Saturday 7th March 1998

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Pauline Hanson, on "A Current Affair", faces street kids.

Pauline Hanson was invited to visit the Mall in Central Brisbane after midnight following her debate with Democrats Senator Stott-Despoja last month. The invitation by Channel Nine's A Current Affair followed a flood of calls supporting Hanson's call for kids under 16 to be removed from the streets by police after midnight

Pauline mixed with a large number of underage school kids, mainly antagonistic towards her. During the evening the cameramen caught two cigarettes being thrown at and hitting Pauline... who knows how many other times this happened when they were not filming. Undaunted she continued and during the evening encountered growing support as people realised that she was in the Mall. There was one solitary no-hoper, often seen protesting at One Nation meetings, shouting "Immigrants are welcome, racists are not", incessently from the sidelines. I have file footage of the worm.. seen here on the right. (or if you have Helen Dodd's book, "Pauline, the Hanson Phenomenon" check out page 109.

There were five federal police and four uniformed officers accompanying the group. At 4am Pauline Hanson was advised by the federal police that her presence in the Mall was now a danger to her life and she was advised to leave.

Before this young men were filmed spontaneously coming up to her and shaking her hand and applauding her for her stand on underage kids on the street.

To try to gain a balance A Current Affair interviewed a bleeding heart councillor from Ballina who had "worked with young people for twelve years" whose classic was "What happens after midnight? Do kids of under sixteen suddenly turn into pumpkins?"

Pauline Hanson when asked her views said the following, "If two people bring a child into this world it is their responsibility to look after that child and if they don't look after that child then it is society's responsibility to see that that child is looked after."

Somehow that statement makes a lot more sense than if you were to strip out the best of all that the politically correct Democrat gasbags have had to say on this subject to date.

John Pasquarelli announces bid to enter politics.

John Pasquarelli, the man who lied and former adviser to Pauline Hanson, has announced that he will stand for an Independent Senate seat in Victoria. He qualified his entry into politics saying that he would only make the move if a double-dissolution election was held over the Wik fiasco.

He will seek backing from Ted Drane (the gun lobbyist) and other fringe groups. He will not work with One Nation saying, "Pauline's utterances have just been gobbeldygook (since I was fired)."

He said he was confident of gaining the support of many Hanson supporters "Some people see me as this big, old, ugly bastard with an axe to grind, but I have to cop that."

The Maoris and the MAI

New Zealand's Maoris take on the MAI "The philosophy of the M.A.I. was developed overseas. There has been no consultation with Maori and the guarantee of undisturbed possession in the Treaty of Waitangi is under grave threat. The Maori world view, tikanga and belief system will be gravely affected by what the M.A.I. stands for."
(Excerpt from the submission of the hui at Te Tii Marae)

"the MAI agreement presents a threat to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
the MAI agreement presents a threat to inherent Indigenous rights.
the MAI agreement presents a threat to environmental and labour standards.
The MAI agreement presents a threat to national laws, policy, trade and democracy.
The Government has failed to fulfil its obligations as a Tiriti partner.
The Government is undemocratic in seeking to bind future governments
The Government is offering our Sovereign jurisdiction to unaccountable international trade tribunals."

(Excerpt from the submission of the hui at Te Puea Marae)

Similar submissions and resolutions were passed by Tainui, Te Rarawa and Ngati Porou at their hui.

Grave concerns are being expressed by other hapu and iwi who have neither been given the opportunity to consult, nor been provided with information regarding this Agreement. These concerns are particularly being expressed by Ngati Kahungunu, Kati Mamoe and Waitaha ki Muruhiku.

The iwi of Te Tai Tokerau have been successful in their demand for consultation with the Crown, which will take place next Wednesday. Ngati Kahungunu have still to hear regarding their request, likewise Kati Mamoe of Murihiku.

In the absence of consultation with the Crown, Waitaha Whanui o Aotearoa has been consulting among its members and is now in the process of preparing a submission strongly opposing the government's participation in the M.A.I.


