Tuesday 3rd March 1998

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The Canberra Column

The employees of Ashanti Gold, a highly profitable company lost their superannuation, salaries and lifestyle when the company changed hands.

Outraged they have camped on the lawns outside Parliament. Here is a story that you won't read about in the media, because it involves Pauline Hanson, the people's champion.

While the Beazley's and the Howard's were entertaining or being entertained by the elite string-pullers and their lobbyists the woman they fear most, Pauline Hanson was sitting in the cold Canberra air with her people - the average Aussie.


"They all came together last night. Between the rows of flagpoles, before the surreal curving walls of Parliament House, beneath a moonless midnight sky, Pauline Hanson danced with rugged copper miners to a country and western ballad belted out by a twelve year old girl star.

"It was a magic, tragic moment. Underneath the smiles and the swaying bodies there was an air of grim determination. And beneath that, a feeling of helplessness.


"Pauline agreed, in more polite terms. It wasn't just the foreign companies standing over and standing down Australian workers -- the government was also selling them out by signing the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, which concedes some sovereignty in return for a stable foreign investment climate. Pauline has been warning of the threat posed by the MAI for months now, but only recently have politicians started to take her seriously. The Parliamentary Library has been swamped with requests for information, but they don't have anything on the subject. Doubtless one of their famous Research Briefs will be produced the day after we sign the agreement."

Protesters add fire to MP’s rally.

Article from the Border Mail- Monday 2nd March 1998 by Shane Wright

Albury’s QEII Square turned into a political battlefield on Saturday afternoon as Independent MP, Ms Pauline Hanson, announced the region’s One Nation candidate.

More than 400 people evenly split between opponents and Hanson supporters, yelled, pushed and shoved during Ms Hanson’s 20 minute appearance.

Ms Hanson and some of her supporters were heckled as opponents tried to drown out her message with chants of “racists out” while others openly swore at the MP.

Some opponents painted their faces black and white, attracting the scorn of supporters who complained opponents were not giving Ms Hanson a fair go.

Hanson supporters turned on the opponents, mostly school and university students, at one stage attempting to push the students off an impromptu stage while ripping posters from their hands.

Some of the supporters had driven up from Wentworth to hear Ms Hanson speak.

At the height of the demonstration, the new One Nation candidate for Farrer, Mr Leon McKinnon, complained about the “noisy minorities” who were part of an attempt at social engineering.

After Ms Hanson left the square, One Nation opponents pulled down her posters and ripped them up.

Federal police were on hand to protect Ms Hanson who stopped on several occasions to talk to some of her critics.

One of those she spoke to Ms Alex Kelly said it was useless to argue with the MP.

“There’s just no logic in her arguments,” she said.

Earlier Ms Hanson had rejected suggestions that she was racist.

She said she believed in treating people on a needs basis.

She complained about the “Aboriginal Industry” and the way people some people claimed to be Aboriginal to get benefits.

Ms Hanson also said she was opposed to the Asianisation of Australia calling for tighter restrictions to immigration.

Mr McKinnon, who is the first One Nation candidate to be endorsed in New South Wales, met Ms Hanson for the first time on her visit to Albury.

Mr McKinnon said he had a chance of taking Ferrar from sitting member and the deputy Prime Minister, Mr Tim Fischer.

“I give myself a good chance.

“Tim has left us out here bleeding, too busy being the Deputy Prime Minister and not looking after his electorate,” he said.

Mr Fischer holds the seat with a 15% majority.

A spokesman for Mr Fischer said yesterday he welcomed the challenge from Mr McKinnon and looked forward to taking on One Nation and its destructive policies in his own backyard.”

Yesterday Ms Hanson held a small function in Albury’s Codies Creek Park which attracted about 150 supporters.

When Ms Hanson visited Albury last year she attracted 3,000 people. Ms Hanson said her support was still strong.

This is the view of one of those who went to listen to Pauline Hanson at Albury:

Subject: Request to be on mailing List

I went to the One Nation "speech" in Albury on Sat 28 Mar 98 and I was disgusted that Pauline didn't even get a chance to speak. A lot of Australians would like to know what One Nation is all about but don't get a chance to find out. How can a group of teenagers, and that's who was protesting on Saturday, know what is best for the future, they have no concept of practicality. I am a working mother of 3 small children, my husband is in the Army and we have real concerns about our childrens future.

Thankyou and good luck

Lee and Wayne Preedy

Australia's racist government

You might recall that a South African white woman was rejected by Australian immigration authorities after she requested refugee status because members of her family were murdered, her house was torched and she feared for the lives of her children in South Africa.

"As far as I'm concerned, I do fall under that. A lot of my persecution was a direct result ... purely because I'm white and because of the social group I belong to," Cheryl Kennedy said.

Well, the Australian immigration policy is different if you are a "wealthy" Indo-Chinese.

AUSTRALIA'S humanitarian refugee program would be available to Chinese Indonesians if social unrest over the country's economic crisis forced them to leave, John Howard said yesterday.

The Prime Minister said he would be appalled if violence in Indonesia over food shortages was extended and directed against the ethnic Chinese minority.

Mr Howard, speaking on the Nine Network said Australia's humanitarian refugee program was available all the time for refugees from anywhere.

But he said Australia had a co-ordinated game plan to assist Indonesia in a bid to restore financial stability and ease social unrest.

"Australia is being a good friend and a regional mate," Mr Howard said yesterday.

He said the plan involved implementing the thrust of the International Monetary Fund's economic reform package and ensuring the IMF's plan was sensitive to the impact of its austerity demands on food prices.

The banking system in Asia was "simply not transparent enough" to restore international confidence and reforms had to be made.

