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Tuesday 11th August 1998

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Between the One Nation lines

Yesterday was an interesting day in the global office. In the morning I had a call from the Sydney Morning Herald's Frank Robson who wanted to talk to me about my "battles with journalists".

Seemed like he was extremely well informed with photographers like David Sproule (who I do not know) and a number of journalists having bent his ear about "confrontations" with Scott Balson. He also raised the issue of my being told to "stop taking photographs" in the Parliament by the Press Gallery President Mike D'Arcy.

What his sources had omitted to mention was that a few days later I was told by D'Arcy that he had had no authority to stop me taking photographs after all - an act which I see as censorship.

Quote: It has got to be noted that while I was taking photos the Speaker's position was vacant. When I raised this issue with D'Arcy he agreed that there was no real reason why I should not have been allowed to take photographs and that he had, in fact, no authority to stop me doing so.

It was clear to me that at the recent Queensland Press Gallery AGM journalists had hatched a plan and Robson's lengthy call was, I believe, a preliminary attack.

Robson went on to ask me why I thought media coverage in Australia was biased. I presented a number of examples and made the point that all it takes is a few bad eggs in your profession telling porky pies and they spoil it for the rest.

I felt that I had made a few good points - especially when deflecting his comments about the new Queensland State MPs "conspiracy theories" - he gave the example of Jack Paff saying to him that he had been recording their conversation to make sure that he was not misquoted and raised the issue of Jeff Knuth and his allegedly "racist" comments against Aborigines made during a discussion with him.

Tackling the conspiracy issue I raised News Limited's own widely promoted "conspiracy theory" thrust upon a seemingly uninterested Australian population day after day when the Packer media empire was set to secure the Fairfax group through "shady deals" in last years media ownership muted changes... which were stalled because of the News Limited assault. 

Most of our discussion was centered around the issue of dishonest, at best, reporting of One Nation and what the party stands for.

Last night we had a perfect example of what I was talking about thrust upon us.

In a special on Pauline Hanson's One Nation on the ABC's Four Corners reporter Tony Jones displayed the party is undemocratic, far right and a mess in a report which was so selectively compiled to make a joke of any semblance of balanced reporting in the media.

This of course has been a line thrown around the media traps for months - it is rather like the "racist" tag that is attached to Pauline Hanson and One Nation whenever an opportunity for deception presents itself.

I first met Tony Jones when he was covering the training of the Queensland State MPs at parliament in June. Tony comes across as a very nice chap. We talked several times over that weekend and, at his request, I agreed to a morning here at the global office where they could get my views on One Nation and the media - as the Four Corners report on August 10th would be about "One Nation and the media" with the emphasis being on misreporting.

Last Saturday I sent a broadcast to the One Nation mailing list which reads,

One Nation and media reporting:

There appears to be a discernable move by certain journalists in Australia to look back upon the professionalism (or lack of it) of their own profession in their reporting on Pauline Hanson and One Nation over the last few years.

The reflective mood appears to have stemmed from the eviction of a Queensland Times journalist and photographer from a press conference a few weeks back for what Mrs Hanson saw as 'unbalanced' reporting by the paper in the lead up to the Queensland State Election.

On Monday night (10th August) the ABC's Four Corners programme will be looking at One Nation and the media.

A book is currently being written by a well-know political commentator, author and publisher who will be looking at the same theme.

In relation to this subject - you might find a One Nation's members firsthand viewpoint on the recent 60 Minutes debate between established mainstream party representatives and One Nation members of interest:

The agreed format of the debate is clearly in dispute.

Now clearly I was wrong. I was wrong because I was deceived by the Four Corners programme and reporter Tony Jones who came into my global office in July and spent several hours asking me about how the media misrepresented One Nation. There was no inclusion of the interview with myself because it was all an obvious diversion to keep the party leadership in the dark of their real purpose while they were given privileged access to the party during Pauline Hanson's recent countrywide tour.

