Monday 4th May 1998

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One Nation breakfast

Yesterday I joined about 100 One Nation guests from Brisbane at a breakfast bash.

Pauline was, of course, the special guest... bit there was a great surprise from  Australia's famous artist, Pro Hart - a very strong supporter of the party.

On the right is one of his paintings that he has given to the party.

To find out about the breakfast, images and how to win the painting, follow this link.

Liberal Party to put One Nation first.

The Liberal Party State President Bob Carroll said yesterday that the Australian Labor Party was prepared to put Pauline Hanson's One Nation first on their preferences in the Queensland State elections.

With recent polls showing that One Nation would hold a number of state seats after the next election the Liberal Party had no choice.

The Labor Party have for many months now made a big thing about how they will put One Nation last on their "How to Vote" ticket. The state leader, Peter Beattie said that the Liberal's decision showed that they "would do anything to stay in power".

Carrol said, "At the end of the day it's about winning an election - not about giving free kicks to Labor.

"It's always been our approach to put Labor last. There is no way we will ever give our preferences to Labor.

"We are opposed to the Labor Party's policies and to the big spending plans of Peter Beattie."

Carroll also questioned the support for Pauline Hanson in Blair saying that recent research showed she had only "half the support" which showed up in a Courier Mail report. The report had Ms Hanson getting about 25% of the primary vote.

"I sat to voters they have a choice between a Labor Party government or a coalition National Party-Liberal Party-One Nation government," Peter Beattie said.

"The coalition cannot win power in its own right with the kind of support going to One Nation. They are prepared to do anything to stay in power."

What Beattie has perhaps forgotten is that there are ten seats held by the ALP up the north coast of Queensland by less than 5%. A decision by One Nation to put the ALP last, with their strong showing in this area, will guarantee that they lose most if not all of these seats resulting in their decimation at the next state election....

Pride before the fall some call it.

ALP deceit exposed.

If you missed yesterday's Channel 9s Sunday program about how you can "buy a seat" to Parliament if you are in the Australian Labor Party, here are some useful archived links (funny how deputy leader Gareth Evans appears to be in the middle of the muck):

Summary of the report by Channel 9. Quote: In the Victorian Labor Party some candidates are "buying seats" for Au$2,000 or less.

The ALP branch cry foul when Channel 9 go to a branch meeting. Cries of discrimination because they are "Ethnic"... dry my eyes quick.

The ALP claim that Channel 9 are bashing the multicultural voters. Defamation charges and claims of unethical journalism (so what else is new from Channel 9?) by the Victorian State Secretary of the ALP.

Channel 9s written response. Just who is the racist? - not a bad point. Perhaps Channel 9 should consider this before slating Pauline Hanson next time

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

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You say:


Dear Sir,

i enjoy your website immensely and believe your are doing your fellow Australians a great service. I have just been watching the channel nine Sunday program ,in particular the shows Cover Story ..............."Alp seats for Sale?"

My wife and I sat and listened in disbelief as the litany of racial based branch stacking and slime was exposed. The right Honourable Gareth Evans appears to be linked in all photo shots. I do believe this country is fast turning into a fiefdom where the major parties will use any foul method to entrench their control, like 2 evil Princes carving up the spoils , and to hell with the peasants. I am attaching the url address in case u do not have it , please find the time to peruse some of the details, never before have i really seen the treacherous ALP exposed for what it is, together with its "real reason " for its immigration policy being exposed, nor the corruption that flows through the "ethnic" lobby of our country...On the basis of Sunday's Cover Story, through the manipulation of even the tiny Cambodian community, Pol Pot would have been able get a seat in parliament in this country at the moment . Thank you for your excellent service.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Visiting Pauline Hanson at her farm later today.

Have a good one.

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