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Monday 22nd June 1998

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Behind the lines with One Nation

Expect a challenge to the result in the Queensland State seat of Ipswich. Heather Hill told me yesterday that the party has enough evidence now to go the Queensland Electoral Commission and to demand a by-election.

The seat was won by Labor's David Hamill by just 650 votes after the Queensland Times became little more than a Labor Party broadsheet on voting day, June 13, and the Labor Party handed out misleading Liberal "How to Vote" cards.

Taking about the Queensland Times, they have been black-banned by Pauline Hanson who is now refusing to talk to them after their abysmal reporting ethics in the few days before the election.

Top of the pops in remarkably biased reporting was a lead story supposedly written by reporter Tony Koch of the Queensland Times but now there are claims that it was penned by Labor party stalwarts for publication.

The story just days from the election accused Heather Hill of having no interest in the seat of Ipswich - using selected extracts from a letter that she had written a year earlier.

Mark Strong a reporter from the Queensland Times apparently begged Heather Hill to get Mrs Hanson to talk to the paper without success.

The local weekly "Advertiser" looks like a better bet for Ipswichians to now get balanced reporting and my understanding is that this will be reflected in future in where the One Nation stories and scoops are delivered.

Keeping the bastards honest

Yesterday we mentioned that Prime Minister John Howard would disclose on national television later that day which way he would place his preferences.

The wimp did. Like many other Australian mainstream politicians Howard buckled to the interests of his sponsors - big business. Big business is freaking out about the rise and rise of Pauline Hanson's One Nation despite an aggressive campaign by the media vilifying the party with the single aim of marginalising it.

The ruse is not working with the latest Morgan poll showing One Nation's national support exploding to 14.5% or just one in five Australian voters. If you take out the "multicultural/indigenous" element that support would be around 20% nationwide.

Well-placed bureaucratic "multicultural/indigenous" elements have a financial interest in ensuring that One Nation do not gain a major position in Federal Parliament as some of the funny money being loped off from hard earned tax payers will no longer sink into their big mysterious funding holes.

The growth in support for One Nation has put the major parties in a dilemma not because, as the media would have you believe, that there is a rise in racism in Australia but because the Labor/Coalition tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee approach to voter accountability is now facing its toughest test.

Howard yesterday condescended to say that "perhaps the Australian voter had been left out of the decision making in the past... perhaps the Australian voter had not been able to debate major issues that had dramatically affected him or her".... as he squirms like a worm in a glass bottle the eyes of the nation are on him.

He is now being judged, like Beazley, more by the people than ever before. People are suddenly interested in trying to get a fair go. People have had enough and whatever their media mates might try to do in concerted campaigns to discredit Hanson and her executive just hardens that position among the great majority of Australians.

Thus when Howard announced that he would put Hanson last after immense pressure from the Packer interests, through that Channel 9 toad Laurie Oates (seen here right) and through Murdoch interests, what Howard did was sign his party's death knell... forever.

The Liberal Party is finished. Like the Liberals in Queensland it will be decimated in the next Federal election and it is about time that National MPs like Katter and Kelly amongst many others took a good hard look at what will be left of their parliamentary careers after the next federal election if they don't start talking about joining the One Nation party.

I predict that a new Coalition between the Nationals and One Nation will be forged in the not to distant future with the dregs of the Liberal party being hung out to dry.

On the issue of preferences - an interesting scenario could arise if, for example, One Nation put Kim Beasley last in his WA seat of Brand. This move, with One Nation holding 45% of the vote in that seat, would guarantee that Beazley would be out of politics and leave his heir-apparent, Gareth Evans, the great internationalist, the man who would be President of the UN running the country if Labor won.

This is the Labor party that would have Australians believe that they represent OUR interests. This is the party which has two "great" ex-PM's swinging through the global stage getting multi-million dollar pay-backs from their Asian masters who played such a major role in the path taken by Australia under their leadership in the 1980s.

Is it any wonder that Australian voters are sick to the teeth with the major parties....

As I said yesterday, the worm is starting to turn and for Mr Howard your decision to put One Nation last will signal the end of the Liberal Party as a power block in Federal politics forever.

One Nation soars in WA poll Sunday 21 June, 1998

Pauline Hanson's One Nation party appears to have even greater support in Western Australia than in Queensland.

A newspaper poll released today shows One Nation support at 25 per cent across the Perth metropolitan area.

