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Sunday 20th September 1998

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Since October 1995

Between the One Nation lines

Here is an extract from my report "Where the politically correct hang out":

Picture right- "poody-tat" Lord Mayor Jim Soorley giving a toothless tiger impression...

Yes, this would be a perfect "research" project based on an unbalanced segment of Australian society participating in the hidden corridors of academia - then pumping out their politically correct results as representative of "Australian views on the issue".

It was at events like this where the politically correct hung out - distorting the real picture of Australia's concerns and issues to suit their own agendas. An added bonus was that the mainstream media were also there!  


Picture right: One Nation's Robyn Spencer answering a question while Uri Themal, Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs in Queensland, looks on

What followed was "question time". The first carefully selected questioners were from politically correct lobbies being presented by Asian and Indian and surprise, surprise all taking to task Robyn Spencer. Of even more surprise was the fact that these well tax-payer-paid travelled Australians (as confirmed in their boasts leading up to their questions) all worked for the Multicultural Development Association (MDA).

They read out their careful prepared questions challenging Mrs Spencer on a totally biased, pre-conceived attack. What surprised me was that the convener Ms Anna Reynolds seemed to know where they were and, despite a show of hands across the room (including my own), Ms Reynolds always seemed to pick an MDA staff member - or maybe it was just that their staff filled the room.

Fairfax's unbalanced reporting

On page 26 of today's Sun Herald there is an article headed "You Dirty Info-rat" talking about the use of electronic databases to dig up dirt. The comment I found amusing is one highlighted: "The dirt on Rupert Murdoch made Bill Clinton look like St Augustine. It was very juicy stuff. You could have got five days of front page headlines," Catt said.

and: "The only no go area, it seems, is to investigate other newspaper editors or owners. When Catt approached the UK daily tabloid he works for, however, he was told it was a "fantastic" story but the editor wasn't in the mood for any recriminations."

Not that Fairfax have any right to claim the moral high ground on balanced reporting.

The day before, The Sydney Morning Herald magazine "Good Weekend" carried an extensive report headed up "The first eleven". It is an excellent example of biased reporting in action.

The "reporter" Frank Robson, I believe, defames me in the article referring to me as One Nation's "karaoke scribe". Not that I am singled out, mind you, the whole article is full of half-truths and distortions about One Nation's Queensland State MPs and is about as balanced and objective as a multinational's tax payments.

Any dirt that can be regurgitated is. The MPs being singled out as "karaoke MPs" with the introduction to the article stating: "Karaoke: (Japanese, "empty orchestra") A style of singing... whereby songs were recorded with full companimental backing, but without vocal line, which could then be added by anyone wishing to do so." - The Oxford Dictionary of Music.

I had a call from Mr Robson about a month ago. We spoke for about 45 minutes on the phone - none of our discussion was covered just a statement which was raised in passing and disputed by me. In the article he states: "Like Hanson, he has a tendency to get things wrong. In one bulletin, for instance, he mixed his usual fawning ("I have never seen Pauline Hanson so radiant, so self assured...) with an outburst over the "sick mentality" of a "paparazzi" he claimed took unauthorised shots at the funeral of Hanson's mother: "I don't know his name, but who cares - there he is." The accompanying picture shows XXX, a photographer with The Australian, who wasn't even in the same city on the day of the funeral."

The statement referring to the photographer was removed from "the bulletin" months ago and had absolutely no currency when Robson wrote this piece - but don't let that get in the way of a good story. It had been removed earlier because of a legal threat that I received from News Limited over the comment.

My statements referring to a whole range of real issues were totally ignored in preference to this unbalanced diatribe.

Churches are the racists - Pauline Hanson

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has accused four church groups of supporting racist policies with their call for the retention of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC).

The Catholic, Anglican, Baptist and Uniting churches have issued an open letter calling for an end to unjust attacks on ATSIC, claiming it is uniquely equipped to deliver outcomes to indigenous people.

Miss Hanson says her calls for ATSIC's abolition and for a Royal Commission into the organisation are based on public demands for it to be made accountable for the funding it receives.

"There is monies that have been wasted and all the Australian people want is a fair go - they want accountability and I'm going to continue to call for it," she said.

"And besides, why have an organisation that is purely based on race alone.

