Saturday 6th February 1999

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The lion in the sheep's pen

Yesterday I expressed the opinion that the Queensland State MPs had acted in a fashion which showed their lack of political nous.

Today I am of the sincere belief that there is more behind this than any of us first expected. I cannot believe that the damage that a few "representatives of the people" have done to the party that brought them the opportunity to have a voice in Parliament can be anything more or anything less.

We have to look at how the dissent started amongst the MPs - and this clearly began with the MP for Barambah, Dorothy Pratt. Why she did it I can only make assumptions, but I do know that she was very keen to be party leader despite being something of a lightweight when it came to her performance in front of the media.

Image left: Pauline helping out Dorothy Pratt at the press conference over Community Based Referenda

I first met "Dolly" on the day that she was to launch the party's state policy on Community Based Referenda. A small contingent of media had gathered at Ipswich to cover the event. When asked her first question about the policy she just stared blankly back at the camera not knowing what to say. It was so embarrassing - for all. Pauline Hanson, at her side stepped in and handled the point with the poise and professionalism of a true politician.

I was, therefore, personally surprised and concerned when at the weekend get together in late June before Parliament started that she put her hand up as the party's leader. As Bill Feldman has subsequently shown this requires very good skills in front of the media.

Dolly with John Kingston at the June 1998 get together in Parliament

That aside, I always liked Dolly, she seemed to be dedicated to the cause, but I can now say that I was wrong.

Who could be dedicated to the cause when they cause such damage to the ideals of what One Nation stands for? Putting aside the claims of the party showing a "lack of democracy" (which I will show later are unfounded) let us look at the repercussions of her resignation from the party:

I had a call yesterday from someone who was in contact with Dolly trying to get her to consider the above and calling on her not to do anything rash. I understand that Dolly's arrogant response was along the lines of a demand that if David Ettridge and Pauline Hanson didn't sign a letter confirming that they would resign from their executive positions immediately  - in the next five minutes - then she would leave the party to become an independent (David Oldfield had already done so).

Now let's get this in context - the only reason that Dolly, or for that matter any of the Queensland State MPs are where they are today is because of three people. The very three people that she is now targeting. Dolly has said that she is simply responding to the feedback that she has been getting from One Nation branches in her district. As their representative it was her duty to warn the leadership of what the concerns were and, if required, to fly down and to confront the leadership face-to-face about this and any other issue.

She did not, she was the woman who went out to destroy what One Nation stood for. When I had lunch with the MPs on Wednesday - after the Paff interview - it was Dolly who handed around the ten point list of demands that she had drawn up. It was Dolly who said "Scott is not allowed to see that."

On this 3rd day of February, 1999

  1. We the elected parliamentary members of Pauline Hanson's One Nation reject the constitution as presented in its current draft form.
  2. All three members of the National Executive, Pauline Hanson, David Oldfield, David ettridge must stand down at the AGM and all positions must be declared vacant, so that an executive can be elected democratically. Any person nominating for the executive must justify their credentials and competence by way of Resume and application.
  3. Nominations must be called and information on the AGM must be distributed to all branches immediately.
  4. A Constitution must be developed including submissions from Queensland branches to a democratically elected committee, which will oversee a Constitution structure.
  5. All Pauline Hanson's One Nation Federal electoral funding for Queensland must be deposited into a trust account which will be controlled by a democratically elected committee in the state executive to control distribution as required.
  6. An elected committee should review all past members, who have been sacked.
  7. All minor newspapers that are willing to support Pauline Hanson's One Nation should be given approval by an elected committee, who will also examine all literature prior to print.
  8. Any pre-selected candidate must stand down from any executive position.
  9. MPs must be allowed to attend the National and State conferences with full voting rights.
  10. These points are not negotiable nor will any discussion be entered into.

 Your immediate response, in writing, is demanded by we the undersigned.

(Signed by all ten MPs)

A man dedicated to ousting the two Davids and Pauline is Tony Pitt. Pitt was at the launch of One Nation in April 1997 (seen right with his wife Pat). Pitt, based in the Maryborough area, and with some influence in Dolly's area has been on a mission of destruction.

