the Inuit of the North West Territories(NWT) and proclaimed it law. As a result, the long awaited Nunavat Territory and government will be created in 1999" and "In the past , Inuit have approached Ottawa through aboriginal organisations and been perceived by many as just another interest seeking the ear of federal government. in the future INUIT can approach Ottawa as a FELLOW GOVERNMENT".

Open letter to Ray Martin

Monday, 4 November 1996

Mr. Ray Martin,
A Current Affair,
TCN 9,

Dear Sir,

I watched you interview with Ms. Pauline Hanson and then, for my own benefit, researched Nunavut on the net.

While you may be well informed, I prefer to listen to Canadians who are involved and Mary Simson of The Nunavut Implementation Commission stated ---“For the first time in Canadian history, with the partial exception of the creation of Manitoba in 1870, a member of the federal-provincial-territorial club is being admitted for the precise purpose of supplying a specific aboriginal people with an enhanced opportunity for self-determination. This is ground breaking stuff. It is no accident that the news conference in 1991 that announced the break through commitments to the creation of Nunavut as part of an overall settlement of Inuit land rights was covered in many countries by cable network news, and that Nunavut continues to be of interest to media around the world.”

The word Nunavut is Inuit for “ Our Land”

Don’t let your misguided hatred of Pauline Hanson cloud your judgement.

Yours faithfully,
Les Forrest

AMEN, thank God for an uncensored net!

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Dear Sir,

Ray Martin has finally, irrevocably, lost all credibility as any kind of legitimate journalist, after that put up hatchet job on A Current Affair, tonight.

The grinning creampuff totally exposed himself as apprentice lackey for Kerry packer as he shredded any semblance of courtesy, manners, objectivity or fairness in that "interview" with Pauline Hanson .

His constant interruptions, his attempted belittlement of Pauline, his smarmy assertions .." we have a constitution..." , "they are only draft documents" etc.etc clearly illustrate total contempt for the presentation of a balanced, informed debate.

He is obviously an old hand at this style of "reporting", i have just not seen him so blatantly exposed before.

Pauline Hanson is not a slick, media groomed, image conscious clone, like so many of our other "politicians". Just like the people who support her, she can get flustered in the glare of publicity. She uses the same words that we would, because she is one of us, indeed she is voicing our thoughts. When Ray Martin and his ilk are using their vast repertoire of slimy tricks to attack her,....they are attacking us. Personally.......and we do not like it.

That they do not understand this, is obvious. It has been the tactic of the p.c. brigade from the beginning and since that time they have been stunned by the speed and depth of the growth of support for Pauline Hanson and One Nation. They will continue to be astounded, especially until they realise that their mealy-mouthed, spin doctored diatribes are their fatal flaws. We have had enough of them.

Ultimately, power in this country does not rest in the backslapping, self-congratulatory corridors of the channel nine studios, but in the Realpolitik of everyday Australians, realising that they have been lied to and deceived once too often.

Yours sincerely

Subject: Re: Pauline Hanson's speech in parliament

Thanks for e-mail.....already checked both Pauline's speech 02/06 and ATSIC`s draught...plain English version.... I find the attacks on Pauline unbelievable...You must get the facts to the people.....where do I sign?


Subject: speed cameras

Dear Sir,

A couple of weeks channel 7 or 9 had a segment re speed cameras being hidden behind bushes on the Toowoomba-Brisbane road. The Minister replied that they SHOULD NOT be hidden!!!. Last Monday or Tuesday whilst driving through Capalaba I was therefore surprised to see the speed camera van hidden completely from on-coming cars behind the bus shelter just outside McDonalds.... So they are not supposed to be hiding??? Surely a revenue raiser must be the only answer.

Why not add to your platform, albeit at this late stage, to ban speed cameras from Queensland roads. This should get the motorist on side for you also making you almost unstoppable!!! (I'm certainly going to vote for you anyway).

Also congratulations to Pauline on standing up to Ray Martin last night, he certainly was biased in his views...

Cheers for now.

Subject: Election Tips 3/6/98

Reading the reports of yesterdays speech by PH I see that the media has got it wrong again. I think that to counter the misrepresentation ON should:

(i) Say that as usual the media have chosen selected quotes to misrepresent the situation. Challenge the media to print the whole speech.