"I call everyone who supports these racist policies as being racist themselves," Miss Hanson said.

New Aussie battler: Asian and dirt poor

Extract from the Sydney Morning Herald article:

Meet the new Aussie battler: he is Asian, dirt poor and lives in the south-western suburbs of Sydney.

He struggles to support a family on a tiny income and, with limited English and few skills, his future looks grim.

He is, according to a Monash University report to be published next week, proof of the emergence of a new migrant underclass, raising awkward questions about the effects of immigration on Sydney.


By Mhoire McIntosh

It should be by now world wide knowledge of the "Millenium Bug".You know,that in the year 2000 some very important computers are going to go "Ape" because early programmers only instructed them to recognize years by using the last two digits. When the clocks strike midnight on the 31st of December,1999,those computers will display on their VDU's January 1,1900.

Many "fixes"have been suggested to correct this situation, costs running from hundreds of millions of dollars to many billions.This amount of money would be needed to create,distribute and install just the software to get all computers in the world to understand that the true date should be January 1,2000.

I say Bah! Humbug! all that wasted money right down the drain can be put to better use and the problem fixed by changing our calendar and not the computers.At the stroke of twelve lets call the new year January 1,1900(Alt.).This way we can relive the 20th century but do it right this time around.

Now before you dismiss this suggestion as totally out of hand, just think of the benefits the whole world would get.We would get another 100 years for our computer Gurus to come up with "A Fix" or we could replace our current computers with more advanced technilogical up-dated models.(Don't tell me that, that's not the name of the game!).Its really very simple,is it not?

In the new 20th Century (call it Alt.20th Century) we will be able to bypass a couple of world wars,a world-wide depression,a holocaust,genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda,Bosnia and God knows where else.By reliving the old 20th century,we can nip Hitler,Mussolini,Stalin,Tojo and many others in the bud,and we won't need to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,because the Japanese,knowing the consequences,certainly wouldn't bomb Pearl Harbour in the first place now would they?

We will definitely not get mired in Vietnam tearing our Country apart over it, and there will be no need to have a century-long conflict over equal opportunity for women and men of all races and ethnicity.Been there,done that.

After all,calendars are easier changed than computers.Calendars are such arbitrary things.There is no universal reason why this year has to be 1998.Don't laugh yet. The Chinese call it 4696(Kong-Fa-Fe-Choy),The Jews,5759,The Creationists 6000+, Geologists-Over 4.5 Billion.

Our current calendar comes from the Romans who got it from the Egyptians,but there is certainly nothing sacred or eternal about that.When Julius Caesar pilfered Alexandria,the Egyptians used a calendar to which he added 90 days in the year 46 B.C. He did this on the advice of the astronomer Sosigenes in order that it would conform to the changing seasons.

Now this Julian calendar was subsequently modified by Pope Gregory,who "suppressed" 10 days because by that time spring was arriving on March 11 instead of the 22nd. That year was 1582.I reckon if Pope Gregory and Julius Caesar can snap their fingers and do away with days and weeks,surely we're sophisticated enough to modify two little digits without any big fuss.We certainly have proved we can adjust our time twice each year for daylight-saving benefit and of course Leap-year buffs have been waiting for 2000.Yes,it will have 366 days with February 29th making up for the time lost annually when the approximate 365.25 day cycle is computed as 365 days. But unlike most leap years that are divisible by four,centennial leap years must be divisible by 400.That means the last centennial leap year was 1600 and the next won't come along again until 2400.(Buck Rogers' Century).

How exciting it would be to begin the 20th century again with (tabula rasa)clean slate.We can start our (Alt.20th) with cars that don't pollute and not worry so much about ravaging the environment to make interstate highways and expand our cities.Thats already been done,our new job will be to undo it.

We know all about cholesterol now and low impact regular exercise,so just think what we can do for the heart-attack rate.We can spend the Alt.-Century deconstructing the damage that the "original" 20th did.We'll see clearly what a mess we made of the last go-around and make a commitment not to do that again.And,I can promise you three things for sure by the next Alt 1998 rolls around:We won't have the recession Paul said we had to have and the no new tax made into L.A.W. law and no way Bill will ever think of going near Monica Lewinsky.

The Author Mhoire McIntosh is a graduate with Honours in Public Administration from San Diego State University.

