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Tuesday 18th August 1998

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Today's Headlines
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Between the One Nation lines

Isn't it quite amazing how News Limited's Courier Mail continues to blatantly distort history when reporting on political issues.

After several years in power during which the Coalition refused to look at Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR) it is now the turn of the minority Labor government to squirm at the idea. The CIR or Community Based Referendums (CBR) was first put on the agenda in Queensland by One Nation and is stated policy.

It was One nation who brought the issue to the political table and who raised the issue with the Coalition and the Independents. But in today's Courier Mail under the front page headline "Borbidge push for 'rule by the people'" you could be excused for thinking that the Liberal/National Coalition had suddenly dreamed up the idea.

The groundrules for the CIR which will be put through as a Private Member's Bill by Peter Wellington will ensure that the Bill is passed despite the Labor government's opposition for the right to people to have a real say in policy making.

"If it (CIR) becomes law, it will mean that for the first time in this state decisions will be made not by the politicians but by the people themselves," Wellington said.

His CIR model is blindingly close to the CBR policy first presented by One nation in the lead up to the June 1998 state election.
Comparisons One Nation to Wellington CIR
Qld Voters required to trigger referendum in electorates No of states electorates required for trigger Timing of Referendums
One Nation Policy 2% 45 Local, state or federal elections
"Wellington" model 2.5% 45 Local, state or federal election

Labor Premier Peter Beattie in dismissing the Private Member's Bill said, "CIR takes complicated policy problems and reduces them to simple and sometimes misleading yes/no questions."

Beattie set off for his Asian junket yesterday.

From Hong Kong he started his campaign of "welcoming Asians to Queensland" after the One Nation fallout. The media inspired hate campaign against One Nation is now starting to cause problems as the disinformation campaign by News Limited and the mainstream parties takes on a life of its own.

Some of the most racist countries like Thailand, Japan and Indonesia now have the gall to point fingers at Australia when it is politically expedient to do so. The term "racism" has become the equivalent of a social swear word pointed at Australia when One Nation is raised.

Beattie joined the many in their feeding frenzy of misinformation by saying yesterday that he was "shocked at reports that One Nation publicity in Singapore had businessmen there believing they might not be safe in rural Queensland and that Asian students held similar views".

"I will be telling people that they (One Nation) have no influence in my government and that about four out of five Queenslanders don't like them at all," Beattie said.

OK twinkletoes then just where did the CIR Bill idea come from and why were you forced to re-visit Shreddergate?

Quite simply the real issues here and at a Federal level are political accountability. And the career politicians don't like that.

Racewatch, what is it? Perspectives:

Yesterday we exposed the Racewatch judging panel through a third-party page set up in the US called "Watching the watchers". Today we look at what "the Racewatch watchers" have to say:

Justice Einfeld (member of Racewatch "judging panel": Quote from Background Briefing on ABC Sunday October 12, 1997:

"I am for one nation too. I am a patriot too. I agree also that all Australians should be treated equally. I just wish that Aborigines and Islanders could be treated equally with the rest of us. I know many indigenous people who, like their critics, would also like an end to 'special treatment'."

Obviously lines stolen from Pauline Hanson's maiden speech.

Yesterday I had an interview with Campaign Aid Abroad media representative, Vicki Horne about Racewatch:

SB: How will watchers be selected?

VH: Any member of the public can become a race watcher. It will cover anything in public, speeches, writing etc..

SB: How will the judging panel verify claims of racist remarks?

VH: B'nai B'rith staff would first verify with the person being accused. If the claim is confirmed to be true it is then referred back to the judging panel. Racewatch has already been launched. We have had lots of calls for RaceWatch packs.

SB: Is it true that racism now encompasses those who see assimilation as a necessary part of the immigration policy?

VH: Community Aid Abroad are of the view that "assimilation is racist". If someone says that they could be referred to RaceWatch and outed. Pauline Hanson's claim that people should assimilate is quite a ridiculous statement and very racist.

SB: How was the judging panel selected?

VH: We invited distinguished Australians to take part some did, others declined to become involved.

