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Tuesday 21st July 1998

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Today's Headlines
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Between the One Nation lines

Ipswich City Council's Mayor John Nugent has backflipped on his Saturday decision to prevent Pauline Hanson from using the Ipswich Civic Hall. The decision came after a special meeting held last night and intense lobbying by One Nation supporters.

After the meeting Nugent said, "Yes, the meeting can go ahead." One of the factors that helped push the council to reconsider its decision was lobbying by One Nation supporters to the local paper, The Queensland Times (QT), over the Internet. See QT story lower in this article.

Three councilors apparently continued to vote against Mrs Hanson's tight to address her constituents. They are Councilors Fran Broom, Christine Claridge and Joanie Woods.

Meanwhile Labor's Ipswich Anti-Racism Committee spokesman Peter Arndt said, "From what I am aware of, there are no plans for the Ipswich anti-Racism Committee to do so (protest)." However he said the Internationalist Socialist Organisation (ISO) are expected to protest at the August 4th meeting. The ISO are on the record as saying that they want to "close down" One Nation meetings.

"There's no push to have a protest at that meeting. There might be a push from groups outside Ipswich to do that - infamous groups like the ISO," Arndt said.

A spokesman for Pauline Hanson said, "If that is correct, then Pauline Hanson abhors it. People from Ipswich should abhor people from outside Ipswich being involved in what is a Member of Parliament's legitimate right to confer and gain the views of her constituents."

Queensland Times article about One Nation email lobbying council to change. This follows an email being sent out to some of One Nation's large mailing list on Saturday morning:

Supporter defies One Nation ban:

One Nation supporter Scott Balson, from Karana Downs, is promoting a campaign for support to email The Queensland Times with criticism of Ipswich City Council's now removed ban on the party using the Ipswich Civic Hall.

This is despite the fact that One Nation has a ban on talking to QT reporters and photographers.

Over the weekend the QT received 49 email messages on the subject - 42 criticising the ban only 7 in support.

Emails came from United States, Canada, London, NSW central coast, Victoria, Adelaide, Mullimbimby, Manilla, Tasmania and the Blue Mountains.

More than a dozen did not indicate their home town and one believed it was a Brisbane City Council ban. There appeared to be no responses from this area.

Mr Balson said he did not have an official position with the One Nation party and maintained the party's web pages as a volunteer without pay.

He said he did not believe encouraging One Nation supporters to use the QT's letters to the editor section was hypocritical considering the ban on talking to the paper's reporters.

"I am an individual - the One Nation Party is a people's party," he said. "I have the right to my point of view, which I express.

"I have often supplied manuyof my images (Global Web Builders) which you have used."

Mr Balson said he had emailed One Nation supporters on Saturday asking them to act on Ipswich City Council's decision not to allow One Nation to use Ipswich Civic Hall on August 4.

For the record none of these email actually made it to the letters page. 

Hawthorn incident continues to dominate the news

While Pauline Hanson enjoyed an excellent meeting at Sale in Victoria last night the repercussions of the Hawthorn meeting- which had to be called off - continue to reverberate.

At Sale 700 guests came to listen to Mrs Hanson while a small group of protesters heckled from the side.

David Ettridge described the meeting to me this morning as "fantastic".

Yesterday Workplace Relations Minister Peter Reith condemned the Victorian police for allowing Mrs Hanson's speech at Hawthorne to be cancelled.

"When people are in breach of the law, when the police have very basic duty to perform... it is not right for the police to do a deal with the thugs outside to close down a meeting," Reith said.

Yesterday Mrs Hanson who is normally the first to applaud the police sent to ensure meetings proceed said, "I do question the police that were in charge because from what I've been told the supporters the supporters who were coming through the protesters were being spat on and were being punched.

"I think (Victorian Premier) Mr Kennett is helping One Nation. Mr Kennett is not allowing freedom of speech, he is criticisng me and my policies, he is calling us racist and divisive which isn't the case at all."

One Nation Support on the increase

Support for Pauline Hanson's One Nation party has soared to its highest federal level as voters turn away from the major parties in the lead up to the next election, the latest poll shows.

The poll, to be published in this week's Bulletin magazine, put primary support for One Nation at 15 per cent - up three percentage points.