These experts in deception, as one of the correspondents writes below, will now join 38 Minutes with the tag of "Flawed Corners".

Flawed Corners not only totally ignored the topic they were supposed to be reporting on but looked for every disaffected member that they could find and created a story out of the interviews accumulated over several weeks. The interview with myself and, I would suggest, many others was omitted because why cover One Nation and the media when that never was your real purpose.

One interesting fact about the programme was the admission by Liberal MP Tony Abbott that he was behind the move by Paul Everingham to represent dissafected One Nation candidate Terry Sharples in his attempts to prevent One Nation candidates at the Queensland state election getting the money due to them to pay for their election campaigns.

National suicide forum reject Pauline Hanson

Here is an extract from the press release:

I am saddened that the forum organisers have asked that I not attend the workshop because my attendance could distract other delegates. They said I was welcome to attend the 'politicians' segment at the end of the forum.


How big is a Petrie?

The president of one of One Nation's south Brisbane branches, Brendan Bogle of Petrie branch, who was interviewed during the Four Corners programme last night made his move hours before the show went to air. He claimed that the 200 membership of Petrie would move to the National party.

He told the Courier Mail yesterday, "One Nation is doing exactly what it claims the other parties were doing: not listening. And it's breaking more than a few hearts along the way.

"I have asked myself, has One Nation a future in Australian politics? In my opinion, as long as these loonies are allowed to manipulate the good people in the party, the answer is no."   

Bogle blamed the state executive saying, "It sees the easy way out... is if anyone causes them trouble, they get rid of them."

One Nation national director David Ettridge responded to Bogle's claims last night by saying, "Not a single member's resigned (from Petrie), but neither have we received anything from Bogle or any of his associates on the executive.

"He's never rung up and said his branch has a problem and if you don't fix it the executive will resign. That's why I think this is a stunt. Brendan and his cronies up in the executive can all take off and do whatever they like and join whatever party they like, but the members won't do that. They may influence a few who were never our supporters in the first place.

"We might lose five or six people. Good riddance to them - it doesn't matter. If they're not with us then we would like them to leave."

Ettridge had not realised just how big a stunt Bogle had pulled with his comments on Four Corners last night having been recorded weeks ago.

This is what Bogle and another previously well reported spit-the-dummy group of ex-One nation members from Queensland said on Four Corners last night:

Tony Jones (reporter), "There was trouble in the founding branch of One Nation some party insiders began to realise that members of the extreme Confederate Action Party (CAP) had infiltrated One Nation in Queensland at its highest levels."

Ted Briggs, "I came actively involved in politics for the first time in the 53 years of my life..."

TJ: "Before the Queensland election Ted Briggs was a senior figure in the Queensland Election Campaign Committee and at one time treasurer."

TB: "I started branches for the Pauline Hanson One Nation. I went out physically delivering the word of Pauline Hanson One Nation."

TJ: "But he said that he discovered that other members of the state executive including the state president Mr Tom King and senior official Santo Ferraro had been in the top echelons of the CAP."

TB: "It was made known to me over a period of time that we have a far, far right organisation penetrating Pauline Hanson's One Nation and pursuing the right wing view."

TJ: "And what sort of view would those people hold do you suppose?"

TB: "Radical."

TJ: "Brendan Bogle is the president of the Petrie branch of One Nation."

Brendan Bogle: "Confederate Action Party people are little minded people. They were sown up in the previous campaigns in the past. They have had no success but this time they were successful in hijacking a party which has good wholesome values."

TJ: "He still believes in Pauline Hanson but he doesn't like the way her party's going."

"Have you been told not to speak to the media?"

BB: "Yeah, I have."

TJ: "So why are you speaking to the media?"

BB: "Well if not for the membership for the public of Queensland who did vote for One Nation and er those half million people who voted need to know what they are voting for. They need to know the people they voted for aren't all they seem."

TJ: "What do you know about the CAP?"

