Hanson, “Unlike Cheryl, I will not be sleeping with the enemy.”

Recent reports One Nation would form some sort of Coalition with the Liberals could not be more incorrect. We consider the Liberals along with their subjects the Nationals, and Labor, to have sold this country down the drain. We would not have a bar of any of them - One Nation stands alone as the only movement with the best interests of all Australians as the central point of all policy.

Unlike Cheryl Kernot, I will not be sleeping with the enemy. Labor and Liberal are as bad as each other and Australians have had enough - they support and promote policies that divide us racially and culturally and even more importantly, they have actively participated in an International agenda that has sold off our land, devastated our industries and farming communities and exported our jobs.

Unlike Cheryl Kernot, I am not carrying on behind the backs of One Nation supporters like she was behind the backs of the Democrats. I would not run out on the responsibility I have to the Australian people for either love or money. The political toy boys will not impress me with their compliments, ego pandering or tummy tickling - I see politics as a job, not a career.

Unlike Cheryl Kernot, I did not lie to the people of South Australia and have them go to the ballot box with a totally untrue understanding of my position on the Labor Party. This act of fraud and deceit on its own is enough to expose Cheryl as a truly treacherous person and shows she is best suited as a Labor or Liberal member - Labor wooed her, and she got a sweetheart deal.

One Nation has no plan to go into coalition with anyone other than the Australian people themselves. At the next election One Nation will provide Australia with the only real alternative to the policies that are destroying the lives of ordinary Australians. I am the one woman in this mess called Australian politics that neither Liberal nor Labor will get their hands on.

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