Pauline Hanson re-affirms her resolve to abolish ATSIC

Pauline Hanson - Press conference, Adelaide 13/2/98

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press

I am here today to re-affirm my resolve to abolish ATSIC, and on this occasion to formally announce the position as official policy of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

I am very proud to be joined by Amelia Campbell, spokeswoman for the women and children of the ‘Nurangerie’ Tribe of Adelaide.

As I have travelled Australia, may Aboriginal Australians have made it more than clear they are totally dissatisfied with the operations of ATSIC.

Indeed, there is a great deal of fear amongst Aboriginal Australians because anyone within the Aboriginal community who speaks out against ATSIC is immediately subject to vilification and threats of violence.

It is reported by Aboriginal Australians that unless you have a family member working at ATSIC, your chances of benefiting from their assistance is next to nothing - ATSIC is a corrupt organisation run by Aboriginal Mafia.

This is clearly evidenced by the fact that many connected withe ATSIC are driving expensive cars and living with great comfort while the majority of Aboriginal Australians live in squalor.

It is difficult to determine how much of the billions and billions of dollars in funding for Aboriginal Australians actually reaches them and helps them but some report that less than 20 cents in every dollar is actually spent to the genuine benefit of the Aboriginal community. The rest is chewed up by dubious administration, paid out in questionable fees, misappropriated or simply stolen.

All this corruption must be faced, publicly acknowledged and stopped, and those responsible for those outrageous crimes which have taken the food from the mouths of the hungry and medicine out of the hands of the sick must be charged, brought before the courts and suitably punished.

Under One Nation policy, ATSIC will be abolished and Aboriginal Australians in genuine need will be given assistance just like any other Australians.

In the course of the next few months I will consult with Aboriginal Australians opposing ATSIC and we will determine the best method of making sure, that like all other Australians, Aboriginal Australians get the help they truly need.

This consultation will lead them to the specific details of the best way to administer assistance to Aboriginal Australians and will then be adopted as policy.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP and Amelia Campbell of the ‘Nurangerie’ Tribe from Adelaide.

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