Saturday 6th June 1998

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Australian dollar plunges

Welcome to the world that the major parties and the mainstream media would have you believe is unstoppable, and "good for Australia".

A world where we have no control over our destiny. A world where multinationals rape and pillage the "lucky" country while minority groups hide behind the coat-tails of Political Correctness. This is the world of the elite, those who trot the global stage making millions out of others misfortune.

Asia is completely stuffed following the Asian currency meltdown last year and now Australia, to quote some television reports last night, is in the sights of the George Soros' of the world who play the global currency markets for fun and profit.

When Malaysia's Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mahamad aimed a barb at Soros in Hong Kong last year he was accused of being anti-semetic (racist), he was scorned by the World Bank community... yes the group that we are told are "good for Australia"....

the group now stuffing up the Australian dollar as it freefalls below 60 cents. So guess what is "good" - interest rates are now going to rise to support the dollar.

This is the new world order that Pauline Hanson is told she is backward in wanting to get off... this is the new world order that has made Australian Prime Ministers like Hawke and Keating multi-millionaires.

I am just waiting for someone in the media to hang this hat (the falling dollar) on Pauline Hanson. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Sixty Minutes, the very low of the low

Here is a copy of the email I broadcast to the One Nation mailing list this morning:

Subject: Sixty Minutes vs Pauline Hanson

Dear One Nation Supporter,


In the lead up to the Queensland State and Federal Elections there has been growing hysteria in the media, major political parties and by minority groups that "support for Pauline Hanson's One Nation is somehow bad for Australia".

It should be of no surprise that One Nation has one goal in mind and that is to bring equity in treatment back to ALL Australians irrespective of colour, race, or creed. If you read the first sentence again you will see who is going to 'lose' when divisive policies are removed by One Nation from the Australian equation.

However, the most divisive force in Australia today is the mainstream media, carefully controlled by men of enormous wealth who now seek the ultimate prize, 'power over the politicians who run Australia'.

Many believe that they have already achieved this goal. Many believe that the support for Pauline Hanson's One Nation is a direct result of 'populist' Australians (that's you and me) seeing through the deals being done between the major political parties and the media barons.

Today Australians face a real fight to retain their democratic rights in the face of the media moguls. This is the 'real' media-hidden war that is being raged right now with Pauline Hanson being the focus, the enemy. The coming Queensland state and Federal elections are not over 'race' as the media would have you believe, they are over our freedom of speech and democracy which has already being largely destroyed through the concentration of our media.

Last Tuesday Pauline Hanson raised the issue of 'The Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples' in Parliament.

What followed was the most disgraceful vilification by Howard, Beazley, supported by the media, of Pauline Hanson, the messenger, while the message - the potential impact of this treaty on all Australians - was totally ignored.

This vilification was epitomised by the live interview with Ray Martin on Channel 9's 'A Current Affair' during which he changed the 'rules of engagement' previously agreed to. The interview was supposed to be about Pauline's speech in parliament and the ramifications of the UN draft agreement.

A range of links to documents related to Pauline Hanson's speech can be seen at:

Channel 9 have used these tactics before to secure an interview under blatantly dishonest terms. Sixty Minutes approached Pauline Hanson to do a 'prime time' broadcast on 'a new political party in the making'... in 1997. The original letter to David Ettridge confirming the 'rules of engagement' with Pauline Hanson can be seen at this link.

In both Channel 9 interviews Pauline Hanson has appeared stunned, was ridiculed by those interviewing her and thereafter denigrated by many of her opponents. Quite simply she has been ambushed with unrelated questioning by a less than ethical media doing the bidding of powers higher up.

This Sunday Channel 9's 'Sixty Minutes' has intimated that it will be doing an 'expose' on Pauline Hanson's One Nation links to 'American influences'. As of late yesterday they had refused to supply the source of their information so that One Nation could respond. It will be an interesting time for 'Sixty Minutes' to carry such a damaging, unsubstantiated programme, less than a week before the Queensland state election.

The background to the programme to be run tomorrow can be seen at:

Here is a quote from that page:
'But as 60 Minutes has discovered, Pauline Hanson's one nation has little to do with our nation. Much of her ideology is borrowed from loony extremists in the United States, right down to her claim this week that the UN was undermining Australia's sovereignty. Jeff McMullen reports that this fear of a UN-led global world order is the central theme in the thinking of militia groups at war with the US Government. And the militia leaders admit they know and admire Pauline Hanson and have advised her supporters.'

With this in mind I would ask you to take this personal assurance from me.

I have been privileged to get to know Pauline and understand the fire that burns within her for Australia and her children, our future. She is not influenced by anybody from overseas, her gun laws actually tighten gun control through

"an instant record check to ensure those persons ineligible to own a firearm can be quickly identified; we shall establish a register of persons prohibited from firearm ownership. Prohibited persons: ie those convicted of a violent offence."

Pauline's aims are to work for the return of Australia to Australians - away from the negative, direct influence of overseas-based multinationals; to introduce Citizen Based Referendums; to allow you to have a real say in your future (One Nation's policies can be seen here) and to dismantle the power blocks controlled by the media barons.

It is this last goal which is behind the vilification of Pauline Hanson by the media and what she stands for, not the opinions expressed by those who do their master's bidding.

You may like to tell 'Sixty Minutes' what you think of their programme, if so use this link:


A personal message from

Scott Balson, Pauline Hanson's One Nation web master
One Nation home page

What it takes to get front page coverage in the News Limited media

One Nation's Queensland state leader Heather Hill summed up the mood of many Australian when she was questioned on a subject which appeared on the front page of yesterday's Australian newspaper. "I find it so discriminating. I don't think you'd ask questions (of candidates) of any other background other than Anglo Saxon," she said. She could of course added her involvement with Pauline Hanson's One Nation party.