It also found a growing number of people would consider voting for either an independent or minor party at the next election.

Conducted by Roy Morgan Research, the poll put support for the Labor opposition at 41 per cent and the coalition government at 35.5 per cent, on the primary vote.

On a two-party preferred basis, the coalition edged up 1.5 percentage points to 48 per cent, while the ALP dropped 1.5 percentage points to 52 per cent.

But the poll also indicated the two major parties could be facing a voter revolt, with 66 per cent of electors warning they were dissatisfied with the way the major parties represented their views in federal parliament.

Of the coalition backers surveyed, 52 per cent were dissatisfied, while 65 per cent of the ALP voters said they were dissatisfied.

The poll also found 44 per cent of voters would consider voting for an independent at the next election for the House of Representatives.

It found 30 per cent of coalition supporters and 41 per cent of ALP supporters said they were prepared to consider voting for an independent.

As well, 42 per cent of electors said they would consider voting for a minor party, including 22 per cent of coalition voters and 32 per cent of ALP voters.

And 55 per cent of voters would like to see more independents or minor party candidates in the Senate, while 49 per cent would like more of them in the lower house.

Just under 40 per cent said they would like independents and minor parties to hold the balance of power in the Senate, while 36 per cent would like to see it in the House of Representatives.

Key independent Senators Brian Harradine and Mal Colston currently hold the balance of the power in the Senate, with the government forced to negotiate a deal with Senator Harradine to get its controversial Wik native title changes through parliament.

Senator Colston's recent vote against the government's bill to sell off the rest of Telstra saw the bill scuttled.

In a weekend radio poll conducted by Perth's Howard Sattler on popular 6PR the following results were recorded.

Question: Would you vote for Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party in the next election?


Division of Australia

A Tasmanian Aboriginal lobby group says indigenous people should have the right to devise their own laws and live independently of Australian laws.

Michael Mansell, of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, says Australia's indigenous people have never agreed collectively to live under Australian laws.

Staff at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre are taking a public holiday today to mark the eighth anniversary of the Aboriginal Provisional Government.

Mr Mansell says indigenous people should be given the opportunity to decide if they are members of the Australian nation or a sovereign people.

"I think as the High Court in Mabo recognised that clearly Aboriginal sovereignty existed before white people came here but no-one has been able to point to an event or an agreement by Aborigines under which we lost that right," Mr Mansell said.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

The Hawthorn debacle

Yesterday I broadcast this email about the Hawthorm incident to all the major Australian newspapers and television stations.

It will be interesting to see how much/little credibility they display.


Att: Chief of Staff - Your credibility is on the line

Dear sir,

This email is being broadcast to a large number of media outlets.

Channel 9's Sunday programme ran a recent programme on "Pauline Hanson and the media".

The programme (transcript available here) clearly identifies the manner in which the Australian media have distorted Mrs Hanson's statements time and again. This is an issue which a growing number of Australians are becoming aware of.

More recently the media have tried to link (unsuccessfully) One Nation with "extreme right wing groups". Any one of 19 million Australian can apparently gain overnight celebrity status if they allege links between such a group and One Nation.

It does not matter how flimsy the evidence, how slanted the viewpoint of those making the claims - nationwide coverage is sure to follow.

A recent example of this type of reporting was the non-sensicle 60 Minutes segment "A Call to Arms" which was quite clearly a politically based exercise aimed at doing maximum damage to One Nation in the week before the Queensland State elections. See this link - for more background on this statement.

The lithmus test will be how YOU react to the appalling manner in which a One Nation meeting was violently disrupted in Hawthorn last night.

The Internet URL below will prove to you, unequivocaly, the link between extremist elements in the Australian Labor Party and their clear role in co-ordinating the violent protesters at Hawthorn and earlier One Nation meetings (such as Dandenong).

See this link

Australia will be watching how you handle this matter and will judge you accordingly - not only now, but in years to come.


Scott Balson
Pauline Hanson's web master

Ph (07) 3201 1353


Email received - One Nation members at the Hawthorn meeting and pro-feedback:

Subject: From a (Hawthorn) "hostage"

Well, technically, it is probably from one who was unlawfully imprisoned at the Hawthorn Town Hall by the mob. The reason for this is that we could not leave with any safety for several hours after the meeting until most of the mob dispersed.

