Press conference Adelaide

11th June

"Car Industry workers have been given a breather, but what of the cost of the policies of successive governments who have brought manufacturing in this country to its knees. We must recognise and address the situation that it is only Australia that is playing on the so called, "Level playing field" of international trade. Other countries are laughing at us as we move our manufacturing offshore and create employment in their countries instead of our own.

Australians, in secure Australian jobs, on Australian soil - that is the challenge as we approach the end of this century and prepare to enter the next. Tariffs don't just save jobs, they create them. The government's own sources pointed out that the recent decision to freeze automotive tariffs would secure an additional four billion dollars investment in the car industry and create 500 jobs by the year 2005.

It must be understood that this is a short term political decision taken for nothing but political purposes and completely at odds with everything this Liberal Government stands for, and everything previous Labor Governments have pursued since Whitlam imposed his will on an unsuspecting Australia. Both Liberal and Labor have initiated and actively embraced the policies of free trade and economic rationalism. The Australian people will not be fooled into thinking that either Liberal or Labor have suddenly woken up and sincerely done an about face.

On 20 July 1978, in a speech entitled, Australia and the International Economic Order', the then Liberal Government Foreign Affairs Minister, Andrew Peacock made it clear Australia had broadly accepted the Industrialisation plans of the Lima Declaration. In doing this, knowingly or otherwise, the Liberal Government of that day, endorse a plan that would devastate Australian Manufacturing and lose forever, hundreds of thousands of Australian Jobs - this endorsement has continued with each successive Liberal and Labor Government.

Any doubt about Labor's position on tariffs and the protection of Australian manufacturing and Australian jobs is removed by simply reviewing the history of their policies on free trade. When Labor try to persuade you they support tariffs and an end to the disaster of so called, 'free trade' or 'the level playing field' that only Australia is playing on, a speech he gave as Foreign Minister to the Trilateral Commission in Tokyo on 20 April 1991.

This speech leaves no doubt of the pride Labor have taken in pushing upon the unsuspecting Australian people policies that exported Australian jobs to other countries. Only a couple of months ago, our Prime Minister was in China congratulating BHP for setting up overseas and then within a couple of weeks BHP announced the closure of operations in Newcastle - a decision that would cost thousands of Australian jobs. As it turned out, the Prime Minister had praised a company whose pursuit of a cheaper workforce motivated them to desert Australia, and Australian workers. It is obvious that unless changes are made, BHP and others will continue to move more of their operations, and hence more jobs, away from Australia.

John Howard made the decision on freezing automotive tariffs, but how different would that decision have been it had been Peter Costello's position to decide? How long will it be before the embattled John Howard is overcome by the shadowy spectre of the very ambitious Peter Costello? When Prime Minister is in charge, his continued agenda of tariff removal will make Australian Manufacturing and the Australian worker extinct.

Let us of course not forget Gareth Evens and his desire for leadership of the Labor Party. How long can Kim Beazley last We know where Gareth Evens stands on tariffs and any form of protectionism, he told us in his own words, in his own speech.

Like so many of his Labor colleagues, Gareth Evens is a high flyer who sees himself as a citizen of the world not as a simple Australian. Peter Costello is nothing more than a grabber of power, and the Australian people should be very disturbed by the influence and control exercised by these men and their gang of followers.

We must generate reals jobs, and while it must be recognised that long-term employment is best produced by the private sector, it is incumbent on our government to provide incentive and assistance. We must rebuild Australia with a strong foundation in manufacturing and primary production.

Not everyone can be a lawyer or a doctor, we must have a diversity of occupations, we must make jobs available for all Australians regardless of their level of skills - no-one should be left on the scrap heap.

We need sensible levels of protection for Australian Manufacturers and producers, this must include the maintenance and re-introduction on Tariffs.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation is assessing the prospect of removing sales tax on Australian made vehicles and associated components and spare parts.

Consider how much easier it will be for Australian families to afford a more regular replacement of their old vehicles. Just think of what that will mean for jobs and job security, not just in the manufacture of automotive vehicles but in all related industries.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation will take to the next election a platform of creation and protection of Australian Manufacturing and production and hence more jobs in Australia for Australians.

Our country needs fresh faces with fresh ideas in their minds and patriotism in their hearts, not just old career politicians who are now simply jumping on the bandwagon for political purposes. Liberal and Labor cannot change the culture of their organisations. We need fresh faces and truth not the same old faces with the same old lies, the same old agendas and the same old we know what is best for you attitude.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation will maintain and restore protection and it is only us who can be trusted on these issues. It is only us who have taken this position from the start and it is only us who have the will to succeed for we will trade with the world and we will do business with the world but we are citizens of Australia, not citizens of the world and we will always put Australia, and the interests of Australians first."

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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