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Thursday 10th July 1997

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The jailing of former Black Panther terrorist has resulted in the typical verbal reprisals from people well versed in "using the system".

Yesterday Phil Dickinson of Angry People held a press conference trying to justify why Lorenzo Kom'Boa Ervin should be allowed to stay in Australia. Ervin claimed from prison yesterday that he was assaulted by arresting police saying that he was pushed up against a wall and that his glasses were broken. His solicitor, Sean Whelan, (the second to be appointed in as many days) was advised by the immigration department that a second visa application by Ervin had been refused.

Here is his press release:

Lorenzo Ervin has advised his legal representative as follows:

After being taken into custody by the department of immigration and ethnic affairs At approximately 2.00pm on tuesday the 8th july 1997, whilst in the car park at the Sir Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre I was handcuffed with my hands placed behind my Back.

The immigration officials accompanying me then pushed my face into a wall causing my glasses to break.

I was then dragged by the handcuffs by correctional officers at the Sir Arthur Gorrie correctional centre. I was in pain at this stage.

I was not allowed to bring my broken glasses to the legal interview with my barrister Derryl Rangiah this afternoon at the centre and I only have the use of prescription sunglasses which are only for outdoor use.

Poor fellow, what I would like to know is who picking up the tab for his legal costs? Here's the sort of C*** that is now hitting the net.

Mr Howard said yesterday that he found it "bizarre, extraordinary, incredible" that someone who had had two life sentences for hijacking an aircraft and kidnapping the people on board should be allowed into Australia.

"I don't think any Australian needs more explanation than that," he said.

Aboriginal elder Neville Bonner warned the indigenous population of Australia to stay away from Ervin.

The incident about the 59 year old man who was king hit from behind by three thugs when leaving the launch of One Nation at Dandenong resulted in some television coverage yesterday - but has been steadfastly ignored in favour of Ervin's "plight" (above) by News Limited papers.

The man is now suffering from a bruised brain resulting from the blow when he fell on the curb outside the venue.

Speaking on television last night the man pleaded with One Nation supporters to not respond to the violence of the thugs and expressed his support for the party after going into the meeting as a non-partisan observer.

Last night we had very welcome friends come and visit us for dinner and drinks. Not every day guests, the reason I am putting this in this section of the news.

It was a wonderful opportunity to get to meet the "real" Pauline Hanson. (Seen on the left with the Internet kid, Alex and on the right with her daughter Lee.)

Pauline has a heart of gold and, out of the glare of the media, she relaxed and talked and listened. One of the things that struck me about Pauline was that she listened, she listened as I spoke with One Nation national director David Ettridge about the issues of media ownership in this country, listened as I spoke with David Oldfield about the role of the ACTU in the protests at One Nation meetings. Pauline is a great listener.

After a while she got involved and asked incisive questions about the issues we had discussed and listened again.

This was not the Pauline Hanson portrayed by the media, this was a caring woman who has gone through hell and back with the media and the betrayal of the establishment in not allowing her the right to be reported on honestly.

(Left to right: David Oldfield, Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge).

As a supporter of One Nation I was most gratified to see how well she worked with the key members of her team... which included three federal police who sat in the lounge and played with Alex while we talked in the dining room.

Thank you Pauline for giving us the time.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Official home page.


Tongue in cheek look at Maiden Speech of Pauline Anti-Hanson.


Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said yesterday that the average Australian family was saving Au$1,000 through tariff cuts over the past ten years.

He spoke to a friendly audience of Liberal students at the University of Queensland saying that tariff cuts had led to an increase in living standards in Australia... he failed to mention the tax bite (see Social below)..

"In the past ten years, as a consequence of economic liberalisation both internationally and here in Australia, the average family is Au$1,000 better off just as a consequence of reducing our domestic tariffs and other countries reducing theirs," he said.

"We certainly have seen through the greater market access in east Asia very real benefits come back to Australians themselves.

"Growth in exports generates growth in incomes and ultimately increases in living standards for Australian families."

He said Pauline Hanson did not understand the benefits of economic rationalism. "People say we are reducing tariffs and the country is going to the dogs and we have no level playing field and other countries aren't reducing tariffs," he said.