BB: "They would refer to Christ as not being a jew. They seem to think that Aboriginal people should be their very name and that is native."

TJ: "His friend John Philips watched as extremists tried to infiltrate their own branch."

TJ: "How extreme were these people?"

JP: "Well I will put it this way, my flag is not white and my emblem is not a burning cross. There's is as far as I am concerned."

Now think about the timing of Brendan Bogle's statements yesterday that Petrie branch will join the National Party... As Ettridge said earlier nothing more than a clearly planned dump job. Who needs him.

And Briggs - well he nearly bankrupted the Queensland Electoral Campaign Committee before he was dumped. After he was dumped the party found out about his close association with Hanson-hater Lord Mayor Jim Soorley.

The racist Jews

Are all Jews racist or is just a few? One of the Jewish organisations, B'nai Brith, is in the process of re-writing the definition of racist to fit their own agenda.

In my opinion that is, in itself, an act of blatant racism. Why then don't other Jews speak out against them?

The Jewish organisation has been joined by Community Aid Abroad with the charity's spokesman, Jeremy Hobbs, now saying assimilation policies are 'clearly racist'. So any dissent from the politically correct multiculturalism will be monitored by Racewatch.

Well arseholes you better start monitoring anotd because if you don't assimilate you create the foundation of a divisive, racist society and that's a fact.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


The latest Newspoll

The amazing growth in One Nation support nationally, continues:
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email the editor

You say:

Subject: Comments on Tonight's 4 Corners

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share my feelings of slight anxiety over tonight's forthcoming 4 Corners program. The combination of the media's overwhelming m.o. to discredit, and, preferably, destroy One Nation, whenever, and however, possible, and snow jobs to this end in the past by ACA and 60 Minutes, tend to make me skeptical about this kind of thing. IMHO, the ABC people should be expected to be as anti O.N. as the Channel Packer people. Promos for the program along the lines of - See the inside story - unaparalled access to the goings on inside O.N. etc. have done nothing to waylay my fears.

Actually, if I was a member of the ABC 4 Corners team, operating under the standard 'Discredit O.N. Agenda' I would suggest seducing O.N. with an offer to do a program highlighting the day by day attacks on them, and the media's biased handling of those attacks - with every intention of being able to cobble together enough footage later on to add to the 60 Minutes line of undisciplined, whinging rabble, and, hopefully, the other ongoing flank attack commenced by Barbara Hazelton of an undemocratic party structure, or, even, PH being irritable, preferably angry or demanding, on the inside. Or, perhaps, an opportunity to portray David Oldfield as smarmy and sleazy (aka the hatchet job done along these lines in today's The Daily Telegraph). Or perhaps we can get something that might make David Etteridge look like he's only in it to line his own pockets.

Whatever, I sincerely hope everyone involved was ultra cautious. Paranoia where the media's treatment of One Nation and Pauline is concerned is almost an essential precaution.


How right you were Carl, how right you were.


Subject: 4 Corners

The closing comments on 4 corners last night unveiled the true colours of the journalists involved in putting this story together. Once again the media seems unable to present a story from an unbiased perspective. Once again they missed the point. The commentary wound up the program stating:
The Australian voter will have to decide "whether they trust the party that has built itself on the seeds of her anger". Wake up guys! Pauline is the manifestation of the seeds of electorate anger. You put the cart before the horse and tried to shoot the messenger. You are denigrating good Australians with good intentions that, having been hurt and ignored by the other parties, have put they're support for change in a new party. They have succeeded in putting the boot into Canberra. 4 Corners made the same mistake last night that many shock ridden in the political arena made. They arrogantly ignored the real Australians who needed this voice, desperately.
When 4 corners claim that One Nation supporters are (dumbly) falling for one woman's "seeds of anger", they are simply making a political attack on a political figure, and are once again ignoring the plight of hitherto unvoiced, disenfranchised hurting Australians.
And hasn't that been the real problem? (hint: - if you can't make programs that aren't political attacks, at least be part of the solution, not the problem!)
T. Shaw



