Hanson "Howard has Amnesia!"

8th May

"For John Howard to say of me, "I haven't heard her articulate one intelligent alternative policy", makes it clear he is either suffering from amnesia or just simply a hypocrite.

The next election by most accounts will not take place for 12 - 18 months and yet Mr Howard hasn't heard any of my policies. Has he forgotten he only announced his own policies a few weeks before the last election?

The people of Australia know my aims and well and truly before the next election, they will know my specific policies to resolve the mess our so-called leaders have given us.

Consultation, in the meantime, is my Number One Policy and that was made clear in my news release of 22nd April 1997. I have also made clear that One Nation will pursue the policy of exporting criminals, not importing them and this was evident in my news release of 6th May 1997.

Further to Mr Howard's forgetful or hypocritical nature, perhaps he should read his own news release, "Immigration and One Australia" issued 11/8/88. in particular I draw apon Howard's quote, "My argument with Multiculturalism is not that it respects and tolerates diversity, but rather in many ways it emphasises division and above all, we'll get Australia working again."

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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