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Monday, 2nd March 1998
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The discredited "Bringing them Home" stolen generations report is now on-line.

We have put a copy of the entire "Bringing them Home" report together with other perspectives about this highly topical "politically correct" project. The report was a total waste of tax payers money by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission the flag ship of all that is anti-Australian.

Here are extracts from the unsubstantiated, one sided report that has given the likes of poody-tat Lord Mayor Jim Soorley and his ALP cohorts a "politically correct" platform to cry for forgiveness - for unrelated sins that they have perpetrated on children in the past: 

"We had been playing all together, just a happy community and the air was filled with screams because the police came and mothers tried to hide their children and blacken their children's faces and tried to hide them in caves. We three, Essie, Brenda and me together with our three cousins ... the six of us were put on my old truck and taken to Oodnadatta which was hundreds of miles away and then we got there in the darkness.

"For many Aboriginal people, police officers taking children into custody and locking them in the cells, particularly in circumstances where this would not happen to a non-Aboriginal child, is a continuation of the practices of the past that have led to the Inquiry being established (submission 686 page 4)."

A section on "self-determination" you must read includes:

Independent states long denied that their Indigenous peoples enjoy the recognised international right of all peoples to self-determination. Self-determination is a collective right exercised by peoples. States preferred to describe their Indigenous populations as minorities, reserving the term `peoples' to describe nations and emerging post-colonial nations. However, according to the Chairperson of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations, Professor Daes, `Indigenous groups are "peoples" in every political, social, cultural and ethnological meaning of this term' (quoted by Coulter 1995 on page 131). Indigenous leaders in Australia have also argued that Indigenous peoples in Australia are `peoples' within the meaning of the term (Dodson 1993).

Once it is accepted that Indigenous peoples have a right of self-determination, debate surrounds the question what that right involves. Article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights defines the right of self-determination as involving the free choice of political status and the freedom to pursue economic, social and cultural development. The Covenant is binding on Australia.

The report supports the idea of a divisive policy of race-based Aboriginal states in Australia. Let us remember that Peter Jull the archiect of Canada's Nunavut now resides in Brisbane advising the radical Northern Land Council on  how to establish an Australian equivalent of Nunavut.

It should be of no surprise to our readers that it was Soorley's mate, Michael Lavarche, (seen here right) the Attorney General under the previous (Keating) ALP government who established the following terms of reference:

To: (a) trace the past laws, practices and policies which resulted in the separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families by compulsion, duress or undue influence, and the effects of those laws, practices and policies;

(b) examine the adequacy of and the need for any changes in current laws, practices and policies relating to services and procedures currently available to those Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who were affected by the separation under compulsion, duress or undue influence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, including but not limited to current laws, practices and policies relating to access to individual and family records and to other forms of assistance towards locating and reunifying families;

(c) examine the principles relevant to determining the justification for compensation for persons or communities affected by such separations;

(d) examine current laws, practices and policies with respect to the placement and care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and advise on any changes required taking into account the principle of self-determination by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Here is what Ron Brunton said about the "Bringing them Home" report:

"Whether John Howard should apologise to the “stolen generations” for the actions of previous governments for which he personally had no responsibility, one thing is certain: as the organisation that is responsible for such an unworthy report, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission should apologise to all Australians: Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal."

AIDS Council in Queensland try to promote homosexual behaviour amongst married men.

The politically correct AIDS Council have tried to place advertisements promoting a homosexual lifestyle as an option to married men.

The ad reads "There are many guys who enjoy sex with other guys and have a girlfriend or wife" and "You don't have to be gay or bi to want to have sex with guys". The ad invites men who live in the Mount Isa area in central Queensland (who often spend long periods away from their wives or girlfriends) who "like to get it together with other men" to write or telephone if they are interested in making contact.

State Health Minister Mike Horan has banned the advertisement saying, "It offends decency, contravenes rules under which the tax payers fund the council, which will be seen as a get-together agency.

"... you can be assured that tax payers' money will not be used to blatantly promote a particular sexual lifestyle."

Of the 200 men proving HIV positive in Queensland each year, half are from rural areas.

Straight sexual behaviour is under assault by the sickos in our society. Even the Uniting Church promote homosexuality to our kids - no wonder they are losing so many members. 

Paul and Anita Keating split

It is widely reported that Paul and Anita Keating have split - permanently. Paul was apparently caught in bed with another man by wife Anita. Yes, I said another man.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


Laurie Oates - Packer stooge

Classic comment on Channel 9's Today programme by political reporter Laurie Oates in response to comment that One Nation is running a candidate against Tim Fischer, "It's a joke, he has no chance".

Well Laurie let's wait and see... let's wait and see!

Native Title decision put on hold in the Senate

How high the price for a political career? Quite simply put no price is too high.

The Australian Labor Party have announced that they will delay John Howard's ten point plan to the High Court's Wik decision in the Senate.

The Senate, through the support of Independent Senator Brian Harradine, rejected the amendments which are to be sent back again - unchanged - forcing a double dissolution if the Senate rejects them again. Now Harradine has said that he and the ALP will delay a decision until May - delaying a forced Federal election, a suitable outcome for battling farmers - affected by native title claims, but ensuring a few more months on the gravy train for Senators.

