Hanson, “Indonesian bailout should be linked to East Timorese pullout”.

There is no doubt Indonesia is on its knees and desperately needs our help and the help of other countries as well. The moral dilemma is why we should help this most corrupt of military dictatorships whose criminal and bloodthirsty behaviour in our region has been the subject of much public outcry with no government response.

It is important to maintain stability to our north but it is far more important to acknowledge the warmongering nature of Suharto’s regime and the obligations we have to our own defence. Regardless of the assistance we give to Indonesia, it is likely the current dictatorship will fall and Indonesia will be plunged into chaos with no predictable outcome.

While I am opposed to doing anything for Suharto, who obviously won’t put his hand in his own very full pockets to help his own country, I acknowledge Howard’s government is going to throw good money after bad. We should at the very least get something tangible for our taxpayers money.

Australia’s bailout of Indonesia should be linked to their immediate pullout of East Timor. This outcome would benefit Australians and the oppressed people of Timor.

There has never been any justification for Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor and certainly now their economy has tumbled, the cost of several battalions and associated police and administration cannot be defended by their crumbling, cash strapped government.

Apart from the murder of Australian journalists, it is reported that since Indonesia’s criminal invasion, hundreds of thousands of defenceless East Timorese have been shot, starved or killed in other ways by what can only be described as a pack of senseless and blood thirsty murderers - this is the real story our government chooses to ignore.

Remember, when our country was threatened, the Timorese fought with us while the Indonesians collaborated with the Japanese.

There is a real opportunity for Australia to lead the world in putting an end to this tyranny. Indonesia is on its knees and about to fall on its face let’s not extend the helping hand to Indonesia without attaching real conditions in our interest, and while there are still some East Timorese left to save.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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