The Sunday Times says that is about 2 per cent higher than in Queensland, where One Nation won 11 seats in last weekend's State Election. Backing for the party has surged to a massive 45 per cent in the federal seat of Brand - enough to oust the present member, Opposition leader Kim Beazley.

Brian Harradine blinks on native title.

With the massive and growing support for Pauline Hanson's One Nation spooking the career politicians the likes of Brian Harradine. Harradine whose claim to fame was a much publicised pathetic attempt to dance with a group of Aborigines earlier this year outside parliament says he has "blinked".

Suddenly this man of great morality who would not be budged on the right of Aborigines to negotiate over pastoral leases has seen the light... Gone are the words of guarantee to the Aboriginal elders that he would do the right thing and stop Howard's ten point plan on Wik.

His move follows the Bulletin report that shows Pauline Hanson's One Nation would gain 12 senate seats in a double dissolution - a move that the Coalition will take unless Harradine accepts the 10 point plan before the end of next month.

Yesterday Harradine had talks with John Howard and said to the media afterwards, "The Prime Minister had made his position clear and I blinked."

"Sometimes it (blinking) rests the eyes. If you're staring at each other with glazed looks you lose focus.

"I do hope that something will happen so as to avoid the disastrous race-based election. All the hatred and intolerance will come out in this society unfortunately."

The comment resulted in Labor's minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Daryl Melham saying, " The Prime Minister holding Brian Harradine to ransom won't solve the problem. All that does is feed One Nation hysteria."

Howard said, "The ten point plan is needed and most particularly the right to negotiate in the present law must be removed. We do not support a situation where Aboriginal claimants have rights that farmers don't."

Pauline Hanson has a simple one plan solution to Wik and native title - abolish it.


Article by Alan Esson

The Australian Constitution allows a Federal or State government to have a parliamentary bank . A bank that can lend money, charge any interest it likes, or none at all. Since the One Nation party announced it was going to start a "People’s Bank" the misinformation coming from government sources is unbelievable, so it is time to recall a bit of history.

In 1981, Sir Joh Bjelke- Petersen the then Premier of Queensland attempted to form a People’s Bank, he failed because of opposition from within his own party, mainly one Robert Sparkes who pulled the same old cliches that the then Federal Treasurer, Dishonest John is doing now. Here are a few of the wild excuses that were raised then:


2/ WILL STOP THE INFLOW OF OVERSEAS FUNDS. The only overseas funds coming into Australia are in legal fact ‘credit accounts’ being opened in the name of the investors and the bank has to pay interest to these investors for allowing them to use its credit facilities. 3/ IS SOCIALISM. Don’t laugh, in those days before Hawke and Keating it was a worry .

4/ IT IS DISASTROUSLY INFLATIONARY. Inflation is a MYTH . A quote from H.W. Herbert a noted economist:

Once you thoroughly understand that the so-called ‘money’ or ‘funds’ is only an accountancy system based wholly and solely upon promises to pay in legal tender money IF legal tender money is ever called for , then you will realise that ‘inflation’, far from being a virus or a plague, is the result of deliberate policies; policies that are completely within the constitutional power of Parliamentarians to rectify. The bureaucrats and the vested interests are always at great pains to ensure that parliamentarians and the public shall not understand the real basis of the ‘money-banking system.’ EQ.

So all this talk of inflation is just so much ‘hogwash.

5/ A STATE OR ‘PEOPLE’S BANK COULD NOT CREATE CREDIT AS THE RESERVE OR OTHER BANKS CAN. Wrong , it can. Remember, credit is only a promise to pay in legal tender IF asked for.

The late Dr. H.C. Coombs, former governor of the Reserve Bank and the Commonwealth bank said " when money is lent by a bank it passes into the hands of the person who borrows it without anybody having less. Whenever a bank lends money there is, therefore, an increase in the total amount of money available".

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in its decisions in the Bank Nationalisation Case said; THE CREATION AND TRANSFER OF CREDIT. VERY LEGALLY CLEARLY, THEN, TRADING BANKS both Commonwealth and PRIVATE, CREATE THEIR OWN FORM OF MONEY OVER AND ABOVE THE LEGAL MONEY PRINTED AND COINED BY THE RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA AND THE COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENT, and lend that bank created or substitute money to approved borrowers.( the preceding was taken from the Chresby Papers by the late Arthur A. Chresby who was a leading authority on banking and the Constitution.)

