Open letter to Pauline Hanson from Bruce Whiteside

24th January 2000

Dear Pauline,

I once told you that I would never let you down. That was only an hour after you had told Barbara Hazelton and myself in our lounge that "If anybody is going to destroy One Nation, you would!" That was in February 1997. Congratulations!

It is a matter of extreme irony that loyalty is a word that you make much of. The truth is your loyalties have only been directed towards Ettridge and Oldfield... instead of where they should have been towards the millions of voters who believed in you.

I want to talk with you. I want to knock some bloody sense into that empty head of yours. For months you have run like a coward from me, simply because you lack the guts to face me.

I have told you that you had the capacity to act as a catalyst for a credible new political organisation. What you have never understood is your limitations. You believe that you are the alpha and the omega of Australian politics, when in fact you have been reduced to a pathetic shadow of the Hanson of 1996.

The time for niceties is over Pauline. Whatever my personal views about you are, the fact is that I am receiving far too many phone calls by people asking that I talk to you, simply to ignore them. The situation that faces One Nation is of your own making. You won't see it because you don't want to. You have been a complete and utter fool. That I don't mince words should appeal to you. My loyalty to you at a time, when to see you burn in hell would be a fitting reward, says something about me. I believed in you enough to build a support movement with my own initiative and belief in what you stood for. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Don't underestimate me Pauline. At the moment I still remain your loyalist supporter. In the very near future that loyalty may just save you... it could also hang you.

Be warned! If you condescend to speak to me, I will not spare you.

I want you to lead a new political resurgence in this country and furthermore I will bring your people back. I want nothing from you, only the fulfilment of all that you promised to deliver and welched on.

I intend to release this fax to the press on Monday.

Bruce Whiteside

Founder of the Pauline Hanson Support Movement and the best friend you ever had!!!!

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