(ii)Challenge the PM to release the details of the proposed bill so that the public can debate it.

(iii) Say that the current system doesn't serve Aborigines in real need. Under ON's proposals those in real need will be better served because the money will be redistributed from those who don't need it to those who do.

(iv)Say that the people should be given the right to decide the extent of land rights via a referendum (mention that in the US people have the right to initiate referendums on issues similar to this).

Subject: Petition

Letter to the PM,

I find it highly objectional that you should flaunt the democratic process by which you were elected. Whether you support One Nation or not you cannot, in good conscience, deny this party of the ordinary Australian people the right to a fair and equal chance to put it's very valid case for election to Australia. Perhaps if you and others like you on both sides of the house had had the courage and foresight to stand up to the banks and the transnationals when they( and others )reduced our great nation to a shadow of it's former self Pauline Hanson would not have found it necessary to enter the political arena and cause you all to tremble to your very core.


Subject: One Nation's Views???

We are sending this on behalf of The Australian Bisexual Network.

Could you please let us know (Officially for our magazine) where One Nation stands on Sexuality laws.... Do They believe that ALL PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF THEIR SEXUALITY have a right to be treated EQUAL????

Any other information you can give us on your (One Nation) policies with regards to sexuality would also be of great benefit to us as we are in the process of publishing next months Biways (our publication).

Thanking You,
All the best
Bob & Brenda

Would anyone like to answer this one for me?

I do not have the time....



Subject: Pauline Being Misrepresented Again

Dear Sir

That Pauline Hanson's speech in Parliament yesterday is being misrepresented is no surprise. The only real surprise would be if that were not the case. Those who oppose Pauline and One Nation will not hesitate to stoop to any level of misrepresentation or vilification of her or ON. They will set up these malevolent, malicious bogus misrepresentations that, unfortunately, will continue to be taken at face value by many.

In my opinion, One Nation must operate under the constant knowledge that the only favourable media coverage it will receive will be entirely accidental. And that any ON or Hanson press releases will be mainly ignored. To counter this, instead of press releases, could I suggest that some sharp and well briefed member call a radio talk back show, like John Laws, and, as succinctly as possible, state that this UN draft exists on ATSIC's web site. They might also mention two North Australia Research Unit (an outpost of the ANU) Discussion papers (just two of many NARU papers on this topic) - a 1996 paper by Mick Dodson 'Assimilation Versus Self-Determination: No Contest' and a 1994 paper by Dr Christine Fletcher (Head of the NARU Unit) 'Aboriginal Non Democracy: A Case for Aboriginal Self government and Responsive Administration.'

Both address the issue of Aboriginal sovereignty and self government with dedicated seats in Federal Parliament all to be funded by the Australian taxpayer. Somebody well briefed should be able to get enough of this across on the airwaves to counter the misrepresentation that is going on.

Carol Kavanagh

Subject: Pauline Hanson's speech in parliament

Dear Sir,

for your interest in regards to alp policies, thanks for your acknowledgment

What has happened to the lucky country, we used to call Australia? The following may lead to some of the answers for the high increased in imports, closure of small businesses, collapse of family farms, the selling of our country's assets and equity's, and the rate of unemployment and why we are still in debt. What has lead to these problems, are they deliberate acts or accidents?

Marx in his 'Manifesto of the Communist Party' had said if you can get these 10 points operating in any country, that country will change direction from which ever way it was heading, around to a new path in which it is taken through to a totally monopolise centralised control state.

  1. 1 Abolition of all private property, land via high interest rates, taxes
  2. etc
  3. 2 Heavy progressive taxes, Marx said if you just simply increase the rate of taxes you can change taxes from being a simple way of bringing enough money to run the government, into a weapon to which it destroys the sectors government doesn't want ie the farmers, small business, private enterprise and even families. It is easier to tax them out of business than to resort to use of force.
  4. 3 Abolition of all rights of inheritance, the rights for someone to build up their industry, farm, home something of their own in which they can pass onto their family.
  5. 4 Confiscation rebel's emigrants property
  6. 5 Centralised control of all money, banking interest rates into one set of hands, Marx saw if he controlled the issue of money and the interest rates, he had his finger on the pulse of the most important life blood of the community. Easy to penalised against those disliked by manipulating the economy.
  7. 6 State control of all transport.
  8. 7 State control of education, no private education or choice for parents, because Marx believed that the state should determine what the children are taught not the parents.
  9. 8 Creation of state controlled armies to go on land when farmers driven off.
  10. 9 Compulsory full employment for everybody, regardless of sex.
  11. 10 Abolition of the family, State take over children, decide what values taught.

