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Tuesday 24th June 1997

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Last night Channel 7's Today Tonight program carried allegation of a set-up in the case regarding the threatening letter allegedly sent to Brisbane-based Chinese community leader Mr Lawrence Ma (right) by a group allegedly supporting Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. The source of the letter, which was allegedly written by a group called the Anglo Saxon and European Rights League, was questioned by Pauline Hanson's senior adviser, David Oldfield, during the interview with Lawrence Ma.

In a short introduction to the story David Duke confirmed that he had never spoken to Pauline Hanson saying that she would be open to all sorts of deceitful and dishonest attacks because of her stance on multiculturalism and immigration.

The interviewer opened by asking Mr Ma what he thought of the letter Mr Ma responding that it had obviously been written by some extremist groups with sick members.

David Oldfield concurred with Ma on this point but then questioned why it had taken two months (the letter allegedly being written on 29th April this year) for him to bring it to the attention of the press and why it had then been faxed to him at just after 3am by a group calling itself the SINO-SOPHIE ACADEMY yesterday. Interesting that this SINO-SOPHIE ACADEMY is based in a Victorian suburb neighbouring Carnegie where the alleged letter originated.

Mr Oldfield was asked if he was accusing the Chinese community of writing the letter to which he responded no, because that would be defamatory but he revealed that the faxes that Channel 7 and other media had received in the initial press release with the SINO-SOPHIE ACADEMY fax signature had been handed over to the Federal Police. He also revealed that the writing style of the letter appeared to compare to that of written death threats received by Ms Hanson - one of the main reasons why she was now protected by Federal Police.

Mr Ma said that he had the original letter and would hand it over to the police.

The question raised by Mr Oldfield is an interesting one and goes to show, if it is proven, how scant regard the Australian mainstream press have in checking out a story's authenticity in their rush to get a scoop.

What will also be interesting to follow is my prediction that the story will be totally ignored by News Limited and Packer's mob as it places Ms Hanson in a good light. For the record here are the signatures on the letter..

Bankrupt fugitive Russell Gower was trapped yesterday after police followed up a lead that he was with a Hare Krishna religious commune in northern New South Wales.

Gower was arrested by Murwillumbah police while riding a tractor.

Whilst interviewing the daughter of Prime Minister Mahatir of Malaysia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's 7.30 Report man, Kerry O'Brien, couldn't help asking her what do you think about the Pauline Hanson "Phenomenon".

Quite interesting really as she had come to speak to him as head of the AIDS squad in Malaysia and discussion was supposed to be around that topic.

Dr Mahatir's daughter boxed herself into a corner replying that "in Asia" , that is assuming Australia isn't part of Asia, we wouldn't put up with this, we would move to stop it. Not bad for a country that already has entrenched racial policies in its political system.

On Sunday night Liz Hayes a reporter with the widely discredited 60 Minutes current affairs program, asked American blind singer "Stevie Wonder" the same question. This while she was supposed to be talking to him about his Australian tour

It is now becoming as standard as asking about the weather when interviewing some on air in Australia today.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Official home page.


The Federal Government has forced the Australian Labor Party (ALP) into a humiliating backdown over the work-for-the-dole scheme which they had vociferously opposed.

The government said that they would force a double dissolution unless the Labor party supported the bill in the Senate.

Following the backdown by the ALP the bill will be pushed through the Senate in the next day or two.

Schools, Vocational Education and Training Minister David Kemp said yesterday that Labor "should bite the bullet, declare its position clearly on the legislation and remove the one outstanding amendment which is the sunset clause."

Labor employment spokesman said on ABC radio last night that the party was re-considering its position on the sunset clause.

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To Pauline and party.

Please be careful. You and your mates. There are sick people out there,and people who do not understand or have forgotten what Australiais all about

Good luck



Well I guess its no surprise that the Packer/Murdoch Pay TV alliance will apparently get the nod from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with chairman Allan Fels yesterday saying little while those in the know say that he is not to worried about the move.

"We made no secret that in 1996... had there been deregulation of telecommunications and of satellites, that would have changed an important element in our deliberations.

"That's not to say that it would be decisive now. I'd like to look at the details (of the deal between Packer and Murdoch) before commenting" was as much as Fels would say.


The second Ashes test ended in a tame draw yesterday with England reaching 266 for 4 in their second innings on the final day of play with a lead of 118 runs late in the afternoon. The match was largely washed out by persistent rain.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another splendid day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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