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Sunday 19th July 1998

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Between the One Nation lines

The Ipswich City Council were split on Friday about allowing Pauline Hanson to use the council's facilities. Apparently Mayor John Nugent (seen right) did a "ring around" to find out what councilors thought about allowing the party to use the Ipswich Civic Hall in early August.

After the ring-around he met with One Nation Queensland state director, Peter James on Friday. Following the meeting Nugent said, "As a council we must ensure that staff and public safety is our top priority and, in this instance, we feel we have made the right decision in that regard (ie banning Pauline Hanson from using the venue)."

Yesterday I demonstrated how this change of heart follows months of council facilities being used by the One Nation party without any problems being experienced.

An angry Peter James told me, "This is a highly politicised decision which One Nation will challenge in the courts."

Three Ipswich councilors agree with James, they are: 
Council David Pahlke
Division 12
Quote: "You just can't ban people - it is a form of censorship.

"This council is ludicrous and mad. The Mayor is in for a big shock (at the council elections) in March 2000."

Councilor Neil Russel
Division 10
Quote: This move is "not smart politics" and will reflect badly on the council.
Councillor Paul Pisasale
Division 6
Quote: "Banning people from public facilities is wrong.... The whole thing is getting out of hand."

The councilors who apparently supported the decision to ban Mrs Hanson from using Council facilities are:
Francisca Bloom
Division 1
Paul Tully
Division 2
Joannie Woods
Division 3
Christine Claridge
Division 5
Gerard Pender
Division 7
Rick Gluyas
Division 8
Denise Hanley
Division 9
Charlie Pisasale
Division 11

(Note: Division 4 is vacant at the moment. Paul Tully - Division 2 - is often seen at One Nation protests. Pic Right: Tully at the Gold Coast launch of One Nation in 1997)

Yesterday One Nation's state director Peter James sent this letter to Mayor John Nugent:

18th July 1998

Mayor of Ipswich
Councilor John Nugent

Refusal to allow Pauline Hanson MP to hire Ipswich Civic Centre venue - 4th August 1998

You are hereby advised that the matter of the Ipswich City Council's refusal to allow Pauline Hanson MP to hire a venue in the Ipswich Civic Centre on 4 August 1998 will be referred to the Anti Discrimination Tribunal and that all associated documents tapes and instruments associated with that decision will be sought through Freedom of Information provisions in support of a charge that the decision to not allow Pauline Hanson to hire a Council venue for the purpose of conducting a public meeting with her constituents was discriminatory.

You are further advised that this matter, and in particular the involvement of Councilors who had undeclared vested interests being party to a decision concerning Pauline Hanson's use of a council venue will be referred to the Minister for Local Government and the Queensland Ombudsman.

Yours sincerely

Peter James
For Pauline Hanson

Peter James also sent the following letter to all Councilors by fax on Saturday morning (yesterday):

Pauline Hanson MP objects in the strongest possible terms to the Ipswich City Council's refusal to allow her to hire a venue in the Ipswich Civic Centre on 4 August 1998.

The venue was to have been used by Pauline Hanson, as a Federal Member of Parliament to speak to her constituents and residents in the Ipswich district. It was not a political party meeting and was not promoted as such. No political party was mentioned in the application for the booking (copy enclosed) and flyers (copy enclosed) promoting the meeting clearly state the purpose of the meeting.

Constituents to whom these flyers were addressed were ratepayers of Ipswich City Council, as is Pauline Hanson. Mayor Nugent is on record as stating, "The council's decision is in no way discriminatory against Ms Hanson". The Mayor's statement is refuted absolutely - it is perceived as blatant discrimination and will be pursued as such. Council has effectively denied a federal member of Parliament the right to communicate with her constituents in the only venue considered large enough in this area to accommodate the numbers likely to attend her public meeting.

On 16th July 1998, Peter James, representing Pauline Hanson was contacted by a Council officer, Ms Pamela Blowers who was charged with preparing a security assessment for the application. Peter James gave advice by phone and then followed up by a personal meeting with Ms Blowers and the Civic Centre manager. The following is a synopsis of Peter James' statement to Ms Blowers:

Councilor Nugent has publicly referred to damage done to the Civic Hall in early 1997 as being a consideration in the Council's decision to reject Pauline Hanson's use of the venue. Public records clearly indicate the presence of Councilor Paul Tully in the crowd which include agitators who were responsible for the damage to Council property at that time. On 17th July 1998 Councilor Tully may have been party to a judgement against Pauline Hanson's use of council property on the grounds that the safety of staff and the public was at risk. The Mayor is reported to have conducted a 'ring around' of Councilors on 17th July 1998 to consider the matter and taped the conversations with the Councilors. Those tapes and any other documentation associated with this decision may be sought through Freedom of Information provisions.

