Thursday 26th March 1998

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What the hell is "Cablesplice"?
Is the U S Government's top secret "Operation Cablesplice" for real or is it phony?

Earlier this week I received an anonymous "brown paper envelope" with a four page document headed "Top Secret" and"Codeword: Cablesplice". Now normally this sort of information, which flows across my desk all the time, is treated with a fair degree of scepticism and lands in file 13 after a quick check on the net. 

For the record:

An Aggressive Program to Counter The Disrupters Movement

Recent efforts by The Disrupters Movement to gain political influence are beginning to seriously and adversely affect public perceptions and understanding of ongoing programs aimed at smoothing the transfer of sovereignty and power from national governments to super-national statist organisations unless such efforts are countered and discredited, the task of creating a unified global government under UN control will be far more difficult. The most dangerous element of The Disrupters Movement are those that are part of the Christian Fundamentalist majority. Thefollowing memorandum offers a set of policy prescriptions designed to counter-act their, efforts,

C. Subversion and Elimination of the Second Amendment

1. One of the most critical efforts must be the removal of firearms from individual control. The on-going long-term program to accomplish this is to bear efforts along current lines are advised.

We recently posted a controversial article from The Strategy on the Port Arthur cover-up. The mass shooting behind which the rights of Australians to bear arms has been effectively removed by the Australian government. There is one thing that is not in question about the government's action, right or wrong, - it was unconstitutional.

Many have questioned the reason behind this decision with Port Arthur being the excuse to disarm the Australian population being a popular "conspiracy" theory.

Now a search of Alta Vista revealed just a handful of references toCablesplice but one that added initial credibility wasKSFO 560s talk back radio host Geoff Metcalf.  

Quote on Metcalfe by KSFO 560: "Informing as well as provoking and stimulating his listeners is what gets Metcalf's radio juices going. "I like to make them aware of stories they would not normally find in the mainstream press. And I make a concerted effort to deliver up-to-date information on what is, or is not happening in the `bill mill' in Sacramento."

Note the date of the KSFO560 Cablesplice document dated 26th March 1993. The 1994 version that I received is slightly different content wise but the theme and terminology is identical. It appears to be a slightly revised version of the 1993 Cablesplice document.

Attached to the version I received is a 1996 statement by Gary Hunt that I sourced off the net together with a statement ridiculing Hunt.The reason I accept that Hunt's concern as being valid is because he raised Cablesplice years after it was first talked about by radio host Metcalfe. Why would he follow in Metcalfe's footsteps if he was the author of the document?

Another aspect which gives Cablesplice an air of "believability" is its association with "Operation Garden Plot Expose". Asearch on Altavista on Operation Garden Plot reveals nearly 80 links- all related to the New World Order. I have not had a chance to view them at this stage.

Here are comments by Linda Thompson on Operation Garden Plot:

Operation Garden Plot is not available, period. One guy got it ONCE and had to leave the country. He was involved in litigation over it in Texas and filed a copy. I tried to get that, it's gone, so's he (the case is still there). He's in Mexico now.

We've tried through high level military channels who can't get it, either, with TS/Atomal clearances, but amazingly, books like infantry training manuals on Operations other than War reference it and imply it is available through ordinary military publication channels (it isn't).

It is referenced in numerous military publications (some are shown in America Under Siege, including the TM numbers and the pages themselves that discuss Garden Plot).

It was drafted by Oliver North and others and basically is the plan that implements what we are seeing now -- using FEMA to implement "regionalization" of the United States and giving FEMA control over the military in "emergencies," then re-defining what constitutes an "emergency," through various, seemingly unrelated legislation.

It's a military coup, using civilians and legislation.

The anti-terrorism bill was the last piece.

You need to go read up on NDERS (National Defense Emergency Reserves), then look at some of the military low-intensity conflict and urban warfare tms. Some of these are available from a webscan of DOD pages.

Use FEMA as a keyword then when you search the books, or just "Garden" and see what you come up with.

I think the Cablesplicer documents are more public and we may have them here. Nope, we don't.

Cablesplicer was a West Coast training exercise under Garden Plot a few years ago.

Finally, something called C3CM - apparently adds weight to the validity of Operation Cablesplice is the following statement:

"I have not been able to confirm the validity of what is presented, however, like Operation Cablesplice, it is worthy to note that what is being presented here may be a part of the plan."

"C3CM" is a national defense project designed to assist in securing the "favour" of people in any country in the world.The idea, quite simply, is to identify those that would oppose the government of choice of the United States Government (USG).

Now what I have presented above sounds like "Fruitloop material" and maybe it is... but there again, maybe there is some truth we need to investigate. This is after all what the Internet is all about - a rich resource free of the censorship of the mainstream media.

