Hanson, “My innocence could have been proven in 5 minutes, but it took 18 months’.

“Finally, after almost eighteen months, Commissioner Wilson has dismissed a series of racial discrimination complaints made through the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. My innocence was clear and could have been proven in five minutes but the HREOC, in an effort to justify its existence, dragged the process out for eighteen months.

I continually stated to the commission that the transcript of the interview in question made it clear there was no case for me to answer and surprise, surprise, in the end, after eighteen months, the commissioner was dragged kicking and screaming into the hearing and forced to find me innocent because of the simple stand alone evidence of the interview itself.

It is more than unfortunate the commissioner felt a need to be apologetic for having to find me innocent. In particular, his remark that there was no option but to dismiss the complaints should be viewed with concern by all who suffer the politically motivated attacks that have become part of my every day.

The HREOC is an unnecessary organisation which drained the public purse of Au$19.3 million last year alone. The HREOC was born out of supposed UN human rights declarations and is just another example of the many United Nations policies forced unknowingly on the Australian people. This declaration may appear well intended but in truth, has no place in a society like Australia - it poses the threat of political and racial persecution rather than removing it.

The efforts of the Human Rights and Equal opportunity Commission to continue its pursuit of the obviously innocent, such as in my case, is nothing more than an exercise in self preservation. This organisation, although powerless in real terms, uses bully boy tactics and the media to convey its threats. HREOC has no justifiable place in Australian society - it should be disbanded immediately.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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