News on Hanson polls stops at the
Queensland border

‘With Pauline Hanson’s One Nation riding high in the state polls in Queensland and scaring the life out of the Labor and the Coalition, it is curious, if not verging on censorship, that the news of One Nation’s success in the polls stops at the Queensland border.

Only three Queensland state seats had polling results publicly disclosed - Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is just a few percent away from winning all three - NOTE this polling is independent of One Nation.

A seemingly strange situation considering those opposed to One Nation have consistently stated our support had dropped to just a couple of percent. Of course such statements were never true, simply convenient lies to undermine One Nation’s real position.

One Nation has always stated real levels of support would only begin to emerge when polls were conducted on an electorate by electorate basis. We have always maintained Pauline Hanson’s One Nation could divide the vote into three and that is essentially what is being shown by individual electorate polling in Queensland.

One Nation is close to winning a number of Queensland seats and will determine the outcome in many others. Those who are intentionally manipulating the national polls will not escape the embarrassment when the actual votes face the count.

While the news on Queensland polls tends to stop at the Queensland border, be assured the supporter does not. The question is no longer what will Labor and the Coalition do with preferences and One Nation, rather, it is what will One Nation do with preferences and Labor and the Coalition.

The day of the ballot box is coming.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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