The worst part was the incredible attitude of the police. In hindsight, they were obviously told to make things awkward for PHON supporters to get in. I thought it strange when I arrived that a police officer told me to go to the other side of the barricade. When I went around the mob and pushed my way in there, there was no break in the barricade and the line of police to enter. Curiously, a man in the mob at the barricade told me to go around to the back, where entrance was undramatic one hour before the meeting was due to start. But within 15 minutes people were coming in there too who had been punched, screamed at and jostled... even elderly women. There was even a report inside that one person had been stabbed but this has not been subsequently confirmed. Nevertheless, it did not help the frame of mind of those there at the time.

Then the police inspector came in and said over the microphone that, since Pauline was not coming, if we disbanded the meeting immediately, the mob said we would be let out unmolested. Great. He really was the spokesman for the mob. Robyn Spencer called for a vote. Unanimously the audience chose to stay and hold the meeting without Pauline. Being an old solid building, the mob screaming outside was hardly heard inside... a point to remember for future selection of venues for meetings.

Afterwards, when most of the mob had dispersed because of the cold near 8pm, we were led out in half-dozen bunches with police either side. We were spat at, yelled at and had our photos taken. The young girls stood out as the worst. They had all been tutored by the manual reproduced in Monday's ANOTD. It is quite understandable that some people would get very frightened by this. Afterwards I did react angrily but then realised something. Whilst emotionally one would like to get some revenge after such an experience, it is very important that we keep the extreme-right gangs away as protectors in lieu of the police since that is what the media and our other enemies want, of course. Oddly, the most vicious thug outside, who was caught by the TV and print media, looked like a skin head. One Melbourne station actually interviewed him!!

If someone told me this whole story, I would find it hard to believe, but there were several hundred PHON supporters there who can back it up. The sadest anecdote was a middle aged women begging the police inspector near the door for some news of her aged father. They had been separated in the mellee coming in and he had recently had surgery to his knees. She could not get a report from the police for three hours and was naturally very distraught.

Barry M.

Subject: Congratulations Scott

Well done Scott for good detective work and exposing the real thugs of society.

I am on an oil rig at this time so I do not really know how our Sale One Nation meeting with Pauline went. I can only assume it went so much better than the Horrible Hawthorne incident which was undemocratically wrecked by those you mentioned.

I have written an article for our local paper mentioning the pathetic major Media bias and the powerful effect it has in altering the perceptions of the masses.

Cheers from bruce.

Subject: Re: Hawthorn

I think it was disgraceful like Nazis breaking up meetings of their opponents. I think democracy requires everyone to have their say. If we can't tolerate opinions we don't like then we can't operate in a democratic environment. The essence of democracy is free and open debate about all topics. If the demonstators don't like Pauline's views they are welcome to put their own across in their own forums. Keep up the good work. I don't agree with everything Pauline says but I do agree with her on ATSIC. Also at a meeting of the NCC some years ago it was said that the Catholic Church could not support single mothers benefits because they encourage immoral behaviour. There was a draft of a Catholic Church statement criticising the Federal Government (Keating) over the low level of single mother's benefits but the NCC staff said that single mothers benefits were fundamentally immoral as a concept. Pauline might find some conservative Catholics who would take up this issue.


Subject: Hawthorn

Good morning Pauline,

My husband and I have read with disgust of yesterday's happenings in Melbourne. I am in the process of printing it out now for him to read at his leisure.

You have had our support from the very beginning and we both wish you well.

Brian, my husband, has just asked me if there was anyway I could send you a message. I replied that I thought I could go through this site. He has asked me to tell you that there is an old Chinese saying that says that 'he who strikes the first blow, loses the argument'.

Perhaps this might bring you some comfort in view of what happened outside the Hawthorne Hall yesterday.

Kind regards,
Loretta and Brian Everingham

Subject: One Nation

Dear One Nation,

I am currently in school and am doing year twelve. I was appalled to see that today in Australia we do not even have the domocratic right to voice our political opinions. I have always been taught at school that we live in a country where we are able to say what we want yet when a few One Nation supporters want to meet Pauline Hanson and hear what she has to say they are attacked!

