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Tuesday 1st September 1998

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Between the One Nation lines

The Queensland state MPs will be able to rest easy tonight in the knowledge that their former media adviser, Debbie Beavan, has been dismissed.

The arrival of Mrs Debbie Beavan on the scene coincided with a number of embarrassing leaks about confidential party matters to the media. In the last ten weeks she has narrowly survived three votes of confidence by the One Nation team over her continued employment as media adviser for the party.

I personally discovered Ms Beavan's prowess' to be anything but pleasant. I only met her on one occasion - and that was quite recently. When I joined the state MPs in late June this year following the party's historic success, I presented the role of the Internet to them on the Monday 30th June. Following my presentation I was asked to source and provide laptop computers to the MPs that could be used on the Internet and during their travels.

I spent several days sourcing laptop computers for them when I was tipped off that Friday that a "Mrs Beavan", the new media adviser, had heard about the impending purchase and, through her husband (involved in computer hardware), had appeared with a nifty little laptop which was available at bargain basement prices. She "sold" the laptop by going to each MPs office with it that week... The clear impression gained by several MPs who spoke to me later was that Mrs Beavan was acting on my behalf. By Friday she had taken half a dozen verbal orders - the day that my quote for the laptops arrived at the One Nation office fax.

You can imagine how I felt about what had happened....

This is just one of a number of incidents - one that affected me personally. The final straw came on Sunday when The Sunday Mail made certain allegations about a lewd comment by a One Nation MP. Jack Paff, spoke to me at length on the record about what had actually happened on Thursday night - the night I had dinner with state parliamentary leader, Bill Feldman (seen here right with myself and "Santa Claus" - Ken Turner).

The bottom line was that, whoever you believe, Mrs Beavan was in the employ of One Nation as a media adviser - a position of privilege. From this position of privilege she showed quite clearly following Thursday night's incident that she could not be trusted to honour confidentiality and Paff's allegation that she was out to cause trouble for him.

Today's Courier Mail carriers a feel good picture of Mrs Beavan with her baby daughter and husband Bruce Fry on the front cover with the caption "One Nation adviser axed after revealing MPs lewd remarks". There is no "allegation" in the headline - the statement is made as fact - despite the clear rebuttal of her claims by Mr Paff and the party leader Bill Feldman.

The article is also incorrect in its assumption when it states, "A One Nation media adviser said yesterday she was sacked for telling a female journalist that one of the party's MPs had made a sexually suggestive remark about her."

With Mrs Hill's resignation after her selection as the number one Senate ticket for One Nation in Queensland party leader Bill Feldman decided to re-structure the office and Mrs Beavan was a casualty of that restructuring. The fact that she had leaked an unsubstantiated and damaging comment to the media and the concerns of several MPs in her work was irrelevant according to Mr Feldman.

Mrs Beavan's story as reported in today's Courier Mail goes as follows: "Ms Beavan said the saga started when One Nation MP Jack Paff stated he would like to "knock off" an Australian Associated Press Journalist. But she said her boss, One Nation state leader Bill Feldman, concocted a story to protect Mr Paff.

"Ms Beavan said she and a group of women, including AAP political reporter Sam Strutt, were returning from an annual dinner with female MPs about 9.30pm last Thursday night when they encountered Mr Paff in the Parliamentary Annexe.

 Mr Paff, a former police sergeant, was with fellow One Nation MP, Charles Rappolt.

"The four women, including a female Labor ministerial staffer, were carrying bottles of wine to the billiards room.

"Ms Beavan said the men were "loud and boisterous".

"'They'd obviously been drinking quite a lot. They were quite happy. The other girls were there and said hello to them, and they sort of said, 'Who are you, who are you' and partied on in the hallway,' she said.

"'The girls started to walk away when Jack Paff said, 'I wouldn't mind knocking her off'.

"'The girls turned around and could tell they were talking about them because they were pointing. It was quite obvious they were being disgusting and making smutty comments.'

"Ms Beavan said she had asked Mr Paff which one he had been referring to and he replied: 'All of them, actually'.

"She said Mr Paff had been pointing at Ms Strutt when he made the comments.

"Ms Beavan said Mr Feldman invented a cover story to protect Mr Paff after she went to the ninth floor to inform him that she thought there would be some trouble over the incident.

"'I told him Sam Strutt was raising the matter with the Speaker,' she said.

"''Bill said to me what he was going to say was that Jack had said something to the effect of 'Do you have an idea of what time the house was going to knock off?' He said that's what Jack would say was said and I was mistaken.'

