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Wednesday 30th September 1998

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an Aussie's viewpoint on Australia's first daily Internet newspaper.
Since October 1995

Between the One Nation lines

Yesterday I witnessed, first hand, the media's gate crashing of a private One Nation meeting.

Their justification was fruit-loop stuff - the sort of thing that they like to accuse One Nation supporters of.

Picture right: Pauline Hanson arrives in the glare of the camera lights.

Here is an extract from the extensive report covering this event and the astounding behaviour of some of the journalist, cameramen and photographers who were there:

Picture left: The Sydney Morning Herald's Margo Kingston is interviewed by other journalists in a farcical situation where the media create the news instead of reporting on it.

While Margo Kingston cried foul about the costings Jackman took Heather Hill loudly to task calling her a liar over her comments on ABC Radio 4QR where she allegedly said that morning ' you pick up The Courier Mail and you have three pages of very detailed policy of the major political parties and only a few lines from One Nation'.

"Where are the costing you promised us Mr Oldfield," Margo Kingston shouted to the benefit of those gathered in the hall.

"Why did you lie about The Courier Mail on radio today Mrs Hill," Christine Jackman shouted in similar vein.

Here we had a most remarkable situation. A situation where the media, instead of reporting on issues, was actually creating the story that would appear on television that night and, most certainly, the Australian papers the next day.

Full report with images headed "The day the media snapped" at this link

Whatever happened to "RaceWatch"?

Do you remember the pre-election hype by Community Aid Abroad and B'nai B'rith about RaceWatch - their un-Australian group to be used to "out racists"?

Whatever happened to its grand plan of providing the media with a list of racists every Friday during the election campaign? I cannot believe that Australia does not have one racist - if it doesn't why all this talk about racists and racism and why involve thousands of One Nation supporters by implication?

Check out "RaceWatch" files.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

A spoof on the Liberal's crimtrak

To the editor,

Dear Sir,

The following phrases have been cloned from the Liberal Web Site and changed a little.

"To successfully strengthen the fight against bad politicians, Australian people must have quicker and more effective sharing of information through use of the latest technology.

The government would contribute up to $50 million over 3 years to establish a national information system – PoliTrac. PoliTrac will be available to all Australian citizens, and will match information from suspected politicians with undelivered promises.

PoliTrac will use the latest advantages in technology including information on the records of deposed politicians and records from pre election speeches.

As well as DNA (Did Not Answer – (the question)) information, the system will include a register of: Poli superannuation payout payees, apprehended air travel rorters, workers in wasteful indigenous industries, those holding paedophile licences, and just in case we are heading down the path of the US - the perpertrators of stolen virginity. We could also run an RSD (Repository for Soiled Dresses)

Through PoliTrac, the public will be able to see the truth quicker and build fairer and stronger communities, protecting all Australians.

Given the national significance of this important initiative, the Government will discuss ongoing resource requirements with the states and territories."

But seriously, if real fairness is to be brought into politics we must strive to see that every Australian citizen has easy access to the Internet. In practical terms this would require funds being provided so that every Australian household is given access to the Net. This is coming of course, with the introduction of television/internet receivers with the ability to surf the net from the loungeroom chair by way of the remote control. Then every Australian will have access to the truth. This will at least remove some of the monopoly that the existing owners have over the media.

Yours sincerley

John K. Flynn - Perth

PS and good luck Pauline and One Nation !


Dear Sir

Sorry to see Pauline's distress at Court yesterday, don't let them get you down.

I cannot remember a Politician in this Country being treated the way you have been (and some of them deserve to be) stay strong.

Good luck on Saturday and don't worry if things don't turn out the way you hope, you have achieved more than any of the rest of them, Australia will never be the same again.

I would also like to compliment you on your courage, femininity and staying power.

God bless you.


That song

I was pleased that the court in its wisdom has stopped the abc from playing that "song". However tonight on B105 at 10:10pm it was played on The Ugly Phills hot 30 show as the number 2 song. I felt that strongly about it that I have emailed the presenter of the show and it's parent station voicing my disgust at their obvious lack of concern and their poor taste. I was under the impression that the injunction applied to ALL radio stations not just triple J, ABC.

