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Friday, 5th December 1997
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One Nation to walk it in Queensland federal elections

The Liberal Federal MP for Fischer, Peter Slipper, was extremely surprised to hear the results of a One Nation poll in his seat on the Sunshine Coast which claimed that their candidate would poll 38% of the primary vote and win the seat on a two party preferred basis.

The claim is ably supported by separate polling by The Courier Mail which showed that primary regional and rural support for One Nation now stood at 27%.

The surveys fly in the face of the countrywide Newspoll which recently showed One Nation support at just 4%... and to quote Slipper.... plummeting. We have expressed our views on surveys in the past.

David Oldfield predicted yesterday that One Nation would hold the balance of power in the Senate if the government forced a double dissolution over Wik with the party winning three seats in Queensland.

"A double dissolution election, while it would not be good for Australia, would work in our favour in the Senate. We could win two seats in each state and three in Queensland," Oldfield said.

"A couple of quite well-known people have discussed putting their hats in the ring, including former state and federal members of parliament from Queensland and one from the Northern Territory."

A candidate only needs 7% of the vote to gain a seat in the Senate - as opposed to 14% in a normal election.

Oldfield believes the Wik debate will galvanise the party's vote in regional and rural Queensland.

"Anywhere outside urban Brisbane you are going to have an enormous number of people who are already in contact with what Wik means and the devastation that it will potentially bring on rural people.

"It is those people who are going to be most inflamed."

Tomorrow forty One Nation state electorate delegates will meet on the Sunshine Coast at Alexandra Headland to discuss the up and coming state and federal elections.

David Suzuki claims trade sanctions against Australia's greenhouse stand an option.

Suzuki, who is currently visiting Australia and staying in Brisbane, said yesterday that Australia's stance on opposing cuts to greenhouse emissions could lead to the "lucky country" status being changed to that of an "international pariah".

"It's embarrassing for Australia as one of the industrialised nations to be so far from the rest of the pack, Dr Suzuki said, "You're down there with Saudi Arabia.

"Even my country (Canada) has now distanced itself from you even though its position of a 3% cut is contemptible."

Suzuki said that Australia faced the distinct possibility of unofficial sanctions from other nations willing to use these greenhouse policies as trade bargaining chips.

Australia to throw Au$1 billion at Korea in another currency swap deal orchestrated by the IMF.

Money does grow on trees so it seems. While the government claims poverty and cutbacks are necessary for the Australian workforce it continues to throw billions of dollars at the Asian currency problem. A problem orchestrated according to the Malaysian Prime Minister by Soros and his rich mates in the World Bank.

"But the currency traders have become rich, very very rich through making other people poorer. These are billionaires who do not really need any more money. Even the people who invest in the funds they operate are rich, we are, told that the average return is about 35 percent per annum."

The quite remarkable thing about the billions of dollars that we have thrown to the IMF to help them put "currency packages" together to assist the Asian governments under siege is the quite docile almost eager manner in which we put up our hand to do so.

This is a country where our largest government owned corporation Telstra has had to be sold off to support the budget. The sale raising about Au$14 billion dollars... and yet here we are lending the equivalent of Au$5 billion to Thailand, Indonesia (with its massive land holdings in Australia) and now South Korea.

It is blatantly obvious that democracy has gone for a long walkabout with the voter, the Aussie, the battler meaning as much to the Liberal/Labor bi-partisan coalition as the Wagyl..... we can leave our teethmarks of frustration and anger on the toilet door as long as we remain behind the shut door while these parties, led by the well-lobbied bureaucrats, rule the house only to come knocking "to check out whether we flushed properly" while holding a grab bag of promises at election time. 

Mainstream politics is all about flushing us down the toilet the rest of the time.

Making the news"  -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


John Howard biography launched:

What a difference the book makes. A few weeks ago Pauline Hanson's official biography was launched in Ipswich - the News Limited media boycotted any publicity on the book even though it was the biography of a leader of one of Australia's political parties.

Today we read in a prominent story in The Courier Mail that the lifestory of Prime Minister John Howard was launched in Canberra. The 800 page book was written by David Barnett.

Beazley plays with himself... again

Willy wanker, chief head of political deception - Kim Beazley - who learnt his trade well from Paul Keating is once again out there looking for the photo opportunity....  my own experiences with him in this regard tell a very interesting story.

Flanked by key Aboriginal leaders Beazley announced he would move an amendment to Howard's ten point plan on the High Court's decision over Wik. His amendment would extinguish native title on freehold land. Yesterday we learnt that a native title claim could be "legally" taken out over a key apartment development in the centre of Brisbane - Admiralty Towers.