He has used his free paper to target the One Nation executive as undemocratic and misusing their positions within the party.

Unfortunately his paper's influence appears to have had some impact - resulting in the fracturing of the One Nation MPs.

Pitt has in recent months targeted me as well through the Internet this is part of what he said:

The last one is important. It is indicative of the standards of games played in politics right here. Recently I believe Scott Balson sent you a missive saying....

Reading between the lines I can understand what has happened. As I have said before Dolly is not a strong person when put under pressure. She appears to clam up. Pitt would have been garnishing support with branch executives in Barambah for his point of view over Christmas... the result - an issue which Dolly found herself unable to handle.

I cannot see Dolly lasting long in Parliament as an independent....

The tragedy is that her actions will be seen as selfish by a large number of One Nation members. (See letters below).

The other two who have resigned are Shaun Nelson and Ken Turner. I was most surprised at Ken Turner's departure and consider that he will come back to the party.

Shaun Nelson, however, is a dark horse.

One of the most interesting and exciting opportunities that the One Nation MP mix offered was the diverse backgrounds of the group. Nelson made quite a spectacle of himself on 60 Minutes during the great debate... where he succeeded in talking down Labor politician and Packer stooge Graeme Richardson who ran out of puff.... during an extended talk-over session.

Left to right: Jeff Knuth, David Dalgleish and Shaun Nelson

But his most distinctive personality trait that I can recall was at that infamous first get together in June. The eleven MPs had spent a day getting to know each other under the guidance and training of David Oldfield. It was Monday morning, their was small talk before they scheduled activities began... I think it was Dolly who made a comment about young Shaun Nelson's oh so casual dress, t-shirt, thongs and jeans - as I recall. Suggesting that he should come dressed as an MP should - suit and tie.

There was a side of young Shaun that I only saw once - but one wonders how many times the other MPs have seen it. He reacted to the comment like a spoilt brat in a loud voice proclaiming that he had been elected to represent the people of Tablelands and this is how they dressed and this was how he would dress and if they weren't happy they could go and stick it because he would become an independent....

Well you could have heard a pin drop.

Now to the issue of "democracy".

The One Nation draft constitution is now on-line - the exact document that the Queensland State MPs objected to.

Note the word DRAFT. At the recent Queensland State Conference Pauline Hanson and David Oldfield both pledged that the membership would have a say on its final form on any issues through constitutional committees. Nothing has changed. Nothing ever changed. The AGM scheduled for the 28th February will include discussion over the Constitution - after which these committees will meet with the current party executive of the two Davids and Pauline to discuss and implement changes.

Now I understand that that is democracy in action.

This leads me to the question... why the demands by the MPs, why no dialogue - face to face discussion.... which brings me back to Mr Tony Pitt. What he has demonstrated is that he will go to any lengths to cause ruptions in One Nation. He has succeeded, but unlike his success in destroying CAP before, One Nation will learn from its mistakes, as it must. The issues that the party represents such as preventing globalisation are bigger than any one of us or our egos.

Some comments attributed to the One Nation leadership yesterday:

"No, it's not coming apart at the seams at all," Pauline Hanson said.

"I believe that we are still very strong . . . we've got supporters Australia-wide who are standing beside myself and the two Davids and what One Nation is and what we stand for."

An emotional State leader, Bill Feldman, said the executive had bowed to the rebel MPs' demands too late.

"At the end of the day they felt too little had been done too late," Mr Feldman said.

"I think that maturity was displayed by both sides, but a couple have taken a different course in respect of the response they felt they received from the national executive."

It is understood Hervey Bay MP John Kingston is also considering quitting, but MP Jeff Knuth last night withdrew an undated resignation.

But the executive trio were yesterday playing down demands from the rebellious MPs and denied the party had an undemocratic structure.

Mr Oldfield said the party's draft constitution had been "misinterpreted" by the dissenters. "It's a very democratic system, there's no question about that whatsoever. It's something that the Queenslanders don't necessarily appreciate," Mr Oldfield said.

