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Preferences and shreddergate - classic media manipulation

Full story here.

During the last few days, in the lead up to the Queensland State Election  the ALP leader Peter Beattie has claimed time and again, and been widely reported as saying that One Nation "had done a deal with the Coaliti on on quote "38 seats" and he had (quote) "the proof".

So it was that David Oldfield called a press conference yesterday at which all the preferences to be handed out in the state seats were layed out on the grass in a small park opposite the Ipswich City Council building. The proof was that just 15 seats would display recommendations on how One Nation suggest voters place their preferences all would clearly state that voters should make their own decision.

The TV cameras were there, the journalists were there. They asked lots of questions, and why shouldn't they? After all they had made much of Beattie's claims and the commentators had had a field perpetuating the myth that One Nation having the balance of power was, somehow, a disaster for Australia.

During the interview One Nation's state leader, Heather Hill, raised the issue of shreddergate and the Heiner documents. No one wanted to know.

The day before Beattie had made it clear that he would usurp the course of justice if elected by not investigating "shreddergate", here you have Mrs Hill was handing out comprehensive proof that the decision to burn the documents was a "major abuse of power"... yet the media did not want to know.

The shreddergate issue, despite its importance, got absolutely no coverage in the media today. The preferences displayed to the media were reported on in a cunningly misleading manner by today's Courier Mail which runs "Preference blow to Labor" as its headline, where the headline should have read "Beattie lies over One Nation preferences".

In the "preference article the story quotes ALP state secretary Mike Kaiser as saying, "If One Nation voters blindly follows these how-to-vote cards without think through the implications then Labor cannot win."

This is how the Courier Mail covered the preference issue raised by David Oldfield in today's paper:

Political mavericks fall into line, is the heading in an article by Matthew Franklin: "One Nation was finally revealed yesterday as just another cynical political party. And its urbane spokesman David Oldfield, the smooth talker from Sydney who advises Pauline Hanson, has emerged as just another slippery politician.

"There is nothing wrong with that. But the cards are finally on the table for a party that has sought to portray itself as being somewhat different from mainstream parties, somehow more honest, somehow less political.

"One Nation yesterday revealed how-to-vote cards for Saturday's election that demonstrate it has a clear strategy to pass preferences to the Coalition and, ultimately, to win the balance of power over a Coalition minority government. This is an understandable aim for a political party. But it certainly puts into context One Nation's long held claim of total independence.

"Even yesterday, after revealing the cards, Mr Oldfield was claiming One Nation had no deliberate preference strategy. He would say that. He is just another politician spinning just another political line."

You will notice there was no reference to Beattie's earlier claims. Beattie, the liar - the man who would be premier, give me a break!

Yes, Beattie was not challenged over his "preference" lies, grilled about his sources, his and every Labor voter's background extensively researched to try to dig out dirt on the party which brings us to the next Courier Mail article... a full page feature on the "extreme rightwing forces beind One Nation".

Summary of "Divided Nation" - full page feature in today's Courier Mail

The article which is the result of extensive research by Davbid Greason and Michael Kapel bears the following introduction

"Pauline Hanson's One Nation party has attracted some of Australia's most radical fringe groups seeking to use a mainstream political organisation to their own ends"

Well, for the interest of our readers, they could have saved themselves and an enormous amount of research if they went to the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (of which the ALP is the political wing) links page...

Visit just one, Leftlink, and you discover a world of extreme left wing radicals who represent weird and, in just one example, wonderful wings of gay and lesbian organisations and how to subscribe to their unmodereated "mailing lists" on-line. Nice for the kids huh! Go and explore the easily obtained, yet totally ignored, sick end of town and see for yourself what the media refuse to disclose - the not so hidden world of the fringe dwellers who get the Labor party over the line come election time..

In today's article by Greason and Kappel accusations and comments raised include:

Of course if the journalists involved had just a touch of credibility they would visit the Left Link site referred to above and, within minutes, discover a weird world where fringe Labor voters are actively wooed by the party. But don't hold your breath! The Labor party and Coalition have sold their souls to the media magnates and that's no conspiracy theory unlike the trash presented in today's Courier Mail and summarised above.

Threatening email:

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 00:53:07 +1000 (EST)
From: Matthew Farrell

I Am Annoyed, and Disturbed by the One Nation party page u put on your web page, remove it, or face serious repercutions.. i hope u noticed some lagg tonight.. hahahahahha it will continue as well. OK understand me

Comment from FAIRA, an indigenous organisations in the firing One Nation firing line:

The Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action has come up with this classic, divisive article, which can be viewed on-line. Here is some archive material on Malexer, who wrote the article..

Here is a link to the FAIRA article: "One Nation is Australia's Nazi Party"

The One Nation Party's policies could lead to the same racial hatred which became the basis for Nazi Germany and, in its extreme, lead to the extermination of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander races in Australia, says Les Malezer, General Manager of the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA).