SB: What do you say about the claims that the judges represent big business and the hidden agenda is to use intimidation to stop One Nation from representing a growing number of Australians in this country?

VH: Definitely not the hidden agenda. This campaign is aimed at all political parties. One Nation was the catalyst to put racism back on the agenda - which was good.

SB: Why does your PR material just refer to One Nation then?

VH: We are not singling out One nation.

SB: How can Racewatch not be exposed as un-Australian?

VH: I don't think that spying on people is un-Australian. It is about people making racist comments on the public record.

SB: Have you thought how this well affect donations to Community Aid Abroad?

VH: We launched a campaign called Face up to Racism. It was a good money raiser for Community Aid Abroad. Any excess funds will be to combat racism.

Firstly, I will shortly be establishing a web page for those who support the belief that immigrants need to assimilate into Australian society.

I will be the first to sign and comment on it. I do not need an extremist, discriminatory Jewish group or a "charity" lecturing to me on their definition of "racism" - a definition which is blatantly dishonest.

Secondly, I would make the point that the basis of Racewatch - where the eyes and ears of the men and women of Australia become the intelligence of a Jewish group called B'nai B'rith smacks of Stalinism. Over 100 million people died this century under Stalin and Communism. A figure which makes even Hitler's terrible atrocities against the Jewish population  in Europe fade by comparison.

Maybe there is a link between B'nai B'rith and Communism that needs to be explored? After all the same logic applies when the media refer to One Nation and its followers as racist.

B'nai B'rith Press release in June this year:

Here is the introduction:

There is growing evidence of One Nation links to:

There you go folks, if you believe that the multinationals are raping and pillaging Australia you have just been segmented into a group called far-right and New Age racist groups by B'nai B'rith. Now just who are they trying to protect? Just who are they trying to shut up? Will the real fascists stand up please!

This group is dangerous, extremist and un-Australian.

Tax gift fails to save King Gee jobs

Read the last paragraph for the sting in the tail. Welcome to globalism that Laboral claim is good for Australia!

The slide of blue-collar jobs in the Hunter Valley has been blamed for the demise of even more jobs - from the King Gee factory at Rutherford, which has closed despite a $550,000 tax gift from the State Government.

The money, provided as payroll tax relief since May last year, was meant to help the company which owns the King Gee label, Sara Lee Clothing, to restructure and save 450 jobs in four factories across the State.

But yesterday, the managing director of King Gee, Mr Warren Hill, said that while the plan had been partly successful it was not enough to counter the loss of the core business of overalls, work shirts and shorts.

Sales had plateaued since the 1990s through loss of market share to cheaper imports and industrial downsizing. Loss of domestic jobs had hit the company particularly hard in the past year: with every job lost King Gee lost sales of eight or 10 of its traditional garments.

The payroll tax relief was granted after King Gee and the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia agreed to the Carr Government's plan to save jobs across the company's plants at Wollongong, Rutherford in the Hunter, Kingsgrove and Kempsey.

The company cancelled outsourcing in South Australia, brought plant back to NSW, and began a second shift at Wollongong.

Mr Hill said: "We moved volume around and we got some additional business but the core business continued to go away. We continued to lose volume to downsizing."

Last Friday, the 76 union members and another nine staff workers were told the factory would close that day. Their departure, according to Mr Hill, may in "some bizarre way" make the remaining King Gee jobs more secure.

However, even these are working at about 50 per cent capacity, according to the Minister Assisting the Premier on Hunter Development, Mr Face.

Asked why taxpayers' money was provided, given the closure of the Hunter Valley plant, he said: "You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. We were genuinely working to do what we could for the Hunter. We have a serious situation up here ... and it was a genuine effort. It is just one of those things."

There had been a rigorous assessment by the Department of State and Regional Development of the plan before the relief - which represents less than half the company's annual payroll tax bill - was granted.

"It wasn't money thrown at them, it was payroll tax relief."

Mr John Owen, the assistant secretary of the NSW branch of the union, said the company had done everything it could to stay open but had not been able to diversify quickly enough to provide corporate rather than industrial clothing.