want to dramatically reduce bias in the broadcast media? Simple. Double the number of radio stations and free-to-air TV stations. Viewers and listeners (voters) would love the expanded choice of programs. Small and large businesses would love the cut in advertising rates. Even Labor's handpuppets in the arts community would give a grudging cheer for the increased work opportunities. The only losers will be the ABC, and the media moguls, who hold these licenses to print money only for as long as the number of stations is restricted. Perhaps a future One Nation senator could put this up as a private Bill, and have it passed in exchange for O.N. support on some other piece of legislation? Labor and the coalition secretly want this to happen, but they're too terrified of the moguls to try it themselves. 'Sorry, Kerry, we fought hard, but those damn rednecks have the balance of power....'

Byron Stander

Subject: Shame 4 Corners! Shame!

This once insightful, objective and influential current affairs programme(oh! for the days of Chris Masters!) has now descended to the level of gutter journalism and intellectual prostitution typified by the likes of: the Murdoch 'press', Packer Industries, Sixty Minutes and Richard Carleton et al...perhaps it should be re-named 'For Shame!' The smarmy, condescending and sarcastic tone of the journo-in-residence(Tony Jones), mapped the course for this disgraceful exhibition of bias, innuendo and fabrication...

The 'promo' hinted that one of the major lights of ON Party(David Oldfield) was a 'National Socialist'(viz: 'Nazi'!). With that kind of bait, who could resist? The doubtless much-mutilated interview of Mr David Oldfield revealed that he describes himself as a 'nationalist', who believes in certain 'socialist' ideas. How does this make him a Nazi? Nazis have a fairly clearly delineated set of ideals and beliefs. Does Mr Oldfield ascribe to these, and what evidence exists to say that he does? Still, never let the facts get in the way of a good lie(especially, a big one!)...when you've built a 'straw man', stick with it!...

Next, we were subjected to a farrago of unsubstantiated and random allegations from disaffected former ON Party 'members'....everything from Russian Roulette to violent physical eviction from ON Party premises by the resident Party Brownshirts! No checks or details of these peoples' backgrounds was done, nor was any body of evidence presented to satisfactorily explain _why_ they decided to 'go public' with their grievances(or whether any inducements or 'persuasion' were involved), nor was any attempt made to verify or corrorborate their 'stories'. The reasons/motivation behind Terry Sharples' Supreme Court injunction were left up in the clouds with the rest of the facts(or, more likely, on the cutting room floor!) The dubious ethics of journo Jones(perhaps he should seek a 'bit part' on the ABC comedy series 'Smith & Jones'!) nearly came unstuck thanks to the glaringly obvious sliminess and 'ducking and diving' of Liberal Party hack, Tony Abbott...whose patently evasive answers to the source and scope of Sharples' mammoth legal bill in the Queensland Supreme Court nearly unravelled this pathetic tissue of lies! You wouldn't have had to be a rocket scientist to figure out that most, if not all, of the telephone-number sized legal bill was covered by funds from the bottomless coffers of the Laboral Party!

Lest the viewers start asking too many difficult questions, however, 'For Shame!' moved quickly along to the violent 'demos' accompanying nearly all ON Party meetings. To the accompaniment of suitably dramatic music, the sombre voice of T.Jones informed us that 'this is not the Australia I knew!'. Indeed it isn't, Mr Jones! The Australia you grew up in was one of full employment: where small businesses and small farms flourished and big government/big business were Australia where there was a minimum of bureaucrats, where a man had the right to defend himself and his family in his own home, where politicians actually came from the working-class and listened to their constituents(instead of to certain supra-national organisations, vocal minority lobby groups and 'intellectual elites'), where society and families were stable, where children were actually taught 'knowledge' and 'discipline' in schools(and graduated fully literate and numerate, ready to take their places as responsible and useful members of society), where the dominant culture/religion was Christian, and where people could say what they thought in the workplace, the home, the streets, the schools and the sporting fields without fear of the Thought Police descending on them!!!! Australia where children could play safely in the streets and in the parks and the elderly were not barricaded inside mini-fortresses! And people hoping for a return to even a semblance of what once passed for normality are now accused of 'divisiveness' and castigated as 'racists' and instigators of 'political violence and instability'! The indisputable and well-documented fact[s] that the violence at these 'demos' is perpertrated and instigated by a Trotskyite Rent-a-Mob(with identifiable Laboral Party connections)was, of course, never gone into or much for investigative journalism!