Pauline Hanson requests the Ipswich City Council review the decision in a public Council meeting at which time the Councilors should be given an unbiased security assessment and those Councilors with vested interests should abstain from voting.

Yours sincerely

Peter James
For Pauline Hanson

We received email from many readers all over the world who expressed shock at the Ipswich City Council's decision. A selection of these letters is carried under "You Say".

Wesley Collge imposes ban on Hanson speakers

Melbourne's exclusive Wesley College has barred One Nation from speaking to its students, in a decision that the principal, Mr David Loader, yesterday defended strongly - despite acknowledging himself guilty of gagging a legitimate debate.

``It's the dilemma of democracy,'' he said. ``It's a hard call and I'm conscious I'm on the line for it.''

He said Wesley girls and boys would love to debate One Nation at the campus, and that schools should expose students to alternative views.

But he would not let the party use the school as a political platform. Its stance on multiculturalism incensed him.

``So yes, it's true, I said I don't wish to have them on campus,'' he said.

``I feel guilty about saying no in the sense that I'm gagging what I see as a legitimate debate. I still feel very strongly I do not want One Nation here (at the school),'' he said.

``I feel passionate that Australia is a multicultural society and stronger for that.''

The school's Public Question Society had organised speakers from the Liberals, Labor and Greens parties, he said. However those groups did not contest Australia's major cultural values in the same way as One Nation.

Mr Loader also said he would not invite the gun lobby to the school, but pro-life or pro-choice abortion advocates would be allowed.

Earlier this year, the Public Question Society approached One Nation about the possibility of sending a speaker to the school, Mr Loader said, but he had blocked the move without hesitation - despite debate on the subject from teachers and students.

Most school principals would have reached the same decision, he said. But they would recognise the vulnerability of the stance because the party did not uphold true democracy or freedom of speech.

He would not criticise the decision of Melbourne High School's principal, Mr Ray Willis, to allow the party's spokeswoman on immigration, Mrs Robyn Spencer, to speak there yesterday at the instigation of the school's student-based Political Interest Group.

About 200 students heard Mrs Spencer speak, mainly on immigration and trade, at the school without incident. Other students were turned away because the venue quickly filled. Media were barred.

Mrs Spencer said she had not spoken to any schools before on behalf of One Nation, although she had spoken as the co-founder of Australians Against Further Immigration party. She believed the Wesley approach might have come before she joined One Nation. She wished to speak to more schools, but had not been approached.

``I would say, how do they expect young people to be informed by relying on the media interpretation of what One Nation's about?''

In failing to give school students the chance to hear from One Nation, schools were being bigoted and narrow-minded, she said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education said it was aware of the debate. The department's position was that students could make up their own minds on different political views.

Note: Wesley College is run by the Uniting Church. The Uniting Church has been torn apart because of the acceptance of gay and lesbianism within its upper bureaucracy.

Maybe these are the values that the College wants - if so I would not send my children there.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Ipswitch city council censorship of Pauline Hanson

Dear Sir,

I must register my absolute outrage and disgust at the politically motivated,fascist actions of the Ipswitch City Council in banning One Nation from their usage of the city Hall . Surely ,this action plumbs new depths in Australian politics. Are we to see escalation of this behavior to include the banning of ANY political opponents?

The Labour dominated Ipswitch council has the right to oppose any thing it likes,as do all of us,but to BAN a democraticlly elected member of Parliament and her organisation sinks to the lowest level of jackbooted persecution ever seen in this country.

It ranks right up there with the Suharto dictatorship, the Burmese military repression of opposition and the tactics of any number of Third World banana republic, two bob,medallion encrusted,petty tyrants. Just what IS the Labor party's agenda here?

This sort of fascism is viewed with revulsion by the civilised world and I would expect you,as a responsible member of a democratic institution,to register your vehement rejection of the Ipswitch City Council's actions .

Yours sincerely
Steve Nichols

Not Very Australian

The Ipswich City Council this week rejected an application by Pauline Hanson's One Nation to use council facilities on the basis of "concern for the safety of staff". Because a window was broken by a protester?, and even after Pauline Hanson offered to provide security by an independent security firm? It all seems a bit dodgy to me, and very unAustralian.