"You get this from Pauline Hanson and from the Labor party and it's just rot."

Now let's have a look at what happened to BHP in Newcastle and why and what about Australia's textile industry... and finally let's check out those tax figures again (below)... average family losing 10 cents in the dollar to tax through bracket creep in the last two years - or about Au$3,800 a year... now that was a better standard of living you referred to was it not Alexander?

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Dandenong

I was just in the Age newspapers site and they quoted a protest organiser as saying "the incident(the 59 year old man being bashed)wasn't as bad as it seemed". I have news for you, a 59 year old gentleman being found in the gutter unconscious is as bad as it looked on national news, remember 'a picture tells a thousand words'. Listen protesters Mike Tyson did it now you are doing the same, being beaten and fighting dirty.

If it wasn't for you lot Pauline Hanson wouldn't be on the news every day, so keep it up Lunatic Left, you're giving her all the publicity the party needs and giving yourselves a rotten name and the press is starting to see it how it is so keep it up Scum Bags.


Subject: violence

Pauline Hanson's critics (9/7/97) have missed the point entirely.

Without any commentary, the facts speak for themselves. Australians who attend meetings of a legal political party are being verbally and physically abused, even to the extent now of being hospitalised. The hate, venom and violence is coming from the protesters.

Australia is supposed to be a democracy which enjoys free speech. Lets take migration as an issue of interest to Australians. The existing government policy is multiculturalism, which even its architect has repudiated as divisive. Mrs Hanson believes in assimilation, as leading to superior social outcomes. The protesters believe in multiculturalism. In a democracy the citizens of the country have the right to disagree with and argue the merits or otherwise of government policies. Citizens also may PEACEFULLY protest.

Mrs Hanson expresses her view peacefully in the democratic tradition. The protesters - at least the ones we see at the forefront - with hate-contorted faces scream obscenities and insults, hurl urine-filled balloons and other missiles at their fellow Australians trying to exercise their democratic right to attend a meeting. Only the presence of police protects Mrs Hanson's supporters from physical assaults by the protesters.

I know who are the fascists.

Antonia Feitz

Subject: Pauline Hanson and 60 Minutes

To Whom It May Concern,

I direct my feelings more towards the recent trouble created by Pauline Hanson rather then strictly focusing on the 60 minutes report.

Although I am only 17, it saddens me to see such a deplorable thing happening in my society. Such a situation enrages me. With all the recent rigmarole occurring due to the launches of the One Nation Party, isn't it blatantly obvious to even the dimmest soul that her voice is not that of a nation. Such protesting and uproar would not be apparent if your party indeed voiced the opinions of a nations and was in fact a factual account of society. Such a thing proves that intolerance and ignorance are still dominant in some, but come on, get with the times! We are living in an era where people are learning that acceptance is the key, that to live together we must accept each other as individuals and move on a grow from it. Dwelling on differences stunts our development as a country, we cannot grow if we fail to accept.

As a role model for younger generations, Pauline Hanson will just not do! A narrow minded perspective of the world is not going to help anyone anywhere!

Yours Sincerely,
Michelle Corcoran


News Corporation is continuing its review of non-core assets with the latest being the sale of its 40.4% stake in multimedia group PMP (Pacific Magazines and Printing) Communications Ltd for Au$325 million.

This latest disposal brought sales by News Corp this year to Au$870 million - the company selling its 21.4% in Japan's Asahi National Broadcasting Co for Au$468 million in March.


In just two years average Australian workers are paying an extra 10 cents in the dollar in tax because of bracket creep.

The report by Access Economics said that about 2.3 million people or 30% of all taxpayers earned the average adult weekly wage of Au$734.20 (Au$38,178 a year) attracting a marginal rate of 43% (from 38% just two years ago).

Marginal income tax and super levy rates% of income
Australia 199540.5%
Australia 199750.5%
New Zealand24%
United States29.9%
United Kingdom35%
OECD Average41.4%

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another absolutely gorgeous sunny day ahead of us... was not too cold overnight.

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