"Pauline Hanson has achieved her notoriety by attacking and accusing our people of exploiting the white people," he said.

Les Malezer says this propaganda campaign is the same type of militant campaign used by Adolf Hitler and the social democrats, the Nazi Party, of the 1930's.

"Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party is the 'Nazi Party of Australia' in the 1990's and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander races are the targets of race attacks, like the Jews were targeted in Europe."

"The Pauline Hanson One Nation Party is inciting cultural genocide by claiming that our culture is inferior and to be feared, and that we must be assimilated to be like white Europeans," he said.

"Pauline Hanson has claimed that Indigenous Australians eat babies, and that we should apologise to white Australians for the past 200 years."

"These sentiments are irrational and pure nonsense, but this type of hatred is highly contagious and dangerous to our people's lives."

"Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party is openly proud of its intention to extinguish our rights in Australian law to possess land."

"The Party uses race to distinguish us as land owners and makes outrageous claims that our legal rights are the cause of white misery in Australia. This is the same propaganda approach used by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party to dispossess the Jews in Germany."

Les Malezer says the rise of Nazi-type sentiments, aimed at Indigenous people in Queensland, should be loathed and avoided.

"The advance of a 'Nazi Party' in Queensland is an insult not only to our races but to the many Australians who fought against the Nazi Government of Germany in World War 2," he said.

"We urge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to campaign vigorously against the Pauline Hanson One Nation Party and its sympathisers, because the futures of our races, and our children are at stake."

"We urge the public to reject the propaganda and hatred of the Pauline Hanson One Nation Party."

Now if One Nation was to make such outlandish, ridiculous claims as the article above we would get international coverage, but the politically correct lobby are untouchable, they can do no wrong, they can do no evil, they can talk no evil and certainly hear no evil.... or so the mainstream media would have you believe.

Here is what Pauline Hanson and One Nation actually stand for: "The distinction I make is this. A social problem is one that concerns the way in which people live together in one society. A racial problem is a problem which confronts two different races who live in two separate societies, even if those societies are side by side.

We do not want a society in Australia in which one group enjoy one set of privileges and another group enjoy another set of privileges."

The above is an extract from Pauline Hanson's Maiden Speech to Parliament on Tuesday 10th September 1996.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Facts and manipulated figures

Now that you have the evidence of manipulated figures, who can you take them to so that all the people who believe the results, and act on them, can get the real story?

What possible means of media coverage will let One Nation have the air time to set records straight?

Glen Petherick

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

I just had to say something regarding a letter today from 'Two White Australians' who said this: "We support the Aborigines in their stand for equality..."

It seems to me that being truly interested in equality has now become a racist attitude in our society. Think about it. Equality means everyone being equal, with everyone getting the same opportunities and benefits as everyone else. However, in regard to Aborigines and other minority groups, that means either giving everyone else the same benefits as they get, or taking those benefits away from them, in order for everyone to be placed equal in our society.

As we all know, if you even think about anything like that, you are branded a racist by those very same people who you wish to be equal to you. Equality equals racism.

What has our society let itself become, where equality means giving more to the minorities than to everyone else? We are only equal if they have more than the majority? It's something which I find quite disgusting.

I consider myself a major proponent of equality, where everyone is treated not by the colour of their skin, but on what they do for themselves and society, and I will treat as equals those who believe themselves to be equal. There is an attitude amongs Aboriginals that basically states they are less than equal, therefore they require more. I don't agree with that attitude and do not care if others declare me a racist. I know that I am not, as I have had many Aboriginal friends in the past. They were my friends because they respected themselves and their place as an equal member of society, with careers and goals for their future.

The issue within our society today is not only racism, but is also the actual definition of equality, which has unfortunately become warped and twisted by those who stand to gain from inequality and racism. We need to find out again what equality really means, and work towards achieving that.

Alan Howard

Subject: Libby of Toowoomba and informed media debate.

Dear Sir ,

regarding the letter yesterday from Libby ,who, had no problem with 60 minutes and the Call to Arms segment,then blithely stated that we needed a "free media " and" free and open debate" in this country. Then ,presumably,people would see how wrong One Nation was about every thing and the whole thing would just go away. Right?

Libby, look around, you see One Nation running away from "free and open debate"?

We would love nothing more than an "informed media debate",...any time ..anywhere, the trouble is , there is more chance of a white christmas at Uluru yacht club than that happening.

You might ask yourself why it is not happening. Certainly the TV stations and the papers could organise it,no doubt about it. come no debates?? Why aren't the issues being fully and openly discussed? Why wont our politicians sit down with us and talk all this over ,in public forums,where everybody can hear and see the questions and answers,then decide for themselves,as fully informed citizens,how they will vote?

Libby , that would be fantastic. If only we lived in such a democratic environment!

