MAI wounded but not dead

The OECD suspended negotiations on the destructive Multilateral Agreement on Investment until October this year is good news, and a great triumph for people power. However, the MAI is only slightly wounded not dead and One Nation will be doing everything possible to kill the MAI and bury it once and for all and forever.

The Australian people must be made aware this is not a defeat for the OECD and their accomplices, the Liberal/National coalition and the Labor Party, merely a tactical withdrawal to assess a new line of attack. Both Labor and the Coalition have demonstrated their commitment to sign the MAI - anything different said by them now is just part of their deceptive trick.

On behalf of the Labor government, Senator Bob McMullan began secretly negotiating the MAI in May 1995 with the coalition’s Tim Fischer and Assistant Treasurer Rod Kemp enthusiastically continuing the process until January this year when Pauline Hanson really got the MAI exposed by being the first person to get the issue on television.

Successive coalition and Labor governments have shockingly abused their power and destroyed the trust of the Australian people by signing thousands of treaties, without the knowledge, consent, or approval of the Australian people. Some of these treaties are already causing obvious trouble, while others have no doubt been responsible for causing problems behind the scenes.

When One Nation is in a position of influence, we will examine all international treaties, expose the ones at odds with the needs of Australians and work diligently to have those causing ill-effects removed. Australians must not be allowed to be held to ransom by the internationalist nature of a few self-seeking politicians or the multinationals they serve.

Pauline, more than any person, has been responsible for breaking the MAI story and she will continue to oppose this most disgraceful treaty which is nothing more than the final sell-out of the Australian people.

Pauline Hanson said, ‘I will continue to battle the MAI until it is dead, buried and no longer a threat to the Australian people. I will continue to speak out, to write to people, to collect petitions and expose this threat to our sovereignty, business, employment, indeed, our very way of life.’

The day of the ballot box is coming.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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