The Labor party platform and rules

  1. 1. Australia shall become a republic.
  2. 2. Australia shall have a new flag to represent that republic.
  3. 3. Australia will have a new value system in the form of Bill of Rights.
  4. 4. We will take away any check and balance in the over all will of the politicians and their achievements, thus remove the powers of the Governor General and the Senate. Then move from there to international, we are totally committed to the program of Socialist International Economic Order.

Look familiar? this Socialist International was first established by Karl Marx.

Bob Hawke in his address to the Fabian Society, said everything we are doing in Australia is based on the Fabian program ( principles evolved from the Socialist International), we are socialist, we are for high taxes, high interest, no private property and 'gladly acknowledge the debt of my own government to Fabianism.'

The consensus, is to change Australia in a way that can never be changed back again. This is a premeditated and deliberate act of betrayal of the Constitution and 'We the people' for which it upholds. Least we be pawns of the UN's New World Economic Order.

write to the Dept of PM&C concerning the Fabian report, Lima Declaration and request for the ALP policy.

Subject: QLD election

All the best in the upcoming election. As a firearms owner I have been appalled at the treatment law abiding firearms owners in Australia have received from Howard and Beasley. I will never vote labor or Liberal or National EVER again. The only hope for people like me is for commonsense groups like One Nation to gain some sort of power. I laughed out loud the day Tim Fisher said that Howard's decision hadn't hurt the Nationals. The politically correct have done a helluva lot of damage to ordinary working Australians. It is interesting to note that outside of the University system (I am a student) there is 100% support for One Nation and Pauline Hanson. I am from Newcastle in NSW and was there when Pauline spoke. She said not one racist thing. In fact she spoke out against racism: yet I was insulted and accused of being a racist when I left, by the disgusting crowd that had gathered outside to threaten free speech. Who are the bigots here? The racism of blacks and the government against whites has been called reverse racism. It is just racism, period. I look forward to the QLD election in the hope that I will see a swing against the politically correct. It is the only thing that can save the Australia that I believe in.

All the very best.

Brendon Gregg

Subject: Re: Pauline Hanson's speech in parliament

It is with great pessimism that I look forward to the next election, we have either the inevitable choice of a liberal government whose agenda is to bring in the GST or the labor government with the republic . Both are detrimental to our country's health. If it is a choice of the lesser evil it boils down to which prolongs the inevitable suffering of our economy. We do have another choice and vote for other parties, but as we know there votes go out on preferences. They might be able to slow down the process and in vain try to block certain policies passing through, but the inevitable will happen. As citizens we should be aware of our rights to voice our opinions, against such abhorrent polices, and demand referendums, that will make the government toll in line with what the public want. The government is spurring lies about out present tax system and their appears to be an influx of untold stories of tax cheats, welfare cheats and so on, and use this opportunity to appeal to people on emotive level saying, its your tax money being wasted on these people. With a new system it will crack down on these cheats, what alot of bs, what are about those politicians that clock up our taxes with so called businesses. Heres what you look forward to with GST Canada had introduce GST aimed at raising money and also replacing the inequitable manufacturers sales tax. It was said that the Government collected $400 million more than it expected in the first three months of GST. The real crunch was the GST has precipitated a massive spree by Canadians flocking across the border to shop, and alarming drop in tourism. There wasn't a paper in Canada whose front page does not address the destruction of GST. People have simply stopped buying unnecessary goods and services. So the economy stagnates. Unemployment increases as more businesses collapse. Canadians were told that GST would be "revenue-neutral" as hidden taxes at the whole sale level were replaced. However, very few products experienced any price drop and costs to businesses and consumers have risen instead.

In 1986 every New Zealander was paying $4800 in total taxes, by 1991, they were paying more than $8000. It is easy to increase a GST. It was not 3 yrs old when the labor government hiked it from 10% to 12.5%. Since GST was introduced every town in NZ has soup kitchens and food parcel outlets because of the "skittle" effect GST has, eg a business cuts the number of workers because GST takes too much of their profits.