Have you read One Nations election policies? Or the One Nation press releases ? Or the One Nation reply to 60 minutes? Or Pauline Hansons maiden speech to Parliament?

They are all fully available to the entire Australian Media Industry , in fact they have been sent to them endlessly, in the belief that all Australians have a right to hear all views. The only place you will see them actually published is here.

It is clearly the media who are suppressing this information,who do not want you to see it or be informed of its content.

Obviously ,they have no interest in an "informed debate" That leaves us with a" misinformed debate " or an "uninformed debate", which is of course "no debate at all".

Now, why IS this?

The reason is simple ,they do not want the Australian people to hear and see the truth about what is going on in this country .

Follow the links from these pages, read all you can about One Nation and decide for yourself.

"Be informed" and thank God for newspapers like this one and a "free and open internet"!

Steve Nichols

Subject: Two white Australians

I'm all for robust debate but it never ceases to amaze me how the majority of One Nation critics are invariably ignorant, rude, intolerant, hypocritical, illogical, poorly educated and cowardly. The letter from "Two white Australians" perfectly illustrates the syndrome.

Because they disagree with One Nation's views, the two white Australians feel morally superior to their fellow Australians who support ON. Why? Because they disagree of course. For the 'me generation', morality is purely subjective. Similarly, though they would never have bothered to actually read any of Pauline Hanson's speeches, they KNOW what she says because Ray Martin or Kim Beazley has told them. As these gurus' utterances agree with their own prejudices, the two white Australians have no need to do the hard work of researching the facts for themselves. Let's add laziness to the list of qualities.

They attribute One Nation's popularity to the "racist and bigoted Queensland support base". How do they know that this is true? It's obvious: "most of Queensland [sic] was raised on red neck principles and values", they assert. And (all?) Queenslanders are not only racists and bigots, but also "will flock like sheep to anyone who will openly display racism in public". Such tolerance. Such civility. Such respect for fellow Australians who are of a different political persuasion. They're obviously superior people, our two white Australians.

In a textbook case of psychological projection, these "culturally aware" critics accuse One Nation supporters of "living in a state of hatred", and predict ON supporters "will never really find peace and happiness in [their] hearts". They vow to give One Nation not "even a thought" in the coming election. Hmm, I wonder how they will manage to keep their word. I bet they'll be anxious on election night seeing as they are worried enough to give us their anonymous opinions.

Finally why do they describe themselves as two "white" Australians? Who gives a tinkers' curse what colour they are? As usual, those who call others racists are invariably themselves obsessed with race.

Antonia Feitz

Subject: Re: Toyota - Sixty Minutes' sponsors need to know.

I can not understand why Pauline agrees to those obnoxious interviews. I would have walked out! It must be remembered that most of the Media is controlled by certain influential groups in the community. I have tried to warn her in several Faxes in the past.

Be aware of the ABC, SBS and in fact all TV Stations Hope she will be more selective and avoid those stupid confrontations and ill-mannered behaviors. How about some defamation or vilification court actions. That most certainly would make them sit up and take notice. Especially if it costs many, many $$$.

Its about time we show them who is running the country.


Subject: 38 minutes exposed


Just thought I'd let you know you were wrong. 60 minutes did not make about 66% of the votes. It was closer to 90%.

Just joking (or am I...)

I saw exactly the same thing as you. I thought it was strange how just before 38 minutes aired that 4000 votes had already been cast and that after the show only another 250 appeared. I added a few hundred in the right area myself for good measure.

Keep up the Good Work!!!

Paul Fuller

Subject: bias

Running a story from the United States about a white on black murder with references to KKK and Aryan Nation on ABC RN this morning, immediately prior to an item on One Nation, was a very transparent attempt at the Corporate Media's tactic of selling something unrelated to sex by using sex.

Put on a new dress please Auntie; your naked bias is showing through the transparent one you have on. Leave the psychopolitics to the Corporate Media; we can expect a spin on their reporting, as we know their god is Mammon, but our taxes are supporting you, and we expect a more level field from you, as you have no need to tilt the game to win.


Subject: do you need a hand?

To whom it concerns,

Having agreement to a majority of One Nations views,them being a reflection of my own views I would be interested to know how to gain employment or even consideration for valuable opinion within the One Nation group.

I am at present a student and value Education,I see it as right to all, though for years it has seemed a privilage. I plan to continue furthering my Education in the future and would like to be someone involved in community issues. My life has been a story in itself and for my age am a lot further matured and accomplished than others the same age. Here it is if you are interested.

Being 22 and the father of four I have been met with a lot of adversity and the judgement of others of their views. Being looked down on by others has made me very withdrawn and wary. I still retain the value of the family unit and despite hardship have continued to provide a stable home for my children and my wife.