Beazley - whose line up to now has been that it "would not happen" has realised that the Australian legal fraternity in their drive to get a growing piece of ATSIC's big money pie would make sure that "freehold claims did happen". The question has now got to be asked - why only freehold title? Beazley is so big on doing "the right thing" but doing so selectively... why not go the whole hog and let native title be claimed over the Sydney Opera Theatre, Kirribilli House and Federal Parliament buildings, hey what the heck wouldn't it be great if some lawyer found an opportunity to make a native title claim over Beazley's family home... I would be the first to die laughing!

This bombastic, vote seeking politician, is a ball of hot air whose audacity is absolutely mind blowing... when he makes statements like this, "We're engaged now in serious business in dealing with this character (John Howard), and he has shown.. a propensity to tell gross untruths." This from "Mr squeaky clean" who was a main cog in the disgraceful cover-up of "lying" Carmen Lawrence and the Marks Royal Commission.  

De-Anne Kelly warns pastoralists are arming themselves in Queensland

One of the few free thinking politicians in Australia, Federal National MP De-Anne Kelly the Member for Dawson, told the Canberra Times yesterday that pastoralists were arming themselves with illegal semi-automatic Chinese made SKS rifles because they had been told by some Aborigines that their pastoral leases were not going to be renewed and that they were going to take their land.

"Up in the Cape I've been told by pastoralists that people are now arming themselves, both black and white," Kelly said.

"Noel Pearson has talked about a race war, and I have to say his thuggish language is not helping... Why wouldn't words like that frighten Australians of all backgrounds?"

Coexistence had happened on the land for years but what was on offer now, she said, was a recipe for disaster.

"If you're a woman alone in the bush, and don't forget you can live 500 km from anywhere, 10 people arrive in four-wheel drives, arrive one morning and say 'we want access to the property we're part of the tribe.'

"Now these days they've got guns, dogs, knives - what are you going to do? How do you establish their identity? What do you do if you happen to be mustering or branding and you say it just doesn't suit at the moment, my husband's away.

"People say, well that can happen already, and it can, but it tends not to because they don't have the right, but now people have the right, they have dual ownership. How do you deal with that?"

People in the cities had little idea of the practical consequences of co-existence, she said. It could just be the enjoyment of traditional lands, but it could also mean a share of the profits or an end to development.

"This is not a recipe for peaceful co-existence."

Yesterday a Wik elder, Doug Woolla spoke out against Ms Kelly saying, "It hurts our feelings. (With) the cattlemen up in Cape York we don't seem to have any problems at all." 

We have, as yet unsubstantiated, reports that Aborigines at Roeburn and Warburton Station in central and northern Western Australia have a cache of illegal weapons.

I will let you know more if this story can be substantiated.

email the editor

You Say:

The Editor,

I have read your comments on Pauline Hanson and her treatment by the Media. I agree wholeheartedly with you summing up of the matter.
The matter that bothers me is how can we the Public cause the Bias Media from acting in the way they do.
It is fairly certain the angles pushed cannot be just only the Journalists view it must be influenced by some sort of threat or direction from their " Masters ".

If ever before surely this has to be stark evidence that massive one person media interests are not in the best interests of our democratic system. In fact this type of media control is "ANTI DEMOCRACY ".

Once upon a time it was common to have disputes in the Newspaper Industry initiated by their unions
generally as a result of their employers interfering in the journalists right to report accurately or with their freedom to report certain matters.

A code of ethics is clearly in place but these days totally ignored it would seem.

This profession appears to be immune from correctness and quality of work for some reason that seems to escape me.
Is the profession also not answerable to some body for outright miss representation of the facts.

If Pauline's information on some matter appears in the least questionable she is descended upon by the media like a pack of bloodthirsty hounds.
However their actions no matter how dead wrong or so obviously misleading and in many cases a total lie go without any noticeable penalty from any quarter.

This situation has become intolerable and some effort needs to be done to change things.

Current and past Governments have clearly showed their reluctance to make any moves in controlling this behaviour, mainly because of the Media Masters immediate reaction in the areas they control to cry, FOUL PLAY, when the very people crying Foul, are in fact the people, PLAYING FOUL.

If ever we needed a total change of direction it is now. It is time the Australian Voter took the "BIT' in their teeth and voted in a strong opposition prepared to make these badly needed changes.

I for one believe Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party is the first and possibly the last chance this country will have for a very long time.

Her fears of lethal retaliation are very real or have we forgotten what happened to President Kennedy.

The first news reports that came to Australia were that Kennedy had been assassinated by "Gangsters". Later investigations still seem to support that theory .

I believe the same forces are still very real to any person who " THREATENS THE POWERFUL ".

The strangle hold the Unelected and very powerful  have a DICTATING HOLD on our current major parties and their leaders.
How the hell could we expect these people to influence any change to " OUR CONSTITUTION"  in any possible change to a REPUBLIC?


Tony Fitzpatrick

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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