Removing Pauline Hansons right to the use of council facilities is nothing less than discriminitory. I wonder if the decision would be any different if the decision was in the hands of voters, instead of the hands of Pauline Hansons opposition, who abuse that power at every chance. It seems that before the state election the rules were different, and now that the party is a threat to their sacred power they want to deny them the right to use these facilities even though they know full well that their would be no safety problems. These people should realise that they are not only denying Pauline Hanson this right but they are denying the public the right to be able to listen to free speech. Sounds like censorship.

Subject: Ipswich - The Totalitarian City

Dear Sir,

I am afraid to say that the latest antics by Ipswich City Council in denying the use of "publicly owned" (not council owned) facilities to a legally registered and democratic political party are nothing more than another shabby attempt by the self proclaimed "ruling elite" to incite hatred in our society.

This action smacks of the worlds most oppressive regimes. What makes Nugent, Tully and Co think that they are being seen as any different from any Stalin, Hitler, Amin, Pol Pot, Castro, etc.etc. They all began their careers this way too. Couple that action with the Jewish attack via the Leibler List and you have the makings of a pretty ugly scene. It would appear that this is what they seek.

Probably what gets up the noses most of the "ruling elite" is that One Nation people only react to their provocations in a legal , decent and orderly fashion, so denying these despots the bad publicity that they require to retain a grip on their own shaky positions.

The deeper they have their snouts in the trough, the more vulnerable are their hind quarters.

Allan W. Doak
Logan Village

Subject: Re: Pauline Hanson

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that Ms. Pauline Hanson has been banned from using council facilities in her electorate of Blair.

Perhaps the labor-dominated Ipswich City Council has had instructions from the Queensland Labor Party to - do anything that you can to deny One Nation their right to a "fair go".

Apparently, the ban was imposed on the basis of "protecting council staff from danger". The only danger I can see would come from the "Rent-a-crowd" demonstrators probably hired by the major politically parties to cause as much disruption as possible at all One Nation meetings.

Journalists, politicians and public servants still don't get it. The more they abuse, criticize and ridicule One Nation the more popular it becomes, because there is nothing the Aussie likes better that sticking-up for and protecting the "under-dog".

Yours faithfully,
Beverley Collins

Subject: Ipswich council facilities

Dear Editor,

On my first visit to Ipswich in March, 1942, I was profoundly impressed me with the friendly, outgoing nature of all the residents who I had the good fortune to meet. Subsequent visits over the years to Ipswich and locations in OZ, have confirmed the accuracy of my first impression.

I was shocked to learn the use of Ipswich council facilities are being denied to the most courageous of all Ipswich residents, Pauline Hanson, who by her her actions and those of her supporters, has brought the microscope of attention of the world's freedom-loving people on Ipswich!

For shame, residents of Ipswich who have permitted this to happen.

john hamilton - USA

Subject: One Nation banned!

To the Editor,
Queensland Times "news"paper,

I was very disappointed to hear that Pauline Hanson's One Nation has been banned from using the Ipswich City Council's facilities for meetings in Pauline's own electorate of Blair. The trumped-up reason is to protect council staff from danger due to protests. What a laugh!

It is rumoured that left-wing radical groups afiliated with the Australian Labor party have organised many of the protests against One Nation employing (literally) some rather naive university students. It is well known that the Mayor of Ipswich, John Nugent, and the infamous councillor Paul Tulley are both Labor supporters. Do Mssrs Nugent and Tulley have prior knowledge of future protests? Do they fear that One Nation might finally give the Australian voters some say in how Australia is managed.

Remember that One Nation recently received nearly 25% of the vote in Queensland in spite of a blatantly biased media campaign against them. The whole world is watching the suppression of free speech in Australia. I trust that this decision will be reversed.

Kevin Wildash (Manila)

Subject: King Canute

King Canute, the famous Saxon King, when surrounded by sycophants, was told he was so powerful he could turn back the tide. He adjourned to the seaside and His supporter was made to realise that Time and Tide wait for no man.

Beware , Ladies and gentlemen of the Ipswich Shire Council, It is an offence against the laws of the Commonwealth, Section 28 of the Crimes Act 1914 to interfere with the Political liberty of Pauline Hanson's supporters. You appear to heve been doing this by withholding facillities from Our Lady Pauline.

Be warned, you may be prosecuted individually and collectively by any citizen under section 13 Crimes Act 1914 and it could cost you $99,000 in fines.

Be sensible and reverse your decision.