" She said One Nation MPs and party adviser Heather Hill had laughed when she told them what had occurred.

"'I believe she (Ms Strutt) had the right to know. She knew something was said and all I did was to be honest about what happened,' Ms Beavan said.


Ms Beavan has also gone public with the following allegations:

Ms Beavan yesterday said she was contacted by media agent Harry M Miller but that she was not out to profit from the dismissal. Ha! Ha! Tell me another one.

The only question that I have is how come it took so long for her to be given her marching orders by the Queensland State MPs! Predictably Mrs Beavan has taken up a job with Queensland Newspapers (read The Courier Mail) and is planning to sue for unfair dismissal.

Having Mrs Beavan on board was rather like having the press gallery sitting in the middle of One Nation's office.

We can't all be wrong about News Limited's Courier Mail's ethics

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Good-day Scott,

Found this item in todays letters to the editor in the Rockhampton Morning Buly 31/8/98 under the title GETTING THE STORY RIGHT by Chris Sidoti - Human Rights Commissioner"

Very occasionally, when I speak to a journalist I just know that the story that will be published will bear little or no resemblance to what I say. I felt that way when speaking to Courier Mail journalist "Christine Retschlag" and the story published by the Courier Mail confirmed my fears.

I did not say that I had "uncovered an enclave of racism in Central Queensland" In fact I did not use the word enclave at any stage and I did not say I had uncovered anything.

Nor did I refer to children carrying rocks to fend off attacks but to an account I had received about one boy.

I am quoted accurately later in the story.

I did say, "There were a couple of stories about racism and racial violence which I found quite worrying."

A couple of stories were worrying but they do not constitute "an enclave of racism" I also spoke about other issues brought to my attention and about the positive things I heard of what was going on in and around the Central Queensland Coast.

None of that appeared.

I was received with warmth and hospitality in Rockhampton.

I am embarrassed that the report misrepresents what was told to me and indeed what I told your journalist.

Through your pages may I apologise to those who generously gave me their time, their assistance and their views.


Biloela Qld

One Nation starting to gather momentum

While Liberal MP Tony Abbott and his front people attempt to stop One Nation getting the Au$500,000 in funds due to them following the party's success in June's state election the party continues to gain a new wave of popular support.

Yesterday a Supreme Court judge Justice Brian Ambrose told Terry Sharples, who had brought the case against One Nation that his move was politically motivated.

"One might readily infer Mr Abbott was as much motivated by party political considerations relating to the next federal seat as he was... because of the public interest."

"An inference which in my view can be drawn.. is that Mr Abbott... was closely associated with, if not directly involved in, the institution of the current proceedings."  

 The judge denied Sharples an application to freeze the funds on the day that the campaign to freeze the funds was taken up by disaffected One Nation member and one-time private secretary to Pauline Hanson, Barbara Hazelton.

Pauline Hanson when asked about Mrs Hazelton, who is also bankrolled by shadowy characters behind Tony Abbott, said "You could take the knife out of my back with her fingerprints on it."

"It's a distraction but I have full confidence that the monies will be paid to One Nation," she said.

Meantime the latest NewsPoll (see below) reveals that support for One Nation has risen dramatically following the setting of a Federal Election date - this just a day after The Courier Mail released a poll claiming that support in the party had "slumped".

With the imminent release of One Nation tax policy which will make big business and multinationals pay their fair share the jump in support for the party is set to climb quite dramatically. 

Taiwan casts Soros as baddy

Here is an extract from the Australian Financial Review:

But as they too are coming under increased pressure, with asset deflation setting in, their Governments are also beginning to blame American hedge funds for their growing woes. Mr Soros' Quantum is being singled out for vilification. A year ago Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad spoke out repeatedly against Mr Soros.

Taiwan's Securities and Exchange Commission said: "Authorities have not approved sales of Quantum Group funds in Taiwan, and anyone found illegally doing so will be severely punished."

Taiwanese newspaper China Times said that Quantum had recently lowered its minimum investment to $36,000 per unit to attract local investors.

How others profit over our loss

Isn't it nice to know that while your interest rates are about to rise on your home loan this is the line being shunted out around the traps....

Subject: Falling dollar - Interactive Presentations P/L's opportunity!

Good Morning Mr Balson,

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If ever there was a time for Interactive Presentations P/L to be "export focussed" it has to be now. While competitive advantages are firmly on your side. While it lasts...

SEVERAL trade show opportunities exist this side of Christmas.

