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What our politicians say:
Bob McMullan (Minister for Trade Australian Labor Party government) in 1995:
"The financial services agreement (now FSIA) will directly benefit Australian banks, insurance companies and securities traders."

Coalition Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock in 1998:
"In any decision allowing people into Australia, Australia's sovereign right is taken into consideration."

Pauline Hanson, Independent Member for Oxley in 1998:
"This (MAI) is about multinationals shifting production and work forces without impediment from country to country to minimise costs and maximise profits (at the expense of Australians)."

The discredited mainstream media on the MAI:
News Limited's Courier Mail - Conspiracy Theory", 21st March 1998:
This web site is, quote, "Fruit loop territory".

Others on the MAI:
Alan Asher, described by presenter Maxine McKeogh on the ABC's Lateline programme in March 1998, as, "deputy chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. He was Australia's representative on the United Nations Commission on transnationals. He has spent twenty years working on economic development in developing countries...
Quote by ALAN ASHER “Well perhaps I should say in a country where 80% of the economic activity is already managed by international corporations and in a world where bilateral investment treaties cover most of the economies of the world anyway I think the concerns they expressed are just a little too late.”

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The FSIA and MAI are  international treaties. They are the bride and groom of the multinationals drive to usurp the sovereignty of independent nations. Bureaucrats in the Australian treasury have already signed Australians into the FSIA without any debate from its peoples.

This "done deal" has ensured Australia's banking industry is now run by foreigners.

This same government bureaucracy is now finalising our entry into the world of the MAI.

Unfortunately for them and the multinationals the Internet exposed their treachery and now they are being forced to be accountable before we sign... only the federal politicians in the ALP and the Coalition stand in the way of people being informed... and in this lies the new barrier to democracy.

Vegemite, Arnotts, anybody? - like the "War of the Worlds" a foreign, greed driven entity has claimed this land. Australian icons like Vegemite and Arnotts are now victims of this greed... they are, like, National Australia Bank, ANZ and, soon, the Commonwealth Bank no longer Australian - they are victims of consecutive Australian governments selling off the farm.

On these web pages you will discover just how they, your elected representatives, have gone about it.


(21 March 1986)

Article 18

Obligation not to defeat the object and purpose of a treaty prior to its entry into force

A State or an international organization is obliged to refrain from acts which would defeat the object and purpose of a treaty when:

(a) that State or that organization has signed the treaty or has exchanged instruments constituting the treaty subject to ratification, act of formal confirmation, acceptance or approval, until that State or that organization shall have made its intention clear not to become a party to the treaty; or

(b) that State or that organization has expressed its consent to be bound by the treaty, pending the entry into force of the treaty and provided that such entry into force is not unduly delayed.

According to AUSTRADE, this is how much of Australian enterprise in the categories named below currently belongs to foreign interests:

Category % Category % Category % Category %
Motor Vehicles 100 Pharmaceuticals 100 Electrical 98 Chemicals 98
Mining 97 Processed Food 95 Oil/Gas 92 Building Materials 88
*Banking 86 Confectionary and Beverages 84 *Insurance 82 Hotel Industry 75
*The secret FSIA (agreement) is the key element behind the foreign ownership of Australia's key Banking and Insurance sectors, while the MAI legitimises the complete foreign control of all Australian business sectors.

Breaking News - May 1998: MIGA Son of MAI.

The MAI vs SDDS and the FSIA - international treaties
What does it mean? Multilateral Agreement on Investment Special Data Dissemination Standard Financial Services Industry Agreement
Status Yet to be signed by Australia Subscriber Done deal (signed)
Status To be signed Done Deal (signed with no public debate) Done deal (signed with no public debate)
Focus International Trade Transfer of capital Banking Industry
Term 20 years No "used by" date No "used by" date
Secrecy Disclosed through the Internet

Joing Standing Committee on Treaties to investigate


*Signed without parliamentary debate.


*Signed without parliamentary debate.

Aim Multinational "sovereignty" Under proposed amendments to this agreement, investors would be able to withdraw their investments and profits without government oversight.
(Following Asian currency crisis)
Foreign ownership of banks
Co-ordinator OECD
(Organisation for Economic and Co-operative Development)
(International Monetary Fund)
(World Trade Organisation)
Initiator Kim Beazley and Peter Cook (ALP) - May 1995 Currently being reviewed (March 1998) Bob McMullins (ALP) 1995
*International treaties are ratified by Australia's Governor General in contravention to Australia's consitution
(Download an interactive, self-running version of the Australian constitution here).

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