The people of Ngapuhi demanded that the government officials take on board what was being said to them, namely, that they demanded the government withdraw from negotiations with the M.A.I. altogether. They strongly rejected attempts by MFAT officials to placate them with assurances that the government had not yet made up its mind and similarly rejected all attempts to convince them that the M.A.I. will not put environmental regulations under threat. The suggestion that 20% of any fishing quota be reserved for Maori was met with outrage. The hui recognised that under the M.A.I. there would be no future partnership between Maori and the Crown and a number of very strong suggestions were made about what should be the tenor of any future relationship with the Crown.

A unanimous resolution was passed by the hui and presented to the MFAT officials.

Aborigines admit to using native title to cripple new mines

Officials from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) have admitted in the "State of the Nation Report on Native Title Outcomes" that indigenous groups are misusing the Native Title Act to veto mining developments unless they get a financially rewarding payout.

The officials also expressed concern at the number of native title claims saying, "Currently it is at one a day and the total number has increased by 20% in the last two months."

The officials have told the ATSIC board that there are "serious problems" emerging with native title claims.

The report to ATSIC includes the following statement, "ATSIC must ensure that native title rights are protected but at the same time avoid a massive build up of mining tenements being delayed because of the right to negotiate process.

"One possible cause of the build up is the lack of understanding within the NTRBs (Native Title Representative Bodies) of the right to negotiate process and a misconception among them and their clients that it amounts to some sort of veto."

ATSIC Commissioner Terry O'Shane said yesterday that the report was quite correct, "I think there is a feeling in the community that they do have the right to say no to developments.

"I don't know how we overcome that perception but the sooner we can get across and explain what the right to negotiate involves, the better."

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


Australian Labor Party deputy leader Gareth Evans responsible for Australians death?

Claims have risen that Gareth Evans is personally responsible for the death of David Wilson the Australian hostage held by the Khmer Rouge who was executed in an isolated camp on 8th September 1994.

The whistleblower, Mr Gaisford, was suspended by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade but refused to be silenced - going to the Coroner's Court in Victoria to make his claims against Evans.

The Victorian State Coroner, Graeme Johnson, said yesterday that Gaisford had raised serious issues which questioned the way the Department of Foreign Affairs handled the crisis in 1994.

Gaisford said that Evans was advised to but did not use his direct personal connections with senior Cambodian officials to secure Wilson's release.

"He (Evans) did not pick up the phone, as we advised him to do, to say, 'Stop this military build up, stop or we will cancel our aid or punish you in a diplomatic meaningful way'."

Gaisford also claimed that the Australian Government failed to debrief embassy staff after the abduction and murder of Brisbane model Kellie-Anne Wilkinson three months earlier in Cambodia.

Australian Labor Party in disarray in Oxley.

The vocal Oxley pre-selection candidate for the ALP is finding herself more and more on the outer. Her selection chances were never good, as we revealed from our sources in late January, but yesterday she blew her top after making some initial noises of discontent the day before.

Yesterday Anne Scott threatened to run as an independent in Oxley if the ALP overlooked her selection.

Full report here. Extract below:

"Besieged Oxley pre-selection candidate Anne Scott said yesterday she would win a battle for the seat - and would not rule out standing as an independent if she lost.

"Mrs Scott’s bid for Oxley pre-selection yesterday attracted media criticism from party national secretary Gary Gray, who said Australians would find it “grotesque” if Mrs Scott won the seat while her husband, Les, continued to take a parliamentary pension.

"One Nation leader Pauline Hanson defeated Mr Scott at the 1996 federal poll."

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Curfew Suggestion

Dear Sir,

I watched with interest, Pauline Hanson's tour of the kids in Brisbane with Mike Munro tonight and couldn't help wondering why the parents of those kids allowed them to be out so late without supervision .

Because it is very difficult OR EVEN IMPOSSIBLE to prosecute a minor, do you think that it might prove more effective to pass a law which firstly makes it illegal for children 16 and under to be out on the streets after midnight without their parents written permission and extend the law to make parents totally and legally responsible for the conduct of their children thereby making the parent, not the child liable for prosecution.





Queensland's state bank, Suncorp-Metway, is to start rationalising its staff with hundreds of jobs expected to be lost and the closure of branches throughout South East Queensland.

So what else is new in the banking industry?

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another beautiful day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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