Peter Gargan

To The Editor,

Banning of One Nation Party from use of Ipswich City council facilitiies by the Council.

Dear Sir,

I have heard that the Ipswich City Council has banned the use of city council facilities (including the council hall) by One Nation Party on the grounds of "protecting council staff from danger"!

We have had meetings in South Australia by One Nation Party and of course these have attracted the usual motley group of dissenters & thugs who tried to break up the meetings by intimidation and thuggish behaviour.Fortunately in S.A. the Police Force will not tolerate such demonstrations designed to prevent ordinary citizens from exercising their rights to attend meetings of ANY political party. I am quite certain the Queensland Police are just as capable as our own and therefore the action of the Council is clearly not instigated by concern for its servants but more by a misguided (and probably unconstitutional) illegal effort to assist the Australian Labour Party who like the Liberals are threatened by a wave of support for One Nation all over Australia.

This action will be seen as another example of the hypocrisy of all existing major Political Parties who are for ever sounding off about "freedom of speech", "freedom of assembly" etc but when their perceived power & position is threatened will stoop to any dirty trick available to deny ordinary citizens these "rights"!

Such actions as that taken by the Council are a denial of citizens rights and I have no doubt what taxpayers will think of such undemocratic behaviour.These humbugs deserve to be turfed out of office as the next council election.

Yours Sincerely,
David Hughes-Jones

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Christopher Jack wrote:

> My question is that how are we being discriminated against? Who is discriminating
> against us? Do you seriously believe you are being discriminated against because
> you are white?

It never ceases to amaze me the shallow thinking that seems to have struck the population in the last decade in this country. Isn't it enough that ATSIC has absorbed thousands of dollars for every working person in Australia over the past years without any visible improvment in the conditions of aborigines?

I just can't believe the commonly accepted nonsense that aborigines must own most of Australia because aborigines were here before Europeans. There are so many flaws in this thinking...

Just the mere fact that you have to use the names of races (ie "aborigine" and "European") in order to express the concept implies that there is racism going on here.

Let's say for the sake of argument that when Captain Philip arrived in Australia there had been exactly one aborigine on the entire continent. Does that mean this person must own the entire continent?

For the same reason, I have no problem saying that aborigines should own land that they are actually using. But the number of aborigines is few, and the country is sparsely populated with them. The amount of land they can actually be using can't be any more than a few percent. They should own this land. But land they don't regularly use should belong to all the people of Australia.

The other big flaw in the whole aboriginal industry is identifying who exactly is supposed to be the beneficiary of all this special status. Which genes exactly put aborigines at a disdvantage compared to everyone else? Black Americans have come to this country and faced no discrimination. Asians, Indians and Africans have come to this country and made very successful lives here. What is the problem with aborigines that they can't? Of course, they can if they want to. And if we stop treating them like cripples and a handicapped underclass they will get out and make lives for themselves, proud and independant. Until then they will be despised by the rest of the country because they havn't got the guts to do what even Vietnamese Refugees have been able to do:- Learn to live on their own two feet.

Let the Government keep on helping aborigines. But only when their plight is defined by some criteria that could include people of any race. Aborigines havn't got a mortgage on problems in this country. Let the Government redefine the rules so they will be helped because they need it, rather than race. If they really are so needy they will lose nothing. What are you so frighted of ATSIC?

Please withhold name.

Subject: Re ..Christopher Jack

Dear Sir,

perhaps C.Jack could try voting in ATSIC elections ,to decide where the billions of Australian tax dollars are spent. Is he of the correct racial extraction?

He could also try applying for a job with ATSIC or a myriad of Aboriginal organisations.

He will find that the vast majority of them are closed to certain races of people.Will he be accepted?

He could try to cross the" Aboriginal Lands" in central Australia with out paying the "access fees" and " application fees" . If he is of the wrong race he will be fined.

Does he have children at school? I doubt it ,because he would know that certain races obtain payments and services not available to other races in the school system.

Does he wish to start a Business? Certain races can obtain very low interest loans (1.5%) from funds provided by Australian tax revenue. Does he qualify?

Does he have a legal problem? Depending on his racial group , he will find legal aid either extemely difficult to obtain ,or extremely easy, which one applies to him?

Is he perhaps unemployed? Perhaps he qualifies for Community Development Work? It depends on which race he belongs to . This also determines"unemployment numbers" for his race,which in turn attracts further funding for " successful" employment programs, but is strictly race related. I hope he would qualify for this help.