Mrs Hanson summed up the situation nicely:"It's the Australian people who are driving this[the rise and rise of ON Party]. Not me or anyone else"

A word of caution: this disgraceful and sorry debacle should serve as a warning-notice to ON Party members, supporters and officials: that, as far as the mainstream media in this country is concerned, _they_are_on_their_own. Obviously, the media cannot be prevented from 'reporting' on ON Party meetings, rallies and decisions. However, a policy of studied indifference, where the only comment is 'no comment!'(or, better still, cold disdain) and the only 'photo opportunity' is a strategically placed back, would seem to be in order here!


Subject: Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Thank you for your reply.

Can you direct me to an website/journal/book that explains how an "ordinary" citizen managed to be taken seriously and to build a viable political party. We need a "one nation" party in Canada-Reform is betraying its early supporters!

graham watson
calgary alberta

Subject: They've gone too far this time

The charity Community Aid Abroad, and the Jewish anti-defamation organisation, B'Nai Brith, have combined in an unholy alliance to form Racewatch. This is an un-Australian organisation which plans to use volunteers to scrutinize the utterances of politicians, their staff and even supporters for 'racist remarks'.

Anyone deemed to have made racist remarks will have their remarks forwarded to a tribunal consisting of Justice Marcus Einfeld of the Federal Court, Irene Moss, a former federal race discrimination commissioner and present NSW Ombudsman, and Trevor Boucher, former head of the Departmment of Taxation. These witch-hunters will be acting as private citizens.

According to Community Aid Abroad's Jeremy Hobbs, assimilation policies are 'clearly racist'. So any dissent from the politically correct multiculturalism will be monitored by Racewatch.

I urge all fair-minded Australians resist this disgraceful bullying. If planning to make a donation to charity bypass Community Aid Abroad for an alternative, and protest against B'Nai Brith. What hypocrites the Jewish members of this organisation are in compiling lists of people! I trust most Jews are as disgusted as I am.


Subject: Which is the best Tax ?

Sat. 08.08.98, on Channel 2 in the news at 19:00hrs., It was announced, that Exports will be exempt from GST.

As far as I can see, people from other Countries, buying various products, manufactured in this Country, will not have to pay the GST on them, but anybody from this Country will have to pay the GST on the same products. WHY ?

Why don't we have a Debit Tax instead of GST ?

Is there anything wrong with The Debit Tax ? All, the Government, the Opposition and the Democrats, seem to avoid the issue, hide any information on the subject, and avoid to debate, disclose any data, discuss it, mention it or bring it, in to the open. Is it to prevent people with millions and billions of dollars, from paying tax on it, and to make us, ordinary Australians pay the tax, which should have been paid by them.

All I am asking is, for the Government, Opposition and the Democrats come clean, and bring it, (with it's faults and benefits), in to the open, so we can come to an informed conclusion on it, or do they want us to keep us in the dark.

Here are the Internet, PRO, The Debit Tax, addresses, let's have from the Government, Opposition and the Democrats, any information AGAINST The Debit Tax, so we can make fully informed decision on it, HOW TO VOTE.