Best of luck on saturday 3rd October 1998.

Margaret Chapman

Honesty will prevail over media lies

Watching with absolute dismay at the disgusting festering lie that is the media. And to see our national political parties and anyone else that has a mind to, kick a defensless body while lying bleeding on the ground brings me to tears. Pauline Hanson and One Nation will have the hardiest of followers, the true patriots of Australia will rise, and rid this disease from our society. Those eletist that see us as lesser Australians than they will inevitably fall on there own sword. And so be it. I have made myself a promise, that in any event I will gather the resources and begin an honest paper to be sent to anyone who seeks the truth, to all One Nation members and friends, and together with my friends in mackelar (the seat of) we will expose the treachery of these journalists and there lying rags.

Good luck to Pauline and all candidates in the rescue of our great Nation.

Ian J Nelson

The press

Watching in dismay as our so called journalists dismantle freedom in this country by selectively offering only what is totally negative to One Nation is to say the least an outrage. To these cowards who own the forum, I hope that one day they will reap what they have sown. That is inciting one Australian against another, poisoning the minds of our children, destablizing our economy, and furthering the hatred and bigotry of a small industry called multiculturalism. I can only hope that all members of One Nation rally together after the election whether or not we win considerably or lose. We have only just begun to bring power back to the people, we have a long road ahead, the task is enormous, but for the sake of Pauline Hanson and all One Nation members, and all decent Australians we must and will prevail.

Name withheld

GWB and One Nation issues

GWB - Thankyou for your defence of One Nation and Pauline Hanson's courage to take on the entrenched political parties of Australia - TweedleDUMB and TweedleDUMBER! Free thinking [and intelligent] Australians have much to thank her for and also Global Web Builders for your well-designed, well presented Web Site - a smack in the eye for those who seek to silence you and destroy One Nation. History will deal with them in due course. Let us all hope that a future Conservative Government supported by One Nation will clean the Labour voting,commie reds and pinkies out of the ABC and close down Triple J Radio - a hotbed of filth and invective for the entertainment of ratbags, perverts, druggies and suchlike -most of them with rings in their noses,eyebrows and various other body places! God may forgive them for what they have done and said against Pauline Hanson but One Nation supporters won't!

[George Sherlock]

Excuses, excuses

Commenting on the refusal by the major parties to raise issues such as reconciliation or the challenges of globalisation, the Australian editorialised: "The effect of politcal threats, such as One Nation, has been to intimidate the big parties, so they have avoided controversial issues."

Intimidate? One Nation intimidates the big parties? I see they are re-writing history before it has even happened. The truth is that the big parties have tried to intimidate One Nation since its inception, and they have failed to do so. In the face of such intransigence by a substantial proportion of the citizenry, elite opinion now has it that the big parties are the victims of One Nation!

Why then did a journalist in the same paper claim One Nation was "limping towards the finish line"? They cannot have it both ways: surely a party which is "limping towards the finish line" cannot simultaneously "intimidate the big parties".

The big parties have not been intimidated by One Nation. They are simply too gutless to come clean on their social and economic policies because they know the people - yes the people, not just One Nation supporters - disapprove of them.

Very few people want Australia sold off to foreigners and the big parties know it. That's why they will not debate privatisation, globalisation, and UN treaties which limit our rights, both national and even private parental rights. The Australian's excuse for the big parties' reticence - that the existence of One Nation intimidates them - is ludicrous.


How to vote card

I just received a "how to vote" card from my local labor candidate.

Two things annoyed me about it.

First he had Neil Baird the ON candidate for my area of Barton placed LAST on the ticket (which means I will now place Lib last and Labor second last).

The second was when I turned the paper over it had info on how to vote in about 20 other languages!

How long will it be before there will be no English language and we are all forced to learn some other language to communicate. How long before English is outlawed in Oz!

Geoff Stanley

My objection to vote rigging

dear Scott,

Please post the following as a matter of interest to those who believe in democracy.