Finally, there is common agreement with most Internet users today that governments want to squash the democratic right to free speech. If this is the case then there must be some international plan behind this action. These things don't just happen by accident, which brings me to a must listen link. (Links to audio presentations by speakers from all over the world on this subject).  

The Sixth Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy See link - Audio recordings of plenary sessions and: Content Control on the Global Net - Daniel J. Weitzner, moderator (100 min)


The visible fist approach: We cannot do anything about the freedom of the Internet but we as regulators must try to install International controls over it. Governments rely on the invisible hand of the market. After everything is sold off they are left with few fingers and little need for the Make every citizen a policeman on every other policeman- people reading material that they shouldn't be reading.. There are social control instruments that the regulators can use.

The invisible feet approach: Example given of going out to a restaurant with your friend and girlfriend and looking under the table to find your friend and your girlfriend's feet converging.

Regulators wish to bring all the control elements of telecommunications together to ensure that they can monitor who owns access to the Internet and what content a web site carries.

Consider what our government is currentlypromoting - the sale of Telstra. Please feel free to comment or advise us of any relevant research material that you might come across.

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Marriage and Family at risk

Extract fromCircularby Pastor Philip Hills (Phone: 03.9478 4316)

"A new bill which is expected to be introduced into Parliament in the near future will have grave implications for the institutions of marriage and family, for religious groups, for small business - indeed for all Australian society. The Sexual Discrimination Bill (SDB) will grant special rights to homosexuals and lesbians while taking away rights from most other Australians. The SDB has been around for several years now. Public hearings concerning the bill took place in 1996 and now the Senate Committee in charge of the bill has just released a 300 page report with 32 recommendations."

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

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You say:


Dear Sir,

Do I detect Resistance holding out an olive branch to Pauline Hanson's One Nation, albeit on their terms?

For a left wing organisation to be making contact with a group that they themselves have termed term racist, redneck, extreme, isolationist, reactionary, mean spirited, scandal mongers and a bunch of conspiracy theorists , can only mean that they must be feeling totally betrayed by their political masters and benefactors.

WELCOME ! Come on in and join the struggle for freedom. It may be your last chance.

If you join with us then in this battle you can become little fish with a glimmer of hope in a very large pond, but if you choose to remain in isolation you will be forever positioned as terminal fish in a stagnant pond.

Once the common enemy is identified, we must all work together to defeat it. If we have individual differences that cannot be resolved readily then they must be put aside in order that the greater good be done. We know that we have a common enemy and that should be the total focus of our energies. Along the way we must not lose sight of our own individual goals, but if we are defeated in battle because of internal squabbling then we will surely lose the war.

Allan W. Doak

You are so right Alan.

I think that most non-violent activists like Resistance have an important role to play if we can only all focus on stopping the bastardisation of our country for the sole interests of the multinationals.

What the radical left wing elements don't seem to realise what the divisive policies:

is doing to undermine our standard of living and our "lucky country" way of life.

Look at the mess that South Africa is in now. Why would Australia be any different in the future? Why is the UN now promoting "indigenous statehoods" here through theUN Draft treaty into the rights of indigenous people after the South African policy of tribal sovereignty just 20 years ago in states like Transkei, Ciskei and Zululand was the cause for international sanctions?

Why did they adopt that philosophy?


Subject: resistance mail

whew! whats with these people?

racisim shmacisim...........has got as much to do with Pauline Hanson as john Howard has to do with fish and chips.

all i can say to the resistor is "read her maiden speech" with your eyes open this time ,mate.

one more the if we go to yours , will you go to ours? sure that Pauline would just love to go to a resistance meeting, the very same day that resistance starts to represent the views of mainstream australians, in even a fraction of the way that she does.

steve n.

Subject:Stop the MAI

The Parliament of Australia owes the Australian Public a full disclosure of the facts regarding the MAI.

R. Dotter

Subject: Another UN Treaty

The Editor
Dear Sir

AnotherUN treaty now in circulation is the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which may present a greater threat to our national sovereignty than MAI.


Subject:One Nation's Future - look to France

If One Nation is too successful in the forthcoming federal election, the major parties will conspire to change the rules, just as they are currently doing in France following the success of the National Front.

So much for democracy.

You have probably only read bad press about the National Front, just as the French will only read bad things about One Nation, but their policies are similar.

You wont read too much about the success of the National Front in the Australian media, it might encourage One Nation supporters.

Austriaalso has a successful party with policies similar to One Nation,but you wont read about it in the Australian media. And if you read about it elsewhere, you'll get the politically correct media bias.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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