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Tuesday 8th September 1998

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Between the One Nation lines

Now I am not saying that the post below definitely originates from The Courier Mail's "National Affairs editor Peter Charlton but it appears to - and makes a good introduction to the lunchtime "meeting of minds" I had with one Jeff Kennett , Victorian Premier, yesterday. Charlton is the reporter who tried to warm Australians on the MAI earlier this year with a series of slanted articles which presented anything but the full picture. 

(Kennett seen here yesterday with Liberal Candidate for Blair - Cameron Thompson)

From: "Peter Charlton"
Subject: pathetic effort
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 23:49:21 PDT

I have been reading what you laughingly describe as a newspaper.

Real newspapers do not deliberately defame people. Real newspapers are written in grammatical English.

Real newspapers have journalists who know how to spell, not poor sad misguided dills with access to technology and a complete inability to use it sensibly.

Don't kid yourself that your daily wank is a newspaper, old sport. It's not.

It's a parade of prejudices, all bad.

You constantly rail about Australia being undemocratic.

Perhaps you'd like to return to South Africa .... now that democracy prevails there?

Now before I start expressing my views on Mr Charlton's News Limited and "Real Newspapers" let me just start by saying that Kennett is nothing more than a social cretin who falls back to blatant personal abuse when caught out like a shag on the rock. You will see why in my coverage of the lunch later in this article.

Look at how News Limited are using their dominance in our media to manipulate what Australians hear and see in the lead up to the Federal election. To quote the words of Chris Schacht, ALP opposition Communications spokesman on changes to media ownership laws, 21st August 1997, "for their own political health they've (the Coalition) got to get (media) proprietors on side". Words by Schacht at the height of the Fairfax/Packer media ownership change debacle. Now it goes without saying Pauline Hanson stands alone in politics in giving the media barons a big thumbs down and standing her ground against their power games and standing up for the rights of Australian voters on an equitable footing.

Pauline Hanson released her Primary Industry policy yesterday - a critical policy to One Nation as much of her support is in the bush. The policy launch was completely ignored by The Australian even though the media throng was there to report it - the policy not rating even a passing mention - while her earlier meeting with Kennett in a Toowoomba shopping centre rated a front page story under the headline "Jeff and Pauline's blind date". Now compare that with the extensive and ongoing negative coverage of One Nation's Easy Tax policy...

The Courier Mail in its own indomitable style goes one better - for an "ethical" Queensland paper in which Charlton often reports. Give it its due it does mention the launch of One Nation's Primary Industry policy - just - here is what the paper says under the headline "Hanson to use race as ace".

"One Nation also faced hostile questions following the launch of its primary industry policy.

"Queensland Senate candidate for One Nation Sue Gordon said she would not clarify key details of the policy because there would be a "second stage" announcement which would set out the full cost of the promises.

"'The costings would be given in stage two of Australia's first national rural policy,' she said.

"But when pressed Ms Gordon would only say "friends in high places were finalising the costings on the policy."

That's the entire coverage in The Courier Mail - you will notice that there is no coverage of what the policy entails - just a denigrating slant to what happened at the press conference. This is News Limited in action. Classic stuff. I wonder what Mr Charlton would have to say about this sort of unethical, unbalanced reporting by Mr Murdoch's pawns. He would probably be applauding - while not recognising his own hypocrisy.

Getting back to the Kennett "date with Hanson" - I heard all about it at THAT lunch how, "It is a sign of desperation by Mrs Hanson that she has to go out of her way to find me to get publicity."

This was obviously a one-liner scattered around like seed in the wind because all the media seemed to pick up on and report on it. The truth of the matter was blatantly different as I witnessed at the lunch.

Liberal candidate for Blair Cameron Thompson launched his campaign at the Gatton RSL. There were about 40 Liberal party members there including about ten dignatories (ie 30 others). When asked to take our tables there was a very small contingent of about five journalists and photographers - the event being devoid of any television coverage - one of the journos succeeded in knocking over the table set up for them and breaking glasses in one of the few highlights of the lunch. No commercial television stations covered the Liberal lunch - unlike the main game - the much unpublicised launch of Pauline Hanson's Primary Industry policy which was taking place at the same time. This was the truth - despite his bluster - here was the sad reflection of Kennett's real place in society - a poor second to Pauline Hanson - despite his comments about her seeking publicity.

