Thursday 12th March 1998

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Hanson to meet 19 One Nation New South Wales candidates this weekend.

Pauline Hanson has a busy weekend ahead of her. Tomorrow she will be interviewed by Kerry-Anne Kennely on Channel 9s Midday Show . This morning it is a radio interview with Alan Jones in Sydney. (Kerry Anne recently blew the cover of the "man who lies" John Pasquarelli... full transcript of that interview here.)

This weekend will meet with some prospective One Nation federal candidates... 19 in all in an undisclosed location in Sydney.

One of the great media-inspired secrets at present is that the drive for One Nation candidates has stalled. This it has not with excellent candidates coming out of the woodwork all over the country.

At out Ipswich branch meeting last night I got to meet the new candidates for Ipswich West (state seat) and one of the pre-selection candidates for the Oxley seat - the one that is causing the ALP such angst.

In just a month from now One Nation will have celebrated its first birthday party at Pauline Hanson's farm. I will be there covering the event alive on the Internet - sharing the occasion with some 500 other party members. I understand all camping tickets for the three day event are sold out - or nearly sold out.

The One Nation - first year on-line can be seen here.

DanPork now an Asian investment doing the traps

Readers will recall our extensive coverage of the sickening, media covered-up, scandal involving Paul Keating, Danpork and the Commonwealth Bank. Well here is a recent update.

Here is an extract:

"Travesty because, in Warwick, Queensland, Danpork is putting about 500 Australian small farmers out of business through a Au$70 million piggery development. The manner in which Danpork has received special treatment in the last twelve months leaves one wondering whether Paul Keating is still not, somehow, pulling strings."

The Rural Weekly which circulates in the Darling Downs and the South Burnett reports:

A Taiwanese Company has bought a share of the DanPork organisation and plans to base pig exports here to help Australia produce pork for the export market.

China Development Corporation (CDC), a large financial institution based in Taiwan, has purchased 50% of Indonesian-owned Euphron Pty Ltd which is a joint venture partner with Danish interests in DanPork Australia.

DanPork Australia is planning to construct a piggery and abattoir at Pratten near Warwick.

The company's managing director Malcolm McKenzie said the deal was completed earlier this year.

"It had nothing to do with the Asian financial crisis. Negotiations have been taking place for over a year," he said.

Mr McKenzie said CDC had a technical services agreement with Taiwan Sugar, which will provide the DanPork operation with the expertise to produce pigs suitable for the Asian market.

He said one or two Taiwanese veterinarians would be based in Australia, possibly at Warwick, to provide this advice.

The type of pig produced in Australia was not exactly what the Japanese and other Asian countries wanted.

They prefer pigmeat to be more of a red meat, and to be bigger and heavier.

These specifications could be met by genetics and feeding, he said.

Before foot and mouth disease almost wiped out the Taiwanese pig industry in the last 18 months, Taiwanese sugar was the country's largest pig producer.

In the last five years Taiwanese Sugar has shown an interest in establishing a pig production business on the Darling Downs. One of the sites it investigated was at Dalby.

"Taiwan Sugar always wanted to get out of Taiwan, and in time may take up some of the CDC shares in the DanPork business," Mr McKenzie said.

He said the pig industry in Taiwan was never likely to be as big as it was before the foot and mouth disease outbreak. There was pressure on the industry from rising land values and all feed grains had to be imported.

The industry had been downsizing and even if rebuilt, was always likely to be a net importer of pork in the long term.

  Stoic Labor leader nothing but an overweight bunny when it comes to Wik

Kim Beazley, despite his verbal bravado last year that he would stand fast on Wik, is now negotiating with the Coalition on how a compromise can be reached over Howard's, ten point plan.

The discussions are centered on:

Last night a spokeswoman for Special Minister of State Nick Minchin said, "Any compromise would have to respect our fundamental principles which include (our position on) the right to negotiate."

Dying Aboriginal elder Neville Bonner hits out over native title claim over Brisbane

Neville Bonner yesterday said that the Turrbal Clan who are about to make a native title claim over the Brisbane area are taking advantage of his imminent death. Bonner is suffering from advanced lung cancer.

On Tuesday Maroochy Barambah of the Turrbal Clan said that the native title claim would be lodged. Bonner of the Jagera people disputes her claim saying, "To be doing things like this is obscene in the first place, in white terms, but it is just not done in Aboriginal terms.

"Are they aware that I am dying, and they're getting in now so when I'm gone they can say, "well, we claimed it when the old man was alive".

"You allow people to die in peace and then if you want to make all sorts of weird and wonderful claims, you can do it after they're dead and gone."

Ms Barambah responded saying, "Everybody has to come up with their proof if they want to challenge our claim and let the Federal Courts make the decision - that's the bottom line.

"As for the whole elders thing, my mother is older than Neville Bonner and I got her permission."

The point that Ms Barambah misses altogether is that under tribal Aboriginal law (the basis of the Mabo native title decision) women cannot make a native title claim... as I have said before - but let us not get that in the way of greed and the politically correct.

Premier Rob Borbidge confirmed that the claim, if successful, would affect parks, easements, roads, historic buildings such as Newstead House on the Brisbane River and even the Royal National Association's Showgrounds near Brisbane.  

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When is a breach not a breach?

When the Prime Minister John Howard says in parliament "Senator Parer has not breached ministerial guidelines."

This follows the revelation by the Opposition that Parer and his wife hold a Au$3 million interest in the coal mining industry through a family trust. Parer is also Resources minister - a fact which has got to be seen as a clear breach of Howard's ministerial guidelines.

Late last year Howard lost three of his ministers at the height of the media ownership fiasco - for blatant conflict of interest.

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