He said the situation "would be sorted out by all of us sitting down together".

Campaigning in Coffs Harbour with Mr Oldfield, Ms Hanson was said to be very distressed by the resignations and fearful of the damage it would cause to One Nation's NSW election chances.

Ms Hanson claimed One Nation predicted a good showing at next month's State election. "We are still strong. One Nation is still strong and we are going to do very well here in NSW," she said.

Ms Pratt said she was unhappy with Mr Oldfield's response to the concerns, saying he had treated them with "utter contempt".

"I understand that Pauline (Hanson) can have a vision and want to make sure that that vision is maintained," she said. "It's just got to be done by democratic means – the members must decide these issues and be given the time to do so."

Mr Turner said the lack of democratic reforms had forced his resignation.

"The point is I think everything should be democratic ..."

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email the editor

Preaching to the converted

Philip Masden is right in saying there's not much point in preaching to the converted (though he used more vigorous language). But perhaps he dosn't know that many of us do try to reach non-internet people.

Allan Doak is having great success with his newsletter 'Update'. OK so its circulation is only 700 - but that's up from 40 or whatever it started at not so long ago. And it's growing. Graham Strachan has written two books on where we're heading under globalization, and has started issuing his printed Strachan Report. I write letters to the press daily and have a good strike rate with the Australian. A letter on the disastrous effects of globalization last week has generated a lot of feedback in calls and snail mail - and people have to make a fair bit of effort to find me, as Rocky River does not have a postcode. Only one was a One Nation supporter. That's as much as we can do; none of us is wealthy, in fact we're all as poor as churchmice.

Communication is the key. An independent newspaper would be great - but how to finance it? Who would staff it? Distribute it? Would people read it? Such ventures happen occasionally - and they always fail. Maybe big ads are the way to go. All One Nation has to do is to plant a seed of doubt in people's minds that *maybe* the government is not doing the right thing. Why don't policies change when governments do? Why is getting into massive debt a Good Thing?

On another matter, why are the One Nation MPs sabotaging the party's chances in NSW? We are weeks from an election (27/3), and everybody's wrangling about the new constitution. Publicly. Couldn't it wait? Couldn't it be private? If they have such abysmal political nous, the Queensland MPs deserve to lose their own seats next election.


Queensland Party

This is one of the things I was afraid would happen. It could be the beginning of the end if these MP's keep carrying this way.

All the media want is the slightest show of disunity and they will jump on the entire movement more than they currently do.

Why is it that as soon as some people get themselves elected to public office they go into self-destruct mode. The last thing we need is people mouthing off in public about internal politics.

Come on people, we are only a reasonably small organisation don't destroy all thats been done before we have a chance to change what needs to be changed.

Geoff Stanley

The flight of the Phoenix

Dear Scott,

It was distressing to awake this morning to find One Nation once again providing the ammunition to launch yet another media assault. The resignation of three Queensland MP's in protest over the Draft Constitutions undemocratic entrenchment of Pauline and the two Davids at the top of the ON National Executive has seen the public lancing of a festering wound which has maligned the party over the past six months.

One Nation as a fledgling third force in Australian politics has at the heart of its platform the restoration and adherence to the basic principles and practice of democracy, and to preserving the constitutional rights of Australians to justice and to a fair and equitable say in the judicial and political processes of this Nation.

I am sympathetic to and do understand the approach of Pauline and the two Davids in their endeavors towards insulating the National Executive against attempts to destroy the party through infiltration and of the threat to white ant from within the party. I also realise that in the past such threats were quite real. Perhaps in the light of the current tendency towards self destruction it may be time for the Party to shed some of its paranoia and and show some faith in the basic principals of open and accountable representation and in our political ideologies of democracy and fair play which is the common thread which links the many supporters who form the core of ON faithful.

In our QLD parliament we have ten representatives, elected by the people in various constituencies as their representatives in parliament. It must be an embarrassment to these good members to preach the principals and espouse their belief and faith in a Constitutional democracy and to the democratic process of an accountable government when their own party fails to adhere to the same principles.It is a dilemma of which I also do have much sympathy.