Another misconception regarding the Reserve Bank. CREDIT ADVANCED BY THE RESERVE BANK VERY DEFINITELY AND LEGALLY DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REPAID BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR IT IS STRICTLY A BOOK ENTRY ARRANGEMENT. So why does the Federal government borrow from Private banks and the Loan Market?

Now we come to the nitty-gritty of how banks make their money, certainly not from people depositing money in their bank, no they make it from DEBT.

The Banks issue their indebtedness in the form of BANK DEBENTURES, they are simply a promise to pay in 1, or up to 10 years. The monies acquired in this fashion does not go on the bank ledger as debt, they are known as off balance sheet. Therefore, these new funds are capable of being leveraged by the bank at the Federal Reserve for as much as ten times the amount. The Federal Reserve charges an interest rate of 2or3% .

These borrowed funds can now be lent out at up to 18% for on call loans or credit card debt.

To give an example: The bank sells debentures worth say $1 m and pay interest at 15%. They go to the Federal Reserve and borrow $10 m at 3% which they lend out at 18%

And you wondered how they could make such astronomical profits .


There is absolutely nothing stopping One Nation from forming a bank and doing the exact same thing. So in a sense they would be doing the same as all other banks and printing money.

Just in case some people are confused as regards to the expression " a license to print money" I must say it is simply a phrase, the only one who can legally print money, (that is notes and coin,) is the Reserve Bank. These notes and coin (cash money) are a very small part of Australia’s monetary system but the banks are pressing for a cashless society where all transactions are ‘plastic’.

Costello a hypocrite says League of Rights leader

The federal government was hypocritical in its criticism of Pauline Hanson because the coalition had closer policy links to the League of Rights than One Nation, League of Rights national director David Thompson said Saturday.

Thompson said there had been an increase in the amount of Australian dollars between 1996 and 1998 and accused Treasurer Peter Costello of creating $2,000 million per week. Mr Costello believes that the creation of credit is funny money. What has he been doing for the last two years? He has been creating $2,000 million per week. DAVID THOMPSON League of Rights national director "Mr Costello has got it wrong and if you analyse what Mr Costello has done, he himself has used the very policies that he’s accusing Ms Hanson of having taken from the Australian League of Rights," Thompson told ABC radio’s AM.

Earlier this week, One Nation national director David Ettridge said the government could simply print money to fund the party’s plans for a low-interest bank. Following the comments, Costello warned One Nation’s economic policies would damage Australia for generations, because printing more money would lead to massive inflation. But Thompson said Costello was being hypocritical in his attack on One Nation. When asked whether he was accusing the coalition of having more of a link with the League of Rights than One Nation, he said, "Yes, I am, because if you look at the fact the level of Australian dollars in existence in January 1996 was $285 billion (and) in January 1998 there were $333 billion Australian dollars — now where did they come from? "Mr Costello believes that the creation of credit is funny money. What has he been doing for the last two years? He has been creating $2,000 million per week. "So I would say that either Mr Costello’s had his old printing press down the back in overdrive or else he doesn’t know what he’s doing." Asked if Costello had been hypocritical over the issue, he said, "Yes, he has in a sense. He’s accused Pauline Hanson of having done something that I don’t think she’s done and in a sense he’s done himself what he’s accusing her of having done." He also said the League of Rights had not had any contact with One Nation.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Congratulation on your web page and keep it up.

The Editor

Peter Costello is a hypocrite when he condemns One Nation for proposing to “print money”. Every time a government runs a deficit budget they print money. A deficit budget means expenditures in excess of revenues. While this is only numbers on a page at the budget stage, when it filters down to the grass roots where the money is spent it represents cheques in the bank or bank credits. These can be cashed for dollar notes and thus money must be printed to honour these credits.

The “Your turn/Our turn” Liberal/Labor/National coalition has been running deficit budgets for decades, far in excess of that proposed by One Nation in the People’s Bank scheme. When the government spends money on social welfare, thus creating the deficit, it gives out money which is spent for no productive purpose in terms of the economic activity of the country. Hence the money is completely lost.