The exercise had shown that "you can throw as much money as you like but you can't compete with wages of 50c an hour" in countries like China.

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email the editor

You say:


'....this Racewatch appears to be a Jewish driven thing....' Allan Doak, ANOTD, 15/8

Wrong, Allan. Don't assume that Jewish people in general support the actions of Leibler, Einfeld and their ilk. Check out for mainstream, non-PC views on current affairs. And for a fierce defence of the right to own firearms. These sites prove the wide range of views within the Jewish community.....

Byron Stander

Subject: David Oldfield at Bexley Meeting 16/8/98

Please record for your daily electronic newsletter that David Oldfield was the guest speaker last night to One Nation - Barton Branch. This meeting in the Bexley Masonic Hall was packed with around 250 members & guests who had all paid in advance $10.

This was one of the largest meetings that has been put on by a branch in Inner Sydney. Channel 7, 2UE, The Daily Telegraph and The Australian were present.

The meeting was a great success. While the Resistance has only 70 people outside getting thoroughly drenched in a huge downpour, our members had the pleasure of hearing David speak at lenght and answer questions. We had many members there from NESB countries.

There were no hecklers in the meeting, no disturbances at all. David got a standing ovation at the end.

There were officials & other members from the following branches also present: Burwood (Helen Fearn), Parramatta (Ian Hale - Pres. & Linda Farrell), Blaxland (Albert Piper - Pres. & Husseing Ghaida - a nominee for the seat), Cook / Hughes (Keith Bawden - Pres. & Peter Cook Sec.), SW Sydney Branch (Shane & Kane O'Connor), among others.

N Baird

Subject: Pauline vs Goliath

Dear Scott,

As a recently enlisted reader and now contributor to your National News of the day service I was interested to read the comments in Mondays edition (The watcher ) being slightly critical of your services ability to match the circulation and dollar power of the mainstream media .

While the comments were partially correct I feel that outlets like your newspaper give "ordinary people" whose views are largely ignored or edited in the mainstream media an opportunity to debate and express publicly their ideologies .Whether we choose to agree or disagree with a particular point of view we have forum to debate these differences and hopefully we will understand our fellow humans a little more. We may also find common ground.

I have copied information on the MAI and other treaties ( I hope with your approval Scott ) and posted it to friends involved in community based environmental disputes with local and state government departments and they were quite surprised to learn that it originated from Pauline Hanson's One nation web site , I couldn't resist the opportunity of passing on a couple of Paulines policies and speeches relevant to their dispute. I hope a few of them check out the site for themselves !

Remember One Nation sprung from one tough little red head with a bee in her bonnet and a sting in her tail and DESPITE the Dollars and the mass media hysteria thrown up against her , now has 25% Queensland support and 11 State reps . Built from the grassroots up !

PS Why is Mr Beattie running around the world assuring people that Queensland is not a racist State ? Surely those tourists and students who have recently visited this country would be better judges through their personal experiences. It would be interesting to hear some of their thoughts on the matter.

HAVE A GOOD DAY................

Anyone is welcome to print and distribute information on the international treaties referred to by Steve.


Subject: 'simplistic' and complex

It seems Ann Keating, Pauls's sister, follows the family tradition of oozing contempt for her fellow Australians. Commenting on Pauline Hanson she said: "She offers simplistic, silly answers to complex problems and that always has an appeal for people who can't follow a debate through ..." Those halfwits who can't follow a debate are us, dear anotd readers.

Hanson's critics all use the word 'simplistic', don't they. I read a good definition recently. Simplistic: An argument you disagree with but can't answer.

And there's nothing really complex about Australia's problems, though the measures to fix them will be horrendously difficult. Australia's fundamental problem is that it is being sold off without its people's consent. I wouldn't call that a complex notion.

Australia, along with many other countries of the world, is re-grouping politically along very different lines. Not educated and uneducated; not city or bush. Not boss or worker. News Weekly (13/6/98) summed it up: "The fundamental cleavage lies now between those who want an Australia which makes or wishes to make its living by work, by actual production in industry, in agriculture - and those who wish it to make its future by dint of financial speculation".