The buffet lunch was quite nice but the expected numbers of Liberal faithful were obviously down despite Kennett's presence - as can be seen from the empty table in the photograph above.

Kennett's talk to the Liberal faithful was about as inspiring as a damp squid in the Brisbane river. Laced with abuse he slammed One Nation and the Labor Party and even the National Party  - calling their policies retrogressive and anti-export oriented before he was corrected by one of his audience who said, "Don't you mean One Nation?"

At the lunch Kennett claimed that Hanson had been stalking him earlier that day talking about how her minders had sought him out and then told her where to meet him... what an ego!

"To think that she had stalked me in order to gain some publicity, I found a clear indication of the fact that she is becoming, through her party, increasingly politically desperate. They (the minders) must have scurried inside and pulled Ms Hanson out of the cupboard in which they put her, told her I'd arrived, then she came up behind me and grabbed me."

In classic News Limited style my confrontation with Kennett is reported thus in The Courier Mail: "An ambush by Scott Balson, creator of One Nation's website, triggered renewed hostilities in Mr Kennett's one-man campaign against the party.

"You are entitled to defend and advocate your cause as much as you like, but those of us who oppose your ideas will use the same democratic processes to drive you off the political landscape," Mr Kennett said.

"And I suspect a greatly increasing number of Australians are going to make sure that happens on October 3."

The reader is left asking himself "What was the ambush?" Did I hit Kennett over the head? Did I throw tomatoes at him or did I abuse him?

For the record, the "ambush" was a couple of questions I asked - of course their content is censored by News Limited making for another on-sided example of reporting. When introducing myself I said to Kennett, "I am a One Nation supporter," resulting in his interjection "There is always one of you in every crowd." I replied, "I did not come here to be verbally abused I came here to listen to what you had to say and let me tell you Mr Kennett I have a clear message for you." I then told him that Australians are sick and tired of not being represented by the major parties. Using the MAI as an example - I told his audience that the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties had been disbanded because of the election and the letter advising me of the position said "we are unsure whether the committee will be reformed". I stated that this disgusting treaty had been negotiated behind the back of Australians for three years.

He responded with predictable abuse claiming that I was lying - that the politicians had followed the MAI (even if the Australian population had been left out of the picture) and that he had personal reservations about it.

When I got up for my right of reply Cameron Thompson tried to stir up someone else to pose a question - he took too long. I questioned Mr Kennett's version of events asking why then when Pauline Hanson blew the whistle on the MAI foreign minister Alexander Downer said she "did not know what she was talking about and that the MAI was good for Australia." 

I then brought up the issue of the banks closing in the rural areas because of the international World Bank Financial Services Industry Agreement. This all got a bit much for Kennett who then came out with the comments mentioned by The Courier Mail above.

But Mr Peter Charlton (irrespective of whether the "one" above is he who reports for Murdoch), would have you believe that News Limited is the gate to all knowledge, the path to enlightenment while the reality is very different - a closeted, carefully managed campaign of propaganda against our fragile democracy.

One interesting comment I must make is that Charlton's email (despite the inaccurate date on his computer) was sent to me about two hours after my confrontation with Kennett.

If it is indeed from The Courier Mail reporter, did Kennett have a squeal to one of his media mates in high places? And, if so, what sort of reporting delights await me as retribution in the near future? Time will tell.

One Nation support grows... or does it?

Someone must be wrong... NewsPoll 7.5% - Morgan 14% (in Lindsay)

Here is an extract from the Ballott 98 article:

While Morgan suggests Labor may be travelling better nationally, a new poll of the outer Sydney seat of Lindsay will buoy the Government. According to The Age-Sydney Morning Herald ACNielsen poll released on Monday morning, Labor's primary vote has slumped to an embarassing 31 per cent.

That compares with a 45 per cent standing for the sitting Member, Ms Jackie Kelly.

Ominously for Labor, it is One Nation which appears to have done most damage to the ALP vote, with the support for One Nation recorded at a healthy 14 per cent.

The Nielsen poll of 1008 is a very large sample and was taken mid last week. It was these large marginal polls by The SMH and The Age which correctly identified the huge swing against the Keating Government in 1996.

Middle Class Plunging Back to Poverty

Here is an extract from the Washington Post:

They chained down expensive equipment and locked cabinets and doors. They took away medicine and machines and all the things that had saved lives here, until South Korea's economic collapse made lifesaving too expensive.

