Hanson, “Flashpoint, Howard must call for peace.”

Noel Pearson is warning of war and reportedly telling young Aborigines in Cape York to arm themselves. De-Anne Kelly MP is clearly aware of this as she warns of reports blacks and whites are now arming themselves in Cape York and weapons are being freely traded. I also have reports of weapons being traded, and of an Aboriginal stockpile of military semi-automatic weapons at Arukun.

This combined with other reports of Aboriginal gun running and involvement with known terrorists means pastoralists are not over-reacting on their concerns, in particular for women isolated on properties. Rural Australia is at Flashpoint, the Prime Minister must acknowledge this and immediately call for peace among all Australians, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.

We’ve seen the two faces of Noel Pearson, the educated reasonable face he shows mainstream Australia and, if the reports are even remotely accurate, the face of violence and incitement he presents to the Aborigines he leads. He and other Aboriginal leaders are not helping their people. They have given them an unrealistic expectation and now we face open conflict in rural Australia.

The Prime Minister must not ignore the danger of this current situation, it is rapidly developing into a Mexican stand-off. Aborigines are preparing to draw guns and farmers are preparing to defend their families and property. He must step in before there is an incident that all Australians will regret. we must never have Australians fighting Australians - if we allow that to happen there will be no going back.

Pearson and other Aboriginal leaders must be brought into line. Many Australians will not stand for this greedy land grab being successful. They have worked the land for generations turning wild bush into pastures that feed Australia. It is understandable they will defend their families and homes. The Aborigines must back off and re-assess what their unfounded greed is about to cause.

The Prime Minister must act to ensure peace in the backblocks of Australia or we as a people will suffer the awful consequences.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley.

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