The front page article was a beat up on a story covered several times before by News Limited which reports that Mrs Hill only became an Australian citizen in January this year - despite having lived in Australia for 26 years.

Mrs Hill had not realised until then that she was not an Australian citizen, as she had lived in Queensland since she was a little child.

News Limited refer to Mrs Hill's situation as "an embarrasing disclosure".

Give me a break.

One Nation set to pick up seats in Queensland State Election

A Courier Mail survey today reveals that One Nation is set to pick up the seats of Mulgrave from the Coalition with incumbent Naomi Wilson's primary support plummeting from 45% to 27% since the 1995 election.

One Nation's Charles Rappolt sits on 31% with Labor's Warren Pitt's support falling by 8% to 37%.

The poll was based on 500 voters.

One Nation state leader, Heather Hill (right), continues to perform well in the seat of Ipswich with an earlier gap of 18% in favor of the Labor Party 's David Hamill (left) falling to just 9% after preferences are distributed.

Yesterday Liberal candidate Steve Wilson who left the party to become an independent changed his mind again wanting to become a Liberal party member, but the Coalition leader, Rob Borbidge said that the party wanted to have nothing to do with him.

The latest poll by AC Neilsen on the state of the parties in three state seats (500 voters in Currumbin, Ipswich and Mulgrave) shows growing support for One Nation in the face of a mounting media-inspired attack:
Current voting intention by 1995 voting (%)
Party Total Labor Liberal/National Democrats/Green/Other Did not vote/Can't recall Wasn't living in electorate
Labor 43% 74 11 22 30 42
One Nation 26% 16 32 41 24 31
Liberal National 22% 6 51 8 19 17
Democrats Greens Others 4% 2 2 25 6 6
Undecided 5% 3 4 5 21 4

In effect One Nation has more support now in these three seats than the Coalition parties combined.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Truth in Politics

Dear Sir

I have no connection with your party or anyone in it. I have, though, been following the progress of your party since its inception. I am horrified at the unprecedented media & political cover-up & whitewash of the true facts regarding Ms Hanson & One Nation. Not since the gun debate have we seen such misinformation & lies foistered upon a too naive public.

I, for one am not a racist nor do I endorse any racist philosophies. I do not regard One Nation as a bit RACIST but REALIST. The true danger of One Nation is not racism but the giving of political power back to the people - as if politicians & the bleeding heart media are going to sit back & let that happen.

I just thought I'd write to encourage you that there are thinking Aussies out there who are not fooled. I will not be giving my vote to any of the 3 parties who so far have let Australia down so badly.

Lastly, could you please pass on to Pauline my regret at the outright vicious way she was attacked by Ray Martin on Wednesday's A Current Affair. I was appalled by this gutter journalism. He is not interested in fact but the destruction of free & honest debate in this country. As an Australian I was upset & embarrassed that someone, like Pauline, who is passionately standing up for what she believes in for the betterment of our country could be given this kind of treatment.

Awaiting with interest further reports on your progress on your web page particularly your Education Policy.


Peter J Webber

Subject: RE: ON & how to vote card.

Being a voter and taxpayer I and truly ashamed of being Australian! What used to be a free and democratic country has become a playground for political games and manipulation by the voice of the MINORITY!

Please show you still have faith in democracy and don't put One Nation last on the how to vote cards, Although it's legal it's still a deliberate attempt to damage our system of voting.

Although this will go in one ear and out the other I must give it one last try! I have already lost faith in our so called democracy and will only vote once more for a free and democratic country, else , all votes go to mickey mouse!

Regards Michael C.

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Excellent coverage!

It's refreshing to read the facts!

- instead of what the media want me to read (or not read) Until recently I have found precious little about Pauline/One nation in the newspaper and that has been reported with unmitigated bias! in most cases. Good on you Pauline - I new I was on a winner when I read your maiden speech 2 years ago! To the Polls!

John Flynn - Perth

Subject: Re: Pauline Hanson's speech in parliament last night

Thanks Scott for the info There is no need to sell me on Pauline she has our vote. I personally know what the press is like after opening three adult shops!!!

Can you ask Pauline on her views on the sex industry.

I have a write up from the courier mail called " The politics of sex" this is a big vote catcher if she can come up with a way to revamp the sex laws in Qld. ie the working girls I know its a touchy subject but if Pauline was to come up with a statement like " We will come up with new laws regarding censorship in Qld she will get heaps of vote.

Please advise
Paul Tyler

p.s still waiting for the poster for two shops


Why do you propagate racist bigotry by having a link to the One Nation web site?

Even if you have no moral scruples, surely enlightened self interest allows you to see that you are doing yourself a disservice.


Subject: Freedom to vote

The only thing left to us ordinary citizens that the government cant manipulate is the freedom to vote for whoever we choose. Try as hard as you may, and my, you are trying, but we will vote for who we want. I have always voted for your party in the past, but I'm afraid I have got very tired of you leading us down the toilet. Roll on the election. When you called Pauline Hanson "demented" for her beliefs, you insulted me, as I too believe Australia can do better.

Headley Lamar

Subject: Thank you Pauline and One Nation

As a proud member of Australia, an equal to all and with all, I welcome your drive to reveal real facts and condemn mealy mouthed politicians of the three main parties. Pauline, I support your words in your recent speech in Parliament.

Never give up Pauline!

Thank you
Michael Hessenthaler

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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