But he said Australia's quiet talking meant "the Americans have adjusted" views towards the implementation of the changes.

As revealed in The Australian last week, Mr Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello have urged the US and the IMF to be more flexible in the implementation of the reforms and are working on the co- ordination of private debt.

A combination of the IMF economic reform demands, local food shortages because of drought, international reluctance to invest in Indonesia and the revaluation of the rupiah have pushed food prices sky high and sparked violent riots directed at the ethnic Chinese community.

The Australian Government is deeply concerned about social disruption in Indonesia and the latest proposal is the third step aimed at providing assistance, in addition to the IMF's economic rescue package.

Australia has already agreed to provide food aid and organisational assistance to Indonesia on a bilateral basis.

Mr Howard and Mr Costello have publicly said the stabilisation of the exchange rate and restoring international confidence is the long-term key to real assistance to Indonesia.

But Mr Howard stressed that the Australian Government did not believe US or IMF policy was going in the wrong direction as far as Indonesia was concerned.

"I should make it plain we are not walking away from the IMF package," he said.

The Simplot plot thickens as American multinationals walk in

The words on the Internet that present Simplot as an organisation which cares for its employees belies what transpired yesterday in real life.

In the Benchmark Profiles staffing strategy on Simplot Australia the following statement is made:

“The recruitment process aims to achieve a professional standard which enhances the Company’s image and reflects the applicants value.”

Yesterday all staff were told that the employment contract was to be taken over by a third party organisation US based "Manpower" the largest contract staff employer in the world with over one million on its books.

Now Manpower has a reputation for savagely cutting staff to increase profits... a similar scenario in an all to familiar scene. In today's Canberra Column Peter Mackay talks about the fate of the Aussie staff of the US owned Ashanti gold mine - mirroring this story. What also mirrors is the total lack of interest in the plight of affected Australians by the Coalition government. This is all part of globalisation - or the road to poverty for most Australians.

So who are Simplot? J R Simplot is a US based, privately owned organisation known as the "potato king". The company is based in Idaho. It bought its Australian interests from "Australian" company Pacific Dunlop.

Pacific Dunlop, well it is part of the Ansell group. Now Ansell is about as un-Australian as you can get. This multinational company  is enormous with interests and businesses all over the world.... mainly in the medical arena.

(Remember what is happening to the cost of private medical cover at the moment - and why ("private non-government medical costs")?)

So it should be of no surprise whatsoever when we read in the business pages of today's Australian a report headed "Heads roll as PacDun clips cables for $26 million" (Restructuring)

Here is an extract:

PacDun chief executive Rod Chadwick confirmed the communication cables operation had been sold to American communications manufacturer Belden, which plans to establish an Australian manufacturing base for Asia-Pacific markets.


 Yesterday's sale has triggered the resignation of Cables division managing director Ian Campbell, who will leave PacDun on Friday after nine years with the company. Mr Campbell, 48, said he would pursue job opportunities in manufacturing.

The thrust of our concern in this article on the abuse by multinationals of their staff is based on the following January 1996 comment by John Tolley of the Industrial Relations Commission:

"Large multinational companies come into this country, and in my view, try to foist unacceptable human relations practices on people."

It should come as no surprise therefore that the entire staff of Simplot Australia have threatened to resign rather than be swallowed up under Manpower contracts... and that Simplot have told them to go ahead..

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


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Democrats 3% 3% 4% 4% 5% 5% 3% 4% 4% 5% 5 5% 6% 5% 5% 4% 5% 4% 6% 3% 5% 4% 6.8%
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Others 7% 7% 7% 7% 7% 7% 9% 9% 9% 7% 8% 10% 8% 7% 7% 8% 7% 6% 8% 8% 7% 7% 5.8%

Imagine that the voter support for the Greens quadruples in one poll then halves in the next.... these polls really are accurate... or so they would have you believe.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Australia's Racist Government

John Howard says:

"AUSTRALIA'S humanitarian refugee program would be available to Chinese Indonesians if social unrest over the country's economic crisis forced them to leave, John Howard said yesterday."

but as reported last week, Australia's humanitarian refugee program is not available to white South Africans, even if they are oppressed by their government, even if they have suffered racially motivated attacks, and even if their family members have been killed.

It's about time Pauline Hanson started calling her opponents racists. She now has undeniable proof. Let's see these mealy mouthed cretins talk their way out of this one!!!!

This issue is a real vote winner, and it will leave these politically correct morons squirming. People at my workplace got more angry about this than the banning of Father Christmas in South Australian kindergartens!


See story above.


Subject: Re: Lock your kids away - Kernot's Uniting Church to peddle gay and lesbian lifestyles on Sunday TV

Good one mate! So much for Kernot! You know what gets under my skin? The fact that Kernot and her ilk have got the GALL to call themselves 'Christians'. If the apostles from 1st Century A.D. returned/time travelled to today, (except for a few very small churches) they wouldn't recognise 'Christianity'. Kernot, to them would be indistinguishable from some sort of 'temple prostitute' As for the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.....huh! Where's fire and brimstone [cf:Genesis 19] when you need it?

Hmmmm...I wonder what Jean Raspail would have said?

Keep up the bad work dude!

One Nation update


I was just writing to show my agreement on a section of the One Nation Update. The media and the government are blowing everything out of proportion, every time you see Mrs Hanson on T.V the message she it trying to get across it edited and only certain parts are shown, these parts usually are negative and are only parts of sentences that the media have put together.

I think that some how a law should be made so that when ever any politician is shown on T.V that their message is not allowed to be edited.

Thankyou and "Go One Nation!!"
M Robson

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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