Pauline Hanson vs The Liberal Party

RE: Moneys paid by the Australian Electoral Commission to the Liberal Party

This matter concerns funds allocated by the Australian Electoral commission under the Commonwealth Electoral Act. These funds are distributed according to the number of primary votes polled by the candidate and are, of course, sourced from tax payer funds. As Miss Hanson was originally an endorsed Liberal, the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act stipulate these funds are to be paid to the Liberal party. Unfortunately the Commonwealth Electoral Act is silent in the situation where a candidate is dis-endorsed in the period between the close of nominations and the date of the election and therefore independent at the time of election.

Today’s outcome does not change Pauline Hanson’s resolve to recover these funds so the money can be used to benefit the people of Oxley. Pauline is on the public record, before the election as wanting the money to be spent on a police car or something else that would be in the interests of the community.

As the Liberal Party is an unincorporated body, in the case of litigation, it has been difficult to ascertain who represents the Liberal Party in Queensland. The court has now confirmed our ability to proceed and substitute Jim Barron with the Liberal Party’s Queensland state Director.

Regardless of the difficulty, Pauline believes absolutely in the need to expose the Liberal Party’s moral corruption in receiving and retaining these funds, quantified by references to votes polled by her as the successful independent candidate for Oxley.

The Liberal party would have the public believe they are a reputable and responsible organisation and yet they have taken these funds under false pretences. It is scandalous that the Liberal Party Queensland Division is profiting from taxpayers money - the fact is they did not even field a candidate in the seat of Oxley.

It is understood the Liberal Party’s expenditure in relation to Oxley was less than $1,500, yet for more than 18 months they have had the benefit of more than $50,000 in public money. This is little more than theft on behalf of the Liberal Party who have been aided and abetted by a technicality not previously brought into question.

Quite clearly Miss Hanson was known to be a very vocal independent well before the time of her election. It was her political views which won her a seat in the House of Representatives not those of the liberal Party, in fact had Miss Hanson not spoken out, and therefore remained a Liberal candidate, she may not have been elected.

The Liberal Party’s selfish grab for taxpayers’ funds is unprincipled and not morally sustainable, being questioned under law and will continue to be the subject of vigorous pursuit through the courts. The Liberal Party must be brought to heel and made accountable for their actions.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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