I have never completed high school despite a comprehension of a broad range of advanced subjects. I could not pay attention at school and was easily distracted and into trouble constantly. The trouble obvious the cause apparent but overlooked. Until last year I to saw no cause and felt only a failure.

In January i was diagnosed with Attention Defecit Disorder after a long battle, a story in itself.

In February I started an Engineering course at Tafe after a long effort, a long and positive effort. I learnt fast, desired more and was elegible for an advanced course in a short time.

Having faced every adversity, every negative I had no more negative left to recieve and only accepted positive. I can read negativity ans see it coming and turn it around and accept none in my home. I can take criticism as kind and learn and listen and discuss and make myself better for it. I feel like I am 50 somthing menatally, my personal growth huge. I have been a failed student and now a promising one. I have been homeless with nowhere to turn, on my own. Now I have a wife, 4 kids and a stable 3 years in one home. I have had nothing but a few clothes now I have a full workshop with $20,000 in tooling collected painstakingly, a computer i built myself allowing me to communicate easily and have information on call. That in particular the greatest assett I haved discovered, my own knowledge. Years of being distant from everyone threw me to books which i value and has been the source of my power, my knowledge and ability to apply it and learn new unknown skills on demand.

Please consider my input, despite my age I have wisdom and my views are in line with one nations outlook. For years people around me have said things that concern them but are too slack to do anything. When someone says it openly with a purpose of making them real people jump on it in a standard negative response brought on through fear. i doubt I would support labour again, I turned over 15 peole around prior to the last election from anything but labour to defenite labour support, now I withdraw that view. With keating and Hawke gone the labour government is a bunch of school kids. I fear the results of the election knowing that only liberal or labour can win.

Seeing your honesty and a realistic attitude i am totally hooked and never seen One nation as racist, easy to accuse one isn't it? One day I will be a community leader, I had planned to start my own party as none had any of my views or concerns and then here you are. Who knows what can happen

I have written this letter 30 times over and have redone it each time, the letter is self serving but I wish to convey only my support and ask if i can help. Awaiting your reply

Sean Jones

P.S. taking the money from the Aboriginals is a bold move and very necesarry. If we are all equal than there is no discrimination, whites have been discriminated more it seems.

Subject: Re: Media lies exposed


Good news for you all my travels today reveal that a large number of people in the Oxley-Darra district will support One Nation in the coming election.

Note: Sorry about the error relating to the establishment of an Aboriginal State. It is NOT a 'state' that they seek but a 'territory'. Look carefully at the Nunavut documents I sent you and you will see that this 'treaty' sets up a Inuit Territory, although with the programs they invisage it is a psuedo-state. I think that Ray Martin was correct in that under the current Australian constitution a separate 'state' cannot be set up, 'the commonwealth is an indissoluble union' but, if you check, I am sure that a separate 'territory' can be established.

Kindest regards and best wishes.



Below: Searle at the meeting the other night...

Hi Scott

Sorry I have not logged on to your site for sometime now as you can appreciate running a publication such as The Local Bulletin takes up a lot more time than most people would realize.

Anyway it was good to catch up with you again and see you were up to your usual form.... I did think your words to Laurie Lumsden were a little harsh though.

I'm sorry to say that I did not catch up with that artist guy Anthony White as he left almost straight after you did. You two seemed to be having a few words though. He is certainly a card though that Anthony eh?

Well the midnight oils is playing and burning so I'd better keep going

I hope that you like my latest thought for the day its a bit cryptic but I think your viewers/readers will eventually get it .....hopefully!

"Read the QT and stock up on tissues"

Barry Sampson Searle (ed) The Local Bulletin

Subject: I totally support your move on putting one nation last

I can't see how this country survive by slashing all imports. Maybe One Nation if ever elected will pass a law forcing all australians to buy 500 tonnes of beef, 500 tonnes of wheet, 500 tonnes of sugar, 500 tonnes of lamb etc when other nations place trade sanctions against us for putting up trade barriers against them? Oh yeah... and not to mention each australian must be forced by law to buy a coal furnace to burn off the coal produced by the country as well... AND why don't we all but automatic guns to protect ourselves? Considering that One Nation think that the only way australians can protect themselves in homes is with a semi automatic gun.. obviously they haven't heard of non semi auto matic guns and a big stick. I hate to tell you that i am asian living here for 4 years and at times i find myself speaking better english than other Anglo-Saxon Australians. I am also catholic and believe me! I am more religious than quite a few Anglo-Saxons out there. Ever wondered why asians aren't intergrating with the Anglo-Saxons? Ever considered that the reasons why they do not intergrate is because they feel that they are not accepted by the Anglo-Saxons? I don't see how your statement of "Australia is in danger of being swamped by Asians" is going to help them feel accepted, therefore, intergrate? You will only succeed in making Australia the laughing stock of the world if you ever win government.

Keep up the good work of putting One Nation Last John.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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