When the hospital went bankrupt, all that was left behind was the disbelieving staff -- more than 200 nurses and pharmacists and medical aides who had stuck by their patients and their hospital long after their paychecks stopped coming. They were owed an average of $7,000 each in back wages, and when the owner tried to throw them into the street, they simply sat down, too stunned to move and too scared to face life without a job.

This is what the Asian economic crisis has brought to South Korea. Nearly 100 times a day somewhere in this country, someone's dream -- a tennis shoe factory, a corner grocery story, a giant automaker, a promising fashion house, even a hospital -- is crushed under the weight of the economic collapse. Unpaid bills are piled too high, the "closed" sign is posted, workers are dumped, and the nation's economy slips a little lower.

From the tropical islands of Indonesia to the mountains of Thailand to the factories of South Korea, East Asia's amazing rush to affluence in the last 25 years made life better, safer, more comfortable and more hopeful. But the growth went haywire -- too much borrowed money and too much corruption -- and the abrupt crash has shattered the lives of tens of millions of people.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


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email the editor

You say:

Subject: Premier Kennet...past participle?

This gormless git, who would make a good Basil Fawlty, has seen fit to assume the mantle of 'enforcer'/'political hit man' and 'gate crash' his way into Queensland, and in particular the Federal seat of Blair.

The very fact that this arrogant nobody sticks his snout in where it's most definitely not wanted(his entire audience apparently consisted of media appartchiks and papparazzi: no one else paid him the slightest attention: certainly not the voters of Blair!) indicates that the Laborals are most definitely concerned about One Nation Party's impact in the upcoming Federal election. While these arrogant elites wined and dined with international dignataries,(and ordinary Australians contended with 15+% real unemployment, a shrinking permanent job market where workers slave away for an extra 400 hours a year than their European compatriots, a standard of living now ranked 21st in the world[20 years ago it was in the top 5], a plummeting Aussie dollar, social instability, a burgeoning national debt, the country sold out from under their feet, secret anti-family, anti-traditional morality UN treaties and rampant and unwelcome globalalisation)Kennet the Ferret was dispatched to do their dirty work on a mission of disruption against the Laborals only true political opponent .

This smarmy jerk seems to think he and his partners in crime are the 'wave of the future'. 'Pauline Hanson', he says, 'has no future in Australian politics'. Hmmmm: read that script again champ! Or, better yet, go back to your comic books. _YOU_ are living in Fantasy Land: or have been advised by the fairies at the bottom of the garden. The _Laborals_ are the ones who have _no future_ in this country. Methinks your comments come from your final resting place: the trash-can of history!

Patrick Hughes

Subject: 2% flat tax

Dear Pauline.

I fully support Your policies. Having said that I would like to make a few comments re the "2% flat tax" system. I was astounded to hear the Costello "analysis" of this tax! It was obvious that he has NO IDEA or any understanding of this tax at all! If a person of his background displays a lack of basic intelligence to comprehend a very simple process, then I hope that this will NOT be apparent in the majority of the voters!

Before the 2nd world war during the years 1930-1938 no tax was paid by employees in Hungary. The tax was paid by the Employer and the employee did not even know how much this was. All health services were free! I could tell more about the hungarian economy during those days, which were disrupted by the war.

Sincerely Yours and good luck for the campaign

Les Mailath

Subject: EASY TAX : an idea for discussion

Dear Scott,

I had hoped to copy ON's 2% Easy Tax and present it to my fellow workmates on the Friday morning in the hope that it might sway many ON sympathetic ( but not as yet committed ) voters. However on consideration I decided that a little more thought on the proposal was needed.

While I am in full agreement with the need to rebuild our present tax system and on the surface the 2% Easy tax does offer a much simpler solution I find it very hard to believe that most PAYE taxpayers ( 8 million + ? ) would feel comfortable with the savings on tax being put into the pockets of their bosses. The assumption that the bonus would be used by small business to hire more staff may be true in some cases but many would look upon it as a windfall and many would no doubt find plenty of uses for the bonus other than for the intended purpose. I have serious doubts as to the consumer seeing any savings passed on down the line.

At my workplace much of that bonus would be used to upgrade plant and equipment . My employer ( Boral ) through the use of more Hi -tech equipment would shed a very large percentage of it's workforce.

