Hanson, “Commitment on tariffs means commitment to Australian jobs”.

29 August 1997

“Successive governments, Liberal and Labor have for many years pursued policies that have destroyed Australian industry and exported Australian jobs. The Australian people will not stand for more of the government’s destructive agenda of globalisation - enough is enough.

Free trade and the level playing field can only be achieved when the countries involved have a similar standard of living. Pursuit of such policies between countries with vastly different standards will result in a change for each country - Australia’s decline is the perfect example.

Australia’s growing unemployment has increased substance abuse, crime, family breakdown and contributed to such a feeling of hopelessness in the community that 8 young Australians take their own lives each week - all this from successive governments who have sold out their own people.

In 1972, the Geelong region of Victoria supported 15,000 Textile, Clothing and Footwear jobs, today only 3,000 survive. names like Berlei and Gloweave are about to disappear and BHP is only a few steps behind. the export of Australian jobs has been the cruelest outcome of the government’s destructive agenda of economic rationalism - jobs that once fed Australian families are now in the hands of cheap workforces and feeding the families of foreign lands.

Australia’s politicians are only concerned for themselves. Their wages and standard of living has continued to rise while their senseless and disastrous decisions have reduced many Australians to a breadline without hope. Our car industry has not been saved, merely given a stay of execution, the citrus industry is on its knees and sugar tariffs have been dropped. the planned importation of cooked chicken meat is likely to also lead to imported disease and the loss of a further 16,000 jobs in this industry alone.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will fight for Nationalistic Economic reform. We are committed to providing a diversity of occupations by rebuilding the Australian owned industries on Australian soil - we are committed to both the raising, and where necessary, the reintroduction of tariffs.

Make no mistake, the success of Pauline Hanson’s One nation at the next election will mean an end to our failing standard of living and an end to the exportation of our jobs. We are committed to policies of tariffs and protectionism that will revitalise all that is Australian. We will give our country a future with policies that will always put the well being of Australians above all else.”

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