If you want to see the information PRO The Debit Tax, here are the Internet addresses on The Debit Tax, they seem to be (on the face of it), very attractive, ONLY 0.33% on any money withdrawn to spend. In another words, anybody earning (and spending it all)

     Spend  $A. a year:           Will have to pay  $A. Debit Tax a year: 

         $A. 10'000:00            	              $A. 33.00      
        $A. 100`000.00                               $A. 330.00                               
        $A. 200`000.00                               $A. 660.00       
        $A. 400`000.00                             $A. 1`320.00      
        $A. 800`000.00                             $A. 2`640.00                          
      $A. 1`000`000.00                             $A. 3`300.00                            
     $A. 10`000`000.00                            $A. 33`000.00            
    $A. 100`000`000.00                           $A. 330`000.00                             
  $A. 1`000`000`000.00                          $A. 3`300`00.00                              
 $A. 10`000`000`000.00                        $A. 33`000`000,00                         
 $A. 20`000`000`000.00                        $A. 66`000`000.00               
$A. 100`000`000`000.00                       $A. 330`000`000.00





Richard B.


EMERALD - (Tuesday, August 11, 1998) - Any candidate who supports the implementation of a Goods and Services Tax must be resoundly defeated at the next election. Mr. Howard has already stated that there is no way that he can guarantee that the rate of the proposed tax will be fixed at 10%. Any State politician or member of a local authority who supports the proposed Goods and Services Tax is in fact committing an act of treason. The Tax has had a disastrous effect on the battlers of New Zealand and Canada. I have friends in New Zealand who abhor their system, they talk about ours with great envy. Once the legislation is in place your can rest assured that the minister in charge will manipulate it as per usual at the expense of the populous. In Norway the Tax has now reached a high 25% whilst in Britain it is 17.5%. No government irrespect of political persuasion can be trusted with a Goods and Tax. The solution, write to your Federal Member of Parliament and Senator seeking an undertaking that they will not support the introduction of the Howard/Costello reeking plan. If you don’t get a positive reply, you will then know what to do at the next election.


V. (Vic.) B. Cominos

Subject: Guernsey - a fair cow for the banksters!

A search on the www for 'Guernsey', turned up a CIA file that showed the Island of Guernsey prints its own money (so tax is almost nonexistent), has no foreign debt (as there is no interest to borrow for), and no CONstitution (the ultimate test of true civilisation, as laws are not needed when all citizens are civilised).

After a request by e-mail to the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce for reasons why, I received a most pleasant reply from a lovely lady - Miss Jan Vaudin, the Chamber Secretary, who then snail-mailed me the archives from 1817, detailing the reply from the 'States of Guernsey to the Privy Council justifying their experiment in monetary reform.'

The document is 20 pages of letter size, which I will send in bits over the next couple of days, but if you want to find out for yourself:
Chamber of Commerce Guernsey Suite 3, 16 Glategny Esplanade, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1WN.


Subject: Comments on the Day of Reckoning

Dear Pauline,

I hope you do not mind me calling you Pauline I just want to let you know that I support your views it takes someone with strength courage and conviction to speak out and you have it where no one else would. I have been abused for not signing petitions against you but I just want to let you know that I support you all the way and I hope to meet you one day. If it is not to much trouble could you email me to let me know how I could help you in your endeavours to gain Australia back for us and eliminate the immigration of Asians they seem to treat us like dirt and I get the impression they think we owe them instead of them appreciating us for giving them their freedom.

I remain a strong ally for you may you go to the top and become PM

Anne from Melbourne



I will be in Brisbane Magistrates court on Tuesday 11th August 98 for my charge of unlicenced person under section 50 of the Weapons act 1990 to be heard. The press are requested to attend as the New Gun Laws are an issue of significant national importance. Martin Essenberg

OTHER LEGAL CASES BY OTHER PEOPLE THAT EFFECT ME John wilson will be in the Court of Appeal, Sydney, at 10:15am Monday 24/8/98 for the hearing of his application for Leave to Appeal against Justice Peter Hidden in the Supreme Court denying him his right to trial by jury. If you know of anyone in Sydney who would be interested in witnessing proceedings, let them know. This case is of interest because I also am after Jury

Michael Burke of the UK has lodged an application with the High Court in Britain on 22nd July 1998 but could not get a hearing before the end of term at the Court which is now closed until September. He is fighting the British Gun Laws

Martin Essenberg

Subject: assimilation versus multiculturalism

Thank you J. Shinkfield for so succinctly proving my point. You wrote: "It looks like the immigrants are assimilating well!"