I am sick and tired of being called a racist and deranged by my teachers at school simply because i believe in what One Nation is trying to do.I can not wait till i am 18 as i will be voicing my opinion at the ballot box by voting for One Nation.

Goodluck Pauline Hanson and One Nation .


Subject: RE: Comments on Victorian Demonstration at Hanson meeting at Hawthorn

I would just like to forward my thanks to Scott Balson for his constant informative updates on One Nation.

I look forward to receiving more of these bulletins, as it is wonderfully refreshing to actually read the truth instead of the lies we are being fed day in day out by the normal media.

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks
Peter Friswell

Subject: Hawthorn

I posted this in a newsgroup. You may be interested in adding it to your site:

Has anyone noticed the way some newspapers covered the violence at a One Nation meeting at Hawthorn (Melbourne)?

They stuck to strictly descriptive reporting, carefully avoiding raising the issues of political violence, freedom of assembly, free-speech and more. These newspapers (I didn't say Fairfax) have forfeited the right to continue as self-appointed guardians of moral standards in our society.

They are thugs in their own right for failing to expose the violence.

JG Estiot
Media-Watch Interactive

What Left Link subscribers have to say about our expose on the Labor Party's involvement at Hawthorn:

The following post by Alistair Air the chief Left Link moderator appeared yesterday resulting in some responses:

One Nation webmaster Scott Balson has "researched" the causes of Sunday's successful anti-Hanson demonstration, and apparently determined that the sole cause of the demonstration and "violence" was Leftlink. Regular subscribers will remember that according to One Nation, Leftlink is actually the ALP (or perhaps it was that the ALP is Leftlink - they were slightly confused about the issue).

The One Nation site lists the names and email addresses of five people involved with Leftlink, and invites readers of the web site to email these five people. The five are labelled as "scumbags" and "political thugs".

The site address for the "article" is

Leftlink subscribers should be aware of what we are fighting.

Subject: Anti One Nation Demonstration

If the protest was organised by the ALP there would have had 100,000 people there not 1500.

The problem you will have in continuing to bend the truth and seeing conspiracy behind every tree is simply that you get caught out too often. The links page on left link lists the web sites of a whole range of organisations. None of these organisations gave left link permission to include a link on their site. Stating that the link is some sort of endorsement is as silly as saying that if One Nation put a link to the jewish board of deputies on your site that the Jewish board of deputies endorses your views.

I suggest the views of some of the people who post stuff on left link like the international socialists would be totally opposed by most of the organisations you suggest like the ALP.

If you persist in making claims about conspiracies of lesbians and lefties and child molestors you will remain a small fringe organisation with no relevence. (so keep it up)

Chris Clarke.

Small fringe organisation with 15% primary support?... more Labor lies


Subject: Un-fair quoting...

"...The massive turn out of 1500 violent protesters was no accident. It was no spontaneous outpouring of anger against Pauline Hanson's One Nation. It was an event carefully planned by the extremists in the Labor Party movement. Extremists who are violent thugs at best and de-facto criminals for their roles in orchestrating this terrible new trend in Australian politics. At Hawthorn busloads of One Nation supporters were turned away - with only 250 out of 800 braving the violence - and the elderly who had come to the meeting early before the violence began fearing for their lives while the mob outside ranted and raved..."

I was quite appalled to read the quote from your web-site today.

I am not nor have ever been a member of any extremist or multicultural group. In fact, I'm fourth generation Australian.

I heard about the speech Ms Hanson was going to make at the Hawthorn Town Hall on ABC radio and thought that I'd gather a few friends together to make a stand.

8 of us, all professional, middle to high income earners, made our way to Hawthorn and were actually surprised at the small number of protesters outside the building. We expected 1000's more. So for you to call it "massive" was quite complementary. 1500 protesters, by Victorian standards, is quite small. We blamed it being held on a Sunday - true? How will we ever know?

All I ask is that in future - do not throw all of your non-supporters into the one basket - as I personally do not throw all of your supporters. I agree they have the right to listen to whatever the feel they need to.

