Pauline Hanson's One Nation press releases



Pauline Hanson's One Nation Immigration Policy - 2nd July 1998
statement 19/6/98 in response to Peter Costello
Statement on Foreign Ownership - 19th June 1998
60 minutes' Fairytales - 6th June 1998
The UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - 2nd June 1998
Did Howard’s answer mean the cost of building a house just went up 10%? - 29th May 1998
From Hansard - Taxation: Home Ownership - 28th May 1998
Howard's promise to deliver - more bad news. - 7th May 1998
MAI wounded but not dead - 1st May 1998
Pork Producers - more rural Australians sacrificed by Coalition policies - 29th April 1998
News on Hanson polls stops at the Queensland border - 26th April 1998
and Pratt, “Community Based Referendum will give power back to the people.” - 16th April 1998
One Nation - One Year on. 9th April 1998
Polls show Hanson is the most in touch parliamentarian, yet again. 8th April 1998
Speech in Parliament on the MAI. 9th March 1998
“Laurie’s Labor Lies”. 5th March 1998
“It's Blair”. 27th February 1998
“Uniting Church must scrap coverage of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras”. 26th February 1998
Pauline Hanson vs The Liberal Party. 13th February 1998
Pauline Hanson re-affirms her resolve to abolish ATSIC. 13th February 1998
“Stott Despoja wrong again”. 6th February 1998
“Tony Abbott’s 30 pieces of silver will be paid on Howard’s fall”. 5th February 1998
“Indonesian bailout should be linked to East Timorese pullout”. 4th February 1998
“Public pays the price for prisons of profit.” 3rd February 1998
Hanson, “on The MAI.” 21st January 1998
Hanson, “Its SUPER how Labor and the Coalition are working together.” 14th January 1998
“Democrats believe that children should be out all night.” 12th January 1998


“multiculturalists banning Santa Claus is just the beginning”. 31st December 1997
“Flashpoint, Howard must call for peace”. 7th December 1997
“Don’t start the RACE without me” 7th December 1997
“Aboriginal land grab was the object of a shameless PR campaign”. 4th December 1997
“Government hides like people who owe money they don’t want to pay.” 27th November 1997
why should only English speaking Australians pay? 20th November 1997
Hanson announces One Nation will fund tourism promotion of Australians seeing Australia. 20th November 1997
Hanson announces direction of One Nation’s Citizenship Policies 19th November 1997
“Suharto should bail out his own people” 31st October 1997
“You can count the good guys on one hand.” 30th October 1997
“My innocence could have been proven in 5 minutes, but it took 18 months.” 29th October 1997
“Unlike Cheryl, I will not be sleeping with the enemy.” 22nd October 1997
Hanson calls for candidates for One Nation 3rd October 1997
"We must extinguish Native Title" 1st October 1997
“So called anti-racists are nothing but socialist thugs.” 30th September 1997
“Black Spot funding good news for Ipswich”. 3rd September 1997
“Commitment on tariffs means commitment to Australian jobs”. 29th August 1997
“Australia must act on war crimes allegations”. 20th August 1997
“North Korean men, women and children are starving to death - send Australian food now.” 14th August 1997
“Ervin can’t take a hint”. 14th August 1997
“Credit Union services get political” 13th August 1997
“We will re-industrialise Australia” 13th August 1997
"Australian cannot afford a loan to Thailand" 12th August 1997
“Ipswich Council Hypocrites” 30th July 1997
“Government knew Ervin was coming” 30th July 1997
“McNamara having a slow day” 22nd July 1997
"So Called" anti-racism committee plots personal assault on Hanson 16th July 1997
“Australia, Feed North Korea NOW!” 11th July 1997
"Labor’s Five Clicks to Beazley’s Anarchy" 10th July 1997
"One Nation Registration, Branches and Candidates" 2nd July 1997
"Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press" 26th June 1997
"I speak of jobs, Howard speaks of me" 18th June 1997
Press conference Adelaide 11th June 1997
"Anti-Hanson Rally peaceful, thanks to us" 19th May 1997
"Howard has Amnesia!" 8th May 1997
"Howard a hypocrite!" 7th May 1997
Hanson "Send them Back!" 6th May 1997
"Big Australian slams little Aussie" 2nd May 1997
"Number one policy - consultation" 22nd April 1997

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