It is a demonstration of their strength of character and personal integrity that they should resign their allegiance to a party which by their conscience they find to be undemocratic in the workings of its own internal structure and constitution.

They have demonstrated by their actions that they are not the political hacks and professional politicians that infest the laborals and perhaps more than anything else they have shown in their actions that the allegiance of some of our parliamentarians is to the people of the electorate that chose them as their representatives. Not foremost to the political machine and to backroom powerbrokers that create the agendas and policy.

It is to be hoped that all MP's ( and future MP's, regardless of political persuasion ) show this same independence of spirit whilst still supporting the core platform and ideals of their party of choice.This is what I believed to be the true essence of ON's political character. Adherence to the principals of democratic representation and in fearlessly tackling and in being prepared to openly debate the issues which impact upon the lives and well being of the people of this nation. Blind and unquestioned loyalty to a party agenda and hierarchy is perhaps the bane of our political system .

Talking of the privileges of the elites. Of the abuse of power by unelected bureaucrats and of politicians and their secretive dealings in treaties and of their abuse of the privileges of power does not wash when it is demonstrated that we cannot show transparency and accountability in our own dealings and affairs.

My support of ON is based on my belief that it is the only party in Australian politics that embraces the observations and opinions that I have formed over many years as a passive observer of the decline in accountability, ethics and morality of the political system in this country. Of the stealth by which politicians of all persuasions have sold this nation into servitude as a puppet state of The New World Order. Of the collusion by our politicians who are systematically disenfranchising Australians of our sovereignty, wealth, culture and heritage.

Despite the glee with which the media are reporting ON's agonies I view this not as a sign of ON's imminent demise through falling on its own sword but as a sign of the maturing of ON. Painful as it may be. The issue of the election of ON's National Executive through the process of democracy has impacted upon the growth and development of the party for many months now .Hopefully when these fundamental principals of democracy are installed in our Constitution the three MP's who have already resigned will reconsider their position and show the same fortitude in publicly re-embracing the ON platform.

Despite the media spotlighting ON's somewhat painful rush towards maturity, Dorothy Pratt, Ken Turner, Sean Nelson, Heather Hill and Bill Feldman have emerged as MP's of principal and personal integrity, displaying a strength of character that one would hope all our elected representatives possessed in that their makeup. Personal principles and integrity should never be compromised by blind loyalty and servitude to any political party. After all didn't Pauline show those same characteristics when she refused to toe the party line a few years back as a rebellious Liberal candidate for Oxley ?

Open and accountable representation must not only be said to be done but must be shown to be done, otherwise we as a political party will have about as much credibility as our laboral opponents.

To self destruct, while this country cries out for a truly representative and accountable party of the people ? We do not have the time to indulge in power plays and ego trips. This country burns while we tear away the foundations that Pauline, the two Davids and MANY OTHER FACELESS AND HARDWORKING SUPPORTERS have endeavored to build. It's time to show our supporters and the many potential supporters in this country that we have matured and that we are a viable and credible alternative to the Laborals. We can. By embracing the very fundamental principles of a democracy of accountability, honesty and transparency in our dealings and show that we really do we have faith that the system does work and is worth fighting for and persevering with . The alternative I guess is we all start lining up for the branding iron.

Perhaps this is an opportune time for ON to mature, warts and all, under the full glare of the media spotlight. Showing that we truly practice what we preach and that we are prepared to stand by our principles. ITS TIME TO BITE THE BULLET !!!!!!!!!!


Have a good day
Steve Milson

State party ultimatum

Sorry Scott again, but the membership have exhausted all avenues of discussion. The Trinity have always said shut up or be sacked. I think the timing is excellent? A backdown now by the executive is some of what we need to restore our support from the ORDINARY public.

It will also restore support in the NSW election, which is a lost cause unless this democracy issue is resolved, especially the review of previous sackings.

Please stop denigrating Tony Pitt. He is a true Patriot, whatever his sometimes extremist Outbursts, which nevertheless might still come home to roost. Think of how much your own reactions have changed since you have been exposed to the knowledge the Internet has provided to you. Tony has worked tirelessly in the print media to unite all the different protest groups, long before anotd, and is probably largely responsible for the organisational movement and support for one nation.

