Hanson announces direction of One Nation’s Citizenship Policies

In a speech delivered to Parliament on the Migration Legislation Amendment (Character and Conduct) Bill 1997, Miss Hanson made it clear the bill did not go far enough to satisfy Australians needs, and announced the direction of development for One Nation’s Citizenship Policies.

After re-iterating One Nation’s plan to form treaties with other countries that would allow non-citizen criminals to be deported to serve their sentences in their own countries, Miss Hanson added the following:

“Under One Nation’s policies you would not be eligible for Australian Citizenship until you have been a permanent resident for five years.

“Committing any offence bringing about a sentence of more than twelve months would result in immediate deportation under our International criminal treaty plan.

“Further to this we will investigate the means to revoke citizenship in the case of those who commit serious crimes such as rape, murder, drug trafficking and paedophilia, with the criminal’s assets sold to defray costs and compensate victims.

“In no case will legal aid be granted to anyone other than Australian citizens.”

Miss Hanson also exposed the behaviour of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, at one stage describing them as, “a bunch of incompetent dunderheads”, but praised Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock for his recent action in, “overturning the stupidity of the AAT”.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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