Being an ex-Chief Petty Officer of the U.S.Navy,he served in WW2 and Korea and is usually seen in the Anzac Parade following "Old Glory"

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Family Law policy

The new Family Law Policy appears to be a huge step in the right direction. The policy is based upon trying to keep families together through reconciliation, and failing this, it appears to provide a fairer means of settlement of property, maintenance, and child access. All good stuff.

I would like to know more about the changes that are proposed to the Constitution. It sounds like the removal of the "Separation of Powers" making the Family Tribunal's word law. I think this is a very dangerous move.

Later, the document explains that decisions can be appealed to the Supreme Court. This to me is ambiguous.

I would not like to see the Federal and High Courts taken out of the picture. I think that the aims of this policy can be met through sound legislation, whilst keeping the right of Australians to challenge government decisions in the courts.

Other avenues of appeal should also be made available. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal for example.

In theory, the High and Federal courts are there to protect the people from bad Govt decisions. If the legislation is sound, the courts must act within it.

Ian Batchelor

Sydney Morning Herald

Although I am an American, I enjoy reading the Australian newspapers on the net. I am appalled at the terrible treatment given Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party by the Sydney Morning Herald and others. If only we had someone of her courage and organizational skills in the States.

Our problem in the Chicago area is the mass invasion of Mexican immigrants. Their drugs, gangs and general squalor are ruining my once peaceful suberb. However wealthy folks require a source of cheap labor to keep their golf courses tidy and trying to talk to our reprentatives in D.C. about stopping the flow is pointless. Anyone who points out that 70 percent of all our jail residents are black and Mexican is accused of hate speech.

My prayers and wishes are with you.

Rick Reynolds USA


Aussie's are a strange mob, they reckon she'll be right.
But nothing's gained and nothing's won without a good clean fight.
It's time to band together, united we must stand,
One voice one soul one nation, across our mighty land.

It's the time for every battler to rally in the street.
It's time to show the Fat Cats that an Aussie can't be beat.
Now's the time to show them, false promises won't do.
That each and all are's up to me and YOU.

So regardless of your colour, regardless of your creed,
if you know you love Australia, then you're the type we need.
But now's the time to rally, a movement has begun,
just think and vote One Nation and the battle will be won.

Written by C.Long

Reply to Marie Hogg

Hi Scott,...

I feel i must respond to the above named person .. Marie ......I'm not sure if you are media employed ,if you are female, if you are old, if you are black ,or if you are vegetarian, .......but i am sure you are a Whiteman hater........You say ONE NATION supporters could not organise a school fete..!,does that mean that the nearly 500,000 Queenslanders who voted in the last state elections are all a " muddle of misfits "..? other thing i am sure of you are not a Queenslander.

Wayne H..

Policies Dear Sir/Madam


What inspires One Nation to demand policies to harm immigrants who have every right to come and live here, considering white australians were immigrants only a short time ago?

We (white australians) destroyed the aborigines culture, and you cannot understand why they should recieve benefits to help them to assilimate into 'white australians culture', the very thing you claim you want immigrants to do?

If you truly represent mainstream australia, why has no one like you and one nation formed until now?

Just a few queries, to help me make the right choice in the upcoming federal election.

Melanie Thewlis

Dear Scott,

Glad you found the information from the Libertarian Party of America of interest. I have included a few more files for your records. I hope fellow readers of ANOTD will check out their website as they have a lot of policies and ideas which mirror ONE NATION's, I was pleasantly surprised to find a third political force in the US which actually challenges the Democrats and Republicans and found many similarities with ON objectives and philosophies.

Have a good day...........

Innovation's price

Dear Editor,

Solicitor John Winston Howard LLB, the current Leader of the Liberal Party's federal Parliamentary Party (provided that he is re- elected as the Member for Bennelong on October 3, 1998) is portrayed in American Citizen Rupert Murdoch's "The Weekend Australian" as an INNOVATOR who has been committed, regardless of the consequences, to a Goods AND Services Tax (GST) since 1981!

He is creditted with Advocacy of:

(A) A "floating the dollar" that is subjecting Australia not only to the vagaries of world currency markets that are uncontrolled but also effectively assisting in the facilitation of the manipulation of such markets, by people like those in the international banking mafia, hell-bent on transferring both control and ownership of Australia's icons and significant assets offshore.