The “money printing” proposed by One Nation is not lost at all. Instead it goes into a fund to be used for creating economic activity so on two counts it is more productive than social welfare spending. Firstly: while in the “people’s bank” the money still exists so can be counted as an asset either as cash at hand or as the securities held against the loans made. Secondly: the use of the money in the bank generates economic activity in the form of investment directly in jobs or in infrastructure assets thus creating jobs in the creation of these assets and also in the use of the assets. It also increases morale in the country and within the individuals employed by the use of the funds and at the same time decreases the unemployment rate and thus the welfare payments required.

It is important however that the money is lent out and not given out as grants. Grants mean that the money is lost to the government and can only be used once. It is possible, however, that the 2% interest rate is not the appropriate one. Possibly a rate linked to the rate of inflation would be more appropriate so as to preserve the value of the fund into the future. An administrative fee could be added on top of this.

Present governments are totally dishonest as they run deficit budgets and then hide the fact by including assets sales in the revenue side of the budget and then forget to include the loss of the asset and its income in the expenditures side. Peter Costello knows this as this is the argument he used to show up Labor’s huge budget “black hole” just before the election that got him his present job. At the same time asset sales mean that the public is charged a second time for the purchase of the asset, in the form of share prices, to provide the facilities that they already enjoyed before they had to buy the asset to continue providing those services.

Gordon Briggs


I found it interesting to read through the One Nation Web Site. I have wanted to listen to Pauline's full views for a long time - however must admit I am scared to attend one of the meetings. And as you know, the Media only show what they want to.

Good on you One Nation, and thank you for your site.


Learne Brown

Subject: Common sense is coming home

Congratulations to the honest, up and coming politicians of today working for the future of Australia's children.

In the face of adversity, patriots are winning the hearts and minds of ordinary Australian people. Congratulations once again.

From the British National Party.

Subject: Support from South Africa

This is to let you folks know that their is support from this country.

Please let know of any reading matter of ONE NATION policy.


Subject: Give Pauline a break

Dear Sir

I am sick of ethnic minority groups getting more benefits than I presently qualify as a white English naturalised Australian.

Why put Pauline last on the ballot papers if you feel confident her opinions and policies are not a threat????? K.BATES
resident of the A.C.T and it's circus of a self government.

Subject: One Nation - First for preferences.

The honourable Prime Minister, John Howard.

The current proposals to "put One Nation Last" is nothing short of the two party political thuggery which the Australian electorate has had enough of, typical of two large schoolboy bullies who push around the new kid in order to maintain their dominance. The average mainstream Australian is now starting to wake up to these tactics, none more being so blatantly obvious as the "put One Nation last" effort.

For this and many other reasons I will be putting Liberal and Labor - LAST.

God save Australia, because nothing is going to save you from your fate at the next election.

James Yatras, QLD.

Subject: One Nation preferences.

All the statistics show that One Nation votes are coming from traditional Liberal, National and Democrat voters. The only winner from this situation is Labor.

I agree with Ron Pond and others. The LAST thing Australia needs is a "loony leftist" Labor government.

The Liberals should realise that they have already lost the federal election - it is only a matter of by how much. Their best hope is to allocate their preferences to One Nation with the possibility of doing a deal after the election.

Let's face it, most of their policies would probably have been the same as One Nation's (multi-nationals excepted), if they hadn't caved in to political correctness over the years.

Likewise, the best thing One Nation can do is to allocate their preferences to the Liberal party.

On the subject of media propaganda - maybe the best retaliation is a bit of humour! Scott, why not include on your web site a list of all the garbage that One Nation is supposed to be linked to. One line per subject would be enough. When people see it all in one place even the most hardened critic would see it as impossible. It would fill less than one printed page (??) and would be easy to print and distribute to friends with the possibility of opening up a conversation re One Nation.

I also agree with one of your other readers that all One Nation reps should have access to the net. It is critical that they know what is going on and that they present a united front. A low-end PC and modem is not too expensive these days.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
- Kevin Wildash

Subject: One Nation surges in WA and Harradine caves in! Why aren't we surprised?

Dear Sir,

support for Pauline Hanson's One nation continues to explode across the country ,with the latest figures hitting the major parties where it really hurts. Collateral damage includes Senator Brian Harradines credibility, principles and self respect!