Howard said yesterday on Channel 9 Sunday Programme, "I think the Australian public wants this dealt with. Government are elected to govern and the Australian public is tired of the time that's already been taken on this measure and they just want it dealt with."

Howard warned that the Coalitions 44 seat majority was not a foregone conclusion for success at the next federal election.

"We live in an age of great political volatility and a large majority are always deceptive because they rest upon tiny margins in a large number of seats."  

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Swordfish, Turn Round Australia and your children

Here are some comments that you may want to add to GWB-NOTD.. PS: It might be worth warning parents about what their children watch on Sunday mornings while they sleep in.. Turn 'round Australia would be something I'd suggest they see.. (both Channel 10 - 6am to 7am)

Parents Beware

In order to pass the time while waiting to see Swordfish for myself, I was watching children's TV this morning.. And I was astounded at the efficiency and effectiveness of today's anti-family social engineering

On Turn 'Round Australia, there was one guy who was speaking to children about morals, and on no less than three occasions, he practically told children that whatever their parents teach them is automatically wrong..

And on Swordfish, they conveyed the impression that gay sex among 13 year olds be seen as acceptable.. They also made kids think that anyone who isn't wholeheartedly accepting of gay lifestyles as being behind the times.. Well, I have nothing with gay activities between consenting adults, but for 13 year olds?? And the Uniting Church makes this..

What happened to family values?? What happened to morals and ethics?? What happened to keeping impressionable minds clear of this kind of thought pollution??

Impressionable children being taught all about gay lifestyles, just in case their parents didn't make them fully aware of the options available to them, the Wesley Mission has rectified that situation (no pun intended) :) This has got to be a new low..

But remember, With the UN Rights of the Child, you can't even forbid them from watching this garbage.. I would suggest you hide the power and antenna cables on all your TVs on Saturday and Sunday mornings..

Peter Cook

Let us remember that Cheryl Kernot is a member of the Uniting Church saying that it is the only church worth being part of...

Seems like the cap fits well.


Subject: Re: Two letters-Gazette Feb. 28/98

Something I couldn't help noticing about the two excellent Gazette letters cited by Judyth. At least it was honest enough to publish them. From that I would hazard a guess that, unlike our national newspaper The Australian and several State-based newspapers, it is not owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Dion Giles
Fremantle, Western Australia

Murdoch will not report on the MAI - he is a major beneficiary.


Subject: Archival access to students

Dear Internet Daily

Your publication is the only place on the net that a significant proportion of the Australians feel that their views are acceptable for uncensored publication. As a media student it is vitaly important to be able to present a balanced view of the overall media and cultural paradigm. Please please please give me, and other students, free access to your archives. A Nation with only one eye is half blind.

Dear student,

This nation is blinded to the truth because of Murdoch's dominance and corruption of our democracy by unethical reporting institutionalised in his media empire.

For the full story follow this link... but forget ever getting any of it published by the mainstream media - a lot of my journalist friends tried but failed years ago.

On the subscription fee, we have no option but to charge... same price for all, One Nation members, students or journalists.



The Council of Homeless Persons (CHP) in Queensland has recently completed a study of displaced people in the state finding that 30,000 are homeless.

Based on national data collected last year the survey found that 8,500 children and 7,000 young people aged between 15-24 are homeless.

CHP Chief Executive Officer Netty Horton said, "Whereas the average age in homeless shelters 10 years ago was in the mid-40s today it's around about 30. If you look at those people, they're people who were looking for jobs when they were 17, 18 and 19 and couldn't get them.

"The unemployment rate amongst homeless people is very high. While the Government has provided a safety net for homeless people, they haven't addressed the pathways out of homelessness."

St Vincent de Paul have agreed with the CHP study finding that 9 out of 10 homeless men were in financial difficult while 8 out of 10 homeless women were taking refuge from domestic violence.

The President of the society, Tim O'Connor said, "For some of these people the street presents a better option, an escape from the horrors of a destructive relationship or a way out of the never-ending-cycle of bills and family duties.

"It becomes a concern when these people are on the streets, never finding a suitable home or living accommodation and continually relying on services like St Vincent de Paul for charity."

Remember what multi-millionaire and ex-PM Bob Hawke said in 1986 when trying to drum up votes for his superannuation? "Our (ALP) goal is that no Australian child will be living in poverty by 1990."

Just another one of many broken promises by the Labor elite.  

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Seems like my photo of my wife reading the Local Bulletin in the dark and the accompanying story got up the nose of the editor and oft correspondent to this daily, Barry Sampson-Searle.

Or maybe it was the three thousand year old resident..... quote: Watch out for next months edition of THE LOCAL BULLETIN we will be featuring a story on a local Brookfield resident who if she makes it to the year 2000 will have had a life that has spanned 3 millennium..Yes its true!....

Here is his comment in the March edition:

A site for sore eyes - Aussie News...

A recent foray into the web had me stumbling across a intriguing news web site called "Australian News of the Day." Had I not been familiar with the local Karana Downs resident who was responsible for the site, a Mr Scott Balson, I may have been lulled into actually thinking this site has some serious content. However most of the "News" turns out to be interwoven with Mr Balson's confused opinions, which seem to swing between the ultra right and the ultra left, and his quirky sense of humour. Cap this off with his over-enamoured attraction to the Ms Hanson factor and we have a site that has you laughing and crying at the same time. You can find this site at:

Well thank you Barry, any publicity is good publicity...


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