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Sunday, 1st March 1998
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Just who owns "Australia's" Westpac bank?

The results of our indepth look into the thirteen largest shareholders in Australia's Westpac should dismay you.

When I started investigating the ownership of Westpac I could never have realised what a can of worms I had opened up - starting with the banks annual report being stored in Acrobat Reader (graphic) format so that search engines on the Internet would not pick up the names on the top twenty shareholder list.

Follow this link and discover the secret world of Westpac... a Trojan Horse in Australia's banking industry.

Pauline Hanson - lionheart.

The news coverage of Pauline Hanson's decision to move to Blair has been predictably negative with the focus being on "her desertion of Oxley". A point which totally overlooks that about one third of Oxley now resides in Blair through the redistribution of the seat by the Australian Electoral Commission last year and, more importantly, the fact that she lives in Blair.

In her press release a few days ago she made it quite clear that she would not take the easy road by running for the Senate - she wants to lead by example by running for a lower house seat where the fight will be much harder because many of her candidates will face the same battle.

I cannot name one other politician in this country who would have the courage to take this stand.

If she had gone for the Senate Pauline would have qualified for a six year stint and a large pension.

Heard on Swordfish this morning

Last Sunday we expressed outrage at the comment on the Wesley Mission's Swordfish programme that they would be covering the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The result was a press release by Pauline Hanson's One Nation last week on the decay on the Uniting Church.

We discovered this morning that the male presenter, Ryan Smith, is (in his own words) a "poofter".

During the programme Gary Morrow (a reformed ex-gay) "Gay's bond as a family..."

Female presenter, "What would you say to someone considering going into the gay lifestyle?"

Morrow, "I would say no don't do it. In the short term period it looks like fun and glamorous but in the long time period it does not give you what you are looking for."

Male presenter (poofter), "I think it is totally fascinating how peoples ideas and views have changed in the last fifteen years.... it was against the law to have sex with another guy. Whereas nowadays if you don't think its okay to being in a homosexual relationship you are seen as being behind the times....."

Smith appeared to be rather annoyed because his bubble had been burst with a very watered down coverage of the "poofter" (like that word) event.

News Limited's "joke"

The "news" churned out each Sunday by News Limited in Queensland, sometime referred to as the Sunday Mail, is a classic in irrelevancy this week.

In fact this is the last time I will bother to get this trashy paper - even though this was done in the past for my weekly laugh... today they have a "Page 3" girl (represented by a long pair of female legs taking up more than half the page) - headed "Legs 11 out of 10...

Page five is taken up by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras page seven with the sex lives of female golfers page nine with a story on the "Hunt for a rapist with one tooth" and it gets worse from here (the rest of the early pages of the trashy publication is taken up with advertisements).

Of course the news that Pauline Hanson has announced that she will run for Blair did not rate a mention although they had a column dedicated to questioning why Cheryl Kernot has not been seen publicly for some time... headed "Cheryl strikes a quiet pose".

My information is that the Liberal Party have a bundle to drop on Cheryl at the right time - further allegations of paedophilia.... amongst others I won't mention here.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Re: one politician's view of Mai

Jim Gouk's letter is similar to the deliberate obfuscation we see on the rare occasions on which politicians say anything whatsoever about MAI in Australia.

First, they always focus on the equal treatment provisions and carefully avoid mentioning the expropriation and rollback provisions.

Second, they never address the question of whether buying out national enterprises is of any material benefit to the nation or in any way increases employment. Indeed even though they show that equal treatment of foreign investors helps the foreign investors they say nothing to show it helps the nation's people.

Third, they trot out the "exemptions" which are designed to make the deal saleable, without any attempt to address the question of the effect on them of the rollback provisions which are being sought by the predators.

Fourth, they ridicule allegations that public services and labour and environmental standards would be compromised, without ever addressing the factual and argumentative basis of the allegations.

Fifth, they state or imply that it is to Canadians' benefit if Canadian enterprises can rip off the people of foreign countries in return for foreign companies ripping off the Canadians [or Australians or what-have-you depending on the country].

Mr Gouk has gone one better. He depicts the MMT controversy as one between foreign and national companies, with the Canadian Government being captive of the national company. Has his commitment to his own country drifted so far as to allow him to overlook the fact that whatever the origins of the dispute it is for the elected Canadian Government to decide what happens in Canada if the notion of democratic elections is to retain any meaning? He is a disgrace to his Parliamentary office.

Dion Giles
Fremantle, Western Australia.


Whilst B.P.Briggs probably meant well with his letter 20/02/98, many points are inconsistent with reality. It is irresponsible and damaging to our non-racist and non-discriminatory position to say, "it is in their nature. For 50,000years they (the Aborigines) have existed doing nothing." Or, "that we should give everything away to the 'most useless members' of our society." "money doesn't grow on trees"

Money in effect is grown on "trees". ALL the problems of the world, leaving aside the self inflicted moral degeneration, are due to the fact that this "tree" has passed into the hands of a few private individuals. THE INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT. See, "Money Manipulation and Social Order"

Some religious groupings, particularly those associated with the W.C.C. including the Vatican which today appears to be only nominally Catholic are but tools of this invisible government, along with the left wing Fabians and the right wing Business Council of Australia et al.

Finally this brings me to the statements: "churches cant exist with out guilt trips--the Catholic Church destroying secular authority ---threat of damnation etc." This sort of rhetoric is based on personal bias, not historical fact, having no comprehension of the meaning of Christianity, or Christian Charity or what is THE CHURCH.

"Catholic Church opposed to secular authority": So many times we have the media or others citing this self appointed spokesman or that as "THE CHURCH SAYS…"; knowing nothing of the hierarchical structure of the Church, or indeed the limitations on the powers of the Pope. Much of the present Pope's actions and statements are NOT Roman Catholic, and he has NEVER invoked his "infallibility Powers" which are very conditional. Hence the R.C Church (The Mystical Body of Christ) cannot be accredited with even HIS errors let alone the shit at the bottom. The Pope is supposed to refute error. That he fails to do so is simply because he is not God, and subject to indoctrination like the rest of us.

The Catholic Doctrine on the relation between Church and State: "…the spiritual power and the temporal power are both supreme, independent, and sovereign, each in its own sphere….Where it is a question of purely civil matters, the secular power must be obeyed rather than the spiritual, according to the expression: 'Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's.' From, "The Mystical body of Christ and the reorganisation of Society." Hence we go to the stake (or today's equivalent), not through fear of damnation Mr. Briggs.

If anybody thinks that the Churches have no right to call for the dismissal of Governments for sponsoring Poofta Parades, that is their God given right of free will; but they shouldn't complain come reaping time.

Philip Madsen

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Last night went to a Pauline Hanson's One Nation branch fund raiser at Doug and Jean's house in the suburb of Redbank, Ipswich. Lovely evening, good food, great company and weather... cool.

In the pictures below Left to Right: 1) Queensland state candidate Heather Hill (seated centre in blue top) surronded by One Nation supporters. 2) Members of the darts team. 3) Doug and Jean under a poster of Pauline Hanson.

Another perfect day in paradise.

Bit cooler today.

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