[_] UK Technology Week in London, October 6-8
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[_] COMDEX/Fall in Las Vegas, November 16-20

Mr Balson, wouldn't YOU like a BIG share of the bonanza? It can't last of course. This is a window of opportunity before equlibrium is gained again. Act now! Tick some boxes! Let me get you some details!

Economists say that the dollar will go even lower. Good news for Interactive Presentations P/L! But you DO need to act urgently. These opportunities are finite.

Let me know - I'll be right back!

Colin Green

Colin Green & Associates P/L
International Agents, Australia/New Zealand

Letter to the New York Times: On Russia's Crisis and Kosovo Massacre

Re. OpEd "Let Russia Fend for Herself" Plus Letters (Aug. 29)

PHOENIX - Mr. Richard Pipes of Harvard pipes into the Russia debate with cynicism typical of the foreigners who have led Russia into the disastrous "reforms." "Let Russia Fend for Itself," screams your headline above his OpEd piece. If only Mr. Pipes had given that advice years ago to his Harvard colleagues who were appointed by the Clinton administration to advise the Russian government on economic policies. For a fee, of course.

Still, I am sure that the Russians would be happy to be left to fend for themselves if the West were first to return the nearly half a trillion dollars which it had plundered from that country in the 1990s under the guise of "reforms." With the assistance of the local oligarchy, of course.

Yet, Susan Gold has no sympathy for the Russian people, either. She laments in your Aug. 29 letters section that the "young reformers, Sergei Kirienko and Boris Nemtsov, who are Jewish, have been sacked." As if their Jewishness was the reason for dismissal, rather than their incompetence and mismanagement of the economy.

Ms. Gold then takes an even greater leap of faith when she deduces that the "reformers" firing is supposedly a sign of Russia's return to "nationalism and xenophobia." And which is why the Russia now "finds the Jews or foreigners to blame for its failures."

I don't know if that's how most Russians feel. But supposing Ms. Gold's conjecture is on the money; gosh, just imagine that! The 147 million Russians no longer want to be dragged by their noses into the dustbin of history by a handful of "Jews or foreigners" and domestic quislings who have robbed them blind. And that's " nationalism and xenophobia?"

It is curious how both Ms. Gold and Mr. Pipes now want to pin the blame on the Russian people - the victims of the failed western experiments. That's like blaming the Jews for the Holocaust. Or America's Main Street for the Wall Street downturn.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


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email the editor

You say:

Subject: Congratulations

I have just read some of your Website material and I am impressed. The party is certainly on the right track and we empathize with your struggle for recognition by the people of Australia.

We also fought for recognition and after ten years we form the official opposition to the ruling government.

Keep up the fight and you will be rewarded.

Best wishes for a successful year.

Bob Drummond
Reform Party of Canada

Subject: What has happened to our country?


The reason why nobody in the media has questioned this new "asian party" is because there there is a widespread conspiracy to try to eliminate the One Nation party, not only from different levels of government and big business, but the media as well. One Nation is a threat to their existence because it is a people's party. The Liberal and Labor parties represent the upper echolons of society, although they have little interest in the welfare of ordinary Australians, they depend on them for revenue and their extravagent lifestyles they live.

I have a downline in my network marketing business in Osaka, Japan. I am being told that a non-Japanese person has almost next to no chance of finding a job with a company or business there, as local people always come first. This is often written into job application forms as a footnote. WHY can't we do the same, or is this like the issue with our native Australians? They can be singled out and receive some benefit unavailable to non-Aboriginal Australians. Why, when making racism unlawful, is reverse-racism allowed to exist. I live next door to an Aboriginal family, the husband in which is a dancer at Tjapukai. He says the whole system stinks because it gives ordinary, hard working natives a bad name amongst the non-native community. Our Governments are deliberately trying to split the Australian people, especially in areas like Aborigines and Asians.

Roger A. Stockburger

Subject: brainwashed

I feel sorry for Shane Hurford who has exposed himself as thoroughly brainwashed by the mainstream media. The poor fellow wouldn't recognise truth if he tripped over and barked his shin on it.

If he actually took the trouble to check out the names of yesterday's correspondents to anotd, he would have seen an impressive array of surnames reflecting modern Australia. There was Stockburger, Estiot, Kadaitcha, Hegazi, Katakalos, and Davidson. It looks like a pretty inclusive group to me. All are concerned for Australia's future freedom and prosperity. All are proud to be Australian.

It is an absurdity to think that a party which attracts such a motley mob is xenophobic or racist. Yet Shane Hurford has uncritically swallowed that media-promoted absurdity. It's called propaganda, Shane. Independent thinkers see through it.