The seat of Brand in WA , which Labour's leader Beazley held by a mere 1.5%, is now running at a 45% backing for One Nation, a figure that the rotund Rhodes scholar would sell his soul for. Presuming ,of course, that he could get it back out of hock from the multi-nationals in the first place. West Australians can remember when Beazley jumped like a rat from the sinking ship of Swan, his previous seat ,when irate electors let him know that he had failed them miserably and were going to dump him. Now he will give the Brand electors, who gave him that seat, the flick, in exactly the same scenario. The well fed welcher will bail out to yet another "safe" labour seat and leave some poor bunny wearing the "sellout" bullseye around his neck to cop the bucketful of voters wrath meant for him.

Such is the attitude of our would-be leaders, to the will of the People.

Voter support for One Nation , in the Perth Metropolitan area , has now hit at least 25% and rising, according to the latest Sunday Times polls.

This gives WA One Nation voters, through their preferences, control over ALL city based Federal Liberal AND Labour MP's in this State!

This situation is reverberating around the skulls of the shadowy figures and backroom power-brokers of the "majors" with increasing frequency ,all over the country. South Australia will be the next state to declare for One Nation and the political hysteria and paranoia of the "elites" will go into overdrive as a result.

Just wait until the first Liberal MP comes over to One Nation!

There are several, responsible and concerned, current MP's, from both the majors, who like us are fed up to the back teeth with the lies and deception , shovelled down our throats by corrupt Party leaders and their Media partners in crime. These MP's are actually responsive to the wishes of the people but shackled and handcuffed by the party line of "tell em nothin and take em nowhere" on matters of hidden agendas.

Also creating interest and amusement in WA ,at the moment ,is that "old stager" Graeme Campbell and his Australia First party. His seat of Kalgoorlie ,one of the largest in the World, has now hit 28% support for One Nation , meaning that Graeme will have to now "do a deal " with us if he wants to retain the seat!

Old gra gra will have trouble wrapping his chops around that particular pill, seeing as he has been bagging One nation for "pinching his ideas", for some time .Mind you ,the bagging only started once an Australia First takeover of One Nation failed dismally.

Now, finally ,as we thought he would, Senator Brian Harradine has caved in to pressure from the libs and abandoned every one of his much vaunted principles. This is the bloke who "would NEVER compromise " on the Wik bill . This is the bloke who has been blowing long and hard about the "injustice" of howards 10 point plan. The bloke who has "cried " with the Aboriginal industry leaders on the "loss" for Indigenous people if the 10 point plan goes ahead.............well............hell..........he's ......dumped em!

Yep,he will vote for the 10 point plan to become law now,after all!

So .yet another politician in the federal arena has proven that principle is just another negotiable commodity. As if we needed any more proof !

The One Nation revolution will continue to gather momentum as the Australian people see their political establishment for what it really is and if , along the way there are more casualties like the bumbling , hand-wringing and now irrelevant Senator Harradine, then so be it. There will be very few who mourn their passing.

I'll bet johnny howard is glad he's got till March ,now, before he has to call the election, a few more months leading the Nation down the road to a glorious Globalised future.,( a bit more super in the bag,too), basking in the relaxed and comfortable haven he's building for us all. Well, that is unless one of his very good buddies doesn't stab him in the back first.

Steve Nichols

Subject: onp

Please Please Mr Howard put ONP last on the how to vote cards. Show Australia you are driven by principles and not the by fear of loosing office. Do the right thing

Subject: The Australian Newspaper

The Hon. Tim Fischer, MHR
Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for (foreign) Trade,
Parliamentary Leader, National Party of Australia,
House of Representatives,
Parliament of Australia, CANBERRA A.C.T. 2600

Dear Tim,

What we wonder is whether the current issue of Rupert Murdoch's "The Australian Magazine", supplement in The Weekend Australian, has been scanned by your minders yet and whether they learned anything from the experience.

Elisabeth Wynhausen' article "End of the road?" seems to spell out in some detail the catastrophe that has flowed to the countryside (not just the area west of the "sandstone curtain") since the Australian Country Party became the National Party of Australia and more closely identified itself with the Liberal Party of Australia. No possibility of becoming the Prime Minister of this nation under a Coalition, may indeed have been the reasoning behind the Hon.J.D. Anthony OA's advocacy (before he became the proverbial "feather duster") of the merging of the two parties.

At least you can take some comfort in the realisation that most of the damage to rural Australia was done before you attained Ministerial roles and so could be held personally responsible.

Certainly the Hansonites do not have the magic wand with which to repair the damage but they seem certain to have a right royal time at Liberal and Labor expense until the electorate awakens to the fact that governments and parliaments are peripheral to the problem.