Perhaps he would like to have new neighbours and move to some of our vast interior lands,in this wonderful country of ours? Well that is fine , except, he will find that some restrictions exist where Native Title claimants seek exclusive rights to possession,and usage,over all others. These rights apply only to members of the Claimant tribe or family and are of course,racially determined. Can he still go to these areas?

Perhaps he feels he has strong cultural and family ties to a certain area and would like to claim it as his own? This attracts vast legal resources and anthropological services to help him determine his claim to the land,funded entirely by Australian taxpayers and not available to his opponents, any current legal occupiers of that land. There is just one small qualifier. To which race does he belong? Any ATSIC office will help him determine whether he qualifies or not.

Good luck with your quest for instances of racisim in Australia ,Christopher,I bet you cant find any!

Steve Nichols

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

To Christopher Jack

I don't know which, if any, political party you might support. I think it is good that you have taken the time to present your views regarding One Nation. I think that you will have to concede that freedom of speech is a doctrine that One Nation practices and the rest just talk about. If you don't believe me try posting an open bulletin on the web page of any other Party.

On the matter of discrimination in the work place, have you read the job adds in some of our regional papers which state openly that only Aboriginals are to apply? Followed by the disclaimer that positive discrimination in favour of Aboriginals does not contravene the Discrimination Act. Do you know what would happen to me if I placed an add suggesting that only white people need apply?

Have you had a look at the Uni. places set aside for Aboriginals and can't be reallocated to non Aboriginals even if they cannot be filled? Have you had a look at the relative entrance requirements for Aboriginals?

My niece, her husband and children live in a suburb which has several Aboriginal families. Her children could not go on the last three school excursions because they could not afford it. The Aboriginal children went, compliments of the Australian Taxpayer.

Her children use excercise books with one subject at the front & one at the back. The Aboriginal children need no such savings as they receive their school books and materials free including unlimited replacements when they are lost or damaged.

It would be true to say that in that suburb the Aboriginal & non Aboriginal families don't talk to each other. My niece obviously resents the fact that her children are being actively discriminated against on the basis of the colour of their skin. It is probably also true that the grievances of the Aboriginal families are equally valid in a number of areas.

We currently have a Government that makes one set of laws for Aboriginals and another set of laws for non Aboriginals. While ever that situation exists we will have injustice and anger on all sides. Quite frankly, no amount of cash, either printed or thrown at you from the Treasury will make one iota of difference.

I know many people of my parent's generation who voted at the 1967 referendum and every single one of them voted believing that it was a vote to ensure equality for Aboriginals. It was one of the highest yes results at referendum in this country, proving that Australians are, or were against discrimination and, if I may add, at a time when it was not internationally trendy or politically correct to think that way. Do you really believe that any one of those voters would have voted to give Government the right to discriminate against white people instead of the Aboriginals? If you were an Aboriginal would you really consider that to be a fair outcome?

You and I have a right to different views and expectations. We have a vibrant country when we have the freedom to openly debate those differences and pursue our different goals. To preserve those rights we must demand that Government treats with all it's citizens openly and equally. Anything else is a recipe for the Chaos we are currently experiencing.

Maree S

Subject: In support of Pauline Hanson

Lets keep our culture
Lets remain in the same country as we grew
For we can grow old and lose everthing we remember as Australia
This is not a coup against nationality
But a strength in keeping what we have
We've always welcomed and always helped
But its time to start remembering ourselves again

When I walk down the main street of certain suburbs of sydney and I see shopfront signs displaying foriegn languages inwhich I cannot read with no english, I wonder what rights we have left. It's not only single shops anymore but whole streets, even suburbs.

I have many foreign friends who love this country and our culture. I respect them because they respect Australia without any idea of change.

While Pauline Hanson is the only strong enough political and ethical person to forward these issues I shall support her in everyway. I do believe she is the only true Australian politician that we have.

Pauline is speaking for us as a country. The only person that I can see speaking of issues that most so called Australian politicians seem to forget.

I do not believe that anybody looking after their own culture are being disrespectful in anyway.

I do not see policies in this country happening anywhere else in the world.

Pauline Hanson, a breeze of realism in a political confusion.

Where ever Pauline's name is on the next ballot paper does not matter.

From what I can see she has enough strength behind her anyway.

One Nation is bringing a country together. Nothing is stronger than that.

Jason Wain

Letters to the Editor


EMERALD - (Saturday, July 18, 1998) - Telstra may not need to be sold! The National Competition Policy, will ensure its demise, from within. Akin to having Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank? Ingenious, isn’t it?


R. Crozier.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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