Antonia Feitz

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Subject Bumper Stickers.
Roger A. Stockburger.
You wanted to know about Bumper Stickers!

They can be purchased along with all other types of One Nation Merchandise from the Hawkesbury Branch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Regards,

Subject: Federal Election


Lets just freewheel for a while.

Do we agree we want as many as possible ON members in parliament after the next election?

I think the Liberal Party will retain office after the next election (just). It will lose a lot of seats and we want ON to win most of those seats.

The Australian electorate is notoriously cautious about any new tax system. We should have had GST with Hewson but Keating played the scare campaign. We will get GST this time mainly because the electorate recognises that we need to overhaul the Tax system AND because after 6 years or more it finally has some grasp of what a GST is about.

Now, no matter how good this new tax system that Pauline is going to release on Thursday, she has no hope at all to explain it to the Australian Public and get a significant support for it in the next 5 weeks. IMPOSSIBLE

People are going to vote for or against a new tax system at the next election. People will vote for the GST because they realise they were conned by Keating last time and they realise we must change. They understand that just about every other country in the world except for a few third world countries has some form of GST and they will vote it in. Labors scare tactics will not work this time and even Labor (deep down) supports a GST.

People will not vote for Pauline Hanson and a new unexplained (and in 5 weeks unexplainable) tax system. People will vote for Pauline Hanson and a GST. That way they get the tax reform they want and the other social reforms that Pauline Hanson has promised. But when it comes to a decision between ON and the GST, they will vote for the GST.

I eagerly await ON tax policy. If it is a GST with some mechanism to rip more money off the non tax paying multinationals great. ON will scoop up bucketful's of "pissed off" Labor, National and Liberal seats. But if it is not a GST and you are foisting some new "you beaut" tax system on the electorate you can kiss your best chance to make an impression on the Australian political map goodbye.

Get into parliament, get your power base then once you have members in parliament let them explain the tax system, but don't spring it on a conservative tax electorate 5 weeks before an election.


Subject: Four Principles

What this about ASIO operatives who have done their job on the Shooters Party and Australia First now moving into One Nation. How does One Nation intend to protect itself from such subversion?

A worry ?????

The Real One nation supporter and member can be identified by his committment to the basic principles of One Nation.

I have tried to prepare a paper for this and know it needs more work - I have missed a couple of values and not said some others totally right. It was done at 2:30AM from over active brain..

Here it is:::::
One Nation - the party with principles - four in fact.

Community - A prosperous community is a community of prosperous people.

A Productive community is a community of productive people.

Compassion - Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. On Nations compassion is aimed at bringing everyone to being productive, prosperous and equal before the laws.

Morality - what is fair to all. If people have no money to spend there is no economy. The basic principal in a free enterprise economy is "provide goods and services to receive money in exchange with fairness and honesty". People must have money to spend earned from the sale of the goods and services they provide to others. The two basic needs are the opportunity and freedom to provide goods and services with fairness and having money to spend on the goods and services of others.

Fixing the economy is fixing economic morality problems. Wealth transfer mechanisms work at transferring wealth away from our communities. Taxes take money from the workface of a community and should be spent by government back in that community - not spent in the cities and with multi-nationals.

Foreign ownership takes wealth and control from a community and exports them to another country. Billions leave Australia untaxed every year in dividends and transfers. Taxing this is a start. Restricting foreign ownership to 49% essential for soverinty.

Imports compete with local producers' products. Tariffs can change the balance and favour the opportunities of local producers increasing the prosperity of communities.

Not how one nation would say this :::: Australian manufactures suffer an abuse of market power. Give Australian manufacturers more customers. Australian manufacturing has failed as the number of their customers has declined. Three retailers now have 80% of the market. The solution is strong anti-trust laws like in the US. Break these monopolistic giants into hundreds of separate and independent businesses thus giving more opportunities to local producers.

The Superannuation guarantee levee is taking wealth produced by Australians out of the community and transferring it to the control of big financial institutions. These funds could better serve if lent at low interest to small business, farmers and Australian families.

Accountability - Ensuring these above principles are obeyed by all. The institutions of government must be accountable to the people for their actions. Judges will have an elected citizen's committee overseeing their judgements. Citizens must be encouraged to investigate and evaluate the performance of their public servants. Freedom of Information made more honest and open. Complaints dealt with not covered up. Criminal and unfair behaviour by government officials earns them the sack.

Trevor Croll

Subject: Utterly disgusted!