Rural Australia, if it is not to become something worse than Paul Keating's "Banana Republic", can only be revived by the efforts of the grassroots population after it deliberately discards the inappropriate processes and attitudes of the economic rationalists in favour of self-help and mutual aid.

The wide brown land, green fringed, with its vast coastline of sand, rock and crashing seas protects a wonderful people. Welcoming, caring, nurturing, and its public input of shared financial resources - tax - requires responsible trusteeship. If changes to the collection of it need change, then the Government has a responsibility to take the time to explain the changes.

It will take longer than a two months education through electronic and print media and the mellow voices of Laws and Co. to get it through. Or the arrogant attitude that says because we have won an election we have a MANDATE to do whatever we please with impunity will really upset the elector- ate.

Believe it or not, the public face of parliament is Question Time. If a picture is worth a thousand words, watching the daily pictures from Question Time in parliament sends appalling messages. Small wonder the natives are revolting via the ballot box.

Have any members of any persuasion actually watched dispassionately, what is being told to the public through these insights into the workings of parliament. What comes across is, it is not that politicians care about the country, but that all they care about is SELF.

What do they appear to care about the ramifications of downsizing, loss of loyalty, loss of markets, loss of jobs, loss of country towns, loss of self esteem.

Aren`t they aware that their esteem in the eyes of the viewers is battered everytime Mr Speaker has to call them to order and still they carry on? Small wonder the people living through the storms of change gave their vote away in Queensland to a naive populist, who asks "Please explain?".

We would all like to know why we have to live through the loss of whatever we feel we are losing! Nothing is more sure or more uncomfortable than change.

Sadly, selfish behaviour is rife throughout the nation. All for self, and I want it NOW. Sadly the fruit of this attitude does nothing to build up others, to renew, to expand markets or industry, or to allow others to find fulfilment anywhere at home or abroad.

Funds through taxation are needed to do the various things we want to do. If we do want to own the farm, we have to pay for the farm. If we don`t want capital coming into the country via overseas investment, we have to put the funds in ourselves. The government doesn't have any money other than what they receive from the taxpayers. Anything it happens to earn from nationally owned industry is discounted and considered worthy of sale on the open market.

The paradox is that it is not until we give away that anything is received. Funny thing that.


J o n M. A x t e n s

Subject: Launch of One Nation in Tasmania

Dear whoever,

I was at the launch of One Nation in Hobart as a peaceful protester. I must say, that my experience of that event certainly do not correlate with the recollections of Mr Hodge. The protest had a family atmosphere, with many children, young people, elderly, ethnic, first Australians, represented.

I did notice a lack of paranoid people in the crowd. Perhaps they were all inside pretending that they wanted a meeting rather than simply a publicity stunt.

In my view, if Ms Hanson had truly wished to address that meeting she would have closed the meeting to all but invited or paying guests - as occurred at many other venues - especially in Hobart which is a more left wing city than any other in Hobart (witness the strong support for the Tasmanian Greens the antidote for Ms Hanson's poison).

However, my conspiracy theory (as opposed to the gun lobbies sick theories about Port Arthur) is that . . . I consider it makes for a much better story to have an open meeting sure to bring conscientious objectors onto the streets, and (so the theory goes, hopefully) into the meeting room. They may even get a bit excited, storm the stage . . . makes for good publicity to me!!! The spin doctors sure know how to turn someone into a victim!!! A happy feeling, good natured protest is then used to denigrate those involved and paint them as the enemies of truth.

Sick isn't it.

And to blame the police for allowing people into the hall is even sadder. Is everything a conspiracy theory. One Nation said the meeting was open - not the police. Any sensible organiser would have had a closed meeting after what had happened in other states, that Ms Hanson or her minders chose not to do so is more baffling .. and fits with my conspiracy theory far better than any other! Professional people should run professional meetings, not blame other people if it does not work out that way.

The manipulation of people is very sad. It is even sadder when the person at the centre of it all does not even seem to realise that perhaps . . . just perhaps . . . she is missing the point. The point is to live equally means not denigrating people (even if they wish to protest), rather it is to try and understand all people, and love their differences for those differences are what have made Australia the once tolerant place it was .. and can still be if we all take responsibility for our own actions.

Very concerned with your opening web page.

You cite that "a major project was established for Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party to ensure that the biased cover that she received in traditional media was counteracted."