I object to the cavalier manner in which MY vote has been forcibly taken to give a result that I do not desire. This is based on the fact that neither the Liberal nor the Labor party, are worthy of my vote in any way what so ever. They both are guilty of leading this once great nation into a third world condition and enslavement by the multinational banks. We had a perfectly legal preferential system in place but because of the fear of the new One Nation party, you (NB I am not using adjectives such as arseholes) people in your scared condition seeking to protect your selves from the anger of the people just had to fiddle the system to your advantage. The result, for the first time in 25 years I will now give my preference to the Laborites. Next time I might give the other bunch of liars a go just to cause instability. These are the reasons for my objections.

These are the grounds for my objection. For some time now you have been guilty of operating an Internationally illegal government. Again there has been cover up after cover up of these illegalities, continually lying to the people, hiding behind a foreign document "The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK", covering this by having an alien monarch justify it all. The Queen of England is only the Queen of England. No where else in the world is she recognized as the Queen of Australia.

Where does she live? When was she crowned as such? How often are we honored by Her presence? Recently she was advised to rescind all of her Letters Patent by the UK government. She did. Then the Commissions of Authority were invented signed by the Queen of Australia to cover the weakness of the system. These also have no international recognition. Your legislations have no legitimacy. You really are just a bunch of pirates.

Totally without respect,
John R Hugo.

A Labor carbon tax?

Dear Sir

Carbon Tax Alert !

The Australian federal election campaign is now reaching a climax with the Liberal government's new tax proposals for income tax cuts and a broad-based Goods and Services Tax (like VAT in Europe), coming under sustained attack from the Labor opposition. Labor are now nudging ahead in the opinion polls, making this Saturday's election a cliffhanger.

But it is now possible that an incoming Labor government will use "saving the planet" as a pretext for a Carbon Tax to bolster a revenue shortfall their campaign promises have created. Labor have on recent previous occasions promised one thing before an election and promptly did U-turns afterwards, particularly on tax matters.

Is a Labor Carbon Tax merely a speculation - or a real Labor agenda? During the Tasmanian state election 4 weeks ago, the state Labor leader, Jim Bacon, (who subsequently won the election) stated during the campaign that Tasmania should retain it's prized fossil-free hydro-electric system in public ownership in anticipation of the mainland of Australia moving toward carbon taxes on all fossil fuels (coal, oil, petrol, gas).

It was an indiscreet slip on his part during the heat of debate on local TV, and suggests that federal Labor is already moving toward the idea of a Carbon Tax. Such a tax would massively increase the price of fuel and electricity, causing cost increases in every economic sector. (More on Carbon Taxes here)

Australia's deal at Kyoto makes carbon taxes un-necessary. Yet, federal Labor may be warming to the tax anyway purely as a revenue measure after the election is behind them. Deja Vu. It would have a profound broad-based impact, but be justified spuriously on environmental grounds. They may even be tempted to squander the hard-won gains made by the current government at Kyoto in order to justify the Carbon Tax.

John L. Daly

Comment on Australian National News of the Day

A friend has suggested that we should all put Labor as our 2nd preference rather than Liberal.

His reasoning is this, if the Libs get in we will get a GST that will NEVER be repealed by Labor if they ever got in again.

Whereas if Labor gets in at least we have 3 years more for One Nation to gain strength and recognition and a chance to see if Labor will stuff the economy up again.

Geoff Stanley


Dear Editor,

For the record, the prediction is that the Liberals will lose their occupancy of the Treasury Benches as a result of the (delayed?) distribution of preferences in the October 3 election.

John Winston Howard will retire in affluence and with the multiplicity of perks for former Prime Ministers (who do not have to serve any set time to qualify) and Peter Costello will be appointed by that Party as its parliamentarty leader (and will be the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition).

Post mortems will reveal that the Liberals failed miserably in their pitifully weak attempts to sell a new tax regime BECAUSE they did not comprehensively emphasise the taxes, duties, levies and other government assessments that were being abolished in the process AND they did not effectively counter the anti-GST publicity. Many of the grassroots supporters will wonder whether there was a hidden agenda or ulterior motive involved. Was it realised, for example, that the "difficult", perhaps even intransigent, Senate would deny a Liberal-led government a new tax regime and a radically altered industrial relations one?

The next government will probably not achieve its objectives but the extremely tolerant electorate will let it run up massive debt and continue - surreptitiously - to sell off any remaining publicly held assets.

J o n M. A x t e n s

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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