Whats worrying is people don't seem to understand how hard the GST is going to hit them, especially low-income earners and small businesses. In Sweden they have a GST of 25%, charged on everything, foods, goods, water, electricity. It has also managed to damage the Swedish tourism industry. How important is tourism to Australia? Swedish government having realised its mistake in vain tries to lower GST, however it was too late for thousands of small businesses which have succumbed under the tax burden, which made their products or services too expensive for customers and they had to close. In Britain they use the VAT taxation system equivalent to GST. Shoppers were being deprived on buy one get one free gifts. Firms giving away such goods are being hit with big VAT bills. This was the case with McDonalds the hamburger giant, it was ruled that burgers were not just free gifts because the promotion gave the company valuable publicity. GST is an added tax.

The lower income earner pays tax on his wages and then tax on every service and article he needs. Banks still tax you on your savings too. A no-win situation.

Argument to support a shift from income tax to consumption tax is that it will cut tax rates and encourage work. Why should it? People work not for money, but for what money can buy. Consumption after all is the end and purpose of production. Incentives to work depend on the net effect of all taxes and income test, not just income tax.

Australian should take the trouble to discover the truth about the effects of GST. The government thrives on tax. Do not be deceived by the red herrings the politicians in their endeavour to persuade you that introduction of the GST will benefit you. In short, if you eat it, drink it or use it you are going to pay GST. There's no escaping it, no safety checks for its increase. This is tax manna from heaven for the tax man and a real windfall for any government. Everyone will be affected, rich and poor , young and old, married and otherwise. PS don't say it can never happen to you!

Australia's Race-based policies

Wasn't long ago people on this group, would not believe that ON support was 3%. But the truth is out ON is 7% NAT. 15% Qld .

The racist people trying to stop ON having free speech, and those against ON's anti racist policies, and would prefer to spend tax money on a racial bias, has misread Australians. You see Australian is not a racist country. And we don't believe in putting people first because of race.

For instance two of my cousins are going to court for growing Pot. One has Legal Aid, the other was told not he is not entitled to legal aid. One is black one is white.

My black cousins is a brick paver, who works maybe Average 3-4 days a week, and my white cousins works for him for less money on less days of the week. My white cousins has had no education what so ever, and has a speech impediment. But because he is white he will not be getting help.

Because of my family make up of white and black Fellas, we have a different opinion than the solely black families that are willing to be racist. I think I have the natural ability to get by in life quite well I don't believe that because I am part Aboriginal I need a head start to take a white man on. Or that I need a white Uni. professor or student in far removed eastern states, handling my political battles.

Q. Do you believe in labor's policies of giving money out due to color of skin or race.


Subject: MAI Treaty

So far what I have heard about the MAI treaty concerns me more than most other topical matters do. There appears to be a lot of secrecy about this subject so much so that the major political parties have resorted to character assassinations of those who wish to have this matter openly debated.

For these and other reasons I have made up my mind to "jump camp" and to throw my lot in with Pauline Hanson. She is down to earth and also has a ton of courage.

Please keep me informed of newsworthy matters, and thanks for your email.

Kind Regards,

Dear Pauline Hanson

Im currently a student studying, when I'm at school and we have to do school work in a team, the Aborigines always go first, ( always ) I mean, the Natives of Australia think and blame us for being racist ? Hmmm, maybe in our case for the teachers ( white teachers ) to always pick a native out to go first or bounce the ball first, because if we didn't let them always go first, they would think that we are the racist ones ?? This is so distressing an alarming .

My point of this email, is to tell PAULINE HANSON that heaps of other people and I are on your side . We believe in you, and I've never believed the Media ( not one bit ) so why should I start believing what the media say ? Well good luck and please stress out to who ever that you do have people on your side, your a way cool Lady, and the future of Australia ( natives, whites ) is open to you, please don't let it slip out of your hands like a bar of soap = ). We know that you and I are racist because can't they see that Pauline Hanson is just trying to sort things out to make it a group and bring ( natives and whites ) together to form a great community.

Thank you
R.B. Campbell

Subject: One Nation

I heard Pauline today on Mike Jeffreys show and I think she is one brave lady who tells it the way it is despite being abused and insulted. I am for her.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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