Precisely. Australia is a nation of immigrants, and assimilation is a natural process. So we don't need divisive policies of 'multiculturalism' which have been high-jacked by sleazy politicians chasing the ethnic vote, and which fuel the ambition of even sleazier ethnocrats.


Subject: HELP all women were raped during the May riots in Jakarta

We Promise that we will throw a nuclear bomb to Indonesia to destroy this bastard Islam country, if they still persecute our chinese.

B J Habibie, we will kill you if you don't settle this matter.

Please note the image at this link is not for the faint-hearted. It was allegedly taken during a rape-murder session in Indonesia as outlined below.

Source: Christian Leaders Association

21 June, 1998. Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear friends,

Here I submit a victim's account of being raped during the May riots here in Jakarta. Reference to Huaran Bulletin Board June 12, 1998.

The purpose is to request your prayers for hundreds of similar victims.

"My name is Vivian, and I am 18 years old. I have a little sister and brother. As a family we live in what is supposed to be a "secure" apartment.

At 9.15 am, May 14th, 1998 a huge crowd had gathered around our apartment. They screamed, "Let's butcher the Chinese!", "Let's eat pigs!", "Let's have a party!" We live of the 7th floor and we got a call from a family on the 3rd floor saying that the crowd had reached the 2nd floor. They even chased some occupants upstairs. We were all very frightened. In our fright we prayed and left everything in God's hands.

Afterward we left our room and went upstairs to the top floor, as it was impossible to go downstairs and escape. We got to the 15th floor and stayed with some friends. Not long afterwards we were surprised because some of the crowd coming out of the elevators right before we entered the room. We hurried into the room and locked the door tightly. At that time we heard them knock at the other rooms loudly and there were some screams from women and girls. Our room was filled with fear.

We realized that they would come to us. So we spread throughout the room hiding in the corners.We could hear girls of 10 to 12 years old screaming, "Mommy, hurts" That time I didn't know that these little girls were being raped. After about half an hour the noise diminished and we had some guts to go out and check. It was indescribable. A lot, some of them youg girls, were lying on the floor. "Oh my God, what has happened?" Seeing all of this we screemed and my little sister Fenny, screamed histerically and hugged her father.

Uncle Dodi kept trying to stop them by offering money. His efforts were fruitless. And in the end 5 people raped Fenny. Before beginning with the raping they always said "Allahu Akbar" (an islamic phrase in arabic meaning "God is great". They were ferocius and brutal.

Not long afterward, around 9 men came to the room and dragged me. I also saw them forcing and dragging my Aunt Vera. But at that time I passed out and everything went blank. I became conscious at around 5 or 6 pm. My head hurted and I realized I had no clothing on my body. I cried and realized my family was still there. My father was hugging my mother and little bother Doni. I also saw uncle Dodi lying on the floor and Aunt Vera was crying over his body. I felt so weak and fainted again.

The next day I was in the Pluit hospital. My father and mother were beside me. With all the pains on my body I asked, "Mom, why Fenny. Mom?" I felt a stinging pain as I said these words. My cheeks were swollen. My mother cried again and couldn't speak any words, while my father, holding back his tears, managed to smile at me. After 4 days in treatment, my condition has improved. With a sad look, my father told me then what had happened. After I fainted 7 people raped me. At that time my father still couldn't see well after beling hit with a piece of wood. They raped me repeatedly. Then my father said "Vivian, Fenny is gone..."

I was confused and cried out, "Why Dad?" My father couldn't answer. He told me to rest and went out of the room. I cried over and over again, feeling that my life had no meaning any more. A week ago, after I was released from the hospital I was told everything that had happend.