Contra elite opinion, to strive for independence is not to be reactionary. The elites are the reactionaries, striving to reduce the world to a neo-feudalism where unelected multinationals are the new barons, and elected government of debased nations are their obliging vassals.


Subject: Little Johnny in "Never Ever Land".


Isn't it strange that, whereas we're told that "a week is a long time in politics", it seems that "never ever ever" is a relatively SHORT time indeed?

Does anyone out there REALLY believe that the 10% rate of GST will Never Ever go up?

Not I. Sorry, Mr Howard, but I'm just not that damn stupid.

The so-called "safeguards" to be put in place, to "ensure" that the rate will "never ever" go up, have been quite correctly condemned as being totally inadequate, and nothing more than a pathetic joke.

One EASY way to ensure that the rate never increases, would be to hold a referendum, at the same time as the election to get the 10% rate locked into the constitution. But Little Johnny doesn't plan to do that, and it's not hard to guess why.

But Little Johnny is hoping that a fair swag of Aussies are stupid enough to believe his lies.

I for one, intend to do my little bit to help make sure that his hopes are all in vain.

Thurston Phoremost.

Subject: Poem

Here Comes Labor

I'm an alley cat,and i say meow
Here traitor, traitor look at me now
I'm a bold Cuss and I say Skase
I don't steal papers
I just leak them to the press
I'm the phantom fat boy,and I say debt
It's not my money so I don't give a heck
I'm Simon says and I say bludges rule
Then I dance to their tune like a unionist fool
I say good heaven's it's Evans
And you think that funny
But if you went overseas
You could of died for your country
Alley cat,Skase , fat boy's meow
Here comes Labor, oh boy and how
Communism rules, Democracy is a joke
If Labor gets it's way, the country will be broke.


Subject: Berri-Berri

Beri-beri is an Eastern disease due to lack of vitamin B. The word beri meaning weakness. We now have an 'Australian' strain due to an excess of (multi) C. Berri fruit juice, if they are fair dinkum, will be running their political ads in SE Asia, and specially Israel (the most racist state - if a religion can be stretched to mean a race - on earth). No doubt Berri will be calling for land rights and compensation for the Palestinians who have had their land confiscated too.


Subject: Australian JEWS ?

Hi there Scott,

Something to bring to everybody's attention.

I was hoping that somebody would pick it up before, and bring it to the general notice, but nobody did.

First partial quote from ANOTD, then my opinion, in the interests of "political transparency", of course. should be noted by One Nation supporters that the man behind the Australia/Israel Review, Mr Leibler, is one of the men behind Jetset Travel.

When booking your next holiday trip I would ask you to consider what Leibler's views are on the publication of the list of the names and Suburbs of 2000 One Nation members and donors in the Australia/Israel Review.

Mr Leibler said the decision to publish the list of members and donors was in the interests of "political transparency". He said concerns about privacy had been met by not publishing full addresses and telephone numbers.

What Leibler failed to mention is that they published the suburbs that members live in. Many One Nation members had phone calls from the media - contacts made directly through the list published by the Australia/Israel Review. ...

In my view, also in the interests of "political transparency", the fact should be noted that:

Jews are Jews first and Australians second, if at all (not all of them), as per Jerusalem Post, where they are quoted as Australian JEWS not Jewish AUSTRALIANS.

I fail to understand why they are called, and call themselves, Australian Jews or Jewish Australians, why can't they just be Australians, like all the other Australians. Do they support discrimination, TO BE ABLE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ANTI-JEWISH DISCRIMINATION LATER.

Why do they support the Jewish interests first, and ignore the interests of Australians, note I am nor referring to them as Australians, because they class themselves as Jews first, (Australian JEWS).

I have noted elsewhere, that they are referred as:

Australian Jews, British Jews, German Jews, French Jews etc., in another words although they hold Australian or another country's passport and have been born in Australia or another country, they are Jews foremost. Can we trust them, when there is conflict of interests, between, let say, Israel and Australia or Israel and any other country ? I don't.

The concerns about privacy are being met by not publishing full addresses and telephone numbers of any Australian JEW.

Comments please,

Richard B(orowski)

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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