It takes all sorts of people to make this country of ours so wonderful and if you don't think it is - you obviously haven't travelled extensively overseas.

Try it - you'll come back with a very different perspective on life.

Your web-site also quotes:

You are on the web page the media do not want you to know about....

Well, I work in the media and so do all my friends and we all know about it, in fact, we make a point of reading it everyday...


Stuart Craigen

I was quite appalled at the violent manner in which your mob made a mockery of democracy and freedom of speech. I can understand you working in the media. Time and again the media have shown similar traits.


Subject: Re: Leftlink


I subscribe to left-link; I also intend to buy some of the books you mention from the Progressive and Independent bookstore you mention. What's more I intend to join the socialists at Militant. And what's more your picture of a Bleeding One Nation Protestor reminds me of Mussolini's fans in North Africa in 1940. The hidden story the media refuses to reveal are the sinister links between One Nation and some of the people I saw at the High Wycombe protest waiting around at the back of the crowd - they look like the more fanataical Mussolinis who fought against my Grandfather's generation of Diggers.

Your own hateful and homophobic agenda is what most of these Great Depression survivors fought against and voted John Curtin in and the first and only Communist MP Fred Patterson. What the nationalists are most concerned about, if you were honest, is less the so-called 'bully-boy' tactics of the socialist parties but the possibility of sexual freedom becoming more popular. For all this 'guilt industry' 'political correctness' industry of what has come to be called 'The New Right' there is a parallel growth in cutbacks to basic social services and attacks on working-class organisations.

If you think that People are intimidated by your webpages then you oughta think again Redneck. Children are walking around with Che Guevara T-Shirts as you are talking in your dishonest way about 'feral' anarchists. Then again the New International Bookstore has never been so popular. And I have noticed a revival of older people speaking out against Racism at the rallies. You are losing. The children of the Revolution do not believe the lies of the Nationalist parties and are becoming more and more aware of your political parties social composition and whose interests it represents. That's why the forthcoming National High-School Walkout by children of all different races, political beliefs and ages demonstrates that you people are all cobwebs of history. You have not fooled most young people one little bit, and you do not confuse me.

I have invited the world to deface your ugly webpage {see IWW}. Hopefully that will serve as an example to people what a PR industry you people are, and how useless your various 'policies' are in the context of Howard's nationalist social service cutbacks.

You lot are so dumb! Keep up your dumbness, it really is good to receive all the free publicity!

Matthew Davis

End of the left wing radical garbage... phew! Now let's get back to intelligent discussion and away from simplistic viewpoints by Labor radicals who support violence.


Subject: Thanks Gedday Scott

Yes, it's me. The computer illiterate from the chat night.

I was sorry to hear about your recent intimidation from the media, cars following etc, and I wish to pass on my thanks to you for all your effort keeping us all in touch with the truth.

You have all our support.


The Senators who failed me


Amongst other things it said:-

No free man shall be taken or imprisoned or dispossessed, or outlawed, or banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him, nor send upon him, except by the legal judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.

To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny, or delay right or justice.

Because of the New Gun Laws forced on Queensland by the Federal parties- Liberal, Labor and National I have had my guns confiscated, am being tried without a jury and am being denied legal aid.

You Senators are in the house that could have stopped these laws and have failed to show common sense. You have allowed the commonwealth to over-ride the states that elected you

I have been a reasonably law abiding citizen all my life. If this is how you treat me then a pox on all your houses. My guns are buried and I will devote my time to the demise of your political careers.

Marin Essenberg

Subject: 'cheaper' petrol

So competition is going to deliver us cheaper petrol. Never mind that 4,000 small service stations will go to the wall. Never mind that something like 30,000 more jobs are to go - mainly in the bush. Never mind that once all the small businesses have been eliminated the big guys will have the field to themselves.

Our petrol will be 3 cents a litre cheaper. Is 3 cents a litre worth all that coming misery for so many? The big oil companies do not have a reputation for caring, but for collusion. As sure as God made little apples we will pay more for our petrol in the long run.