Thinking that this cite might link to an unbiased page put together by an interested, politically aware individual or organisation I hit the link with interest .. only to find, to my disgust - that the link took me straight to the One Nation home page, complete with a report on a Hobart protest put together by a biased, homophobe of renown in our state.

I am sorry, but the homepage of a political party is never unbiased. I should know I work for the Tasmania Greens. Our web site gives our particular view of the world, politics, etc. It is far less paranoid, homophobic, and gun free than Ms Hanson's One Nations, and to say that her link is unbiased is a falsehood.

Please advise whether this slanted opening will be removed from you site or why you feel it appropriate to leave it as is.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Deidre Wilson

Subject: B-sleazley on Sunday

G'day again "Clue Me Up" Scotty (I'm on a roll and I aint stopping till it sticks :-) ),

Did anyone see Beasley on the Sunday program? The man was "packerin darkies" about the state of play in general but his seat in particular. Yes Mr. Beasley, we sure 'nuff do believes ya that you is throwin' yo own sef on ya sword 'stead 'o puttin up wi that bunch 'o redneks (yeeharrr) that is ON. Get real!

The man, and I use the term loosely, has decided that SPEAKING VERY VERY LOUDLY and denying that he has ANY (future) political aspirations whatsoever will convince "us poor igner, er , igknere, er, stupid" voters (those without the blessing of a tertiary education, if you look at the stats in the Saturday Australian) that he really DOES have our interests - and that of his grandkids at heart (after all, a prime ministers super is a damn BIG incentive).

The best response he could muster on the point that ON was against a GST (as is "labor"- another oxymoron), was "Well, I was here first!!!" - Probably so Mr. Beasley, but since you probably exceed the fire occupancy laws in any room you happen to be in at the time, how do you expect anyone else to fit?

Mr. Beasley, I personally don't have any qualifications, nor your much emphasised "experience", but I can pick a bullshit artist or hypocrite at 1000yds - the TV and newspapers are MUCH closer than that.

Best Regards,
Anthony Mare

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Dandenong

to one nation,

Ole I've just read your speech for the first time, what an insight! I like you am Australian I've come back here from being away for four or five years enjoying the freedom that being an Ossie gives me the freedom to travel and think and communicate. It was good while away I was the non-speaker in the job finding environment the one who was taking up positions in random places and generally doing the things that piss off all right wingers around the globe.

The phrase go back to the colony and where's your ball and chain were offered in a few places of my own decent. nice i thought to myself but at least at home people are generally accepted as different and instead of blindsided learnt from. ah the key.

I understand that there are various things sides of the current Australian situation that could be perceived as a sell out. and fair enough for a long time we have enjoyed a style of life incomparable to any nation. But now for the truth as far as most nations were concerned the exclusion of foreigners was not uncommon, granted France and Greece were particular in their hatred of the foreign element. What can you do? but other places like Ireland and England though met with differing reactions were for the most part the most multicultural places I've been and not only that they actually work. The different souls after a while start to grant everything that is need the levels of employment do not go down as a result in fact the more they mixed the more they were connected with other nations and the more chance they had for business expansion. you have heard all this before but I must say that I don't believe your ideas and paranoia to be righteous, equality I am sure is necessary and the help to those who are being victimised by the nature of progress., is also necessary but you must be careful those who come into your country must be judged on what they do bare faced, if we can help are neighbouring countries we should for they soon will be a great part of our survival. remember the phrase survival in numbers. the mistake is to offend unnecessarily. whether you like someone or not is not the issue the issue is economic not humanitarian. If you become truly exclusionary we will be excluded and all that money you want from the government won't mean shit because they won't have any either. the change right now depends on the fact that you can understand everybody as well as being understood.

Simon Kalucy

Subject: Go Pauline

Dear Sir,

Thank Pauline for providing another political party for us to vote for. The two major parties are on par with the Suharto Regime that was in power in Indonesia. Their primary concerns are themselves and they are too far removed from the real issues and mainstream Australia.

I am an Australian, I was born here (Adelaide) and I have lived here all my life, had full time employment (Registered Nurse), single parent, buying my own home I am 39 years old. I thought I used to know what it was to be Australian, but I don't anymore because the dominant culture is being eroded at the expense of mine !!!. I get no free trips, concessions or anything. I have paid my taxes and done it hard. I am not complaining

J Meyer

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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