60 minutes' Fairytales

6th June 1998

"This Sunday, 60 Minutes is airing a segment devoted to connecting Pauline Hanson with individuals or groups in the United States. While we don't know who these people are, what is certain is that Pauline Hanson is not in contact politically or organisationally with anyone in the United States - the 60 Minutes story is a fairytale.

After hearing of an advertisement for this Sunday's 60 minutes, David Oldfied contacted the programme to check its content. Despite making it clear there was absolutely no communication between Pauline Hanson, her advisers, or the organisation's heads and anyone in the United States, 60 minutes refused to even consider they had manufactured the story. They also refused to allow One Nation an opportunity to rebut their fairytale until the programme the following week. This is a nefariously timed lie.

This is deceptive and dishonest journalism at its worst and all credible journalists, whatever their personal feelings, should be appalled at 60 minutes' approach. Regardless of what evidence 60 Minutes produce or what they may state, the whole story is a fairytale fabricated without the slightest basis of truth. There is no connection or communication between the United States and Pauline Hanson or One Nation.

While we have no knowledge of such activities, it is possible some individual member may be in contact with people overseas but this, if it has happened, is a personal affair and unrelated to us as an organisation.

It should also be understood that One Nation letterhead and other documents have been forged on a number of occasions. Further to this, people have falsely claimed to be party officials and candidates as well as one incident where a person in Western Australia claimed to be a close personal adviser to Pauline when in fact she had never even met him.

We are not sure what 60 minutes will put to air, but having spoken to them twice, it is clear they will peddle the lie of links that simply do not exist. Perhaps they have cleverly manufactured a fairytale with the help of people either willing to perjure themselves or who are just not aware they are not really in contact with Pauline or One Nation, but whatever the case, their story is fiction in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.

60 minute's refusal of an opportunity for us to face their fairytale on their programme this Sunday night, in itself, proves their intention to simply maliciously attack Pauline and One Nation by any means regardless of the total lack of truth. 60 minutes has no credibility and should be treated accordingly. Even their Internet story announcing their programme is filled with lies when factual evidence is clearly available by speaking to us, something they chose not to do because the truth would ruin their dishonest and despicable claims."

"Pauline Hanson and One Nation is, and will always be, 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian influenced."

Statement issued by request of Pauline Hanson MP.

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