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Wednesday 15th January 1997

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At a time when thousands of Australians are waiting for elective surgery and medical assistance shipwrecked yachtsman, Tony Bullimore, is being quoted and displayed on Channel 7 television almost on the hour every hour like some visiting head of state... While Bullimore gets the best medical treatment available in the medical world today here are some interesting facts about the delays faced by AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS in the State of Queensland:

SpecialityProncess Alexander HospitalGold Coast Hospital
Diabetes1 Month8 Weeks
ENT12 Months3 - 5 Months
Gynaecology1 Month3 - 4 Months
Endrocine1 Month4 Days
Orthopaedics1 - 3 Months12 Weeks to 6 Months
Renal Medicine3 Weeks10 Weeks
Thoracic Surgery1 Week6 Weeks
Urology22 Weeks5 Months
Vascular2 Months3 - 4 Months
General Surgery1 Month8 Weeks to 3 Months
Ophthalmology3 Months2 Years, 5 Months
Now let us remember that the cost of the rescue mission by the Australian defence Force to the Australian taxpayer was many millions of dollars - enough to remove all delays referred to above in this state alone.

I call on Bullimore and Dubois to repay the rescue costs from the millions that they will make from payments received from the clamouring press... let's see what heroes they really are!

Should a race like this be allowed? Have a look at the fate of the entrants:
Missing - presumed drowned:
Gerry Roufs.

Rescued by the Australian Defence Force:
Tony Bullimore.
Thierry Dubois.
Raphael Dinelli.

Abandoned - to assist fellow sailor:
Pete Goss.

Still out there:

Not a good track record for the Vendee Globe Solo Challenge!


The Federal Government moved swiftly yesterday to close a loophole in the new gun legislation which allowed military-style shooters to keep semi-automatic assault rifles at home.

Defence Minister Ian McLaughlan said, "The Federal Government is completely committed to the principle that all persons be subject to the firearm laws of the jurisdiction in which they shoot.

"Defence legislation will be consistent with that principle. Members of rifle clubs will not be able to own weapons that they cannot obtain licences for under state or territory laws.

"Although this provision (creating the loophole) is still in force, it is obsolete and is going to be repealed."

Queensland Military Rifle Club President, Chris Ray, who we quoted yesterday said the Federal Government had over-reacted and destroyed the close association between the rifle clubs and the army.

The buy back begins in Queensland today.. an event marked by adouble page spread in today's Courier Mail advertising the new and used buy-back prices that the State Government will pay for automatic and semi-automatic guns.

Police are expecting a high level of compliance from the State's 320,000 firearm licence holders.

The new gun licence requirements include:


Seems like Packer's minders have been working overtime. It was reported on Channel 9 News this morning that tourism chiefs in Sydney are now calling for the New South Wales State Government to reduce the tax level paid by inter state and international "high-roller" gamblers.

This after Packer took control of the Sydney Casino on Monday!


The Pakistani cricketers played an excellent match in Sydney yesterday defeating the favourites, the West Indies, quite easily. The Windies went in to bat first - collapsing when they reached about 170 for 4 to be 181 all out... and what a collapse!

Meanwhile the Pakistani batsmen all played extremely well reaching the target required in less than 40 overs.


Colin Keenan a retired Byron Bay electrician had the last laugh a few days ago when he realised that the Lotteries ticket given to him as a Christmas present that had been stuck to his fridge for over two weeks was worth Au$1 million!

The newspapers, radio and television reported that an unregistered New South Wales Lotteries Lucky 7 ticket holder had won - continuing to call for the winner to come forward.

Keenan said to his wife, "Imagine having Au$1 million sitting in your pocket. If it was me I would be right there to claim it. This person would have to be a goose!"

Then an article in his local paper prompted Keenan to check the tickets that his daughter had given to him as a Christmas present....He went to the local newsagent still not believing that he had hit the big one... "You are a millionaire," was their response!

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another beautiful day outside. At the moment I am preparing for a presentation that I will be giving to businessmen looking at marketing their products or services on the Internet. The talk and the accompanying web site is on-line. It is strongly recommended that you download the Microsoft Word Document, print it out, then read it while using the web site and accompanying links. Of course, you are welcome to contact me with any queries that you might have.

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