However I do believe that if that tax saving was passed on to the employee ie. gross wages minus 2 % tax the proposal may still work and a lot of those 8 million + wage earners would seriously consider the system. By injecting that tax saving into the pockets of the consumers I believe would be a far safer alternative than trusting small business and BIG business to do the right thing. Workers with money to spend would be the best investors for business . They might decide that with the extra dollars in their pocket that a first home purchase is now a realistic goal, the kids might just get that bike, we may even be able to afford a new car and buy those extra groceries , pay the mortgage of a little earlier and afford private health insurance , HEAVEN FORBID WE MAY EVEN BE ABLE TO SAVE AND INVEST SOME OF IT. Wouldn't this create employment opportunity and encourage business to grow and become more competitive ?

I am also concerned about the use of the capital being raised by the imposition of compulsory superannuation on PAYE taxpayers. If each employee contributes say $50/ fortnight and you multiply that by 26 then multiply that again by 8 million which equates to 10.4 billion dollars / year being entrusted into the hands of the financial institutions. Where is the evidence that this money is being wisely invested in AUSTRALIA ? Indeed how much is left in the kitty in the light of the financial meltdown.? Wouldn't these funds be more wisely entrusted to a PEOPLES BANK lending for the benefit of our business and rural industries ? It may even force our other lending institutions to be more competitive.

As ON's tax proposal is open to debate I hope my criticism is taken in good spirit as I think the proposal for a 2% Easy tax is certainly worth consideration but unless the above proposal is offered as an alternative ON will not gain a lot of support amongst unionist and PAYE taxpayers and this will UNFORTUNATELY impact on election day.

Have a good day...........

Subject: EasyTax

I suppose like everyone I can see advantages and disadvantages in the EasyTax scheme.

But one thing which is very obvious to me is that politicians and the media who are critisizing it, are doing so out of complete ignorance. The effects of a tax like this on the economy would obviously be very large. Cliched and, dare I say it "populist" and "simplistic" critisisms by the mainstream parties are about as foolish as they come. Who is proposing the "easy answers" now? It is Laboral with their "do nothing" or "do what everyone else has done" ideas. How much more simplistic and populist can you get?

I've been pondering this EasyTax proposal. Everytime I see a disadvantage in the scheme, I can see how those problems may be negated by all the advantages. No Tax system is perfect of course, but I can see how this one might be a lot better than anything the mainstream parties are offering.

So my final comment is this: Good on you One-Nation for having the guts to put forward this proposal. I hope one day the party might have sufficient power to force treasury to put even more analsis into the idea so that the people can have an informed decision about the idea. Hey -- it's hard to imagine it could be any worse than what we have now, and I've got a suspicion it could be heaps better.

And shame on the major parties for attacking it with slogans and very shallow analysis.

Subject: bribes for ethnics

The Federal Government has already allocated $5 million to a "Living in Harmony" anti-racism campaign. The money provides grants to community groups to organize racial harmony projects. Now the government has announced an "Australia Be Proud" campaign which is to 'educate' Australians about the benefits of immigration and multiculturalism.

Seeing as Australians lived in harmony before the adoption of multiculturalism, these campaigns are nothing more than tax-payer-funded electoral bribes to ethnic organizations. They insult all Australians whatever their background, and they particularly insult our Australian nation which was unsurpassed in tolerance.

I am sure migrants who love Australia and feel privileged to call themselves Australian will treat this latest deceitful tactic with the contempt it deserves.


Subject: Port Arthur Massacre

I heard on National Radio today that you have information about the Port Arthur Massacre on your website.

I checked all your website and found nothing !!!

WHY ???


Subject: Sydney water

After watching A Current Affair's story on Sydney water, it gives a whole new meaning to the term "drinking piss".


Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

dear Scott,

I remember back in the fifties, when we had a referendum on the rights of people to be communists, the Labor party`s cry was the quote from Voltaire "I may not agree with the things you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". A wonderful statement for those who truly believe in democracy. Strangely enough I dont hear it from them, the Liberals or the media today. Are these people really interested in the democracy of this nation? After reading in todays CM (7 sep) that the UK gov is preparing to ditch their Queen, while we illegally( according to International Law) accept Her Letters Patent to keep up a facade which hides Illegal governments and judiciary. Maybe we should resurrect the above quotation.

Keep up the good work
regards John Hugo.

Subject: Resistance

This is the copy of one of my newsgroups posts in reply to publicity for the forthcoming demo against One Nation:

Jeffrey Atkinson wrote in message <01bdce8b$97650d00$a9cd6ccb@a>...
>On July 24 and July 28, in the largest secondary student action of its kind
>in Australia's history, over 14,000 students walked out of class and
>publicly demonstrated their opposition to racism and the policies of the
>One Nation party.

