Tuesday 31st March 1998

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Official complaint laid with the Australian Press Council (APC) 

Following advice received by me on Monday I have lodged an official complaint with the APC against News Limited's Courier Mail for the manner in which they handled my right of reply to an article carried by the paper on March 21st.

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Hindmarsh "women's business" fiasco reaches the height of its farcicle existence this week.

The lengthy report from News Week now on-line reveals what a trumped up situation the Hindmarsh Bridge fiasco is, yet in this age of political correctness it has found cult status with the do-gooders and fringe church groups despite the fact that the whole sorry affair is quite simply put based on whimsy.

Here is an extract:

After Laura Kartinyeri, by then 89 years-old and the “eldest woman of the Ngarrindjeri nation”, learned of Doreen Kartinyeri’s claims, she wrote a letter to Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Tickner, on March 17, 1995, stating that she knew nothing of any ‘women’s business’ and had not passed it on to Doreen Kartinyeri.

The letter was tabled in the South Australian Parliament on March 23, 1995. Subsequently this old lady was threatened by women from the Aboriginal Land Rights Movement that she would be sent to gaol if she said anything more about Hindmarsh Island.

This is only part of the clear evidence that "women's business" on Hindmarsh Island epitomises the new politically correct world that Australia is being led through. An age where fact does not matter, truth even less - where "reconciliation" and the causes to be found in its name reign supreme.

Such is the power of the new politically correct world that the case has been rumbling around the courts since 1995, resulted in a minister's resignation last year and is now being heard in the High Court - Australia's highest court.

The case is said to have ramifications on Howard's ten point plan - to be debated by the Senate later this week. The timing of a High Court decision expected tomorrow afternoon in Hobart has got to be the epitomy of the power of the politically correct to try to manipulate the Australian agenda.

Now the do-gooders are coming out like toads at night with University of New South Wales law professor, George Winterton, saying that the Senate should delay the native title debate until the Hindmarsh judgement had been properly analysed. And Macquarie University's Tony Blackshaw agreed  saying, "There's no point in considering something if it's unconstitutional."

Ms Amelia Campbell, a spokeswoman of the Nurangerie Tribe of Adelaide, has spoken out against the native title claim over Hindmarsh saying that it is baseless. She recently joined Independent Member for Oxley Pauline Hanson on the stage. (Campbell is a One Nation supporter -a fact carefully hidden by the media).

If the Hindmarsh Bridge fiasco represents anything at all, it represents the legacy of political correctness in our society.

What does the new "cashless" society represent to Australia's 5 million poor?

The mainstream media present the new scan in/credit/cash card shopping age as a major jump into the future.

Somehow I think different. It represents a loss of jobs to those who would traditionally man the cash registers. It presents a real tangible threat with the new class poor now being able to be clearly identified as they do not have the facility of a card - only having a few dollars in their pockets each week on which to survive.

The division between rich and poor is the great divide in our society today. While the mainstream media would present the front that divisiveness is based on racial tensions and sexual inequality (including the rights of queers), the truth is very different. The growing number of poor in our society, located in suburbs stripped of all but the most basic lifestyle luxuries enjoyed by those who reside in the upmarket suburbs presents Australia with a real challenge.

We have already moved into the age of the information poor and the information rich - a clear division in our society; with our banking industry and 80% of our economic activity now controlled by multinationals a new age is dawning - the cashless age - an age in which the poor will again be left holding the short straw.

While the rich and the famous are presented day after day in our media as the face of this country the growing number of desperate families in our society have good reason to wonder just what is going on.

Two Brisbane schools represent the two faces. One, the Inala High School, a large state school cannot afford to get connected to the Internet while another, St Peters Lutheran College, an upmarket private school provides all its students with a number of terminals to get on-line with computers and networks being present in every classroom.

The truth of the situation is that the poor (pay as you earn employed) are carrying the tax burden while multinational pay little or no tax and the rich use tax minimisation while enjoying the luxuries of life being restricted to those who can afford it.

The Nathan Gorge Dam development

The development of the massive Au$4.5 billion project centered around the Nathan Gorge Dam which was given the greenlight just days after the UN declared that fresh water is now a "commodity" has got the tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum of politics, predictably, at each others throats again.