The greatest arrogance, and mistake was Oldfield on ABC AM saying, "I have no concern about facing an election, but no ten or a hundred people will tell me..." Thats equivalent to telling all the Queensland electors, of that ten, to piss off.

Even if he is correct in his management of the party, (my private opinion) the climate of belief in democracy is so entrenched that he should slide with public opinion, a condition the general public has been conditioned into to replace GOD. He is sure to be re-elected, so is he worried about the accountability (money)?

If he doesn't use common sense now, to recover his credibility, and support the millions of Queenslanders who would vote One Nation, by supporting their representatives in Parliament, then like I said yesterday we are lost, so will be the NSW election, after all this will be plastered all over down there. WE DO NOT NEED THIS.

Philip Madsen


The One Nation MPs taking this action prior to the NSW election are guilty of treason. They have demonstrated they are not fit to represent PHON.

They have put their own egos and self interest above the interests of the party. The National Executive must not blink. Cut them loose. They are not worthy. Keeping them is a short term gain leading to a slow decline into the type of toothless party we are sick of.

What sort of leaders would be democratically elected by this sort of treacherous garbage?

Act now and decisively Pauline.

David MIller

Turning point

Hi Scott,

Well, I first heard the news from a friend early this morning and all day the radio sounded happy to be able to report that O.N. was falling apart. Hmm can't say I didn't see something like this coming.

I said before I think, that several voters on polling day told me they didn't like one or other or both of the Davids. Those that spoke this way seemed all to be from Queensland or made loaded statements along the lines of ; "You wouldn't know I have friends / family in Queensland. What has happened today confirmed at least one suspicion I have held for some time.

You have one or more enemy plants over there. Of course I knew that all along. Not because of anything anyone said but because the enemy ALWAYS infiltrates any organisation that grows bigger than a handfull! To those of you behind that disgracefull letter to party HQ. Shame on you I for one am disgusted. It goes beyond stupidity (although you are guilty of that too) it's a bloody disgrace, your timing stinks to high heavan and I for one wouldn't care if the lot of you resigned tomorrow.

Pauline, please don't ever allow democracy WITHIN the Party. It simply isn't practical (in view of what we are fighting against), and if we are to ever have a One Nation Government that brings democracy to the country we will not achieve it by demanding democracy in the Party, that would leave us wide open to more plants who would then with the aid of in-Party democracy enjoy carte blanche to smash the whole thing to bits. I for one trust Pauline 100% and Pauline only!

David O has a fine mind and David E clearly has a talent for administration. In any case even if I had serious doubts about either of them I should still trust Pauline's judgement implicitly. She chose her left and right hand men and for that reason I support both of them. I hope you rebels over there rot in hell along with the plant/s that put you up to this. Pauline this is the turning point, now is the time to take firm personal control of your baby, and like a naughty child you must not spare the rod and spoil that child before it has had a chance to grow and develop. Democracy in the country first. Party democracy can wait!

Philip Madsen raised some thought provoking ideas (@notd Friday). I certainly hope we are not pissing in each others pockets Philip, preaching only to the converted? I for one do not spend much time in front of my computer. I wish I had more time to do that. I do however seldom go anywhere without a few print outs of @notd issues, a speech or two of Pauline's etc, and I give them to anyone who shows interest in them. I never ever allow a political discussion to go down without filling people in on the O.N side of the story, but then unlike a certain 10 Queensland M.Ps I do understand what we are fighting against.

Shame on them.
David Morgan.
P.S. Didn't P.H. look radiant on T.V. today.

The Ultimatum


When you get a chance, I am interested in hearing the real story behind the media's topic of MP's giving an ultimatum for Pauline and the Davids to stand down.

I am a bit concerned about this.

Also, as I am 20 yrs old, I am interested in any promotional material you can provide on Young Nation, or at least add me to a mailing list for this.

Cheers mate,
SA Supporter
Paula Dickson

from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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