I am utterly disgusted by the racist views of Pauline Hanson and of the One Nation party. Aboriginal have been living in Australia for centries before white colonialists moved in. So why shouldn't Aboriginals receive compensations for what they've forced to give up.

On the multiculturalism issues, I am appalled by what Pauline Hanson had to say. It's backward, simplistic and short-sighted to blame the immigration for problems already existing in Australia. If you think Australia is better of closing its doors to foreigners, then you are a fool!

It pains me greatly to even voice my opinion on this! There is no room for RACISTS in our society. If you don't understand that multicultural way of life is the inevitable future, then you need to open your eyes!


Xian Feng

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Dandenong

Well well...a launch of one nation in Dandenong.You're either very brave or very stupid.I've read the messages from the new brown-shirt movement.If your not racist I'm Jesus Christ. Take a look in a history book or two and see how history repeats itself. All fakers have to victimize minorities. The christian coalitian in the U.S. have the same smiley faced facism as yourselves. I do not believe everyone who is a member of one nation is totally ignorant, but I believe strongly, that you are being used to boost the ego's of otherwise useless individuals.If you want to continue preaching hatred then you must realize that someone might come along who is much better at it.This person might treat you as a minority ( which you are by the way) and then you can talk to me about freedom of speach, which you won't have because history shows that's one of the first things to go in a right wing government.So consider your next move wisely.You will never represent me or the views of the intelligent and that is why you will fail.Have a nice day...


Subject: news

Trust old Mohammed Hegazi to go and get all racist. Fancy using a quote like;
"..You can rid us of Jew-controlled lackeys."

Hey Mohammed, is this one of those Islam versus Judaism things?? Like get real man!! The last thing we want in Australia is the continuing saga of "Let's blow one another up because our God is better than your God."

I would hate to see this online News Service become a platform for Jewish religion "bashing".

I'm surprised Scott, that you would allow this type of gutter jargon to be printed here. What a time the already hostile press could have with Mohammed's comments.

I kid you not!!!! A Jewish & Islam encounter is not the sort of thing you need for One Nation at this important time of the year.

T. Hayden


Your home page is very interesting. I am amazed that this kind of thing is going on. No doubt this is giving ideas to aboriginal peoples in other countries. I can see a simular things happening here in Canada.

Phillip Underwood
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Subject: Redneck Wonderland

Shane Hurford wouldn't happen to be Peter "any cause will do" Garrett's new songwriter by any chance would he?

Seriously though, why don't these wet-eared, snotty-nosed, lefty commos just pee off to alt.leftyloons or start their own perhaps if there isn't anything suitable!

I see JG Estiot is still around and conveniently ignoring my question as to what exactly "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is a forgery of? !

Wake up Australia, we're going to get the balance of power for sure, but we need to put Pauline in the lodge.

David M.

Subject: Globalisation and foreign ownership

In regards to ON giving the preferences to either one or the other of the parties at the coming elections.

If you were watching TV last night you may have seen an interview between Kerry O'Brien and the two leading treasurers, Costello and Abbott, oops! Evans.

Both of these men were the epitome of why ON must gain a stronghold within Parliament.

Their remarks and answers were a damn disgrace to themselves as politicians with Australia's interests at heart and an insult to the Australian public at large.

I could not believe that in light of the threat that ON poses to both these parties that they still have not Learnt that the Australian people are looking for strong honest leadership. No!, still they persist with their lies, deceit and spin doctoring.

God help us, if we as ON supporters are unsuccessful.

Not everybody will like everything about ON and not everybody will like all the ON candidates and members, but we are a team and we must all work as one. If we are to prevail, solidarity must prevail and from time to time accept compromise.

Oh, one more thing, I am proud that I am on Lieblers list. I now have proof positive," as Tiny Tim likes to say," that I am a true patriot of this country and all who claim to call themselves Australian.

Like Scott Balson Mr Liebler, you can put me just under his name on your list if being a patriot to Australia and Australians," whatever their race or creed is," is racist. The good thing about your list Mr Liebler is that the Bastard that is at the top of your list is yourself.


Subject: Re "Your Say" Letters

Dear Scott,

I repeat a further message I sent regarding the standard of letters appearing. I believe letters such as the one with the false ID should be vetted. I realise the intent is to show the mentality and standard of morality of those opposing One Nation, but I do not believe it adds to the quality of discussion. The language is such, in my humble opinion,that it is not likely either to attract supporters or attract support for the opposition. So why bother with them.

Vic Bridger

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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