What the papers overlook is the quite surprising coincidence between the timing of the UN resolution and the approval for the Nathan Gorge Dam project just days after. To an outsider this coincidence could be interpreted not as the state giving the green light but the multinational conglomerate being the party pushing the "Go" button.

The Nathan Gorge dam will be Queensland's fourth biggest dam after Wivenhoe, Burdekin and Fairbairn - and hold twice as much water as Sydney Harbour.

The Labor Party have attacked the Coalition saying that the project would have been handled "more sensitively" by them than the Coalition. "A Labor government would not be playing Russian roulette with the Queensland economy," ALP spokesman Robert Schwarten said.

The Coalition Natural Resources Minister, Lawrence Springborg countered by saying, "The problem, as with all Labor policies of the time, was than nothing ever happened."

Completely lost to both parties is the fact that, as a commodity, water will be a valuable asset no longer controlled by the people of this state. With the multinationals building the dam and owning the project they will be able to dictate to whom the water flows. As they will have effective control of the Dawson River catchment in northern Queensland the whole farming industry in the area will be beholden to their interests.

 With water being traded by speculators as a commodity across geographic boundaries the sick joke that is globalisation can be seen to be for what it is - nothing more than asset stripping.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


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The "super accurate" Newspoll shows incredible fluctuations with the unexplained doubling of One Nation support within two weeks.

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You say:

Subject: Courier Mail

G'day: liked yr reply to Peter Charlton of the Courier Mail....why don't u sue the prick?

Failing that, howz about trying for 'Media Watch'?

[pity Littlemore ain't there anymore....chances are he would have chewed him(Charlton) up and spat him out!]


There is an old saying, "softly, softly, catchee monkey."

News Limited is a bureaucracy run by monkeys who know the ropes.

Their ethics are best summed up by John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff of the NEW YORK TIMES


Subject: Bendigo Ballot

To the editor,
Dear Sir,

The people of Bendigo who are awaiting the result of their historic ballot concerning the banning of Sunday trading by any company employing over twenty employees (Herald-Sun March 30). Advocates of Citizens' Initiated Referenda (CIR) will also be watching with great interest.

Because of a clause in the Shop Trading Reform Act, the result of the ballot will be binding. If our Constitution was amended to include CIR, any referendum initiated by the people could not be overthrown by any government and could only be altered by another referendum.

The 50% voluntary votes already posted in Bendigo ballot with another week to go, has already exceeded expectations. This reinforces the theory that people take more interest in voting when they can see that their choice will have a direct effect.

There is only one part of the procedure which worries me. The article said that the Greater Bendigo Council had spent nearly $4000 on a campaign to oppose any changes. Did they spend the same amount on the 'Yes' vote? If the councillors are the ratepayers' elected representatives, paid for by their rates, how can this happen?

Pat Sturge

Politicians song

The tune is a hymn: "Praise my Soul the King of Heaven".

Words are by the Brazen Hussies from Palmerston North.


Praise our leaders in their wisdom
Sinful mortals such as we
Unemployed, disabled, homeless
We the undeserving be
Please redeem us, please redeem us
Teach Responsibility.

Praise them for their wondrous guidance
Single mothers such as me
Ignorant of basic hygiene
Even what to make for tea
Teach us loving, teach us caring
Teach Responsibility.

Praise them for the fine example
Parent politicians make
Seldom there for bedtime stories
PTA or birthday cake
Call a nanny, call a nanny
Teach us all the steps to take.

Praise them for their job creation
Work for dole and Taskforce Green
Part time casual seasonal low paid
Full time jobs are seldom seen.
Night work, week ends, doing three jobs
Still can't feed a family.

Tell us leaders we implore thee
Where such jobs as yours might be.
Vote yourselves another pay rise
Eat your meals at Bellamy's.
Spend our taxes, spend our taxes!
May this trickle down on me.

Praise them for their grace and favour
To we mortals in distress
Praise their ever-leftward leaning
Quick to blame and slow to bless.
Righteous bastards, righteous bastards!
Full of sanctimoniousness!*

* Note: depending on the occasion 'sanctimonousness' can be replace by 'sanctimonious crap', for additional emphasis.

Philip Lyth

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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