(B) Entry of Foreign Banks - including branches and not just subsidiaries incorporated here - which not only facilitates unsupervised currency transactions favouring non-residents and may be assisting in taxation avoidance but also places the Australian depositors' funds at risk if the banks in bad times get into difficulty either in their home countries or elsewhere.

(C) lifting of interest rate controls on financial transactions (and presumably turning the proverbial "blind eye" to not only the imposition of extensive fees and charges but also the introduction of "flexible" interest allowing such institutions to con borrowers with low start interest and then force them to pay higher rates later because it is too expensive to move mortgages).

(D) replacing industrial awards with enterprise based agreements which are premised on the understanding that long-service leave will cease to be a factor as no one is to be employed for longer than three years at a time and loyalty to an employer is automatic even from those in fear of being cast on the scrapheap if someone-else is granted the employment contract for the next term.

(E) Tariff Cuts-much of which was continued by the Hawke/Keating Labor Governments in furtherance of the illusory "level playing field" which many other Countries have never seriously embraced.

(F) Large Scale privatization of Australia's national icons like Telstra & Commonwealth Bank(privatised by Labor with very obvious Coalition support) to do away with income producing assets and render it essential that government find an inflation-proof taxation base to fund politicians' ego trips.

(G) curtailment of immigration from particular ethnic sources contrary to the multi-national policies embraced by those who believe that cultural divergence has absolutely no adverse side effects - surely he is failing to recognize his party's commttment to "political correctness". Some aspects of the Hanson phenomenon seemed to be formed out of Howard's 1988 comments about the need for Asian immigration to be slowed. Hence the reluctance to deal with the farce created by the media hype associated with the Honourable Member for Oxley's semitic views on Asian immigration.

(H) gun control as a result of what happened at Port Arthur - a truly dreadful mass murder scene but those who know about the characteristics of the weapons found at the scene claim that it was engineered by a number of people with ulterior motives or hidden agendas as the survivors in the Cafe would all have had massive hearing loss. His gun reform scheme early in his first term as Prime Minister has created some very goodwill amongst those affected by gun-inflicted deaths and injuries. At the same time he has unintentionally given fringe extremist groups the sort of cannon fodder that could be used as a catalyst for electoral anarchy in seats being held or attempted to be won by the major political parties. More so, perhaps, in rural conservative held seats than in Labor or Independent held ones. Can Australia afford more of John Howard's INNOVATIONS? Is the only currently viable alternative any better?

Readers should consider the nature of Innovation and the potential consequencs.

J o n M. A x t e n s J.P.

18 Year Olds

Well Australia's future is in good hands if young Ross Kovacevic represents the future. Bravo Ross.

I'm sure that Ross finds it interesting that the media is desperate to portray One Nation supporters as old people who can't cope with change. The reverse is true. Many of us oldies are champfing at the bit for change. And just this week a woman wrote to me that her 18 year old son and all his peers in Year 12 were planning to vote for One Nation.

I hope the pollsters are in for a surprise in October.



Hi everyone,

Have you noticed that people are supposed to be somewhat superior if they know the meaning of the word 'xenophobia' these days?

I admit I looked it up in the dictionary. At last I realize I am not xenophobic. As I understand it, that is a fear or hatred of anything foreign. I am not a racist either. I have an Italian Sister-in-law, an Italian son-in-law, a German son-in-law, a daughter in law whose father comes from some place in South America and a mother from England. I also have four Chinese God children, one from the Philipines, one from Nauru and two from Kiribati. Also my niece's husband is from Thailand. Racist? No, I don't think so. Am I voting for Pauline Hanson's One Nation? You can bet on it.

I wonder if everyone who put their hands up, and admitted they didn't know the meaning of xenophobia, voted for One Nation whether we might see Pauline Hanson in the lodge.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Laurie E.



I have a thought. It may be possible that the party catch cry of "equality" is not exactly what is meant. You may be confusing "equality" with "fairness", when people say they don't want any special priveliges for specific groups in society they don't really mean what they say literally - if we did have true "equality" then:
* everyone would pay the same rate of tax with no deductions allowed
* everyone would get free health care (or everyone would pay the same amount for health care)
* no one would receive any welfare payments (or everyone would receive the same regardless of how much they were earning at the time)
* there would be no tarrifs on anything (or a single rate of tarrif on everything that was imported)

Do you see what I'm saying?