Antonia Feitz

Subject: New "Low Bastard" Award For Channel 10

Tonight an all time low was reached, both in journalistic ethics and in outright exploitation of human suffering. While watching 10's news on the tsunami disaster in PNG, I remember thinking - "Oh, no, no no no, no one can possibly stoop to this" - I WAS WRONG.

To use the suffering of those people as a political football is a sad, sorry excuse for humanity - especially in the crude, deliberate way in which the reference was made to Pauline Hanson and One Nation. We all know that ON is against the BILLIONS that are squandered on foreign aid (Indonesia buys more weapons), but we also KNOW that an AUSSIE would never say no to disaster relief, especially to a country that supported us so much in the Second World War.

Shame on you Channel 10, you sad, sorry pack of twisted bastards.

On a similar note, Jolly makes another appearance - another professional cockroach with no regard for his fellow ..... now I can't say human - can I?

Anthony Mare

Subject: single mums Sir,-

I DONT know who is advising Pauline Hanson but attacking single mums is playing into the hands of the opposition. Girls become mums because there are no jobs and it saves going into prostitution to make a dollar. If anyone is to blame it is our mindless politicians who have created a void for young people. These mums are victims of corrupt policies and is not Pauline supposed to be running a 'One Nation' party? Yet she keeps attacking every self-interest group who are, after all, only trying to survive in an immoral society. She might soon find herself running out of sympathetic voters and that would be a shame.

Pauline should be attacking the garbage politicians who are looting society, not their victims.

Tony Lee.

Subject: Anti-Newspeak

The book: Among the Barbarians, by Paul Sheehan. ISBN 0 09 183636 0; is the story the Corporate Media will not tell you. It exposes one of the greatest political frauds in Australian history. Sheehan was senior writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, chief of staff, day editor at The Herald, and New York correspondent. Nieman Fellow at Harvard.

If you care one whit for the future of democracy in Oz, then read this book!


Subject: Newspeak

So Councillor Paul Tully (Labor Party supporter) believes that by banning One Nation from using council facilities in Blair, that support for the Labor Party will increase at the expense of One Nation; no wonder the Labor Party is losing supporters Australia-wide to One Nation.

Most Australians believe in a fair-go, and even innocently believe they live in a democracy - Tully's tactic proves what many now suspect might really be true; they do not live in a democracy, and the tactics of the Corporate Media-Lab-Lib-Dem-Nat-Green parties to grip power, at any cost to the average Australian, is not only a very twisted version of a fair-go, but smacks of totalitarianism and the Brave New World of Newspeak, where one, and one only version of anything is allowed by the thought police.


Subject: opposition at last

Our elites are as thick as two bricks. The critics who decry John Howard for not showing 'leadership' still havn't got the message. The message is that the people don't want a continuation of the policies that are destroying Australia. It's very simple really. Nothing can stop One Nation now, and it is wishful thinking and elitist arrogance to think it ever could have been stopped. Freedom has always been heady stuff.

At last a genuine opposition party is forming in Australia. At last people are able to have a say. This flowering of democracy might yet prove to be a Prague spring; only time will tell. It is indicative of the political morass we have been in, that the emergence of an opposition has so enraged and in some cases terrified the mainstream politicians and the so-called experts.

Look at the benefits One Nation had delivered so far to Australia: dissent is becoming acceptible; topics once taboo are being discussed; the tactic of labeling opponents instead of debating them has been exposed for the anti-democratic sham it is; debate has started; politicians have been given a salutary reminder that they are the people's representatives, not their masters; politicians are actually listening to their constituents; the full sale of Telstra - never given a mandate by the electorate - has been stopped. Where will it end?

Antonia Feitz

Subject: Our national debt

The March quarter current account deficit does not show any improvement instead there is a steady decline. The deficit for the quarter was a record $7.5 billion, $5 billion of that was for interest and dividend payments to foreigners. Net foreign debt rose by $2 billion making our debt a whopping $225 billion and the net foreign liabilities a massive $323 billion. In 1989 our debt was $96 billion and liabilities $126 billion.

91% of the growth in employment in the last five years has been in industries other than agriculture, mining and manufacturing. The number of pig producers has fallen from 40,000 to 3,000 in the last 40 years. The number of students at universities has increased by 60% since 1988 while staff members have risen by less than 25%.