Mmmmm. I used to be at school too. You wouldn't have needed much to get me out of class. I have the feeling that many of the students walked out to enjoy the day out. The day they protest against One Nation by sending their pocket money to the Red Cross, I will believe that they genuinly took action against One Nation. It is worth mentioning that school kids in Australia are shielded from the truth about One Nation by both teachers and the media. So when they demonstrate, they are doing so against their PERCEPTION of what One Nation stands for. See the difference?

>It was not the first time that youth acted as the conscience of the nation;
>nor will it be the last.

Hahaha. The conscience of the nation... Pull my other leg.

>But we cannot stop there. Racism remains, the One Nation party remains.

So what you are saying is that your demonstrations are having no effect. Why continue?

>Our struggle must grow.
>For that reason, Resistance Socialist Youth Organisation are calling a
>second walkout for secondary students on Friday August 28.

Will you have the "$3 to join Resistance" signs there as well?

>This time, our protest will be even bigger, it will occur in more cities
>and towns, it will involve more schools.
>This time, we are calling on all young people, at university or at TAFE,
>working or not working, to join our protest in a national show of youth
>unity against racism.

You wouldn't even know what the word "racism" means. Tell us how it applies to One Nation.

>And this time, we will be specifically targeting John Howard's Coalition

Aaaaaah. What has poor John Howard done this time?

>We don't just accuse John Howard's government of doing nothing to halt the
>rise of the One Nation party; we not only accuse John Howard's government
>of weak will in the face of racism.

Yes, I agree. he should have sent the army to shut One Nation up. Bekoze Wone Nashun iz ein bat parrrrhty.

>We accuse John Howard's government of implementing parts of the One Nation
>party's policies; we accuse John Howard's government itself of racism.

Correct. The government has been implementing many of One Nation's policies. Now, any idea why he does not put a stop to One Nation? Come on, try a little harder... Have you ever thought that it could be a very remote possibility that Howard in fact welcomes some of One Nation 's policies?

>Therefore, our walkout will place specific demands on; Let see John
>Howard's government prove to the people that they are not the racists. We
>call on the Australian Government to:
>• Repeal the Native Title Amendment Act


>• Reverse the $470 million cut from Aboriginal services As a donation to the mother of all corrupts ATSIC?

>• End the two-year welfare waiting list for newly-arrived migrants

I have got a better idea. They can stay in their country and we'll mail the welfare to them directly.

>• Close the Jabiluka uranium mine on Mirrar land in Kakadu.

Yes, I agree. That mine is racist.

>We call on Labor to do the same if elected to government.

Why don't you call on Labor to make clear policy statements on the matter?

>By walking out of class, by taking the most serious step we can take, we

I never thought that walking out of class was a serious step.

>will demonstrate the depth of our outrage and our commitment. We will
>demonstrate that we will not be intimidated by the howls of outrage from

Now now now... You must have read the propaganda section of the Media-Watch Interactive site. You are very good at it.

>Pauline Hanson and her allies, that we will not be ignored and that we will
>not leave our future in the hands of politicians we have no faith in.

Which politicians do you have faith in?

>We will demonstrate that our future is our own and what we make of it.

You will also demonstrate that Resistance does very well out of its "pretend anti-racism" membership drives. Your group is using One Nation for the publicity. You know as well as I do that One Nation does not have a single racist policy but you do not let the poor kids who follow you that the whole game is a big con job. Why don't you tell the kids what YOU stand for?

JG Estiot
Media-Watch Interactive

Subject: young citizens

Apart from Albania and Singapore - nations not renowned for the robustness of their democracies - Australia is the only other nation to have compulsory voting. Whether that is a good or bad thing is debatable, but I am strongly of the opinion that voting for 18-21 year olds should be optional.

Why? While some are passionate about politics others are simply too immature to care, and they freely admit it. To counter this apathy, Triple J radio station is running a Rock Enrol campaign. Over the weekend enrolment forms were handed out at rock gigs across the country to 'encourage ' the teens to register as voters.

This is patronizing and plain spoon-feeding. It is hardly the way to encourage civic responsibility. If 18 year olds are citizens, let them accept citizenship's duties. If they can't motivate themselves to pick up an enrolment form at the post office they are not ready to vote.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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