The concept of fairness is what makes australians decide to help people who are worse off than average. That's why you get taxed at a higher rate of you make more money and you get the dole if you're out of work. Most people think that this is "fair" but simply by definition it is not "equality". The introduction of equality into this system would definitely be very "unfair"

What the party is really saying is that they want to change the way our society distributes its wealth.

At the moment the social contract between the people and the politicians provides for the redistribution of wealth in such a way as to help target groups which have some kind of social disadvantage. Examples: Ausstudy for students from low income families while they study, unemployment benefits for people who are out of work, pensions for retired low income earners, low cost loans for aboriginal people etc.

The party is saying that some of these groups in society are not worthy of the level of support we are providing - which is fine. But if you start going around and saying that you are unhappy with support provided on the basis of ancestry but you are happy with support provided on the basis of need, then you start to sound racist. The only reason the social services and other support are sometimes set up on the basis of ancestry is because unfortunately ancestry has a very strong correlation with social status and social need, so it is a cheap and convenient way to identify groups of people who need special help.

If the government stopped providing special help to aboriginals and migrants etc and simply provided special help to anyone according to need there would be very litle or maybe even no change in the type of help provided and definitely no change in the actual people receiving the help.

So when the party says it thinks that these things are unfair, that they want to take money from aboriginal support services and provide cheap loans to farmers instead. What the party is actually saying is that they think farmers deserve cheap loans so they can make a better profit more than aboriginal people deserve cheap loans so they can live in a house. I'm not saying there's anything wrong or right about this, it's simply the party's opinion. The only real problem is that many people find this thinking selfish or greedy or uncharitable etc etc. And it's easy to see why they could think this.

Rowena Walker

Special compensation

Hi Scott,.......

I have spoken recently with two people (unknown to each other ), who have recently returned home from far north Western Australia ,they both told me that Aboriginal people are paid $5.00 per fortnight allowance for dog food for every dog they own . I can only say if this is not preferential treatment ..what is? it makes me wonder how this system would be administered as some people have up to 8-10 dogs each.

regards Wayne H.


EMERALD - (Saturday, September 19, 1998) - The Coalition proposal (AFR-18/SEP/98) aimed at cutting Australian Securities and Investments Commission red tape is most welcome.

Whilst the Coalition’s proposal is a step in the right direction, it does not go far enough. Prior to 1993 Limited Liability Partnerships which had existed in Queensland since 1867 were taxed in the same manner as any other partnership. Unfortunately in 1993 the Labor Government and Mr. Keating in their lack of wisdom legislated to impose income tax on Limited Liability Partnerships in the same manner as corporations. The result, you guessed it, Limited Liability Partnerships have gone the same way as the dinosaur and the dodo bird.

Under State legislation a Limited Liability partnership may still be formed however as taxation is levied at the same rate as a corporation and not exempted as a partnership, the concept is not being utilised. Prior to 1993 the Limited Liability partnerships were an ideal structure for the raising of much needed venture capital especially for small business. Ironically Federal Governments both past and present who claim to be the supporters of small business are doing nothing to restore the pre 1993 status of Limited Liability partnerships. At a time when Limited Liability Partnerships are encouraged throughout the world and taxation is only levied in the same manner as any ordinary partnerships, on the partners, we have a Labor Government introducing a tax and the Coalition Government following suit.

In all sincerity how could any Commonwealth Government, Coalition or otherwise, be trusted with a Goods and Services Tax. Just like the existing Wholesale Sales Tax which began at 2% and is now up to 44% on some goods, the Goods and Services Tax will begin at 10% and before long will rise to 25% like Sweden.

The Labour Government reintroduced the Capital Gains Tax and the Howard Coalition did nothing to abolish it. The Frazer/Howard Coalition Government contemplated the introduction of the Fringe Benefits Tax payable by the employee, the Labour Government which followed did introduce it payable by the employer and the Howard Coalition since did nothing to abolish it, the list goes on. No Commonwealth Government can be trusted to introduce a horrific taxation regime such as the proposed Goods and Services Tax. It can be likened to giving a Vampire the keys to the blood bank.


V. (Vic.) B. Cominos

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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