The jobless rate of graduates from various universities ranges from 14.2% to 36.1%. Excluding computor science graduates, 34% of those with a basic science degree where still seeking work 5 months after graduating.

These figures show a different story from what our Prime Minister and Treasurer have led us to believe.

Alan Esson .

Figures from News Weekly July 1998.

Subject: Re: Aboriginal voting and the 1967 Referendum

Thanks, whilst expected to read how the media mashing of her comments, from personal experience ...

Our family applied in 1992 to Attorney-General Michael Duffy (ALP) for legal assistance so as to have judicial determination as to whether we as Australians had the rights for the members of our family to reside together in our family home; In particular without my having to answer questions as to my racial ancestry - a question I find objectionable.

The Central Land Council denied us all this basic human right.

Since then they have admitted as traditional owners my wife and our children are all entitled by right to reside there. However they have not arranged for their re-accomoddation - someone else presently living there; A reasonable subsitiute would do, so they can resume residence there - and in my wife's case return to work.

The Central Land Council has admitted to the NT Supreme Court that they do not know who told them to do this, however they wish to go the High Court to defend their actions.

We sort legal assistance to have whether I needed to answer their questions as to my racial ancestry in order to reside in our family home resolved.

We raised the issue of who amends the Constitution - Parliament or the People.

Our arguement is that with amending the Constitution a specifically reserved power of the people when exist _reasonable_grounds_to_believe_ existed a difference of purpose between the purpose of the people and the purpose of Parliament in amending the constitution that it is the purpose of the people that must prevail.

This is supported by earlier administrative law decisions by the High Court, and the High Court's acknowledgment of the sovereignty of the people of Australia on several occaisions support this.

Despite numerous opportunities to address this, the High Court has consistantly - and deliberately, dodged these s.128 issues. Whilst acknowledging the presence of these issues, they ignored them claiming they were not asked to address them.

We are requiring they address them, with our wanting an order that as exist reasonable grounds to believe there was the difference of purpose between Parliament and the People, that until such time as Parliament returns to the People seeking - and obtaining, a clear mandate to discriminate between Australians on the grounds of race that ALL discrimination between Australians on the grounds of race be declared unlawful.

ATSIC and the Land Councils are rather concerned as to the effect on their fiefdoms...

The Governement(s) has similar concerns, however they also more concerned at the likelihood of state rights issues - trampled on for so long in our federation, will also come open to reconsideration...

We need lawyers - preferrably a barrister, who is prepared to argue our position in court.

If we win, good by ATSIC, well at the least major surgery - likely it could continue as a shareholder owned company, working with those who want it - not many.

If we lost in the High Court, who amends the Constitution, how the people can instruct Parliament is the political issue to win the federal election on.

Arguing the people's right to instruct Parliament - Citizen Initiated Legislation (or Referenda), is a winner.

Those wanting Telstra sold and those who do not can all support One Nation if One Nation argues the core principle that it is up to the people of Australia to decide at a CIL/Referenda.

Demanding for such a CIL/Referenda is a better campaign promise than a commitment either way.

Subject: Not a One Nation supporter

The first thing that should be made clear from the outset of this note is that you should not be under any misapprehension that I am a One nation supporter. Indeed I am quite the opposite. It is important that I make this point pelucidly clear (please explain!).

I found it most amusing on Friday morning when I heard you state that unemployment was reported by the A.B.S as being 19%. Just to remind you that statement was made on Nazi radio - 2UE on the Alan Jones program. Fortunately for most of us he is the only mis-guided soul who will allow you on air.

All of your comments with out exeption lack verisimilitude and are in the vein of Procrusties-bed. Look it up for your self! But let me get to the point with out leaving you with the impression that I'm too much of a smarty. You are nothing short of a disgrace to the vast majority of human beings who walk on this earth.

Remember, in Queensland, 23% voted for you. 77% voted Against you, and by implication, rejected all that you stand for. your "stunning electoral victory" in Queensland without preferences would have translated in to nothing more exciting than the Box Hill v.Doonside under 5's rugby league grand final.

As a final note don't think for one moment that Australians actually support your ludicrous propositions.

Best misfortunes

Maurice Baroni and Peter Croft

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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