When Fenny was raped she kept on fighting and so she was repeatedly slapped by her rapists. The last time she fought Fenny spitted on one of them. Offended, the man grabbed a knife and stabbed Fenny's stomach over and over again. Finally she died with blood over her whole body.

My father told me that uncle Dodi had the same fate watched by aunt Vera who was also raped. "God...why should all of this happen? Where are you God? Are you still alive?" My aunt Vera now stays with her parents. She is in shock. Her face is blank and refuses to eat. Almost every hour my mother and I cry over all these happenings. I can never forget. These mobs of people are uncivilized monsters."

Additional comments from Bill Hekman:

This is one of many victims. Hundreds of women and children were raped, mutilated and killed by muslim mobs. Some had their vaginas ripped apart, their bodies cut into pieces.

Over 5000 of the Chinese Indonesian's shops were looted and burned down. A few days ago anther 63 shops were burned in Tegal, Central Java. The city of Solo is burned down. There is no protection and no justice in this country any more.

Yesterday I was in the Kelapa Gading area and that area was spared from destruction. The police and military had guarded all the entry roads. The people there had collected large sums of money from door to door and paid for their protection.

A similar situation took place in the Pondok Indah area.For the people who cannot pay millions to the armed forces there is no protection. Right now the hunderds of thousands of thugs,robbers, rapist, and killers live all around us. They are our neighbors. There is no punishment for the criminals and no justice for the victims. Yet, all Indonesians call themselves believers in God almighty. What a hipocracy. Shouting "God is great" when raping women andchildren is a blasphemy against a Holy God.

Pray that God will annoint His preachers and missionaries throughout this nation with the power of the Holy Spirit to preach the message of repentance. God's word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 needs to be proclaimed boldly. There is no room for preachers filled with fear who think of evacuation and other selfish plans. Pray for Revival in all our churches.

There is no room for preachers filled with fear who thinkof evacuation and other selfish plans.

Some Christians are putting signs on their shops "Owned by Muslim". May God forgive them. Healing of this nation filled with crime and unjustice is bringing God's judgement and punishment. Healing and Salvation can only come with a nasional repentance at all levels in the government, armed forces and society. Then we need to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the One and Only Savior. No one will ever receive forgiveness and see heaven except through God's appointed Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for standing with us now. God bless you.

During the chaos in Indonesia last May 13-15 many Chinese Indonesian citizens were abused, tortured and killed. Their houses and stores were looted and burnt. Hundreds of Chinese Indonesian girls/women (aged 10-55) were sexually harassed and gang raped brutally. Some victims were even raped in front of their family members or in front of inhuman cheering crowd.

Some of them were even thrown into the fire and burnt to death after being raped. Yet, not many actions seem to have been taken to investigate all this or to help the victims. And not very many people seem to know or care about what happened. Please help to spread the news and let the world know.

We need help to get more international attention to help Chinese Indonesians, who are now living in fear in Indonesia. Please pass this ribbon around as the symbol of campaign against human rights violations, injustice, and racism towards Chinese Indonesians.

Show that we care and may God help us!

The media and gays


thank you for sending this to me. it's great to be kept in touch with what's *really happening in australia.

sorry to hear about the media!

they are even worse here in america.

don't let the bastards get to you! stay cool.

I have a question. a good friend of mine here who is a gay guy was telling me that you don't like gay people!

i told him that i like pauline because she is sending a message to the people who run australia like they own it (they don't own it, we do!). i don't mind people who don't like gay people just so long as they don't bash them, which has unfortunately been the experience of my friend. to my mind they should be allowed to live how they like so long as they don't harm anybody. just like everyone else. i do think they deserve the same rights as i have though. he tells me that if he went to hospital his partner couldn't visit him because the law wouldn't allow it which is just terrible.

please tell me that he's got this wrong!

best wishes
jane manson, USA

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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